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  2. Even Cologne-Dortmund (or whatever they have down there) would sound nicer. And as history repeated itself, must put a cultural-urban center in the digit to make It for the Games. Not a vague, mostly-industrial burgs.
  3. I don't know if it's that easy to change it for NBC (or Fox if Fox outbids NBC in the next round) or the Japanese and European networks? The July-August window works best for their yearly programming. LA was picked 11 years early (2017); same as Brisbane (2021). So, going by that -- if the IOC will appoint a "New Frontiers" '36 host (Ahmedabad, Istanbul or Doha), then it will have to be next year! But even if India will have SOME of the stadia in Ahmedabad ready (I mean, they can't host just Field Hockey and Cricket), they have been such INCOMPETENT organizers in the past (esp. w/ the CWG 2010 -- and an IOC Meeting is TOTALLY different)--only half a dozen EXPERTLY-run World Championships would convince me to give the SOG to India. (And I think the IOC should have Seoul ready as a 2036 back-up if it's stupid enough to give 2036 to India.) But then again, why should I care --I probably won't be around by then anyway!
  4. Who are the leading candidates for that slot at this stage?
  5. New stage which has been added to the route of the Olympic flame (nothing to do with New Caledonia, the information was already out a week ago but I have only just seen it). On May 21 (i.e. Tuesday), the Olympic flame will be in Cannes during the Cannes Film Festival. This same day the name of the director of the official film for the Paris 2024 games will be revealed. This does not shift the other days of the relay since there was initially a gap between May 20 and 22 (which was therefore filled).
  6. Agree - I don't love it, but its a nice relief from the repetitive Sportscraft look Australia has been donning at most Games since Melbourne 2006 (I believe it was an ode to the 1956 Olympic uniform). Now the green and gold blazers are somewhat permanent and its getting a little boring.
  7. Whenever it fits Fencing 1976‘s purposes. Which might also be: never.
  8. Oh, & forgot to add the recent biggie!! The comment from Bach lately about possibly switching up the dates of the Summer Games from the summer to fall to accommodate for "climate change". But who would that benefit the most right off the bat, though?! India (& Qatar)!!
  9. Technically speaking, Sochi was a new frontier in the sense that Russia hadn't up to that point, hosted a Winter Olympics before (which was a factor in their win), regardless of their winter sport pedigree. Just like Budapest would be a new frontier, regardless of their sporting prowess at the Summer Olympics. To use your word, precisely! But you're the one that brought up about the newly Russian Federation. If that was such a factor, then the Russians wouldn't have been so easily dismissed for the 2002 Games regardless, yet they were. Cause that point would've made more sense then, than it did for 2014. I already answered that part here..
  10. It's called reading the tea leaves, VDL. And a bit early for that? The "new-norm" allows for hosts to be selected at any given time. There's no set timetable for that anymore. So all bets are off now when it comes to the BNC's "new-norm" these days. Brisbane 2032 would've been "elected" as early as 2020 at the Tokyo session then, if it hadn't been for the pandemic. And speaking of the tea leaves, here are some of them laid out for you.. I'd also add to this, all the investment going on in Ahmedabad these days, & the billionaire Ambani family which play footsie with Bach, which one of them also happens to be an IOC member from India as well.
  11. With the grandeur of last year IOC Session in Mumbai, the decision made to include Cricket on LA 28 programme, rumours of potential India-based top partnerships (with Toyota, Panasonic, Bridgestone all leaving after Paris, there will be space for new partners…), the signals are not subtile and here for all to see. India is currently to the Olympic Movement what China was in the late 90s: the next frontier.
  12. Athens OAK was initially built in the 80s. That might explain the “industrial look”. But the outside did have its “architecture heroic” moment with the work done by Calatrava.
  13. The main issue is, right now we're in Mid May 2024, just 1.5-2 years for the event. Even for the cities with all the infrastructure ready that's a short window of time, why? You need to secure the budget, security, protocols... That took time. And that's not counting even among the best prepared countries there's always one or two non counted events. Even for 2030, it's late now.
