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  1. The IOC's only (desirable) hope right now for 2026 is either Sion or Innsbruck, with the latter, I think moreso, sticking it out 'til the end. And if neither of those pan out, the IOC will be in panic mode, cuz then they know that a third consecutive Winter Olympics will undoubtedly be headed back to Asia. Unless of course Calgary finally does decide to run, then it theirs instead (as second pick).
  2. Oh, don't get our friend paul here started on that one!! Oh, me too! So like you, I know exactly how much of a PITA (& expensive) pools are to maintain. But that's precisely why it seems to me like a big waste. In the land of 'sunshine' & pools, to put up such a structure for a three-week sports festival, just to tear it down afterwards seems like such a wasted opportunity. Let's remember that initially the Swimming venue was to be at the LAFC @ at a cost of $100 million. Then it was moved to Dedeaux Field, I'm sure at a lower cost. But as Quaker noted, you'd think that they could've been more creative about it (& I agree, as I cited above). And probably we might see even more changes to the DF plan by the time 2028 rolls around. I agree here. It's always funny listening to the people that criticize some of these Olympic sports as 'snowflake sports'. I bet they couldn't even do a fraction of what some of these athletic 'dancing girls' can do in the pool lol.
  3. Good point. Which throws off the whole 'you don't have to maintain a temporary pool' thing.
  4. I wasn't questioning the overall cost comparison between a temporary structure over a permanent one (nor how it'll work or be erected). All I said was that it still seems like a big waste. Which it does. Afterall, even temporary, it's still going to cost a pretty penny, is it not. Rio's temporary swim meet still managed to cost $38 million just to put it up alone. That ain't chump change to the average American. And obviously, I wasn't the only one thinking along the same lines, as you can see below.
  5. Seems like such a waste to build that big a$s temporary swimming venue, just to tear it back down once the Games are gone.
  6. Just let Beijing host 2026, too!
  7. I'm sure that E & A are perhaps likely waiting to see how the Innsbruck referendum pans out at least, since it'll take place in just less than a couple of months. Sion's referendum they can't wait for the results, cuz theirs will take place over a year from now, well into the 2026 campaign. But at least knowing, from E & A's POV, that competing against one solid European bidder (at least until Sion's referendum) is better than competiting against two traditional European bids. I'm sure that we'll hear more from E & A come November, when we'll have a better picture of who's in or out, including Calgary.
  8. Don't forget about Erzurum! They're thinking about running, too! So the IOC need not worry about who drops out!
  9. Oh, this must be the "more articulate" PuFF that your lackey paul ('the parrot') talks about, & who's name calling that only a "dumb teen girl would giggle at".
  10. "If you wanna work 9-5, don't come here. Stay in Milwaukee. Stay in the Bronx. Stay in Dallas." Lmfao - L.A. is the land of the "aspiring actor". Here's another indepth article, though, from the Washington Post from 11 days ago, that touch uponed the other two articles I posted last week. And while a few in L.A. were skeptical, this one does touch upon why it can have that certain element yet again. Especially when as much as $2 Billion (in U.S. federal TAX) dollars will be allocated for the 2028 L.A. Olympics, & that's how the bid can boast about "profibility" when L.A. won't be fronting that exbortant necessary cost (like other bids/hosts elsewhere do), for starters. And with the rate that things are going astray in this country as of late (i.e. Charlottesville), it wouldn't surprise me in the least if L.A. becomes a fortified city come 2028. Just look at how "militarized" liberal London 2012 was. And this is one of my favorite lines from the article; "As Los Angeles officials prepared for the 1984 Olympics, they were not concerned about the fate of African American or Latino youths living in neighborhoods devastated by an economic recession, unemployment rates that had topped 40 percent or a growing drug epidemic. Rather, they focused on combating the international attention that drug-related crime and rising gang violence had brought to the city. Such attention, officials feared, would ruin the image of Los Angeles as a city of the future and gateway to the Pacific Rim." The very last sentence sounds so much of what a certain individual always loved to tout, too lol. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/amphtml/news/made-by-history/wp/2017/08/06/the-1984-olympics-fueled-l-a-s-war-on-crime-will-the-2028-games-do-the-same/
  11. That's probably due to the fact that younger audicences simply watched via non-traditional ways, like the internet or other streaming options. And now that we're starting to see commercials even with online viewing these days, the way that we know television now will more than likely be a thing of the past in the next decade or two. But I don't see the Olympics going anytime soon. At least not due to a lack of audience. The Rio 2016 Olympics were still watched by 3.5 Billion people worldwide, & 200 million in the U.S. alone (that's nearly 2/3rds of the country's population). Those numbers still aren't too shabby.
  12. FIFA World Cup 2026

    Out of the proposed 49 stadiums, about a 1/3 will be on the final 2026 list. After a venue or two in each Canada (Toronto & Montreal) & Mexico (MC & Guadalajara), that means about a dozen locations left to be across the U.S. I see a lot of the new(er) stadiums in the big markets being a sure thing, like Levi & Inglewood in CA, a stadium or two in the South (i.e. Dallas &/or Atlanta), another stadium or two in the Midwest (i.e. Chicago &/or Minneapolis or maybe Detriot), & the rest being in the major Northeast market (NYC/Boston/DC/maybe Philly). Those other stadiums in those piddly cities won't be on there anyway.