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  1. Th IOC library has it: https://library.olympic.org/
  2. The athletics stadium is being converted to a soccer stadium with the track being removed. A Toronto bid is dead, imo.
  3. No way Montreal hosts any Olympics in the near future. After what 1976 did to them....
  4. `Lets see, perimeter security, security sweeps, guards almost everywhere, security infrastructure (scanners etc.), salaries etc.
  5. 2032 is definitely not happening, I think Toronto is focused on the 2030 Commonwealth Games. With Ontario having the largest debt of a sub-national entity in the western world, a bid for the Olympics is at least decades out.
  6. https://www.fluidra.com/en/fluidra-awarded-contract-to-design-and-install-olympic-swimming-pool-at-2019-pan-american-games/
  7. The Universiade people also approached Seoul/Pyongyang to host the games in 2021 (summer version)
  8. https://engage.calgary.ca/2026Games?redirect=/2026games
  9. So far on the Calgary 2026 engagement website, 67% of the vote on "Do you think Calgary should submit a bid for the Games?" is a resounding "strongly disagree"
  10. The Ceremony producer will be Balich Worldwide. They produced Torino opening/closing Ccremonies, Sochi Closing (and Para opening/closing) and also contributed to Delhi 2010 opening.
  11. There is an 81 year old from Malaysia competing in Bridge and a 9 year old skateboarder from Indonesia.
  12. Via Totallympics 47 minutes ago, Nate River said: Has won it’s first two quotas for Tokyo 2020, both in Sailing: Tom Ramshaw won the quota for the Fin class and Sarah Douglas won the quota for the Laser Radial class.
  13. Also with the new government in BC, I doubt there is any interest in bidding. (they killed Victoria's 2022 CWG bid)
  14. It was re-purposed, but it can be returned back into the oval without it costing too much.
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