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  1. Why do we have separate day threads ?Its just the World Cup....
  2. intoronto

    2026 Commonwealth Games: Where?

  3. Tunisia would have been a good option, but the Israel problem. Botswana has experience hosting the African Youth Games
  4. Apparently all are still be used. Delhi should be the one they choose to go with considering the infrastructure.
  5. Isn't the minimum capacity 60,000?
  6. These were a very good Commonwealth Games. Glasgow 'rescued' them from the disaster Delhi was, and now the Gold Coast has brought it up a notch. Can Birmingham deliver?
  7. Calgary city council is so incompetent. I can say this about any major Canadian city. Idiots.
  8. Looks like squash doubles will win gold too...
  9. intoronto

    Canada on the Gold Coast

    This team entered with the chance of winning a lot of gold medals. TO add there was 35+ fourth place finishes! Unbelievable. Potential gold medal loses/bad luck here: 1) Damian Warner in the decathlon was leading up until the pole vault (and was expected to win) but he NM the pole vault and thus did not medal 2) Emily Batty had bike problems in the mountain biking event, she was considered the gold medal favourite (fourth in Rio) 3 Benefito was leading in the women's 10m platform and overtaken by an Australian on the last dive (who imo was overscored). 4) Women's 3m springboard synchronized had problems with the weather (causing them to miss 2 dives), they were gold medal faves. 5) The Rhythmic gymnastics team should have won gold. Two gymnasts competed in the all around and had they scored that the day before, Canada would have won gold. 6) 3 Canadian weightlifters came in with the best season performance (Santavy, Beauchmin-Nadeau and Darsigny) and they all won silver. 7) Canada "lost" two gold in artistic gymnastics, as the qualification scores did not match the individual finals scores. 8) Two Canadian female wrestlers fought injured and won silver, had they not been injured its likely they would have won gold. Bad luck/injuries etc. I also do not think being excellent at winter sports has anything to do with this. Own the Podium has two separate systems for the seasons (in terms of funding). I fully expect Canada to return to 3rd overall in Birmingham 2022, because there can't be this amount of bad luck there!
  10. intoronto

    Canada on the Gold Coast

    Where do we start with this one. Arguably the worst Multi-sport event performance for Canada in recent memory. Literally everything that could go wrong, did. Canada's athletes were not prepared for this event and it showed, with less than half the golds won from Glasgow. Another startling statistic is no able-bodied Canadian male won a gold medal! What does this show about the sport system in this country?
  11. intoronto

    2030 Commonwealth Games

    https://www.sunraysiadaily.com.au/story/5329512/18-month-timetable-for-regional-victoria-2030-commonwealth-games-bid/?cs=1511 lol
  12. intoronto

    2026 Commonwealth Games: Where?

    Perth? https://www.perthnow.com.au/politics/state-politics/wa-government-takes-first-steps-to-host-commonwealth-games-in-perth-ng-b88797765z
  13. intoronto

    Home nations at GC 2018

    That was also NI's first ever gymnastics medal as well
  14. intoronto

    Gold Coast 2018 CWG Opening Ceremony

    Worth watching. Miles better than Glasgow.
  15. intoronto

    Gold Coast 2018 CWG Opening Ceremony

    These ceremonies were nicely done!! 8/10 ---- Things I noticed (small/minor details): -Sri Lanka was missing from the map in the beginning of the show (I wonder if they were trying to beat their opponents one more time :P) -A lot of reused concepts from ceremonies Video Killed the radio star music played during the parade of nations (used in Torino 2006) Whale projection concept (used in Vancouver 2010) Also the final song "Together we are one" was also the official theme song of Toronto 2015 (although a different song)