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  1. i think that awful forum update probably took a lot away from guardian, just for the record. congrats though, it's cool i guess.
  2. has anyone figured out yet why australianfan carries so much water for authoritarian dictators?
  3. not at all surprised, but it is kind of funny to watch bach act like he has any influence with world powers. when they make him look good, it's almost by accident. cause you just know he's bragging to anyone who will listen how his olympics bought ukraine valuable time before the invasion. but in reality, nothing to do with an olympic truce and everything to do with russia's last friend telling them: do not **** up our **** and steal attention.
  4. now that the tide has literally turned, overnight, from russia gets the benefit of the doubt in all things — to complete condemnation, i'm wondering if we'll see some actual justice in the valieva drama. strip her medal and kill her career with a lengthy ban. then submit all russian (oops "ROC") samples from beijing to expedited testing.
  5. "who's that guy who keeps responding to you," alex asks between bowflex reps. "i dunno, some australian. it's not important," i reply with a slight shrug. "australia's — hyuk — cool — hyuk," alex says, thrusting his fists above his nose. "not this australian," i say, jumping onto the treadmill. i have to run until Al cedes the bowflex and i can do some reps. "you're going to — hyuk — land that switch frontside 9 tomorrow," alex says, all business. "i'm going to land your frontside nine," i say, stepping off the treadmill.
  6. i cannot do a 180 off the rail. "you fucking pansy," alex barks. he's held me the first four times and this is my first solo attempt. i barely even hear alex's words as my face plants into icy hot snow. my eyes sting like i was just splashed with chlorine. "i can't," i tell alex. he grabs me by the scruff of my neck like i'm a cat and pulls me up. "Again." my whole body aches as i scrape down the hill once more. my knees are bent. my core locked. i skip onto the rail, twist my body and fling myself into the great white beyond. miraculously, my skis catch before i do. my poles plant and i thrust forward. i did it. i landed a rail 270. alex is laughing behind his iphone. it's only 9:30 in the morning. "you're going to milan," he says, sliding toward me and planting a kiss on my ice-burned cheek. "i'm 36," i tell him. "So's joey mantia," alex tells me. "now get your ass back up there. you're going to milan."
  7. alex wins another x games gold!!! i'm so proud of him. it takes hours for the ceremonies and photoshoots. after, we're driving home when his manager calls. are we hungry? i guess. maybe we can stop in a wendy's he suggests, and maybe take a pic for insta. i snort hot breaths out of my nose for a while but we go to wendy's. "do you have anything plant based?" alex asks the casheer, as i dig my fingernails into the skin of my thumb. i can't say anything because we're literally living off alex's trust fund and sponsor payments.... if we didn't get his ten grand a month we'd be homeless. god knows "work" is a dirty word to me. besides, who would run his social media?? as we sit in my 2018 prius, alex tells me that cows are responsible for 75 percent of preventable emissions and ... i cut him off. "You know, skiing isn't exactly environmentally friendly," i spit back. we fight for an hour in my car and break up. two week later we get back together. i cannot quit this man.
  8. "f them haters," alex tells me as we're about to enter a starbucks so i can get a skim no-dairy grande mocha. i so agree and tell him so. alex can't go inside with me because he can only be contractually seen with ROCKSTAR products and there may be paparazzi (there's never paparazzi). so he waits outside and vapes and feels awful because his coach would KILL him if he knew he was juuling cotton candy rn. later i want to make out in the car but he just wants to drink my mocha and complains that i didn't get one for him too. "don't you know me at all?!" he spits, and my brain breaks as i start to wonder if i really do know him at all. maybe i should stop dating olympians.... hm nah.
  9. oh wtf australianfan or whatever is not a real person. they are a total troll and my jokes don't matter. besides, everyone got a good laugh out of that post. i cannot believe i got everyone to argue about a joke post for 2 pages though. i couldn't even do that in 2007. maybe AF is on the spectrum. maybe he isn't (?!?!). the point is this is all very hilarious and alex hall is totally hot and i'm going to JO to his pics for the 3rd time today. i "crossed boundaries" lolololol lmao lol lol
  10. that women's hockey final fucking slapped though.
  11. you better fucking hope. having the US obliterate you in the summer olympics is one thing. you tell yourself you'll get your revenge in the winter. but then you have to actually perform in the winter. you can blame as much as you like on the pandemic closures, but every country that beat you lived through the same pandemic.
  12. i know what you look like bae this isn't my first day on GB.
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