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  2. Since the update sadly didn't bring status updates back (grumble...), this is still the only way to promote the comp to members... @paul @JDCLauron @Glacib @daveypodmore @Scotguy @Lord David @Rob. @thatsnotmypuppy @mr.bernham @woohooitsme83 @VIK @baron-pierreIV @JMarkSnow2012 @nzl @Utkarsh Verma @Athensfan @Citius Altius Fortius @Olympian1010 @TorchbearerSydney @Sir Rols @AustralianFan @JO2024 @Nacholympic @aismanggo That's everyone who I @-ed or who posted in the last two regular comps, & the aborted lockdown comp. Also @GBModeratorYour Modness, would you be so nice as to tw
  3. Further venue changes in the works though not all are approved yet. With swimming moving to La Defense Arena, gymnastics will move to the Bercy Arena which is still set to host basketball. A secondary venue for basketball will be needed, most likely one of the exhibition halls at Paris Expo. Volleyball moving to the Paris Expo as well. Handball is likely moving to the stadium in Lille. Rugby sevens moves to Stade de France and shooting from Le Bourget to Saint Denis. If this holds, Paris will have done away with all the temporary arenas to save costs. It's a good move and I suspect you wi
  4. This week organizers behind Doha’s bid to host the Asian Games in 2030 held virtual workshops to share plans with partner National Olympic Committees (NOC) across Asia. To maximize participation and facilitate an interactive dialogue, three workshops were held that were optimized for time zone and language differences. Doha 2030 Chair HE Sheikh Joaan Bin […] The post Doha 2030 Hosts Workshops To Share Asian Games Bid Plans With NOCs appeared first on GamesBids.com. View the full article
  5. The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) has expanded its host city search for the 2026 edition of the quadrennial multi-sport event beyond Hamilton, GamesBids.com has learned, and discussions are already underway with Australia and Sri Lanka. Last year Hamilton in Canada had been offered the exclusive opportunity to bid for those Games, but in October the […] The post CGF Expands Search For Host Of 2026 Commonwealth Games To Australia and Sri Lanka appeared first on GamesBids.com. View the full article
  6. Well, for once they're smart and realize it is indeed way too soon. As for the "poorly timed" thing I guess they don't wanna do a bid now that overall paranoia of China has increased this year and a possible invasion of Taiwan might happen in the next couple of years.
  7. Date:December 3,2020 News source:Kyodo News Link to this article:https://english.kyodonews.net/news/2020/12/2642a7d7bf84-about-18-of-olympic-ticket-holders-request-refund.html
  8. Countries aren't going to boycott an Olympics out of hate. That's dumb and pointless. For years, the criticisms about China have been about major political issues. That's why the talks to boycott go back much further than the start of the pandemic. For the umpteenth time.. I know you get excited anytime you hear any talk of athletes or nations skipping the 2022 Olympics, but what is that supposed to accomplish? If it's about "hate" and payback for the pandemic, how does that hurt China or make them change their ways? You think they'll care if even a major country like Canada or Great
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  10. I think people will hate China even more in a year's time when more and more evidence emerges about how the vaccine came around.
  11. IIIIIIT'S CHRIIIIIIIIIISTMAAAAAAAAAS! *Spoiler - actually there's still 3 weeks left, but this year we need all the fun we can get... Yes, here we go again - thanks to a perhaps toxic combination of hope, naivety, denial & boredom, we begin the best-loved of all of GB's one Advent rituals - THE 14TH ANNUAL GAMESBIDS OLYMPIC LOGO COMPETITION! Because if it's going to die, it's damn well going to die trying . But let's hope it doesn't - and to help, I've slimmed the beast down a bit. Instead of the two-cities-each format of the last few years, this time it's simple
  12. Watch this space... *actually, don't watch this particular space, but watch this area of the forum in the immediate future...
  13. It's also nowhere near as popular in Australia as Fox News is in the US.
  14. Sky News is basically the Australian equivalent of Fox News and even has the same owner.
  15. Are you going to continue to post every time you see someone call for a boycott? I get that's the purpose of this thread, but it's going to get annoying and overbearing really quickly. If it hasn't already. Sure, because the Aussies are really influential when it comes to the Winter Olympics. Once again, to point out the obvious.. did you forget there's another Olympics on the calendar before Beijing? How we view China in relation to the pandemic could be a lot different a year from now. And thru the lens of the Olympics, we need to be on the other side of Tokyo before we can
  16. It took an Aussie to tell like it is, Come on world get with it. Over a trillions of dollars lost in economic activity. China hasn't take the responsibility for Covid 19. Their will be a huge public outcry to boycott if Coivd doesn't go away. The WHO still hasn't declare the pandemic over.
  17. Actually, the problem was money. The Buffalo organizing committee never received the amount of sponsorship expected, and the New York State government basically gave them the middle finger when asked for help. The USOC was pre-occupied with it's Olympic Festival in San Antonio and private money failed to materialize due to the economic recession at the time. You know you're in trouble when your biggest sponsor is the local telephone company! It was so bad that the organizing committee had to buy national TV time as no network was willing to buy rights to the games. Even that was a mess as the
  18. Riyadh’s support of green initiatives takes aim at making the proposed Asian Games in 2030 the most environmentally-friendly ever. Bid officials announced Tuesday that it has partnered with the Saudi Arabia Ministry for the Environment and the Royal Commission for Riyadh City (RCRC) to further bolster claims that sustainability is an important pillar in its […] The post Riyadh Supports Green Initiative To Make Proposed 2030 Asian Games ‘Most Environmentally-friendly Ever’ appeared first on GamesBids.com. View the full article
  19. ^^ Man, compared to Fukuoka 1995 and Sheffield 1991, you can tell America didn't care much for putting a big show for their Universiade ceremonies. Speaking of Fukuoka, some excerpts were uploaded into the internet over the last couple of years. Ceremonies seemd to be interesting and with their moments, such as the map of the world being formed by fireworks and giant Zeppelin like ships floating into the stadium and also serving as placards for the parade of nations. Music was made by Mamoru Hosomo, a prominent member from Yellow Magic Orchestra (aka YMO, one of the greatest Electropop gr
  20. Parade of Nations will have just 6 officials per country allowed. As for the number of athletes, it won't be limited and the choice will be given to them if they want to take part or not. With the vaccines almost a reality lets hope this reduces the negative impact in the Olympics a bit more. http://www.xinhuanet.com/english/2020-11/18/c_139525376.htm
  21. https://www.skynews.com.au/details/_6213253120001 An Aussie Tv host calls for a boycott. I believe Sky News Australia is popular and influential with supporters of the current Aussie government.
  22. Saori Yoshida,Kosuke Kitajima are also good candidate.
  23. Date:Dec 1, 2020 News source:The Japan Times Link to this article:https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2020/12/01/national/olympic-rings-tokyo/
  24. Another great youtube find! The closing credits to Eurovision's coverage of the Buffalo 1993 World University Games, featuring video highlights of the games set to the complete version of the official song of the games "One World Together" as sung by Clint Holmes during the opening ceremony. I love this song and have been looking for a complete recording of it for a long time. It's a shame this song has been forgotten it was really great! Enjoy! The lyrics to the song's chorus: One world together Not worlds apart One world forever Hand in hand - from the heart One world to
  25. 'Proof' - Apologies for the misspelling and lack of ' '.
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