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  2. There is a little scene between Tony Stark and Dr Strange that everyone seemed to miss - so keep an eye for it as it leads to a major plot point later on. People were furious afterwards because they didn't understand the motivation for one characters decision and I was all like "ARE YOU F!CKING BLIND AND DEAF!?' Stupid people. See it sooner. I need to vent.
  3. Maybe all these stupid bitches don't realize there is a part 2? I probably won't be seeing it until Monday.
  4. Can some of you guys (and gals) go and see this now so we can bitch about it? I saw it yesterday and there were a lot of people complaining afterwards and they all missed a huge spoiler that I need to rant about.
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  6. RT @HKJC_Racing: Zac Purton reached a new milestone at Happy Valley on Wednesday night, with @zpurton notching a five-timer. @AndrewNJHawki…

  7. RT @zellnor: If you celebrate Kanye as a free thinker and were silent on, or outright antagonistic towards, Colin Kaepernick, miss me with…

  8. RT @InsaneChampWres: ????EXTRA SEATS RELEASED???? Due to some layout changes ahead of this Sunday’s #Barramania a limited amount of extra seated…

  9. @ESCPifPaf I guess I'm a gun?

  10. RT @GoltonStewart: Good to see #Leeds Council repairing a patch of badly potholed Park Lane in #Rothwell. Too rare a sight these days. Labo…

  11. Paris 2024

    Actually Nacre, it looks like the plan at the moment is to create a permanent but downsizeable aquatic centre but they may be moving towards a fully temporary one instead. Of course, it's silly to call the latter the LA model given that Rio had a temporary aquatic centre in 2016.
  12. FIFA World Cup 2026

    Bloody hell FIFA! https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/43885958
  13. RT @XHNews: Tens of thousands of beautiful villages in E China's Zhejiang! Project has been implemented since 2003 to overhaul rural living…

  14. @BornFitness How long is that queue currently? 6 months? 1 month? Basically, I'd like to go with your program, but… https://t.co/HOesRIZWSr

  15. RT @oficialgincanou: Curtida aqui vale um ponto no Esquenta Gincanou Liberato para a Máfia da Graxa. Dar RT vale mais um ponto tb! https://…

  16. Ceremonies on UTube, Part 3

    Highlights of the Opening Ceremony of the 1980 Paralympic Games in Arnheim , The Netherlands:
  17. Paris 2024

    Their plan isn't based on the LA model and they have not done anything other than looking for potential cost cutting options. They are planning to do something similar to London's aquatics center that was downsized after the games and always have been. This really isn't the place for jingoism. The point of the Olympics is international solidarity and good sportsmanship rather than mudslinging. If you can't post in the Paris thread without trying to claim that Los Angles (and America) are better than Paris (and France) then perhaps it would best to ignore this thread and stick to the thread for LA.
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  19. Paris 2024

    Looks like Paris’ “evolving” concept will be going with the template (err. Los Angeles) again by eliminating the swim stadium and replacing it with a temporary one instead. http://www.francsjeux.com/2018/04/24/a-paris-2024-le-centre-aquatique-fait-deja-des-vagues/42734
  20. @CW_TheFlash Oh come on. Isn’t Ralph in the comics part of the Justice League? Would a TV show be allowed to kill a member of the League?

  21. Brooklyn pol Simcha Felder decides to stay with Republicans https://t.co/kRuSlnPUWk

  22. RT @brandonsalinass: Just accidentally recorded My cat dropping my damn laptop and it looks hilarious ???????????????????????? https://t.co/KAjL1NGH4F

  23. Today in tweets I could have never made sense of in 1998 https://t.co/f9imaknIFx

  24. Tokyo 2020 News - General

    I wonder if some the delays are due to the fact that the Tokyo budget is getting out of control and the organizing committee is scrambling to try to cut costs where they can. I find it extremely difficult to believe that Tokyo is going to pull this off with a $12 billion budget. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-olympics-2020-briefing/tokyo-2020-must-address-questions-says-iocs-coates-idUSKBN1HU0B9
  25. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) Tuesday named the eight-member commission who will oversea the evaluation process for selecting an African host city for the 4th Summer Youth Olympic Games (YOG) to be held in 2022. The Chair will be Ugur Erdener, the IOC Vice-President from Turkey who is also President of World Archery and the Turkish NOC. […] The post Turkey’s Erdener To Chair 2022 Youth Olympics Evaluation Commission appeared first on GamesBids.com. View the full article
  26. New Comp??????

    How about a mascot contest? For the 2024 Paris Olympics?
  27. RT @WWEHomeVideoUK: Last chance to FOLLOW & RT and #WIN Twist of Fate: Best of the Hardy Boyz on DVD! #Competition ends tomorrow! https://t…

  28. RT @Globalgallop: One of my favourite horses. https://t.co/6LH2qbyXbD

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