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MADRID 2028, MADRID 2032, MADRID 2036, MADRID 2040, MADRID 2044.....

I wouldn't be surprised. But if the competition is heavy, like is already being mentioned after this 2020 Asian win, then they better think long & hard if they really want to go through all of thi

"Thank you for your $50 million bid fee, here is your diploma."

Really? I think it depends on how close the vote was. If Tokyo lost by 5 votes or less, they may be back for 2024. Either that or really hope the 8s are lucky and sit out 2024 knowing Europe or North America or Africa may get it.

This second attempt by Tokyo was hard to come by. They had to be coaxed quite a bit for it. I can't see them trying again right away. If they had lost to Madrid in the 2020 final, then that "third times the charm" angle (like PyeongChang) could've been an argument for a third consecutive bid. But now since that is out the window, hard to see the Japanese go for it again.

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