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  1. Toronto/Montreal are working on a Summer bid. I think the COC will support this bid more so than a winter bid. There really isn't a "need" to host another Winter Olympics in Canada.
  2. LaPresse, citing 6 separate sources, is reporting there have been discussions about launching a bid for the 2032 or later Summer Olympics with Toronto/Montreal bidding together. https://www.lapresse.ca/sports/jeux-olympiques/2021-02-02/jeux-olympiques/montreal-et-toronto-ensemble-dans-l-aventure.php
  3. Looks like Sri Lanka is looking at a bid: https://ceylontoday.lk/news/sl-gearing-up-for-2026-commonwealth-games-bid
  4. Hamilton 2026 is proposing Lacrosse, with the Iroquois first nations competing for a medal.
  5. This is a non-researched comment. The biggest new build was the Pan Am Aquatics Centre: This has led to consistent rise of the Canadian women. There is no other facility in Southern Ontario, and this facility can be contributed to the success of the team (iirc, most of them train here a part of the NHP) As for track cycling, you cannot base one worlds, there were two fourth place finishes in 2020 in Olympic events. The facility is also used to find undiscovered talent. Without it, I doubt there would be a development program. One of those fourth place finishes in 2020, just took up the sport a couple years ago.
  6. IKR time flies. I remember the opening ceremonies well, it was my only day off during the games. Every other day I spent 12-16 hour days on venue and it was amazing!
  7. Concerns that a 2026 Hamilton games will affect Toronto's chances of hosting matches in 2026 World Cup. Hamilton 2026 has dropped all Toronto venues (plan was to move more sports there). CGF has sent a letter to FIFA to vouch for both events. I S2g if FIFA rejects Toronto anyways, that would be extremely annoying lol (after all the stadium did score the least out of the 3 Canadian venues).
  8. Th IOC library has it: https://library.olympic.org/
  9. The athletics stadium is being converted to a soccer stadium with the track being removed. A Toronto bid is dead, imo.
  10. No way Montreal hosts any Olympics in the near future. After what 1976 did to them....
  11. `Lets see, perimeter security, security sweeps, guards almost everywhere, security infrastructure (scanners etc.), salaries etc.
  12. 2032 is definitely not happening, I think Toronto is focused on the 2030 Commonwealth Games. With Ontario having the largest debt of a sub-national entity in the western world, a bid for the Olympics is at least decades out.
  13. https://www.fluidra.com/en/fluidra-awarded-contract-to-design-and-install-olympic-swimming-pool-at-2019-pan-american-games/
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