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  2. Ceremonies on UTube, Part 3

    - all considered and/or made fun of in the video ! https://youtu.be/ddYNisN7F7E
  3. Just dropping in to apologise for the fact I forgot you could delete PMs on this forum - I now have some space available for any secret submissions so keep'em coming
  4. Oops wrong thread
  5. Ceremonies on UTube, Part 3

    Perhaps more remarkable in the fact that the creative direction was changed completely mid way through the ceremonies project with Artistic Director Nigel Jamieson resigning and Andrew Walsh taking over.
  6. Kuala Lumpur SEA Games 2017

    I watched this live on youtube - wasn't bad but these things all seem a bit half arsed these days. Good to see the new wrap on the stadium though.
  7. Ceremonies on UTube, Part 3

    I agree with you. Even though I don't relate to the CWGs, I think those ceremonies were really quite exceptional and so CREATIVE -- among my top 4!
  8. Ceremonies on UTube, Part 3

    Melbourne 2006 ceremonies were fantastic, one of the most surprisingly brilliant and beautiful ceremonies segments I've seen with *under the Milky Way* .
  9. I have to say Toronto is the best choice.
  10. Paris 2024

    Jerry Lewis, Mercurial Comedian and Filmmaker, Dies at 91
  11. Hi all, How are you guys? It has been awhile... I can still see some familiar names here Sharing a youtube clip of the opening ceremony of Kuala Lumpur 2017 South-East Asian Games last Saturday.
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  13. Ceremonies on UTube, Part 3

    ....WHOW.....that was intense.......so that's the Athens guy right? His ceremonies are the best.
  14. Ceremonies on UTube, Part 3

    pandemonium.....yay frankie and june bell...what bell? baby.....scary....huge head/tiny body other stuff.........bit of a blur.
  15. Ceremonies on UTube, Part 3

    The good news is, we found a better microphone and re-recorded the entire voiceover for the public version of the video. The bad news is we almost lost the will to live while doing so. The other good news is that the opportunity was taken to add dozens more pictures, and tweak some bits of information. The other bad news is, the thumbnail stands out at small size in YouTube lists, but it really smacks you in the eye at large size, as seen here:
  16. California dreaming: The inside scoop on LAFC's lavish stadium
  17. Los Angeles 2028

    Well, yeah. They're paying for the use of all that scaffolding and temporary seats. That all adds up. Besides, the County Planning Depts might not allow those to be up for too long if they are not being used regularly. Even London's additional two wings (part of Hadid's permanent structure) came down quickly after their Games.
  18. Los Angeles 2028

    The thing about those temporary aquatic venues is that -- oh, I'm too lazy to dig up my 1983 files, but as a major Olympic venue, it has to be up and running the year before for the TEST event. And then in the actual Olympic year, US Swimming will use it for the US champiosnhips/Olympic team selection event, the SOGs, and then the Paras. So, for the Olympic year, it will be up for at least 2-3 months.
  19. Oh, don't get our friend paul here started on that one!! Oh, me too! So like you, I know exactly how much of a PITA (& expensive) pools are to maintain. But that's precisely why it seems to me like a big waste. In the land of 'sunshine' & pools, to put up such a structure for a three-week sports festival, just to tear it down afterwards seems like such a wasted opportunity. Let's remember that initially the Swimming venue was to be at the LAFC @ at a cost of $100 million. Then it was moved to Dedeaux Field, I'm sure at a lower cost. But as Quaker noted, you'd think that they could've been more creative about it (& I agree, as I cited above). And probably we might see even more changes to the DF plan by the time 2028 rolls around. I agree here. It's always funny listening to the people that criticize some of these Olympic sports as 'snowflake sports'. I bet they couldn't even do a fraction of what some of these athletic 'dancing girls' can do in the pool lol.
  20. ...I hear ya.......it' true those girl are monster athletes.......the sync girls too......but those nose things ewwwwwww. i did like that one famous time the sync girls top came off during her routine. p.s. the rhythmic gymnasts are my favorite for making GB logo comp posters and stuff.....always looks cool with the color and movement.
  21. I don't see how it's a big waste, being that it's still cheaper than building a permanent aquatics center? Then why hold swimming at all? Hehe in fact, why hold the Olympics at all? They're a big waste. You don't have to maintain a temporary pool after its use is done and is disassembled, obviously. My comment about pool maintenance was in regards to a permanent facility; once its built, and you want to continue using it as a pool, it requires a lot of maintenance, so that's an added cost of building a permanent aquatics center. I come from the land of the swimming pool. Trust me, they're a pain in the ass to maintain. You know what sport I thought was lame? Rhythmic gymnastics... which, incidentally, also made its Olympic debut at the LA 1984 Games. I thought it was lame with the girls waving streamers and playing with hoops and stuff, but then, I think it was the 2004 Athens Olympics, I actually sat down and watched rhythmic gymnastics on TV... and I was actually fascinated by it. It was kind of Cirque de Soleil-ish--- a show I've never even seen. Interesting tidbit about the flaming rings! Makes me want to go to the swim stadium now and take a picture of it.
  22. ...oh forgot LA/Hollywood put it on the map. just seems crazy that not too long ago wrestling was being eliminated but we have girls water dancing. ....here's the close up pic of the LA84 cauldron lighting rings refurbished and mounted on the LA 32 Swim Stadium. (pretty cool pic actually.....with the dove and all...haha....I mean it's LALA land.....) ....was interesting to hear in that Huell Howser California's Gold video posted buy ejaycat that the concrete used to construct the Swim Stadium was made from Socal beach-sand .......you can see the layered construction behind the rings.
  23. Los Angeles 2028

    Remember, Synchro (solo and duet) made its Olympic debut @ LA-1984 (and local gal Esther Williams supposedly was a main force in getting it in. Luckily, the Russian gals weren't there, otherwise they would have cleaned up that category.) So it's safe to say that Synchro will stay there for LA 2028. The team event made its debut @ Atlanta 1996.
  24. ....i swear i read that and even saw a pic of the refurbished rings. they redid all the metal, added a lighting element inside where the gas pipes would have been, then there was a plexi cap on the front to seal it.......ill try to find the picture and post it.
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