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  2. Curling

    The Men's World Championships is at the end of March and the Women's is mid March. The men's field is gonna be pretty light, the women's is going to be similar to the Olympics.
  3. For those asking about detailed programmes of past ceremonies, I recommend plugging yourself into this goldmine & filling your boots (apologies for the clunky link): http://library.olympic.org/Default/search.aspx?SC=CATALOGUE&QUERY=ceremony+media+guide+&QUERY_LABEL=#/Search/(query:(Page:0,PageRange:3,QueryString:'ceremony media guide',ResultSize:-1,ScenarioCode:CATALOGUE,SearchContext:0,SearchLabel:''))
  4. Canada in Korea

    CTV released 2 5 Disc Blu-Ray sets after the 2010 Olympics. One for Olympic Events and another one for hockey.
  5. Bjørgen being interviewed on NBC's afternoon show where they just aired the race (after it initially aired on NBCSN last night)
  6. They will need to create a different voice for themselves that will emotionally engage the audience not just create catchy visuals to wow people anymore. We have seen a lot of spectacular things since 2008 and all other ceremonies. People dancing synchronously & forming something, light props, floor projection, all sort of fireworks, and even drones. Those things are so predicable already. How can a modern China be cool and unique when there's already a modern Korea and technologically advanced Japan. What will set them apart. This will be a much harder task than 2008. I hope that they will have old and new producers working together to offer different takes and fresh air not just using the old producer. I know Yimou loves doing things with big number and grand scale but he's not modernly cool to me. Although what he'd do in the future could still be beautiful and big but it might feel typical and cheesy. So in 2022, I need something uniquely spectacular and authentically cool that will set the bar higher not just the modernity with light show, synchronous performances/drones, and lot of people with cheesy use of music or colors.
  7. Beijing 2022 Handover segment

    This handover became one of my favourites! It improved than the one in Athens, in my point of view. About the pandas, are those the mascots or what?
  8. Today
  9. BTW, were those pandas the following mascots? 'Cuz I liked them. They are as appealing as the Korean Tigers.
  10. My overall impression was great! I absolutely loved the way PyeongChang used Soohorang most of the time. Lovely touch that the 1988 & 2018 mascots escorted the athletes. It reminded me also how Sochi mascots were sending their regards to Misha. The fluency of the ceremonies were something to be learnt in coming Olympic editions. On the other hand, the consistent cosmogony of Korean culture regarding harmony across the Universe has been giving to the Olympics a great way to show the local culture from all over the peninsula. The only thing which pissed me off was the fact to listening to the Olympic anthem sung in English. They were so stupid to have chosen that. Better to play the anthem voiceless, but I'm against the usage of foreign languages in the host countries. If not in Korean, at least in Greek like the Chinese did. About Beijing 2022 handover, it wa breath-taking. I'm going to enjoy these HI-TECH battle these coming 6 years. Asians are fashion freaks and love to compete with this. So, hope they please the world with their new gadgets.
  11. I'm sorry, but I'm having trouble taking you seriously now. Biggest media story of the Games? This constant narrative of yours that she deserves more coverage is getting old and tired and speaks more to someone who is personally offended that a favorite athlete that isn't getting showcased rather than a serious analysis of what NBC is airing in primetime.
  12. Qatar 2022

    A $2.6 million payment to a ten-year-old. That will buy a lot of Barbie dolls. We have been through this relocation possibility about a hundred times already and I will believe it when I see it.
  13. Support Annecy 2018

    I do not take lightly being called a liar.
  14. Paris 2024 Ceremonies

    Claire Denis?
  15. The biggest media story of the PyeongChang Games may be the lack of coverage Marit Bjørgen has received on NBC's primetime Olympic broadcast. https://fiveringtv.com/2018/02/25/marit-bjorgen-wins-yet-another-gold-medal-will-nbc-give-the-most-successful-winter-olympian-real-primetime-coverage/
  16. http://www.beijing2022.cn/a/20180225/013655.htm
  17. Yes, I think China has a heck of a challenge for 2022 (particularly if Tokyo does something mega-impressive with technology, yet still incorporates cultural touchstones like Hokusai). China's isolationism means it doesn't really have "world icons" much more recent than the Great Wall- unlike even Sochi which made brilliant use of Russia's music, art and literature.
  18. Curling

    I think curling is sometimes on Eurosport - I say this every time but this is finally the winter Olympic cycle to remember it exists.
  19. Tokyo 2020 Torch

    A bit too early, don't you think? Torch design will most likely be unveiled in 2019. As for the Torch relay, I suppose somewhere between April-May 2020. They haven't even announced the planned route yet.
  20. I think the similarity may have been deliberate, to emphasise the difference: "Look, no handlers!"
  21. Curling

    I cant wait four years. Can we run the whole Olympics again until we get the right result for great Britain?
  22. Curling

    Apparently, it cost over 3 million pounds just to build a proper competition-level dedicated curling centre (opened in Stirling last year) ...
  23. Beijing 2022

    https://youtu.be/K5RJBInCI1M Beijing 2022 published this two days ago, obviously preparing for the large influx of online searches they were likely to get once the Closing Ceremony of Pyeongchang happened and the focus turned to Beijing. Many of the venues in the video look much more futuristic (and expensive) than the initial bid proposal videos and photos, which is somewhat concerning. I hope these modern designs aren't breaking the budget.
  24. I hope Paris would talk about it's medieval past with elements of fantasy (to pay homage to French fairy tales).
  25. I just wondering to myself, will the Fuwa make an appeaance at the opening and closing ceremony for the 2022 Olympics?
  26. Sorry about the last topic I created. I meant to make the title "Tokyo 2020 Torch". Anyways, when will the torch relay start?
  27. Tokyo 2020

    I got to start again with a new topic.
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