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  1. Lmfao - “not at all” what you were going to say, but yet you couldn’t resist in the end & said it anyway. Sounds just like Bach. And last I checked, cities ARE dropping out on the IOC. So it’s not like that would be anything new bcuz they’re now talking about ‘producing less losers’ (again). They tried talking to Innsbruck & Sion but to no avail. And now they’re still trying to talk with Calgary & Sapporo. And let’s be real for a moment - Erzuzum is anything but a reliable/desirable option. So in that sense, I can see why the IOC would want to produce less losers. And as been noted before around here, a lot of the exacerbation of the situation is social media. Much as the IOC tries to take “control of the conversation” again (talk about using one of our favorite other poster’s favorite lines lol), you then have idots like Chris Dempsey (for example) trying to infringe on the IOC’s ‘new message of reform’. The IOC can only do so much in this instance. Cuz if they were to try too hard, they would then be accused of having an agenda. Or if they hardly tried at all, then they’re being too disconnected. So it can be one of those ‘damn if you, or damn if you don’t’ circumstances.
  2. Well, well - what do we have here. Bach ‘hinting’ (again) “at producing less losers”. Gee, where have we heard that one before? But ‘some other random poster’ will predictably say - “ ‘good for Bach’ that he said that. But, but..”. :-P And of course there’s also the predictable Bach response - “we’re not to concerned. We still have five (other) bids in the race” mantra. But then acknowledging that they might not all be there come vote day lol. Which then there’s this: “With Sapporo serious about 2030, and still in the 2026 race, the circumstances seem very right (about a double).” I’ve ‘hinted’ at that all along, when the counter-argument is that Sapporo 2026 is still to close to Tokyo 2020, etc. Again, if that’s ‘simply’ the case, then why not withdraw (just like Graz did). Why continue to waste money on a 2026 bid if money is what’s the issue bcuz of 2020. Doesn’t make sense, unless of course your real goal is 2030 instead.
  3. Yet you always still had some argue about the choice, & a few (well, mainly one in particular) very nastily, too. You also still have some around here, besides the poster in this thread, about what a “mistake” it was for the IOC to choose China for 2022 & that “it should have been” the other bid, & a lot of it is simply for the contempt that they have for China. As if the other bid was that much better anyway, which it clearly wasn’t, as been duly noted again here. Interesting though, that Almaty still needed to construct multiple venues (when the argument was that they were ‘ready to go’) & that it would be a ‘very compact Games’. And yeah, speaking of the temperature there, people were already starting to complain when it looked like there for a while that PC 2018 was going to be a bitterly cold Winter Games when temperatures at some spots were hovering right around 40F below zero right before the start of the Games. It’s one of the arguments used against Harbin, which some said should’ve been the Chinese winter host instead, but that it’s way too cold there in the winter.
  4. “If we were going to do the Caucasus, why not Georgia instead?” End quote The thing is, we’ve already gone to the Caucasus by the way of Sochi 2014. So very, very doubtful that the IOC is in any big hurry to go back to the region so soon (especially considering a lot of the bad PR Sochi has left with the association of massive costs with their 2014 Winter Games). Hence, why that’s also yet another drawback for Erzurum’s 2026 bid.
  5. So is Dubi also traveling to Stockholm & northern Italy to talk to business & city leaders over there? Or has the IOC indeed see Europe as a “lost cause”, at least for the immediate future, that is.
  6. FYI

    Rio-2016 News

  7. If it was as “simple” as Sapporo not committing themselves to an Olympics, then why are they now saying that 2030 would be a better time, instead of 20 years from now (talking about who’s trying to predict the future now). If this was that much of a burden on them, then why not just pull out of 2026 altogether (like Graz did). And no kidding that the IOC would prefer somewhere else besides East Asia for a third straight Winter Olympics. But Sapporo (& the JOC, for that matter) already knew the circumstances when they submitted their bid last March. It’s not like that aspect is some sort of new revelation that has just developed over the past few weeks or days. But in the end, Sapporo will most likely end up being in the recent, reliable bid category. And the IOC will thank their lucky stars that they at least have that & not Erzurum ot some other despot.
  8. FYI