  14. Let‘s indeed go back to the thread‘s proper topic (instead of discussing 2036 and beyond in general): the German bid. DOSB (and politicians like e.g. Munich mayor) have multiple times stated already said they prefer a combined/national approach over a single city bid. To re-cap the five regions/cities DOSB is in dialogue with: Rhine-Ruhr is no different to LA metro really as a „region“ when it comes to a compact bid, just with more different cities. It has a lot of facilities but it lacks the athletics stadium. Leipzig is LOL and can really only be a supplement in combination with other bids - I think they have a canoe slalom course near, plus of course football stadium/indoor arena. Hamburg also lacks the athletics stadium but it is a beautiful city that has some facilities ready and surfing/sailing venues nearby. Berlin has a lot of facilities, including athletics, and of course is the capital with lots of historical narrative (good and bad). Munich (biased here!) could probably host on its own if there were downscaled venue requirements, as was shown in the 2022 European Championships that re-ignited the bid debate. There is very expressed political support (social dem/green city govt and conservative opposition) to bid (but not on its own), Olympic stadium will be renovated soon, a new indoor arena will open in autumn etc. Also clear that it is the only feasible German winter candidate but because of climate change, the city has ruled it out clearly. As Frankfurt was mentioned: not even in dialogue with DOSB, so clearly not interested. Apart from the airport, I wouldn‘t know what‘s going for them really. More like a bigger Leipzig in the sense of facilities etc. Apart from my own city being involved, my favourite would be a Berlin-Hamburg combo. They‘re within 90 minutes by train and together have basically everything in place. Both have strong NOlympics movements though.
  15. If 2026 happens, it will be Glasgow or possibly Accra. I don't imagine there would be any new surprises!
  16. sorry @FYI, here it is. Not necessarily notified, but a general consensus of 2036 being promised elsewhere. It does seem a bit early for that, but who knows these days… Yes! This makes Delhi/Mumbai much more realistic. But the sports in those cities really have to be limited to shooting, equestrian, Modern Pent, yachting and sailing, surfing, football. The core sports should stay in the main Ahmedabad zone. Otherwise we’ll be seeing a national type venue plan, which in my opinion is not the point of the Olympics at all (Switzerland 2038 works well though bc of its small size)
  17. That happens now as it is. Sailing for Atlanta 1996 took place in Savannah. And for Paris this year, sailing will be held in Marseille. Equestrian for Beijing 2008 took place all the way down in Hong Kong. And soccer always gets farmed out anyway. So sailing in Mumbai & equestrian in Dehli for Ahmedabad 2036 wouldn't be that unusual. I didn't say that they were "notified" (please don't misconstrue what I actually said).
  18. I'm thinking 2030s to address developments around the New Norm.
  19. Is anyone else a fan of the actual park Beijing connected to their Olympic Green? Also, anyone notice how at Sydney and Athens, most venues were made out of exposed metal roofs and walls, had those exposed railings. In Beijing and London, we see hero architecture that does not have those venues made out metal and exposed in that way (don’t think I’m explaining this correctly but see the images below). In Rio, we see a return to Sydney and Athens at least inside the venues (some Rio facades were made really well). In beautiful Tokyo (my fav games had it not been for the pandemic), we see hero architecture once more. The pictures are all from venues specifically built for the games. Quite the evolution. Sydney for you...notice how industrial the finishes appear. No hero architecture. Athens...notice how the structures are mainly made out those industrial-like metal supports and roofs. Also barely any hero architecture. It's Beijing's now. The finishes are much less industrial. Definitely a lot more hero architecture. No more exposed metal to be seen. Finishes have been upgraded. London...same story as Beijing. In Rio, the facades of the Carioca Arenas are definitely less industrial than the facades of Sydney and Athens. But once inside, you see the same story of exposed structures, metal roofs to be seen, industrial beams out of nowhere. Oh Sweet, Beautiful, Glorious Tokyo. What a great games you would have been. Amazing city, amazing venue design, amazing atmosphere. You should have your time to shine once more. After Rio 2016, the Olympics would have definitely been "back" with an amazing games in Tokyo. The images speak to themselves. Premium finishes, no exposed structures and metal roofs. Tokyo, you amaze me every time I think about the games that should have been!
