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    Brisbane 2032

    Because the Olympic opening ceremony can now only be held on the last or second-last Friday in July. In Melbourne, late July-early August is...bleh. I agree they managed to make the global sport schedule fit a September Olympics in 2000, so they could surely have the wit to do it again - & that that’d be a better way to get Australia the Games. But apparently it’s a big no-no.
  2. yoshi

    Brisbane 2032

    Couldn’t you make use of a Perth type stadium to replace the Gabba? 60000 Aussies in a brand new Brisbane stadium would make a pretty intimidating place to start the Ashes...
  3. yoshi

    Brisbane 2032

    If the IOC are desperate for an Australian Games (& with recent experience & the memories of Sydney, you can see why they would be), surely it’s simpler & better for everyone to allow Melbourne to stage it in late August/early-mid September? They say Brisbane has 85% existing venues across the state, but Melbourne could host almost everything in the city, & are almost literally ready to host now. Do NBC really wield this much power?
  4. yoshi

    Qatar 2022

    What is it with Qatar & innuendo? First Zaha’s stadium, now the logo is a crossbreed between a tampon & a dildo...I thought they were ultra-conservative?
  5. There’ll never be another village/town-style Winter Olympics again. Not without decoupling the indoor & outdoor parts of the Games. With the best will in the world, no Lillehammer-sized town is gonna support 4 indoor arenas & an indoor speed rink. Even Gangneung & Sochi (fair sized cities) were struggling a bit as to what to do with their indoor arenas. So unless you’re gonna go temporary, you need a big city - there’s just no other way these venues will be used.
  6. Think it's fair to start a dedicated thread for this: So after much wrangling in Brussels the Prime Minister has got some kind of deal on the UK's status within the EU. Some people think it's the best thing since sliced bread, others think it's changed not much at all. On June 23, we're all going to vote on whether to stay in the EU or get out of it - a big decision. Add in the huge internal fight within the Tory party between David Cameron (who is Prime Minister, and wants to stay in the EU) & Boris Johnson (who wants to be Prime Minister, & wants to leave it), & you have the recipe for the political fight that'll consume this country for the next 4 months
  7. Should add that chasing being ‘iconic’ is what’s led the Olympic Movement into the mess it’s in. Far better to have something that works, is most effective & useful for its city, & doesn’t leave the city cursing the Games. Then you can make it look good. Hopefully Tokyo’s experience, then two consecutive existing stadiums, will end this stadium war, & cities can focus on being special in their own way. PS: I actually think that Tokyo’s stadium will be pretty iconic when the greenery is fully grown - & a stadium of planted walls sends a far better message than a mass of steel in today’s world.
  8. I really like the stadium. It’s not flashy, but the combination of wood & greenery is already looking good, Tokyo needs all the plant space it can get, & its simplicity means it looks far more Japanese than Zaha’s bike helmet ever could.
  9. Well, it’s out. The shape is the logo, & appears to represent a map of the West Midlands, hence the third triangle. Must admit, I’m not too keen on how the font looks awkwardly put on top of the logo. Also surprised how invisible the new CGF thing is, you’d think they’d have made a bigger deal of the new logo now it’s not awful
  10. They finally got rid of the hideous thing! Whatever else is in the design, Brum already has a better logo than the previous few Games The new logo is nice, much better looking while still recognisable. Hopefully the rest of what’s above it will be just as good
  11. Now it’s appeared in West Brom & Stourbridge, with added transparency. The London 2012 parallels grow... I must say, it’s quite a nice shape, regardless of whether it’s meant to ‘be’ anything. I also can’t imagine Birmingham Updates aren’t in on the whole thing & acting in their posts - good harmless fun though, & it’s getting awareness up
  12. yoshi

    England 2030

    That’s a seriously nice ground, especially the outside. Bet they’re glad Brum got the Commies now, that doesn’t look much like it could take a track.
  13. It looks like green is the main colour for at least the initial logo (a little ironic for a city not exactly famed for its greenery ) but if that shape is the full logo, I’m struggling to figure out what it represents - if it was only the two triangles, it’d be a B but with 3, I’m not sure...
  14. Love how nobody on that Twitter feed (which has pictures of several similar installations across the WM) has twigged that the design is the same as the background of the Games website holding page
  15. Hold on, is that the actual logo? I assumed it was a kind of teaser for the look or part of the logo (like the shards from 2012).
  16. Called it! Looks unusual & a bit London 2012 on that page - will be interesting to see for sure.
  17. yoshi

