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  1. intoronto

    2030 Commonwealth Games

    The athletics stadium is being converted to a soccer stadium with the track being removed. A Toronto bid is dead, imo.
  2. intoronto

    Montreal Canada - Lake Placid USA 2030

    No way Montreal hosts any Olympics in the near future. After what 1976 did to them....
  3. intoronto

    What needs to be done?

    `Lets see, perimeter security, security sweeps, guards almost everywhere, security infrastructure (scanners etc.), salaries etc.
  4. 2032 is definitely not happening, I think Toronto is focused on the 2030 Commonwealth Games. With Ontario having the largest debt of a sub-national entity in the western world, a bid for the Olympics is at least decades out.
  5. intoronto

    Lima 2019

  6. intoronto

    2021 Asian Winter Games: Shenyang or Beijing?

    The Universiade people also approached Seoul/Pyongyang to host the games in 2021 (summer version)
  7. intoronto

    Calgary 2026

  8. intoronto

    Calgary 2026

    So far on the Calgary 2026 engagement website, 67% of the vote on "Do you think Calgary should submit a bid for the Games?" is a resounding "strongly disagree"
  9. intoronto

    Lima 2019

    The Ceremony producer will be Balich Worldwide. They produced Torino opening/closing Ccremonies, Sochi Closing (and Para opening/closing) and also contributed to Delhi 2010 opening.
  10. intoronto

    The 18th Asian Games Jakarta 2018

    There is an 81 year old from Malaysia competing in Bridge and a 9 year old skateboarder from Indonesia.
  11. intoronto

    Canada at Tokyo 2020

    Via Totallympics 47 minutes ago, Nate River said: Has won it’s first two quotas for Tokyo 2020, both in Sailing: Tom Ramshaw won the quota for the Fin class and Sarah Douglas won the quota for the Laser Radial class.
  12. intoronto

    Calgary 2026

    Also with the new government in BC, I doubt there is any interest in bidding. (they killed Victoria's 2022 CWG bid)
  13. intoronto

    Calgary 2026

    It was re-purposed, but it can be returned back into the oval without it costing too much.
  14. There are some rumblings FIFA wants a bigger stadium in Toronto for the 2026 World Cup, fwiw. Maybe that can be used as a springboard for the track and field stadium.