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  1. Those empty seats

    POCOG gave tickets to volunteers....
  2. Those empty seats

    Alot of seats are reserved seating which are not being used.
  3. Potential 2026 and 2028 bids

    Only two bids had delegations at the MPC today: Calgary and Sion.
  4. INo photos sorry. If I go again I will. The table is run by a government employee who works in Seoul and a COC volunteer. There are some postcards all in Korean and a video screen playing tourism videos (which according to them is all on Youtube)
  5. YOG 2022 Africa conflict?!

    I think its the other away around. There isn't any bid that has arisen, so the IOC has decided to go to a targeted approach. I think this will cause bids to arise now from Africa.
  6. YOG 2022 Africa conflict?!

    Its not a definite choice, but if a viable bid arises they will be preferred over any from other continents.
  7. Potential 2026 and 2028 bids

    Yup first games!
  8. Potential 2026 and 2028 bids

    Amazing experience. If I get a chance I met write something about my experience here.
  9. Potential 2026 and 2028 bids

    Stopped by Calgary booth at Canada House and looks like theybwill go for it.
  10. Curling

    300 free volunteer tickets too
  11. The ceremony will begin with the countdown which is about 3 mins. This will be followed by the childrens segment. Right after is the Korean anthem and then the Parade of nations. The signs for the countries will be in Hangul only. After this there will be two segments. Then the speeches. Then Gangwon residents will light up candles in the shape of a dove. Anthem and oaths Torch
  12. Final set: There will be a segment in which a bell is rung, (meant to invite fans and athletes to the games). As soon as this happens the arena will become 'ice'. This is where you will see 5 children perform. (I think this is the very beginning segment)
  13. That is the warm kit. Programs are ony for tmr.