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  2. $50m to be spent on Brisbane sports facilities, spurred by 2032 Olympics bid “Brisbane’s likely selection as host of the 2032 Olympics, and the increasing number of women and girls playing sport, have led to a $50 million boost to sporting facilities across the city.“ “At Giffin Park, $750,000 will be spent on improving the grounds and spectator facilities, while on Brisbane’s northside, Emerson Park at the Grange will receive $459,000 to improve the fields.” “”At Kangaroo Point’s Raymond Park – which will be used as a warm-up field for athletes if Brisbane wins the 2032 Olympic
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  4. That’s my understanding of the system anyway.
  5. Under Agenda 2020 the host country/city/entity of the Games can select a few sports that have regional/national importance, sports they wish to grow nationally, or sports they wish to showcase. These sports are not core sports on the program, and thus might be best described as “one-offs” in principle. However, as we’ve seen with Tokyo and Paris, some countries will choose the same sports under this criteria. So as a hypothetical, Brisbane could ask for the likes of Cricket, or Lawn Bowls, or Netball, or Surfing, etc. to be added to the official sports program for that edition of the Game
  6. Excellent research. I was wondering about that too,
  7. A Good Old Aussie Inferiority Complex Never Hurts You gotta laugh. The awarding of a big sporting event to Australia, whether it be an Olympic Games, World Cup, World Championship, Commonwealth Games etc will always bring out the supporters and the whingers, even Aussie ones. In another Olympic blog similar to this one at Skycrapercity, there was this one post, actually from an Aussie, who displayed all the hallmarks of good old Aussie inferiority complex and insecurity about how we’ll look on the world’s stage. And in another good Aussie tradition forgetting in an instant all t
  8. best i can find is here 25 core sports with t Archery Rowing Badminton Basketball Boxing Canoeing Cycling Equestrian Fencing Football Golf Gymnastics Handball Hockey Judo Modern pentathlon Rugby Sailing Shooting Swimming (aquatics) Table tennis Taekwondo Tennis Track and field Triathlon Volleyball Weight lifting Wrestling hree “floating” sports. This new system was set to start from the Olympics from 2020. Th
  9. Does anyone know what the rules are as in what sports are core and how many (and what ones) sports the host city (or in this case cities) can choose?
  10. I found articles from 2018 that they would go after 2030, but none since then. And that is after 2022 race. But that is sad to hear
  11. They're allowing hosts from Tokyo onwards to add a few sports which don't add much in terms of new venues. Baseball being in for Japan and the USA but out for France makes sense. I find it hard to believe it'll back for Australia's Games. It might be that baseball isn't picked for a while after 2028. I'm not sure what criteria these sports must meet to be eligible for inclusion as a one-off (or two-off, as in the case of baseball). But I'm sure cricket is monitoring things. I'm not sure that applies to the other sports listed (climbing, surfing etc), which I think are new, permanent
  12. Absolutely none. The wounds between Oslo and the IOC after the 2022 race are too fresh not to mention the public support just isn't there.
  13. It seems that some of these sports are not yet permanent in the IOC schedule. They are possibly in some sort of IOC “trial” or “probationary” category. Sportclimbing and Surfing for instance are making their debuts in Tokyo. Baseball and softball have been oddly in and out of the Olympics in recent decades but its good they’re back - but for how long? I think the demonstration sport, eg cricket, might be negotiated once the Host Contract is signed, but not absolutely sure. Perhaps Metricon Stadium at Carrara is being held in their backpocket just for now(?).
  14. It looks also like the Whitsundays are not in the frame anymore.
  15. The Bandits orignally played at the showgrounds which was a good venue. There are also baseball fields in richlands and in Darra Darra has 4 fields, it's within walking distance of the station and is in a commercial area.
  16. Are there no hope or indicates of a Oslo/Lillehammer bid for 2030?
  17. Holloway is in a built up area with bad public transport. it wil not be good for olympic baseball
  18. What has happened to Surfing, Karate, Skateboarding, Sportsclimbing, Baseball/Softball and the potential addition of Cricket? Surfing would be a hostly contested venue battle between the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast? Maybe one hosts Men's Surfing and the other hosts Women's Surfing? Karate could take place at the Queensland State Netball Centre (Nissan Arena) in South of Brisbane Baseball/Softball could take place at Holloway Field in the Herston Cluster or Carrara Stadium on the Gold Coast in the Carrara Cluster if it isn't used for cricket. Stateboarding and Sports C
  19. Last week
  20. I don't see Samaranch in that negative a light, any more so than any other IOC president. He did after all open the Games up to professionals and helped to get rid of all the amateur restrictions on athletes. But he turned a blind eye to corruption, especially the Salt Lake bidding scandal. His appearance before the U.S. Congress in 1999 did not go swimmingly, as I recall. It was quite embarrassing, and he hid behind it by speaking in Spanish. . As I often say, a very flawed man, who only saw what he wanted to see. Hard to see any net positive from his reign, and his reputation
  21. American - Avery Brundage (1952-1972).
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