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  2. Definitely think you'd see a more united front with Milan and Cortina but the downside is the need to build one or possibly two new ice arenas plus a speed skating oval. That was the benefit of having Torino in the bid. No major venues needed to be built. Milan has the Mediolanum Forum. That's it. They would need another 10,000+ arena and a speed skating oval. Even then they'd still need a secondary hockey arena though I suppose they could use the one in Bolzano. Costs could add up quickly which probably wouldn't go over well with the public.
  3. Couldn’t they just call it Italia 2026? Opening the prospect of national bids could help get Europe back in. Although to be honest it’s getting to the stage where the Winter Olympic concept itself looks toxic
  4. The problem was always government support, even when Turin was in the picture. Maybe now, though, that there’ll be less in-fighting with only one main city, Milan with Cortina, the government could be more receptive. Tomorrow, CONI is sending representatives of both cities to Lausanne.
  5. Precisely - but just yesterday you were the one spewing that “the USOC would likely want to ‘vet’ potential candidates before they put one forward”. That’s the total opposite of what’s above in the box. And funny how you’re not saying anything anymore about Milan/Cortina, “LOL”.
  6. I saw this as well but I believe this option is contingent on government support which as of now is not guaranteed
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  8. That was from February. This is from March.. 'This is wow’: Salt Lake able to participate in 2026 Winter Games bidding process Not to mention there was a story here on GB that mentioned.. Should the IOC begin to consider a 2026 and 2030 double-allocation as was done with the Summer Games, Salt Lake City can be involved. Or, even more likely, if the USOC can construct a double-allocation plan, as it did with the Summer Games, the Utah capital will be front-and-centre. So how does that work there? Is there not a scenario where the IOC could call up the USOC and try to work out a deal as an act of desperation? Especially in 1 of your double allocation possibilities? And my goodness.. look at what you have done to Olympianfan. There's a serious double fetish going on there!
  9. This is from an hour ago: Italy’s focus for 2026 bid now on Milan, Cortina d’Ampezzo https://www.google.com/amp/s/olympics.nbcsports.com/2018/09/18/italys-focus-for-2026-bid-now-on-milan-cortina-dampezzo/amp/
  10. And this is from (your all-time favorite ) NBCSports from an hour ago: Italy’s focus for 2026 bid now on Milan, Cortina d’Ampezzo https://www.google.com/amp/s/olympics.nbcsports.com/2018/09/18/italys-focus-for-2026-bid-now-on-milan-cortina-dampezzo/amp/
  11. I highly doubt the IOC approaches Stockholm. The only reason that bid is hanging around is because the bid organizers are hoping the current mayor who opposes the bid gets ousted in the upcoming elections. That's not likely to happen. In terms of regional bids I still think that's the future if the IOC ever wants the WOGs to return to Europe. It does place a risk in terms of in fighting as seen with Italy. There's also the prospect of referendums over a larger populace but it offers the best chance in terms of a bid using as much existing infrastructure as possible.
  12. But the USOC did rule out a 2026 bid, remember: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.apnews.com/amp/58318e327c364b0e8ab16ff79154fccd So now you’re saying that they didn’t “flat out” say no. And what happened to the USOC would still need to “vet” other cities before picking their next winter candiate before giving the nod to SLC. What was that again about ‘creating your own narrative to suit your own argument’ spiel. With Turin Out, Italy Moves Forward With Milan-Cortina Bid https://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2018/09/18/sports/olympics/ap-oly-2026-bids-italy.html That was from this morning. Which also states that CONI is sending representatives from Milan & Cortina to Lausanne tomorrow. So unless the New York Times is “fake news”, you know where you can shove your “LOL”.
  13. Italy 2026 will be out of the picture in a couple of weeks so the best thing for the IOC is just go to Stockholm and Calgary like crazy and work out a double award deal let's hope Calgary votes YES and have Calgary Canada host 2026 and Stockholm Sweden host 2030 there is more of a chance that Sweden will get government backing if they host the 2030 Winter Games the last games they hosted was back 114 years ago from 2026 they can wait for another 4 more years and they can. Calgary 2026 - Stockholm Sweden 2030 would be the best bet deal for the IOC.
  14. For all the talk of regional bids and spreading an Olympics beyond a single city.. this is the danger of having multiple entities involved. So yes, the IOC needs to once again re-evaluate themselves and perhaps acknowledge for a change that they're in deep shiit here.
  15. Once again.. Kazakhstan decide not to bid for 2026 Winter Olympics but could be interested in 2030 Almaty is out. Really out. The IOC can't just give them a call and say "here's that Olympics you wanted 4 years ago." The only cities that the IOC can give an Olympics to are the ones that are actually bidding. Almaty isn't going to suddenly decide they want to get back in on 2026 because the IOC is desperate. What they should do and I bet they will do is call up the USOC. They've stayed on the periphery here, but they didn't flat out say they were not bidding for 2026, only that they were focused on 2030. I'm sure that folks in Salt Lake are seeing the Italy news and might be contacting the USOC as well and saying "we're here if you need us." Either way, it only works if the NOCs and the cities are willing participants. The IOC can't simply invite a city into the mix because they want them. LOL Want to re-revise that one? LOL
  16. I can't see government support being given to a Milan-Cortina bid. The IOC now likely hitches its wagon on the Calgary referendum unless of course they take a risk and leave Erzurum on the official candidate list in October. If that ends up being the case then Erdogan can start celebrating.
  17. They dropped the wrong city. Should've dropped Milan. Milan has one sports arena the FilaForum in nearby Assago. They will need to build a speed skating oval and two more ice arenas which will get quite pricey. Torino had the ice arenas and they could use the Cortina track
  18. Italy’s bid to host the 2026 Winter Olympic Games appears to have ended after the undersecretary of the Council Presidency Giancarlo Giorgetti announced during a Senate hearing that the government would no longer support the project prepared by the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI). The bid “died here” Giorgetti said, according to Askanews. The mayors involved in […] The post Italy’s 2026 Olympic Bid Is “Dead” As Government Refuses To Support Conflicted Three-City Project appeared first on GamesBids.com. View the full article
  19. FYI

