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  2. I would be nervous about Doha..........They pack money bags as tight as theyll go, ask FIFA about that.
  3. No shock .... Coates corruption is Gold Medal worthy Lets wait till the AOC meeting next year where he makes himself President for life ... Brisbane 2032 giving him the excuse to backflip on his promise to retire
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  5. I'd prefer running a Marathon at 15°C over doing the same at 40°C. Sydney was in September because it could choose to. I don't see why an August games wouldn't have been possible for Sydney. Sure, SEQ has more pleasant weather during the winter, but with Sydney having a larger population and reputation I don't see Brisbane as the only choice. In the end it wasn't the IOC who went for Brisbane, it was Coates.
  6. Sunshine Coast Mass Transit Project Credit: Sunshine Coast Council Updated: 1 March 2021 To put it simply, mass transit is a convenient and easy-to-access public transport system which moves people efficiently. A well-designed system reduces car usage, especially at peak times, and may include: buses trams or light rail vehicles a metro or subway passenger trains The current phase of the mass transit business case process is the Options Analysis. Council will be consulting on the Options Analysis in early-2021. Previous planning has show that the
  7. Gold Coast Airport: Project LIFT Terminal Redevelopment Credit: Gold Coast Airport website Gold Coast Airport is underway with its terminal redevelopment, Project LIFT, which will increase the airport’s capacity to meet future demand. Driven by long-term passenger growth, Project LIFT has a number of features, including the expansion of the terminal building, additional aircraft parking stands and a consolidated ground transport facility. Gold Coast Airport is committed to Project LIFT and believes it will deliver better services and create jobs and economic opportunit
  8. that might be part of it, but ever since the IOC was instant of a July / August date it eliminates Melbourne and Sydney simply due to the weather (remember Sydney 2000 was in september and Melbourne 1956 was November / december. He's probally more obessed with an olympics in australia and given the IOC's instance of july / august the only real option is Brisbane
  9. This story is from May 2020 and is about the opening of the second runway at Sunshine Coast Airport. It joined Brisbane Airport in the SEQ area with a second runway. Lights, camera, RUNWAY! Credit: Sunshine Coast Council 04 May 2020 More than 400 lights turned on along the Sunshine Coast Airport’s new runway on Friday evening to welcome its first ever plane—a Twin Comanche— and guiding it safely in to touch down. The flight was part of an important runway lighting test and one of the final checks required to hand the runway over to the Sunshine Coast Airport on June 13
  10. And speaking of, here’s one of his statements of the link you posted that he’s not well informed or just disingenuous, or both: “Respecting human rights doesn’t start on a specific date, it’s always important. Why then does the IOC’s new Host City Contract, which incorporates human rights principles and was finalized in January 2017, not go into effect until the 2024 Summer Olympics? Los Angeles had to sign it, but not China. Did you specifically exempt China because you know they wouldn’t qualify?” Considering Beijing was awarded the 2022 winter games in 2015, so obviously th
  11. These politicians don’t seem to know, or are just disingenuous. And in this case, I think it’s a little bit of both. I mean, where were all these people back in 2015 or 2016 (or even 2017) when Beijing was still freshly awarded & when there was still time to “move” the 2022 Winter Olympics from there? Why are they all so worried about it now when it’s really too late. I It’s all just merely a way for these politicians to make themselves look good. And Rick Scott (along all with all the other Rep. politicians who are calling for boycotts or a “move”), would really need to do a lo
  12. I wonder if she really knows the full ‘complexities’ of the entire 2022 bidding process back in 2015. Sometimes I think the athletes know as much (or in this case, as little) as these politicians do. Not knowing the full scope of what actually led to Beijing’s ‘22 election. The IOC really didn’t want Beijing for 2022, but after all their preferred European choices withdrew, they didn’t really have many other safe(r) alternatives.
  13. Should Know - Is the operative words here. Apparently Rick Scott doesn't seem to know. He's so upset that Anita DeFrantz just blew him off last September. https://www.rickscott.senate.gov/sen-rick-scott-im-disappointed-ioc-vice-president-refused-commit-move-2022-olympic-games-out
  14. https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1104956/mikaela-shiffrin-beijing-2022 Mikaela Shiffrin with her thoughts.