    Russia To Consider 2032 Olympic Games Bid

    Their reasoning of not going after 2032 afterall is goofy. What does Paris hosting 2024 have to do with it? Didn’t stop London, Paris, Madrid & Moscow to go after 2012, & ultimately London winning, despite Athens hosting 2004. And Germany is looking into a 2032 bid, despite Paris 2024. And considering how much trouble the IOC is having in maintaining European bids in the bid races these days, I doubt that they’ll be turning their backs on any 2032 Euro bids anyway. There must be more to it than just that.
  9. Anyway, as far as Norway is concerned, like I’ve also said about the Swiss all along, I’ll believe in a Norwegian bid when I finally get to see one (on the actual voting table). 2022 would’ve literally been handed to them on a silver-platter & what did they choose to do instead? Tell the IOC to get lost. For 2026 all they did was provide lip-service that “maybe 2030 would be a better time”. Again, I’ll believe that when I see it. I actually have more faith in Sweden than I do with Norway right now. Stockholm 2026 is still stubbornly in this. Perhaps they think that’s what it’ll take. So we’ll see. As for the rest of (Western) Europe, Germany seems to be mulling over a(nother 2032) Summer bid, than gauging winter aspirations again, which were rejected the last time anyway. Switzerland/Austria? Yeah, right. Spain? Yeah, sure (they have too many internal problems right now. Not to mention that a bid from them would be the opposite of what “agenda 2020” is supposedly about). So then we’re just left with France & Italy. Again, France I could possibly see for 2034 if Paris 2024 runs mostly smooth & the French don’t get Olympic fatigue. Italy seems to be a mixed bag. The country that said no to two consecutive Summer Olympic bids (2020 & 2024). How would they feel about a Winter Olympic bid? Not to mention, the last time the Winter Olympics were in Western Europe, they were in Italy - so is that really a plus? As far as “spreading Olympism”, no. As far as ‘agenda 2020’ is concerned, perhaps. Regardless in how all this plays out, though, I still see the possibility (with viable bids of course) of a double playing out, with or without Europe in the picture. I’m sure that the IOC is getting tired of being on pins & needles with all these Euro bids just constantly dropping like flies, & would like a break from the bad PR for a change such negative bid races entail these days.
  10. “What about France, as suggested by some other random poster?” End Quote I see my “FYI-isms” are now rubbing off on “some other random poster”.
  11. Yeah, I know. But as you can see for yourself, someone out there enjoys to argue the “but it’s next to impossible to figure who might be there in the future” mantra. Is it really that ‘impossible’? No, not really. Totally dismissing all of the negative referendum results & bid withdrawals from Western European democracies for nearly the past decade now simply for the fact that we can’t predict the future? Well, no kidding. Switzerland in particular (& we can really add Austria to that list now, too), is a haven for a No-Olympics attitude. And I don’t see that changing anytime soon, either. Sure, none of us really know what the future might bring. But there’s always indicators of what that future could entail. At the very least for the immediate future. Two or three decades from now is a totally different story & I would agree with that sentiment in that instance. But that’s not the case here whatsoever. And that goes with any business out there as well. There’s always past available data to use as judgement to help determine future outcomes. That’s how companies run a lot of the time, too, & I see this as not much different. These aren’t “traditional winter sport powers” anyway, which is what the IOC is desperate for these days & which they likely won’t get for quite some time yet.
  12. ^France is pretty preoccupied with Paris 2024 ATM. And talking about 2034, I can then see France putting up Annecy once Paris 2024 is said & done (I know you’re being facetious, but I can also see that scenario if the French want to tackle the winter Games next & it’d be a comfortable ten years after Paris. And by that time, the IOC will also be in such desperation to to finally have another Western European Winter Olympics). And if’s there’s going to be a winter double-allocation, it’s going to be now with 2026/2030 & not later with 2030/2034. The cards for that possibly happening are being played out now for the next decade, not two decades from now.
  13. ^Exactly - & talk about the left-over 2026 cities that are still trying to figure out whether if it’s worth it or not - that fits Calgary to a tee. Sapporo’s ambivalence appears to be about something else. And then there’s the elephant in the room, SLC. Yeah, the USOC sent their letter in but for 2030. But that process isn’t suppose to start for another couple of years. So what’s the huge rush. And it’s not like the IOC rejected their post-dated letter, either.
  14. From what I understand, topographically speaking, Erzurum is an ideal location for the Winter Olympics. It has the snowfall & apparently the mountains. What’s not so attractive, is it’s locale near a volatile region. Not to mention, that Turkey itself seems to be succumbing to a more authoritarian regime these days. Surely Erdogan would throw plenty of cash at it, ala Putin, to make it happen. But yeah, is that what the IOC really needs now? A repeat of Sochi? That’s what has got them into this mess ITFP. Plus Erzurum, relatively speaking, is also in the same vicinity as the 2014 host. As for Sapporo - Tokyo 2020 (PC 2018 & Beijing 2022) were all known entities when the JOC submitted a bid for the 2026 Winter Games back in late March of this year. So it’s not like that should have caught them by surprise all of the sudden. As a matter of fact, the JOC president said back in January that Sapporo “is ready now”. And from what I gathered, it’s moreso city officials now, than the JOC itself, that want to push the date. IMHO, if 2026 is such a burden & too heavy a cost on the JOC at this point, then why not just withdraw from 2026 altogether (just like Graz did). But so far, they haven’t. Which leads me to think that there’s more to this than what is readily apparent on the surface.
  15. At this point, I believe it’s more the former than the latter. Cuz as already been noted, they can just as easily handle 2026, & the excuse of the extra rail link for 2030 is muddled, since that project is not expected to be delivered ‘til 2031 anyway.