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  1. Sorry my bad, it appears Donsview was the preferred sight for the village: http://www.torontosun.com/2015/11/08/olympic-bid-raised-red-flags-at-queens-park but its not very clear
  2. Exactly my thoughts. But there is development pressure on the Portlands, for ex. the athlete's village for Pan Am was supposed to be the space for the media village in the 2008 bid. Donsview is getting a new subway connection so the whole area is under going change atm and is about 25 minutes by train to the downtown core.
  3. For 2024, secret documents revealed that the province wanted the main site to be at Donsview Park (which itself is going through fast renewal), instead of the Portlands, which has sat dormant for decades.
  4. This was from a while ago, Toronto will not bid. Also there were preliminary plans to add temporary seating for about 35k at York if the bid had gone through.
  5. Victoria is estimating the cost of the games at $955 million including a new stadium and village. They must be smoking something to impair their thoughts, because there is no way that will cost so little. Also interesting is 3 sports proposed for Vancouver, including badminton/table tennis at the Richmond Oval. If they do host then we will have the Winter Olympics reusing Summer Olympics venues and then later in the year Commonwealth Games using Winter Olympics venues. Nothing better than that for legacy! Victoria though is a longshot at best.
  6. FIFA World Cup 2026

    Each city bid with their venues, I don't think they had a choice on the venues. Its boggling Winnipeg is not on the list (ie it means Winnipeg chose not to bid). Rogers Center is probably the worst stadium on the list (as in chances to host). Its in the process of being converted to a baseball only stadium. BMO field was expanded with the 2026 World Cup in mind and if Toronto hosts that will be the stadium that hosts games.
  7. Toronto 2015

    Ill prepared? Poor choice of words? Hamilton is not Toronto...
  8. Toronto 2015

    More then two years after the close of the games, there is still drama around the stadium built to host football. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/hamilton/ticats-soccer-1.4247402
  9. Gold Coast 2018

    Totallympics Addicted 118 1,077 posts Nation: Canada Report post Posted 50 minutes ago The following teams have qualified. For basketball it was the top 3 in the world rankings, host nation and 4 invited nations. For netball it was the top 11 in the world rankings + host nation. Men's Basketball teams Australia Cameroon Canada England India New Zealand Nigeria Scotland Women's Basketball teams Australia Canada England India Jamaica Malaysia Mozambique New Zealand Netball Australia New Zealand England Jamaica South Africa Malawi Fiji Wales Uganda Northern Ireland Barbados Scotland
  10. Calgary 2026

    2015 Pan Am Games cost the same amount.... with less athletes/venues etc. that amount is definitely attainable.
  11. Calgary 2026

    Looks like another one will bite the dust... http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/nenshi-olympic-bid-committee-report-chu-plebisicite-1.4212755
  12. Shouldn't a new thread for the 2017 edition be created?
  13. Today's IOC session

    The COC does not determine anything... they will support any bid, which means there needs to be political leadership to bid for the Olympics. For 2024 the province wasn't 100% behind it. For the Pan Ams all three levels were ready to go for it. I am sure if there is any leadership, there will be a bid. 2036 is the earliest for that and we will most definitely have new leadership among all three level of government. Also in the climate we are in right now, I don't think a Calgary 2026 followed by a Toronto 2036 or 2040 is impossible.
  14. Toronto 2015

    2 yeas since the Opening Ceremony! Time has flown by!!
  15. 150 Years of Canada

    And Canada won the FIBA u19 championship as well, first time ever!