  20. I actually think this is ideal. I'm not for regional bids at all, but if these specific sports to go Delhi and Mumbai, I'm all for that. Mumbai is perfect for the yachting and sailing disciplines, and surfing (?) maybe. Those facilities in Delhi can definitely come to good use, and I think equestrian, MP, and Shooting are the perfect low-key Olympic sports to hold there. Both Mumbai and Delhi can also be used for football venues. They need to be included someway other than football though so the world is not confined to seeing the first Indian games in Ahmedabad only. @FYI was speaking about some European NOCs being notified that they should bid for 2040, rather than 2036. Do we really think Ahmedabad is 2036? Maybe Istanbul or Seoul? If they're still interested, two of those three, are going to have to wait for 2044 since 2040 is most definitely going to Europe if new frontier is chosen for 2036.
  21. As am I !!! I would really love Istanbul to host. So culturally and historically significant, so picturesque, really a bridge for the world. Precisely! This type of thinking is exactly why, to the IOC, Sochi was never a new frontier. Rather just a games that had to happen because of Russia's sporting power and it's international presence. Turkey really is like Brazil in terms of sporting power and international presence, making it much more of a new frontier for the games. Sochi was giving the games to an established power. Well we all know that 2002 was Salt Lake's to lose, after that devastating loss for 1998. Really made Salt Lake kind of the frontrunner for 2002. We're also all aware about the bid scandal and bribery that happened to get SLC the games. Not saying that Sochi would have won otherwise, but Salt Lake really had no competition. Which city do we think Germany will bid for 2036? If not Europe, will 2036 go to Ahmedabad, Seoul, or Istanbul?
  22. NINE to screen most comprehensive coverage of PARALYMPICS ever seen in Australia “It provides a powerful platform to showcase our elite athletes competing on a global stage and to share their journeys with all of Australia.” “Nine and Wide World of Sports are proud to be the exclusive home of this incredible event and look forward to providing the most comprehensive Paralympic Games coverage ever seen in this country.” A total of 22 para-sports are scheduled, with a total of 4400 athletes competing across 549 medal events. Viewers will not miss any event featuring an Australian, with 9Now providing 24/7 coverage. On the path to Paris 2024, the Beyond The Dream documentary series continues in the lead up to the Paralympic Games, going beyond the headlines with unprecedented access to discover the untold stories of some of the world’s greatest Para-athletes. Australian Paralympian and three-time gold medallist Curtis McGrath opens his door to cameras to share his personal story in the lead up to the Paralympic Games. We also have full access to the inspirational Australian wheelchair rugby team, the Steelers, as we take a look into the back stories that make this team and Paralympic sport so compelling to watch. Director of Programming and 9Now, Hamish Turner, said: “With our Beyond The Dream documentary series giving viewers a front row seat into the stories of some of the world’s greatest Paralympians in the lead up to the Opening Ceremony, the 9Network’s Paris 2024 Paralympic Games coverage will set the bar for future Paralympics.” “We cannot wait to cheer on the Australian Paralympic Team as they make our nation proud.” The Paris 2024 Paralympic Games will screen on the 9Network and 9Now live and free, and on Stan Sport, from August 28 – September 8. Nine has announced its coverage plans for the 2024 Paralympics
  23. I agree in the concern in the accommodations dept. But the same can also be said of Brisbane, which is even smaller than Ahmedabad, even after including the Gold & Sunshine coasts.
  24. If you mean "strong bid" in terms of a spending spree, then sure. I also wouldn't classify Russia as a global superpower, not in the same way that China is, & that's what really won it for them (the second time around). Sochi was still a new frontier for the Winter Games, since Russia was still *untested territory*, cause they still had to build everything from scratch. Otherwise, if it was simply due to award the newly Russian Federation, they would've given the Games to Sochi when they tried, but failed, for the 2002 Games. Sochi 2014 was more about giving Russia, a winter sporting power that had never hosted the Winter Olympics before, the chance to do so. And Putin's willingness to spend whatever it took to get it done, is what really won it for them. It's all really moot anyway, cause Turkey isn't getting 2036, as much as some here (including myself) are enamored by such an exotic locale.
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  26. Where have you been. You wouldn't be the only one in rightly assuming that, since the tea leaves have been reading that way for quite some time now, & not something that's just developed 'recently'. Perhaps what may be happening recently is that some of these Euro hopefuls are realizing now that 2036 has already been promised somewhere else.
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