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  2. Barcelona experienced something similar. As much as it is the golden standard for an Olympics meshing with economic revival, a lot of long-time locals were never happy because it turned the city into something of a tourist trap after a wave of gentrification, which as always is a double-edged sword. Dropping a ton of housing onto a city can have its benefits, but also its drawbacks as well.
  3. Do you have access to the Olympic Channel? They've been playing ceremonies throughout the week. So far I've watched parts of Barcelona, Atlanta, and Sydney.
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  5. I'll send you an e-mail. Have a feeling I'm about to be your new best friend!
  6. Hamilton in Canada has been given “first and sole consideration” to become host of the Commonwealth Games in 2026, CEO Brian MacPherson of Commonwealth Sport Canada (CSC) told GamesBids.com Wednesday. Lacking the emergence of bidders from other nations, the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) has offered Hamilton a short and exclusive window to negotiate the host […] The post CGF Offers Hamilton ‘First and Sole Consideration’ To Host Commonwealth Games In 2026 appeared first on GamesBids.com. View the full article
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  8. I am in search of old footage from previous opening ceremonies American broadcast feeds. I have a number of them and also have non-US broadcast versions but I am desperately searching for copies of the following: 1994 Lillehammer (Would love Opening, Closing, and honestly any US broadcast footage from the 94 games ... this has been my white whale!) 1992 Albertville 1998 Nagano (I have a partial broadcast but would like the full thing) 1988 Seoul 1996 Atlanta (Same as Nagano) You can email me at Icedog2735@gmail.com if you can help or know of someone who can help. THANK YOU!
  9. Warning: rant ahead. The problem is that the very act of building lots of nice condos leads to gentrification and higher prices. This is what happened in London after the 2012 Olympics, for example. https://www.huckmag.com/perspectives/reportage-2/the-battle-to-save-east-london-is-this-finally-the-end/ Vancouver is expensive because it has a thriving economy and is a place where people want to live. Price = Demand / Supply. Housing isn't exactly cheap in Paris or Tokyo either. People who want cheap housing should consider moving to Detroit. I have a cousin who bought a mansion in Detroit for $50,000. The Canadian economy is more dependent on commodities exports than the economies of the USA or EU, and thus have less ability to stimulate demand for their own products. (Australia is similar, but their exports are a bit less volatile.) So I think it will be harder for Canada to recover than the US or EU. I could be wrong, though.
  10. I hope they don't try to take the credit for any British inventions like the bicycle Tennis ect
  11. The US Govt is spending over $2,000,000,000,000 (thats 2 trillion) in stimulus spending. Other countries (by proportion) even more. A Winter Olympics at a couple of billion is a cheap and effective economic stimulus for a region. (Just another way to frame the cost as an opportunity)
  12. Commonwealth Sport Canada (CSC) has selected the city of Hamilton as Canada’s nomination to bid for either the 2030 or 2026 edition of the Games, the organization confirmed last week. In a video conference held with the Hamilton 100 bid group, CSC officials said Hamilton would become Canada’s bidder, and work would continue to determine […] The post Hamilton Could Pivot 2030 Commonwealth Games Bid To 2026; Calgary Out Of Race appeared first on GamesBids.com. View the full article
  13. The argument for Salt Lake would be like this.. That is all. This is not a competition won on technical merit. You're right that it's pretty even on that basis. And I don't think Vancouver can play the "most of our facilities will get old in another 10 years" card saying that 2030 is their time. Plus, as you noted, one of the big hurdles for Vancouver would be the matter of the Olympic Village, and their 2010 efforts on that one weren't exactly a highlight of the organizing committee.
