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  1. hektor

    Beijing 2022

    The Bobsleigh and Luge Track is now visible on Google Earth and Google Maps. From the picture it is nearly complete. See 40°31'13.93"N 115°46'51.08"E The Speed Skating venue is also visible See 40° 0'57.21"N 116°22'17.09"E
  2. I do not challenge that Milano is big enough for 2 arenas (3 in fact if you count the one for figure skating), I challenge the fact that it seems to be happily forgotten in the list of new constructions on Milan side. I guess it is the usual trick of "we would have built it anyway "
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ice_Rink_Piné#/media/File:Miola_da_Costalta_2.jpg
  4. The statement about Stockholm having to build the speed skating facility is a bit ridiculous. When you see a picture of the current facility in Baselga di Pine, you see easily that the Italian facility will have to be built from anew as well. Plus the risk of having a white elephant in a city of pop 5,000 is a bit higher than with an ice rink in Stockholm. Also the Ice Hockey 1 does not exist either.
  5. hektor

    Paris 2024

    One of the political consequences of this is the probable creation of the RIC (Referendum Initiated by the Citizens), a Swiss like system of referendums proposed by the citizens. This could become a major headache for the Paris Games. And of course this would make any future French bid problematic.
  6. The IOC has taken the risk to have no candidate at all in a few months...
  7. Olimpiadi Invernali 2026: il Coni deciderà la candidata a settembre. Malagò spera in un’alleanza tra Milano e Torino Winter Olympics 2026: the CONI will decide the candidate in September. Malagò hopes for an alliance between Milan and Turin What will be the Italian candidate to host the 2026 Winter Olympics? The CONI takes time, it will be decided after the summer. For Giovanni Malagò, number one in Italian sport, the time will be used to try to unify the candidacies of Milan and Turin, at least according to the Turin edition of "La Repubblica". A commission will also be composed that will pass the candidatures to the scrutiny (there is also Cortina, ed). Malagò affirms this: "It is just a matter of reflection, and the IOC is also informed, in order to be able to make an assessment I do not say unanimous but as broad as possible. In the commission there will be Olympic and Paralympic athletes, and characters related to the world of sport. The possibility of involving people outside the world of sport was also encouraged, but I have reserved to talk about it in the end because it is a good idea but I do not want anyone to accuse us of interfering ". The timing of the choice of the Italian candidate thus slips: "Between the end of July and the beginning of September, because we want to make an evaluation of an objective nature. The dossiers are very complex and complex, we can not talk about the typology of the Olympic village, an application or another ".
  8. We are on an Erzurum 2026 trajectory.
  9. And I hope 2026 will be Sapporo just to read your reaction...
  10. hektor

    Olympics at the Movies

    Here is a bad quality screen capture of the Lillehammer 1994 logo in the film. Not as nice as the original.
  11. hektor

    Olympics at the Movies

    After checking the Imdb, all ice rink scenes, so Albertville 1992 and Hamar 1994, have been shot at the Macon Coliseum in Georgia.
  12. hektor

    Olympics at the Movies

    It is funny for me because I was physically at both events (the female figure skating short and free of Albertville AND the free of Lillehammer). I remember also I was sitting in Albertville in a corner, just behind the parents of Nancy Kerrigan. Mrs Kerrigan had very bad eyesight so she could not see her daughter skating directly on the ice. They (I assume it was CBS) had therefore put together a TV monitor just for her, and she had her face 5 inches from it, so that she could see her daughter skating. I found that very moving and sad at the time. I remember both events very vividly. Regarding the movie I noted they were not allowed to use the Olympic symbols and Albertville and Lillehammer emblems so they tweaked the rings and the logos somewhat. And of course the Olympic arenas (the Ice palaces in Albertville and Hamar) did not look exactly like that (higher roof, crowd on four sides) especially the lighting. The lighting in official competition is very bright. This looks like a lighting for the exhibitions at the end of the Games. It seems indeed to me that both Games were shot in the same arena. Also the music Tonya skated on (Jurassic Park) during the free has been changed probably for copyrights reasons as well. It would be interesting to retrieve the fake Albertville and Lillehammer logos, just out of curiousity.
  13. hektor

    Olympics at the Movies

    I have something about the 1979 Mediterranean Games in Split Les plus beaux jeux de notre vie
  14. hektor

    Calgary 2026

    At the end it will be Erzurum vs Sapporo...