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  1. You planning to post these recordings online somewhere?
  2. Using Malmo is disingenuous, as it's about a 6.5 hour drive from Stockholm. 20% of Sweden's population lives in the greater Stockholm area, I'm sure most of the volunteers would have come from there. The real issue would be assigning people to Are where there's far less infrastructure in place.
  3. To allow the blue line on the boards to be visible, otherwise it would blend in with the Look.
  4. Yeah sorry I didn't know that until i read your post after. I was looking more to her previous experiences in world championships. It could be more of an indication of the rest of the world catching up, but I just felt as though she lacked that "clutch gene" that we saw in the oh so steady and confident Jennifer Jones and her team throughout the last Olympics.
  5. Who the flying fuckk has said anything about Salt Lake 2030? What are you smoking pal.
  6. A couple of thoughts, first from the perspective of a Team Canada fan, and again from the perspective of an Olympics fan. As a Canadian, a hell of an Olympics. We set a record for number of medals, and bettered our total golds from Sochi. There were medals all around in many sports, the most exciting of which was in luge, where we went from three fourth place finishes in Sochi, to two medals. Not to mention our first luge medals ever. Speed skating also made a tremendous comeback, and there's a bright future ahead on both the short and long tracks. As for team sports, well, it was unfortu
  7. So pathetic that such a large portion of the American population is so willfully ignorant and abhorrent, including the leadership in Congress. Unfortunate that because just 30% of people still back this disgusting lump of human garbage that is Donald Trump, he is allowed to speak on behalf of a nation of (mostly) great people.
  8. Lake Placid would only host the speed events. Collingwood is about 1 3/4 hours north of Toronto, and is home to Georgian Peaks, which is certified to host FIS slalom and GS events. Just down the road is Blue Mountain Resort, which has the accommodations available to host an Olympics, and has hosted world cup freestyle and snowboarding events in the past. Not to mention there used to be a ski jump located at the resort, and a Nordic skiing area nearby. A pipe dream, sure, but certainly not crazy if its the only option, as intoronto mentioned.
  9. Would love to hear more about this.. Text me
  10. Jesus Christ mate, can you fucking ease up on Canada for a second? All stadiums presented can be expanded to north of 40,000. The new stadiums in Saskatchewan, Vancouver and Toronto are all state of the art, and Calgary is looking to build a new facility. We're not hosting an games past the Round of 16, so having massive stadiums is not that big of a priority. Also, not exactly sure what the two athletics stadiums are, there's only one (Commonwealth) which has great sight lines anyways and just hosted a successful women's world cup. All of these stadiums presented (including Rogers Centre
  11. I predict it will be Toronto and Vancouver (3 games each), and then Montreal and Calgary (2 games each)
  12. A first past the post voting system naturally leads to a two party system overtime. You would have to alter the way in which the election results are calculated.
  13. America's president is a Nazi sympathizer. Wow
  14. Ice arena looks identical to Sochi's from the inside
  15. On the bright side of all of this, Hillary Clinton's political career is over and hopefully she will disappear into the shadows. I always thought it would be a shame to have her shatter the highest glass ceiling. Would love to see an authentic women who isn't beholden to special interests like Elizabeth Warren crush Trump in 2020 and become the first female President. It really does say a lot about Hillary that she couldn't manage to defeat this fucking clown. The reality is that against practically any other Democratic candidate, Trump would have been handily defeated. Nothing we ca
  16. Brazil's soccer gold was their Vancouver 2010 moment. A national hero in their national sport scoring the game winner in extra time on one of the final days of competition.
  17. Those were the manliest looking "women" I've ever seen.
  18. We're going to easily crack 20 medals. Benfeito and Weibe after today, with men's 200m, 4x100m, Brooke Henderson and Mark DeJonge still to come. Hopefully we can add a couple more in women's soccer and mountain biking.
  19. If you hadn't suppressed minorities in your country for hundreds of years it wouldn't even be such a big deal.
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