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  2. The problem is the Paras are piggybacking on the regular O's; but at the same time, they are also expanding - so that is DOUBLE dependency on the regular O's which is already having its own problems of staying afloat! The Paras should combine with the DeafO's and the Special O's -- and they will find medium-sized cities to host them. What's the point of having the Paras as a parasite to the main Os' if the O;s are on the brink of extinction??
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  4. @Brucehillbhoy @MeganCampbell_1 Sally must be greeting two days in a row

  5. Is it really that possible though? SO works because it's more of a humanitarian event rather than a competitive event so it's like comparing apples to oranges.. If you want to see what will happen to IPC after breaking their bond with IOC you may want to check the Deaflympics.. That event is struggling to find proper host..
  6. RT @bulutangkisRI: Selamat kepada para Juara Junior 2017: ???????? CHN Mixed Team ???????? JPN MD ???????? INA XD ???????? INA WS ???????? KOR WD ???????? THA MS #BadmintonWJ…

  7. Well, the six leading FS nations are proportionately represented in all the 6 Grand Prix events; and each country makes sure to place their best in the hometown hosting. But the Russians are traditionally strong in Pairs, Ladies, and now Ice Dance. Actually, I found the Long Program of Bobrova/Soloviev a lot more exciting than the Shibutanis; except that the Shibs were better technically, to the point of being cold. But I'm glad the US took at least 2 golds; won by children of immigrants*! That should be shoved in Donald Trump's and his supporters' faces!! *I think half the US Figure Skating Olympic Team this year, might be from non-native, non-white stock.
  8. Toronto?

    Oh gawd this bulls**t idea again. If the COC can't get Calgary to put in a serious bid for 2026, then it shouldn't offer any other bid except maybe Vancouver, but that might be a bit too soon for them to host again unless there really isn't a better option. I love Toronto, but if Lake Placid is serious about hosting the Winter Olympics again and distance really is no longer an issue, then it's probably best for them to do a joint bid with another US city, specifically NYC. They have better/bigger facilities and a better transportation system than Toronto. You also don't have to deal with customs other than your first time entering the US.
  9. RT @SethAbramson: Kellyanne Conway to FORTUNE this week: "I've never actually used the phrase 'fake news.'" These people. I mean, honestly…

  10. @sportstradingau @ryanphelan_tv A few of us happy to help! ???????? Enjoy Sha Tin Ryan, hope to see you around while you are here!

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  12. RT @_usatarou_: 迫りくるおしり???? https://t.co/slaW4XBidU

  13. @NomadList https://t.co/WhaLajGWSH results in a page error- by design?

  14. Rugby World Cup 2023

    We need to get over the North v South thing... What we now have to live with is the fact that these large events will go to countries that can afford them... In saying that, South Africa would be a great host and shouldn't have the 2022 CWGs debacle compaired to a 2023 RWC bid. This will be a nationwide event and the cost spread around what is still a wealthy country. Best of all, facilities are already in place. (New Zealand owes SA a favour here, as they supported our 2011 bid.) I still would love to see Ireland as a host nation. It would be one almighty party! Anyway since one of these hasn't happened in a while, The Future - 2023 Ireland 2027 South Africa 2031 United States 2035 France/Italy 2039 Australia 2043 England 2047 New Zealand/Fiji/Samoa
  15. RT @cher: Has ANYONE Ever Noticed...you never see Jabba The Hutt & trump in the same place at the same time https://t.co/hTFe9shP1M

  16. FBI uncovered Russian bribery plot before Obama administration approved controversial nuclear deal with Moscow https://t.co/oM5QXHHNL4

  17. Toronto?

    Lake Placid would only host the speed events. Collingwood is about 1 3/4 hours north of Toronto, and is home to Georgian Peaks, which is certified to host FIS slalom and GS events. Just down the road is Blue Mountain Resort, which has the accommodations available to host an Olympics, and has hosted world cup freestyle and snowboarding events in the past. Not to mention there used to be a ski jump located at the resort, and a Nordic skiing area nearby. A pipe dream, sure, but certainly not crazy if its the only option, as intoronto mentioned.
  18. Results Men 1. Nathan Chen, USA 2. Yuzuru Hanyu, Japan 3. Mikhail Kolyada, Russia Ladies 1. Evgenia Medvedeva, Russia 2. Carolina Kostner, Italy 3. Wakaba Higuchi, Japan Pairs 1. Evgenia Tarasova/Vladimir Morozov, Russia 2. Ksenia Stolbova/Fedor Klimov, Russia 3. Kristina Astakhova/Alexei Rogonov, Russia Ice Dance 1. Maia Shibutani/Alex Shibutani, USA 2. Ekaterina Bobrova/Dmitri Soloviev, Russia 3. Alexandra Stepanova/Ivan Bukin, Russia Next stop: Regina for Skate Canada International
  19. Não adianta Papa! O Clero Brasileiro está dividido em 50% comunistas e 50% ultra direitistas. Ninguém com cérebro! https://t.co/5G6WHI4pTw

  20. PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Media Updates

    6000 hours sure doesn't seem right to me too--and inaccurate--since there's FAR less events featured in the Winter Olympics than in the Summer version, even with the recent expansion of a few more disciplines. And I really don't think it'll barely reach 2000 for this unless, say, a more comprehensive Spanish coverage gets added instead of daily highlights (something I long wished). The 6000 hours certainly confused me, and I really think Lazarus, as you say, just put it there to apply as an example. Hence my somewhat confusing applying of the VR (we'll get that for sure as a Winter Olympics debut), the possible Spanish coverage, online and app streaming hours and overlapped/repeat hours along with the TV networks. Goes without saying that Lazarus and the rest of NBC Sports will definitely let us all know officially very soon within the next few months CBC Sports' Road To The Olympic Games winter season returns this weekend with 130 hours televised with 500 hours of free streaming coverage up in Canada: http://aroundtherings.com/site/A__61826/Title__CBC-Sports-Road-to-the-Olympic-Games-Begins-its-Third-Season-Saturday/292/Articles NBC Sports and the Team USA's Olympic Channel presents the Olympic figure skating season TV schedule starting with the ISU Grand Prix Skating Series' Rostelecom Cup in Moscow: http://olympics.nbcsports.com/2017/10/16/figure-skating-tv-schedule/
  21. I couldn't agree more with the idea.. the current host city mostly treated PG as second priority. They poured all the resources and funds to OG then PG (as they didn't have choice, their main aim was OG but they should still do PG). Let IPC find their own host city that will pour wholeheartedly to stage PG. SO could find their host, I think IPC will also able to find their own host.
  22. @julie_highheel Damn it, if you was in my car, I would have you in the passenger seat. #chauffer such a professional.

  23. Ex Celtic player Glenn Loovens already sent off for Sheffield Wednesday

  24. Toronto?

    6 hours is the distance, but if there is no other bids.... what do you do?
  25. RT @bulutangkisINA: FINAL #BadmintonWJC2017 Disiarkan langsung oleh Kompas TV mulai pk 11.00 WIB! https://t.co/hlr6VZGTnr

  26. PO: #PolskaSamorządna ! Bo samorządy nam tylko zostały xd

  27. Maybe if they install projection lights where the floodlights are on the top. That could be a solution.
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