    Calgary 2026

    Former Calgary alderman a hard no on 2026 Olympic bid 'If you can't afford it, don't do it,' says John Schmal https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/john-schmal-no-olympics-2026-1.4827441
  20. Boy, I called that one! With Turin Out, Italy Moves Forward With Milan-Cortina Bid Sept. 18, 2018 ROME — Italy's three-pronged bid for the 2026 Winter Olympics has been reduced to a two-city candidacy featuring Milan and Cortina d'Ampezzo. Following Turin's exclusion, the Italian Olympic Committee is sending a delegation featuring Milan and Cortina representatives to meet with IOC leaders on Wednesday. The move comes after government undersecretary and sports delegate Giancarlo Giorgetti told the Senate on Tuesday that the three-city proposal "is dead." Turin's exclusion follows infighting between Milan Mayor Giuseppe Sala and Turin counterpart Chiara Appendino, who had been arguing over the bid's leadership and naming rights. Preliminary bids are due to be presented at IOC meetings in Buenos Aires next month. Under the revised plan, hockey and speedskating — which had been slotted for venues built for the 2006 Turin Games — would be held in Milan. Alpine skiing would be held in 1956 host Cortina. https://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2018/09/18/sports/olympics/ap-oly-2026-bids-italy.html
  21. If the USOC says NO and Sweden say NO then the only logical thing to do is go and ring up Almaty Kazakhstan and get them to host the 2026 Winter Olympic and Paralympics Games.
  22. The Italian bid is in a complete mess and if Calgary votes NO then **** will really hit the fan by then the LA 2028 guys might so NO to Salt Lake City USA 2026 then where would the IOC go to let's be real the only reason why Almaty Kazakhstan did not bid for the 2026 Winter Games was they thought they had no chance for a 3rd straight winter games in Asia in a row. If Sweden call the quits where would the IOC go take you're pick Turkey or Kazakhstan? Almaty Kazakhstan is by far superior then Erzurum Turkey the only thing the IOC will have to do is call up the President of Kazakhstan and Mayor of Almaty and say the games are yours for your taking.
  23. Ikarus360

    The 18th Asian Games Jakarta 2018

    Marco Balich, huh? So this will be their preparation before mounting their next big project, which will be the ceremonies of Lima 2019.
  24. gotosy

    Tokyo 2020 Qualification Events

    Olympic qualification pathway for rugby sevens confirmed for Tokyo 2020 Rugby sevens’ Olympic qualification pathway for Tokyo 2020 has today been confirmed by the International Olympic Committee and World Rugby. Twelve teams will compete for medals in both the men's and women's rugby sevens competitions from 27 July-1 August at Tokyo Stadium. Japan’s men’s and women’s teams have secured automatic qualification as hosts of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, leaving 11 places in each event to be filled through the qualification process. Just as for Rio 2016, the top four teams in the men’s and women’s HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series 2019 will confirm their places in Tokyo. An additional six teams will qualify through the men’s and women’s World Rugby regional association Olympic qualification tournaments. Regional association tournaments will take place in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania and South America from June-December 2019. The top ranked team from each regional tournament will secure qualification. The final opportunity for Olympic qualification will be at the World Rugby Olympic Repechage tournament. Twelve teams, comprising of the next two highest ranked teams based on 2019 regional qualification rankings from each region, will be invited to participate in these Olympic repechage tournaments. The repechage will take place at a time between the final regional qualification event and June 2020 with the overall winners of the men’s and women’s tournaments claiming the last available places for Tokyo 2020. ... https://www.worldrugby.org/sevens-series/news/364051
  25. I can just see Rome feeding the little shredder machine.
  26. Damn, I figured I'd be the one to start with the memes. Let's get fancy and go with a GIF. This is you right now..
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