  14. The argument for Vancouver would be like this - IMO 1. Most of the facilities used previously that would be reused again would in 2030 need only minor upgrades - add another 12-30 years and we are talking major upgrades or new builds 2. Money has already been set aside for some of the community centres that could be used - they are likely to be built whether a bid happened or not, but a Games could allow for better facilities that might otherwise be built (hence public support?) 3. The big social issue in Vancouver is affordable housing/social housing - building a village for 3000+ athletes/coaches etc - convertible after the games would be a step towards alleviating this 4. and of course, the cost of hosting the games, like for Salt Lake City, will be much reduced because some of the more expensive facilities are already in place As a comparison and correct me if there are new plans I don't know of Ceremonies: Vancouver - BC Place (updated since 2010) Ceremonies 54,500 SLC - Rice Eccles 45,807 Hockey 1: Vancouver - GM Place 18,630 SLC - Maverick Center 10,100 Hockey 2: Vancouver - UBC Arena 7,200 (currently 5,000?) so slight upgrade needed SLC - Peaks Area 8,400 (currently 2,300) (i) Figure: Vancouver - Pacific Coliseum 14,239 (upgrade required) SLC - Vivint Smart Arena 17,500 Curling: Vancouver - Hillcrest Centre 6,000 (a) SLC - Ice Sheet at Ogden 2,000 (ii) Speed: Vancouver - Richmond Oval 8,000 (b) SLC - Olympic Oval 6,500 (currently 3,000) (iii) From a pure infrastructure perspective both candidates would need to upgrade some of their facilities. For Vancouver, a couple of main arenas need some upgrade but the main issues would be (a) which could be replaced by a new arena in Newton or the existing Langley Events Centre (5,276) whilst (b) could be replaced by the proposed Surrey Community Centre. For SLC, (i) would need a very large capacity increase whilst (ii) and (iii) would require significant capacity increases. All other venues appear in good working order If Vancouver enter v SLC, from a technical perspective it is really 50-50
  15. It's less about matching up against Sapporo and more about better timing for the USOPC (not to mention 2034 will be the first Olympics of the new TV contracts, so that could be better for the IOC as well). That said.. let's see what the appetite is for a Winter Olympics in Japan after what it's going to cost them for 2020 2021. Either way, hard to envision the next Winter Olympics in North American anywhere other than Salt Lake. Is Vancouver really in a rush to get themselves another Olympics so soon? That's everyone's economy at this point. At some point, Vancouver will likely put up another bid. Don't see that being so soon as 2030
  16. The problem wasn't the Canadian government's support, but rather the local government support in Calgary. Unfortunately the Canadian economy has taken a beating recently, so the national government may not be as supportive of a bid in the near future.
  17. and the 1948 Summer Olympics went to London which was not exactly a neutral country in WW2
  18. A United States bid where they are holding the Summer Games two years earlier ... apparently SLC don't think they match up against the likes of Sapporo https://www.foxnews.com/sports/salt-lake-city-eyes-2034-olympics-after-sapporo-bid-for-2030
  19. Canada is still probably licking their wounds from how the Calgary 2026 bid fell apart. Not a smart idea going up against Salt Lake and a United State bid. Somewhere down the line, Vancouver will probably be a good bet for another Olympics in Canada. But not 2030. And using St. Mortiz 1948 isn't a great example. That was the first post-WW2 Olympics and it was awarded to Switzerland on the basis of them being a neutral country through the war.
  20. How about Vancouver 2030? Unlike Calgary, there appears to be a little more support in BC, with maybe 60% in favour of making a bid - 2010 did make money despite what people think with the ex-VANOC CEO pushing the idea ... and a new Olympic village could assist in dealing with the No1 issue of housing affordability and homelessness. BC Place has been modernised into a world class venue since 2010 and a number of the venues such as GM Place (Ice Hockey1), the Pacific Coliseum (Figure Skating) and the Thunderbird Sports Centre (Hockey2) could be easily used again. Whilst the use of the Hillcrest Cenre and the Richmond Skating Oval would be far more problematic due to the success of their post 2010 legacy, a new speeding skating type venue in Surrey and a curling arena in Newton would create a future 'legacy; - this would spread out the venues a little more than in 2010 but in the scale of some bids this would be minimal in terms of distances. Of course, all outdoor events would be held in Whistler. https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/vancouver-2030-olympics-bid-plan-legacies-ideas It will only be 20years since the previous Vancouver games but St Moritz held in 1928/1948
  21. Actually, I saw this story pop up earlier.. Olympic men's football age limit raised to 24 after Tokyo Games postponement
  22. Has there been any word on Football qualifications and regulations? Will they extend the 23 year old age limit to 24 so the ones that were on the cusp can still play? Or will the 23 year olds have to sit this one out? What about qualification? As an American, this is important to me, because truly our 18-23 year olds are playing better and stronger football (especially against international sides and in international clubs) than our older players. Want to know if there's any hope for an American appearance in football
  23. Can you confirm this? I have not seen any indication of this anywhere - in fact, them expanding the women's tournament to 32 teams like the men's World Cup seems to indicate they're more in this for the traditional 4 year haul. Honestly, I find every 2 years to be somewhat insulting to the women footballers and their clubs. Why should women get half the glory? Further, on the basis of developing club teams and growing football in certain regions, how are they to do that when the icons/stars will be pulled more frequently for national team commitments?
  24. Wasn't aware that it was a 4-year ban. But hey, if Vlady and his merry band of billionaires can round up a few $500 million TOP sponsors, I am sure that 4-year ban might disappear quickly. Does the ban extend to FIFA and FINA? So, will Russia make a full appearance to the postponed world championships?
  25. Actually, and this is proof that we are in fact living in a bizarro world.. baron does have a point (sort of). Russia is trying to appeal the ban. So perhaps with the Olympics pushed back a year, it gives them more time to appeal. Obviously they would need to win that appeal, which yes, does seem pretty unlikely
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