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  1. North Korea will likely qualify. The figure skating part is not true, they have a couple skiers who are a couple of races from qualification. It would be interesting to see the two Koreas march together...
  2. I read its $25 million per year (so 100 million per quad) The Globe and Mail is reporting that McDonalds viewed television ratings as diminishing returns (NBC had 8.6% less viewers for Rio vs London)
  3. Final 3, one will be chosen.
  4. PASO is going to open a office in Miami in July. Miami might not be a stretch for 2027...
  5. No interest. Victoria is Canada;s only bid.
  6. Breaking: Toronto's bid is all but dead.
  7. Toronto 2015 Parade of nations:
  8. Legacy - no new venues needed - something needed in a tight time frame. I have also suggested to TPTB that the village be used as social legacy (considering the housing prices in this city). Also rotation is on the side of Canada.
  9. There was some sort of venue tour today in Toronto regarding a 2022 bid, not entirely sure who was involved, but CGC did tweet photos.
  10. It's just women's baseball that has been dropped. The event was added only in 2015 by Canada. Usually the host nation adds one sport that they want. Therefore it makes complete sense. The sports added by the host nations were not contested at the next games. 2007- Futsal 2011- Basque Pelota 2015 - Women's baseball 2019 - Surfing (later added by the IOC to the 2020 program) and Basque pelota
  11. Stadiums yes... but what about the training venues? You need 16 more of those.
  12. Per my source, four countries will forward letters of interests. Keep in mind this is just the country saying they are interested, and countries may enter more than one city. Australia England Canada - Federal government support was received today. Fourth one is a mystery!
  13. Women's baseball and football have been dropped from the 2019 Pan Am Games program, so much for gender equality And sport climbing will not be contested.
  14. USA winning the World Cup admittedly but not be likely, but its not out of the realm of possibility either.