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  2. Given climate change, German Alps venues will sooner than later struggle with that „temperature over 10 years“ criteria, anything beyond the 2030s may very well be unsustainable here.
  3. Those would have to be cities using student dorms for the OV -- not new construction each time. For North America, there would only be 3: SLC, Calgary and Vancouver. It's a wild guess for all the others; I don't know what appetite Japan and So, Korea would have as the Asian rep. Then, it would only be between No America and Europe: maybe Lillehammer? the IOC would have to invest a couple of billions to resurrect Sarajevo. And either Lausanne or Innsbruck as the Alpine rep.
  4. Tahini, cous-cous and baba ganoush!
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  6. This is an opening for Garmunisch 2030 to step in . . . or a Reno-Tahoe 2030. The snow is piling up in Tahoe!!
  7. “Workers and tourists should be able to catch the Brisbane Metro to and from the airport before the 2032 Olympic Games, Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner will tell business groups on Wednesday.”
  8. It certainly seems like they don't have a lot of confidence in Sapporo at the moment. So, let's see what our potential 5-nation rotation looks like... Munich, SLC, Sapporo, Vancouver, and ??? Almaty? Oslo? Milan?
  9. Tell me you're absolutely uncontrollably desperate without telling us you are absolutely uncontrollably desperate IOC........
  10. Maybe it'll be like we do here where they award 2030, 2034, 2038, 2042, and just so they don't have to worry about it, 2058 as well
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  12. That's a new angle... make it fit with the German timeline to say to Munich 'vote yes, you're guaranteed '. Between Munich, Sapporo and SLC, do we have the potential beginnings of our "rotation pool"?
  13. Careful there. Otherwise your G7 bias could be pointed out!
  14. well this certainly wasnt the announcement i was hoping for this week, but it's entirely understandable and very unfortunate that it has gotten to this point.
  15. Oh, the irony that white water venue is not in Tulsa instead. Where is Neil Mavis when you need him!
  16. And Sydney 2000 one can say was basically all in September. Since only the very last day of those Games occured in October. Unless the IOC changes totally changes their mandated rule of the summer Games occuring only between July 15-Aug 31st, places like Qatar, Indonesia, India, etc. are all SOL right from the start.
  17. They sure can be busy bees when Bach’s not in the room, laid low with Covid
  18. Considering a dual 30-34 award could be on the table, they might very well want to throw their hat in. … assuming that meets the approval of Bavarian farmers, of course
  19. But, but, what about Bach's "close links" to Qatar. McKay's complete 180 from his previous stance just a few months ago seems pretty off-kilter. The Budweiser issue doesn't seem to be enough of a deal breaker, considering the main issues that would face a Doha bid TBW.
  20. Taking this to 2024/25 could in theory reopen the door for a German 2030 bid looking at DOSB‘s own timelines. IN THEORY, I said.
  21. IKR! The irony of that makes the IOC appear more shady than they already are. Especially when the double-talk is back on-the-table now (I don't think it was ever off anyway), despite Bach downplaying that aspect back in the summer.
  22. Yeah, there was an interesting GB's article about that about a year-&-a-half ago asking that very question. What was the rush? Especially when the world was still in the middle of a raging pandemic, & pretty much most things were shut down. What was so urgent that the 2032 host needed to be anointed so quickly, & strangely enough before the 2030 host. I know the new-norm bible rebuttal has been, that since the new process doesn't have any timelines or deadlines any longer, that the commissions of the Games can recommend whatever at any given time. But it still was very lop-sided, to say the least, when again, the world was still grappling with a deadly & very unknown virus (at the time). Not to mention, surely the IOC was also very busy juggling with the postponed Tokyo 2020ne Olympics.
  23. This was also pointed out back in May in the "2036 Olympics: 'crowded' field of interested parties" thread (which is currently just below this thread). But that ended up with the same new-norm, hyperbolic mumbo-jumbo, like it has here; that the 'new-norm' has "surged/supercharged" interest in the Olympic Games, & is the best thing since slice bread & the invention of the wheel.
  24. Well, well, well. The double-allocation talk is still on the table. I seriously doubt it was ever off, though (despite the claims of some), since a double-award would most certainly provide "stability" for the winter Games (too), which was always the point in such an appointment anyway. Which also crosses into the "rotating the WOG's within a pool of hosts", which has been a topic of discussion here on GB's in the past (for both the summer & winter). So very interesting indeed.
  25. I wonder what the USOC/LA28 are demanding as compensation for the IOC to be baulking at biting the bullet with SLC?
  26. It’s always weird to get to this stage of the tournament and not wake up every morning to check the overnight results. Is it just me, or was this year condensed without a break between the group stages and the round of 16?
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