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  1. Heard through the grapevine, Canada is looking to hosting a World University Games sometime in 2031 or before.
  2. Which arena would curling be held in? Imo they should bid a speed skating oval or this just becomes a glorified 15 world championships at the same time
  3. "Sweden is expected to bid for the Games, thanks in large part to intervention from FIS and the Swedish Ski officials, as it was important to have a viable host introduced with both USA and Canada not expected to bid for the next edition" https://assets.fis-ski.com/image/upload/fis-prod/assets/2023_03_17_FISCouncil_Minutes_Summary.pdf
  4. Hamilton pulled the plug because the province did not provide funding. I am not convinced the province would have supported a Toronto bid over Hamilton (it would be picking favourites). Part of me is convinced the province is not supporting the bid out of spite (Hamilton's mayor is the current premier's former rival). They shot down the 2026 bid claiming the World Cup, and they would support a '2027' bid. Now they won't support it 3 years later? Things don't add up here.
  5. This is the right decision, with boneheaded decisions to have venues in other countries. Hopefully Calgary pulls through
  6. Toronto/Montreal are working on a Summer bid. I think the COC will support this bid more so than a winter bid. There really isn't a "need" to host another Winter Olympics in Canada.
  7. LaPresse, citing 6 separate sources, is reporting there have been discussions about launching a bid for the 2032 or later Summer Olympics with Toronto/Montreal bidding together. https://www.lapresse.ca/sports/jeux-olympiques/2021-02-02/jeux-olympiques/montreal-et-toronto-ensemble-dans-l-aventure.php
  8. Looks like Sri Lanka is looking at a bid: https://ceylontoday.lk/news/sl-gearing-up-for-2026-commonwealth-games-bid
  9. Hamilton 2026 is proposing Lacrosse, with the Iroquois first nations competing for a medal.
  10. This is a non-researched comment. The biggest new build was the Pan Am Aquatics Centre: This has led to consistent rise of the Canadian women. There is no other facility in Southern Ontario, and this facility can be contributed to the success of the team (iirc, most of them train here a part of the NHP) As for track cycling, you cannot base one worlds, there were two fourth place finishes in 2020 in Olympic events. The facility is also used to find undiscovered talent. Without it, I doubt there would be a development program. One of those fourth place finishes in 2020, just took up the sport a couple years ago.
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