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  2. ......Paris 2024 working out strategy for youth engagement.
  3. Don't forget the big elephant in the room - Sochi.
  4. LOL. In serious mode, this is a nice and great aspect to promote the city, thought.
  5. And going to lifestyle and health:
  6. After Rio, I do not think the IOC will go with any 'unsafe' option for a while.
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  8. Russia is the first Confederations Cup host to lose the pass for semifinals.
  9. And that's exactly my doubt with India and South Africa. If Brazil, even with all their troubles, is still considerated (relative) a country with more consolidated politics and laws and stronger institutions, had these problems of violence and corruption, with South Africa, on the edge of political unrest or India with a rotten problem of corruption and weakened by terrorism. I agree 2036 should be the earnest possibility for these new "frontiers" while choosing a safe choice for 2032 and repair the problem (Most likely Australia or another Western European country).
  10. race 6 was unexpected at this point, getting bummed being so far back all the time....not so exciting. but NZ is sailing awesome, cool team and boat, would be fun to go to New Zealand. But I'd like to see this stretch out to a more even score before anybody wins. I am American after all. :]
  11. Add the ghost of terrorism. While it's true Western Europe and USA have become more open targets for islamic terrorism, in India, this issue is the nation's biggest headache, considering their proximity to a volatile border like Pakistan.
  12. After the roller coaster ride that Rio 2016 gave the IOC, I'm not so sure about this. If even once-upon-a-time promising South Africa is having (& has had for a while now) cold feet, I don't see the IOC taking this huge leap of faith anytime soon. After (double-award) Paris 2024 & L.A. 2028, the IOC is more than likely going to want one more sure, safe bet before looking at another new frontier. So here's where I see a Melbourne 2032 bid having a good shot (& still fills in that southern hemisphere void which should've been Durban's place).
  13. One each today for Races 5 & 6. Race five looked to be a set up for another two ETNZ drag races with Oracle screwing up the start and making silly mistakes...Team NZ punishing them accordingly... Race six was completely the opposite. Oracle wining the start and promptly knobbling Team NZ with some brilliant match racing...When ETNZ gained the lead, Oracle cashed in on ETNZs errors as they seemed to not handle the tight racing as well as Oracle. But overall it was Oracle that had luck on their side. They read a wind shift better and took advantage. Race seven and eight tomorrow with similar conditions although forecasts do say dying the point of no racing. At least we have got another week of racing to go.
  14. If only the SoCal smug troll with terrible jokes joins on that party lol.
  15. I think that's mainly due cuz the cat finally got it's tongue lolz.
  16. Which really means $10 Billion.
  17. Which really means $5 Billion.
  18. Well, try not to "think" that much then!
  19. North Korea will likely qualify. The figure skating part is not true, they have a couple skiers who are a couple of races from qualification. It would be interesting to see the two Koreas march together...
  20. The more I think about this the 24-28 combination award seem like a better and better idea. Paris 2024 & 2028 Paralympics Games Los Angeles 2024 & 2028 Olympic Games
  21. A late post...:-) The finish left or right: that depends on the camera positions and the space around the swimming pool. From the camera position, the finishes were right in Rio, Athens, Sydney and Atlanta. And left in Beijing and London. The same happens during world champs.
  22. Did anything ever come out of this comp?
  23. Trump's endorsement may very well be the kiss of death for the Los Angeles bid. Surely, the IOC doesn't want to have its brand tarnished by any kind of association with The Donald...
  24. I can totally see the 2030 Asian Games within India's capacity, especially if Modi gets re-elected to a second term as Prime Minister. But the proof is in the pudding, and only if India satisfactorily deals with the big corruption/mismanagement elephant in the room will it be deemed a much more suitable and serious contender for the Summer Olympics. New Delhi remains India's best bet, so any improvements have to be happen in the country's capital - notably on infrastructure, crime (esp against women) and environmental issues.
  25. According to this article, Moon Jae In is already proposing both Koreas to march as a single team in the Opening Ceremony. It also mentions the new korean president intentions of turning these games into a "Peace Olympics" event. I still have second thoughts about this but I guess we'll have to wait and see.
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