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  2. https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2020-09-25/should-america-boycott-china-s-2022-winter-olympics Could we see a rival games if a large boycott happens. Feels very unlikely.
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  4. Well I can't say I've noticed any coverage of the World Games in this country (UK btw) beyond the very specialist sports sites like here, hence the comment. If it's a much bigger deal in other countries, then great, didn't know that - maybe we (well our main media) should be less parochial - wouldn't be the first time that's been called for - & give it more attention next time
  5. Kind of under selling the World Games there Granted they have a small following, but they’ve been experiencing some major growth over the last 2/3 editions.
  6. Through as it stands most athletes and NOC officials are anti boycott. https://www.abc.net.au/radio/hobart/programs/mornings/matt-carroll-olympics-2022/12697876
  7. The fact China has been punishing Australia in the last months due to the later getting tired of their growing aggressive diplomacy by suspending imports from Australian products and forbidding their tourists to visit Australia (which in turn has been causing economic damage to the country) has only added more fuel to the fire. While I admire Australia for taking a stand against their ever growing influence in Oceania, its sad that still many countries prefer to remain silent and haven't grown a pair yet to make actual changing choices. The american politicians, for example, talk too much abou
  8. Wow, what a huge development. That's a real game changer that a Tasmanian liberal senator is asking Australia to "seriously consider" a boycott of the Winter Olympics. With all due respect to Australia, which has been increasing its medal count at recent Olympics, this is just more politicking and is hardly a serious movement. Yet again, it needs to be said.. it's a big leap from talking about boycotting and actually boycotting.
  9. https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/world/asia/china-dismisses-concerns-over-human-rights-abuses-tarnishing-winter-olympics-20200923-p55yei.html?ref=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_source=rss_feed https://www.theadvocate.com.au/story/6937705/tasmanian-senator-urges-boycott-of-winter-olympics-in-china/ Further developments have occurred.
  10. Thread to post about the current progress in the Beijing 2022 venues. Zhangjiakou Ski Jumping Center Beijing Ice Ribbon
  11. Global push to strip Beijing of Winter Olympics Credit: Sydney Morning Herald By Eryk Bagshaw September 22, 2020 — 5.01am The founder of a global coalition of MPs is pushing for the International Olympic Committee to reconsider Beijing's hosting of the 2022 Winter Games as politicians around the world voice increasing concerns over China's human rights record. The move paves the way for a worldwide alliance between human rights groups and conservative and progressive politicians to force a boycott of the Games. The development also could further threaten the finances of the I
  12. Anything by 1 direction. Looking back, I guess they had some really nice stuff. I like their songs perfect and history especially, but some of their more up-tempo stuff still makes me cringe
  13. https://www.smh.com.au/world/asia/global-push-to-strip-beijing-of-winter-olympics-20200920-p55xen.html Boycot movement growing. Led by Ian Duncan Smith who is a former leader of the opposition here in the UK and influential. Meanwhile leader of the Norwegian libreal party is opposed to a boycott.
  14. Its not too talked because in the end nothing bad happened, thankfully. But russian hackers attempted to disrupt the PC2018 opening as revenge for the ban against their country because of doping. While some computers were hacked, thankfully the show was not disrupted and none of us learned about it until later. With Russia being banned once more for Tokyo 2020, I wonder if the hackers will try to pull the same move again (that, if we ever get the Tokyo games ) https://www.theverge.com/2018/2/25/17050868/winter-olympics-2018-russia-north-korea-cyberattack-opening-ceremonies
  15. For me, it's Horizon Zero Dawn. The sheer beauty of the world the developers created sucks you in for hours at a time. The innovative gameplay and intense storyline keeps you hooked and wanting more. The most memorable experience was my first encounter with a Thunderjaw. I've never experienced anxiety from a game like that since Fatal Frame. happy wheels
  16. I remember that someone from this board who was among the audience told that they were instructed before the ceremony to switch the flashlights on gradually. You can also recognise that by the projection on the stadium's floor around k.d. Lang - the lights slowly extended from her place in the middle towards the edges of the infield and the stands.
  17. While I agree in principle, it‘s the IOC position that angers me most. They throw their arms in the air declaring they can‘t do anything, while in the past they did take action when they saw fit. And Iran already gave them concrete reason for a ban before the execution when their athletes boycotted (had to boycot) Israeli opponents. That was very much within IOC area of influence and yet nothing happened.
  18. South African social segregation also affected black athletes and fans. Similarly Russia has been punished for state-sponsored doping, and not its anti-gay legislation or sending weapons and "little green men" into Ukraine. The problem with punishing countries for human rights violations and political malfeasance is that every country violates human rights to some degree or other. Capital punishment is legal in the USA and the country has its own problems with mass imprisonment and racism. So should the USOC be banned from the Olympics? Should Japan be banned from the Olympics for its ref
  19. The flame in Olympic Park has always been lit by an ignition switch from my memory- I have never seen them use a human...maybe they could show the young athletes pressing the button- at least that would make some sense!
  20. I agree it would have been a nice to have but then who would pay for manual cauldron anniversary lightings and associated mantenance and safety considerations? Unfortunately, it just has to remain a symbolic press-button ignition unless a philanthropic corporate fan or sponsor is willing to pay for such an event, especially during a pandemic.
  21. Not since last night anymore. The next six weeks will surely all be about the Supreme Court, and nobody will care about China for a while.
  22. I love these Grand Canyon-sized disconnects with you. "It could easily be mentioned" is miles and miles away from "I think it's quite likely Trump will commit to a boycott before election day." Again, I agree that it's far from the realm of impossible that Trump could get it in his head to offer a giant "**** you" to China and making a stand to not send athletes there. But you are outside of your mind if you think that has any chance of gaining traction in the 6 1/2 weeks we have until election day
  23. China is the main theme of his campaign - it could easily be mentioned.
  24. And now you're just trolling. There's zero chance of that happening and you know it. On what planet could you possibly think that Trump will spend more than 4 seconds thinking and the 2022 Olympics before Election Day?
  25. I think it's quite likely Trump will commit to a boycott before election day.
  26. The REAL reason LA2028 came out with their "dynamic" A logo 2 weeks ago - EIGHT years ahead of the actual Games: to beat Ekaterinburg 2023 in unveiling theirs. https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1098606/yekaterinburg-2023-logo-design-revealed
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