  15. Same here. They have to know there's absolutely no chance the IOC is going to move the Games out of China any more than FIFA would have considered moving the World Cup out of Qatar. And even then, would that make life better for the Uighurs? Way too much of the rhetoric is "yea, screw China, this will show them" with no real end game about how China will be hurt by this. Individuals may decide that they don't want to compete in China and choose to skip the Olympics. Let them make that choice. It shouldn't be decided for them by a managing body or a government entity that has make t
  16. I’m so tired of these politicians harping this. It’s WAY too late for that & they know it (or at least should). Is the Netherlands (or any other country’s politician[s] who say the same) prepared to take on the 2022 winter Games on such, such short notice then?! Yeah, sure.
  17. ..& we know that’s also not a good look for the IOC these days, either. But the IOC, looks like, will do whatever it has to in order to save their own butts, even if that could mean more tumultuous waters ahead. Picking the best option out of a bad lot can still bring trouble. Just look at Beijing 2022.
  18. There actually were some cities that were miffed about that. And perhaps that’s why more noise (or outrage, as you call it) is being made about it this time by such a move, because cities four years ago had to “reset” from 2028 to 2032 (& Brisbane was actually one of those cities too). So now they’re like throwing their arms up the air having to ‘reset’ again? And by that perspective, I can certainly understand part of their frustration. I don’t think anyone is arguing any of that. I certainly haven’t, as a matter of fact I’ve said that on the surface I agree with it (I thin
  19. If we apply the transitive law of FIFA moneybags, Doha might undercut australia.
  20. https://www.politico.eu/article/china-beijing-2022-winter-olympics-human-rights-violations-uighurs/ Sjoerd Sjoerdsma, a Dutch MP from the ruling coalition’s D66 party, pointed to “the largest detention of an ethnic minority since World War II” and highlighted stories of forced sterilization and rape as evidence that China should be stripped of the Olympics. Sjoerdsma, whose social liberal party initiated the Dutch motion to call the treatment of the Uighur minority a genocide, said athletes should decide for themselves whether to go to Beijing, but he would prefer that the Internatio
  21. As a Eurovision fan, I'm quite intrigued by the idea that Sanremo actually has an end . Got high hopes for this though, Milan isn't world famous for style for nothing.
  22. This. All of it. If we wind up with Brisbane, it's hard to argue that they are the best choice given most of the available options we've been hearing about. Calling it "corrupt" is not the right word. Calling it a lack of transparency is much more on point. We don't know how the IOC came to this decision and they're probably not going to tell anyone. That's not a good thing for an organization that many citizens and others around the world are questioning. Because it throws into question the process that they used to decide that Brisbane is their preferred bidder. Again, it's easie
  23. I mean it's hard to compare the blatant bribery from cities like Nagano and SLC to what's gone on here. I see no cities that have been screwed over that actually had a chance at hosting. I can see the maneuvering of him saying look it's an unstable time, Australia handled Covid well, pick us and secure the games before the uncertainty (like we're seeing with Tokyo) goes on for years. Because countries and cities aren't focussed on a 2032 Olympic bid right now when many are in lockdown. Brisbane though has the luxury of not worrying about it too much and can take the front foot. I mean as you p
  24. Now, with 2032 pretty much a done deal and the IOC selecting hosts a decade in advance seemingly becoming the new norm it can't be too early to discuss 2036. With 2028 in America and 2032 in the Asia-Pacific this should be Europe's to lose. So who do you think might make it to the finish line? The only countries that make sense economically are probably Spain, the UK and Russia. 2024 will rule out Paris. Rome might be a serious contender, but I doubt they will go for another Olympics that soon after Milano Cortina. As for Germany, the 1936 centennial along with major organisational i
  25. I've found the source again. So, apparently, initial plans were to have the vote during Sanremo (throughout the week) and then present the winner design on a seperate occasion. If that were still to be the case, we would already know the entries. So I guess, they will no opt to show the designs during or at the end of the Sanremo final. I've nerver dared watch this as I was told this is basically a whole year of "Wetten, dass..?" packed into one week in terms of talking and special guests.
  26. Agree 100%. I don't agree with TorchBearerSydney that this is the most corrupt decision yet. Let's not confuse corruption and lack of transparency. We don't know how clean or murky this decision was because it wasn't transparent. The Germans are right on this point.
  27. *after* the end of Sanremo? That’ll be around Sunday afternoon then instead of Saturday night...I’ve watched the first two nights this week and gave up half way through each time when only half the songs had been presented and a million guests plus Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Alex Schwazer talked endlessly...
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