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MADRID 2028, MADRID 2032, MADRID 2036, MADRID 2040, MADRID 2044.....

I wouldn't be surprised. But if the competition is heavy, like is already being mentioned after this 2020 Asian win, then they better think long & hard if they really want to go through all of thi

"Thank you for your $50 million bid fee, here is your diploma."


Again, I was almsot there!! I guessed 41 for Tokyo in Round One!!

60 is nearly 2/3rds. Tokyo is really the safer choice for 2020! I hope that's the end of all the Fukushima bullsh*t from Paul and his cohorts!! :angry:

Then they can go New Frontiers/Southern Hemisphere again with Durban 2024. Now, who's dumb enuf to run vs. So. Africa??

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Well, I guess the unwritten rule of asian Olympics each two decades is still happening. Congratulations to Tokyo. Although Istambul was a more charming city at least we're assured we will have very good organized Olympics. :)

As is the rule of an Asian city hosting in a year ending in an 8. Tokyo has broken that tradition as well.

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While we miss out on our first Middle Eastern Olympics - we do have a few firsts - the first Asian city to host TWICE - and the first time Asia has hosted BACK TO BACK - PC2018>TOKYO2020.

Surely this dashes China's aspirations for 2028 on the rocks? (I'm quietly confident they were, or still are, plotting a Shanghai bid for 2028).

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