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  1. Amazon's Search for a 2nd HQTRs

    That would make Calmazon 2026 a "new" host then!
  2. Amazon's Search for a 2nd HQTRs

    I bet the IOC just misses those good old days. When cities were just tripping over themselves (like they're doing here for Amazon) to host their big spectacle. But like the Olympics, it may not be all so rosey for the city that finally gets the second HQ's. Seattle officials want the second HQ's there, too (which is odd. And which Amazon won't pick anyway, cuz they'll want I'm sure another geographical location far away from their original one - just like the Olympics). But the people there don't want a second HQ's (sounds like a familiar parallel). They barely want the one that's there: citing sky-rocketing housing prices & major congestion as downfalls from having Amazon there. And Amazon would prefer a city that's already well established anyway, with major universities (to easily recruit new employees from) & mass transit & culture (hmmm, again, sounds just like the Olympics). So all that means that it'll most likely be one of the major cities of the Midwest or East Coast. Perhaps the IOC should team up with Amazon to prop up nostalgic interest again. And include in the fine print that whichever city winds up getting the second Amazon HQ's also HAS to host the Olympics!
  3. United States 2026/2030

    The USOC looks like they're already playing it safe & moving forward with SLC. https://gamesbids.com/eng/robs-bidblog/bidweek-bach-takes-control-as-salt-lake-city-enters-2026-olympic-bid-race/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+gamesbidsrss+(GamesBids.com+Headlines) I'm sure that they don't want another Boston 2024 debacle. I think the idea of "new/fresh" bids are going to be put on hiatus for quite a while. Especially when last Sunday, Innsbruck gave a pretty resounding NO to a 2026 Winter Bid. After the growing costs of the Olympics over the last couple of decades, & dozens & dozens of white elephants being left behind in cities all around the world, I'm all for using existing been there, done that facilities over new & fresh. And it looks like many citizens from around the world are starting to feel the same way.
  4. Oh geez - this new hysteria mode just keeps getting better & better (so there may still be hope for Tulsa & Bozeman after all)! Why stop there, though. Open all the 'dialouge' gates & let EVERY "interested" city from around the world have a say. It's quite obvious now that the IOC can bend/break/amend & erase their own rules whenever they see fit/are desperate/or are just downright hysterical.
  5. Oh boy - are they switching from desperate into hysteria mode now?! Do they want to "lock in" Olympic sites for the rest of century! Maybe those "let's play Olympic host cities for the next 100 years" games wasn't that far-fetched after all!!
  6. *Balanced, relatively speaking, of course.
  7. The more I think of it, the more a Paris 2024/Milan 2026 line-up sounds pretty cool. Then followed by L.A. 2028/SLC 2030. That sounds like a pretty good balanced line-up to me. So Milan, get all your affairs in order!
  8. The Swiss will be like the Norwegian's, & in the end will tell the IOC to take a hike, especially being Sion. They didn't take to kindly when they lost to Turin back in 1999 when 2006 was suppose to be theirs for the taking. I'm sure some memories are still bitter.
  9. Well, that's just it. I don't see see SLC & Calgary being the only ones left standing this time out (& if anything, Calgary is on a bit of shaky ground). There's likely going to be a couple of Asian entrants. And if one of those is Sapporo, I don't see the IOC just glossing over the Japanese. As for Annecy, I don't see the French doing it. Unlike the U.S., I'm sure that they're going to be focused on Paris 2024 (as they should be) & may not want to rock the boat with the French citizenry with too much Olympic overload. At this point, Milan is only other possible realistic Euro option. But even there, they'll have many obstacles to overcome, too.
  10. I'd still be surprised if the IOC awarded both Calgary & Salt Lake at the same time. But then again, desperate times call for desperate measures (& it could be a way of the IOC saying - "fine, you don't want us, (traditional) Europe? We'll fix it so we don't have to set foot in your land for a very long time then". Since you know, the IOC can be vengeful that way). Many thought that a double 2024/2028 combo deal wasn't doable at first, & yet here we are. Although, I'd still say even without a solid Euro winter candidate, & if Sapporo was also in the mix, & I could see a double NA/Sapporo deal. Although in that scenario, I'd see SLC going first, since the other way would mean three-consecutive Asian winter Games. And it looks like, if other undesirable despots come out to play, Bach & Co will tell them to pack it up & return home (instead of waiting for bids to drop like flies like before) once the "invitation" phase is over. Problem solved in their view, for another double-lock
  11. United States 2026/2030

    Well, well - it looks like here's is your "solid & convicing proof" that it "will" be Salt Lake's for the "taking"!! So yes, we're not on the same planet. You're obviously on the one called 'Denver'. https://gamesbids.com/eng/robs-bidblog/bidweek-bach-takes-control-as-salt-lake-city-enters-2026-olympic-bid-race/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+gamesbidsrss+(GamesBids.com+Headlines)
  12. Without traditional Europe in the picture, which is what the IOC really, really wants right now, I think that they'd be willing to gamble to see what could come about for 2030 in that part of the world. You just posted in the other thread about what Pound said in regards to Innsbruck's withdrawal. So if that's the case, then I don't see them being as rational this time out if that means awarding the same continent twice at the same time just bcuz "what other choice do they have". Plus, what would be trickier this time out, what happens when Almaty & Erzurum (or even Saporro) are also the in the mix? You know that they aren't gonna go anywhere (ie "referendums") & will cry foul if two "Anglo" bids on the same continent get picked at the same time while they get left in the dust. Lets remember that was even a point of contention when Budapest was still in the 2024 picture only a few months before they finally withdrew. Once they did, though, the IOC didn't have anymore obstacles for a double-lock & that's what they did. It's possible the IOC could still do that again, but without one of those spots going to Europe, then I see them holding more reservations on it this time out (all things considered), unless they ultimately believe that traditional winter-sports Europe has finally closed the door on them. And even then, they'd more than likely still be in denial.
  13. Is that really what he said? Innsbruck 2026 was only doing what "Agenda 2020" would allow them to do for the plan to work for THEM. So that is a peculiar comment indeed. Especially coming from Pound, when supposedly he's suppose to be one of the more pragmatic & tell-it-like-it-is members. Perhaps the IOC is living in lala-land afterall then.
  14. Well then it's settled - Calgary 2026 & SLC 2030 it is!
  15. They're not wasting any time, are they. Not too surprising, though. Further illustrates that they're the ones with the objective clearly in mind, & most likely the ones that would face the least amount of pushback (all things considered).