    Tokyo 2020 Look of the Games

    Some of those characters look a lot like Miis...are both official games coming to the Switch?
  18. yoshi

    Santiago 2023

    It could do with something above it, but it’s actually pretty nice for a typo-logo. At least there’s some design to it *glares at Sochi*.
  19. I can see this site (in particular, these forums) becoming much more important as one of very few ways anything in this new process gets ‘out’. Plus with members all over the world clued up on what’s going on locally, this could be one of very few places where cities can try to identify their competition.
  20. Do we like cricket? However much 10cc love it, it can't compare to the adoration of the game in this city - WELCOME TO MUMBAI! We are in one of the finest cricket grounds on the planet - the Wankhede (yes) Stadium in India's largest city to announce our summer logo comp champion for 2019, and although the IOC President & Olympic champion in jousting, 1796, Thomas Bach, is once again in the building, it is surely much more appropriate to hand this important role to the most worshipped god in Mumbai: No, not him...I mean Sachin! Good evening Mumbai, & GamesBids. This has been a real Test match of a competition, but now all six balls have been bowled, it is over. We've faced a sticky wicket a few times - round 5 certainly provided a googly, but after using the Duckworth-Lewis Method, we have our closing partnership. We know already that the Don Bradman of the logo comps, Paul, has yet another century - he's got almost as many as me now - but this isn't a Test match, we can't have a draw. So, with both his two logos in the corridor of uncertainty, the time has come to see which logo has carried its bat, & which is in cow corner. The logo with the highest batting average is: Paul's Mumbai! Yoshi: Thank you Mr Tendulkar. You can return to the commentary box now to finish your cake. Yes, that settles it, we already knew the title belonged to @paul, but it's now settled that it's his Mumbai leaf that will be his 8th spot on the winners' sig. The final scorecard reads: A: 6 B: 3. A decisive victory, & relaxation for me after the winter tie & the round 5 mess So ends the 12th annual edition of the GB Olympic logo competition, with @JDCLauron & @paul giving a mix of old & new to the winners' enclosure. Once again, thank you to all participants & voters, without whom this couldn't have worked. Special thanks as ever are reserved for the world's finest wombat @Sir Rols, creator of polls, giver of advice, & solver of impasses once again I know again, it was quite low-key & long, but it still got a field & votes - & I think it actually went better than last year's. There's a reason this is held when it's held. As always with Olympic crises, you can blame the low general traffic on here on Tommy the swordsman. So, with congratulations to Paul & JDCLauron, time to wrap this thing up. If I/we do this again, it'll be at the same time next year, number 13 (yes Paul, Denver is pencilled in for if I'm back for #13....not gonna think of any others for months yet). In the meantime, we've got bats, balls, & leftover tequila for everyone, Sachin's ready to teach any uninitiated, & Mr President is volunteering to stand at the crease for anyone who wants bowling practice. Let's have a cricket party! FAREWELL/विदाई!
  21. Why’s he so vehement? Is he just a rivalry-fed Sydneysider?
  22. I must say, if the IOC really are now all about flexibility & adapting to cities’ needs, & really do want to go to Australia (a very sensible move in the current climate around the Olympics), they could enable a much lower-budget Games by just waiving the July-August timing window, thus allowing Melbourne to host 2032/6 in October. I guess NBC trump everything else in that regard.
  23. Well since they just abolished the formal bid process, they’re not breaking any rule now. This is still an early enough stage that nobody (except Brisbane) would’ve spent a huge amount yet - it’s better to do the deed now than to take them all through a lengthy, expensive bid process with one clear favourite.
  24. They certainly shouldn’t attempt Stockholm again. As far as Olympics hosting goes, they’re obviously in the ‘gone forever, don’t even try’ pile. From what you’re saying, it sounds like the best option for everyone would be a binational Trondheim/Are/Östersund/Lillehammer bid. Just not sure that’d get off the ground in Norway since they could easily host everything alone in Oslo & Lillehammer.
  25. All of this kind of talk with the introduction of the new rules at the Session - plus the seemingly high support from government & population...I’m wondering if we might even see Queensland 2032 announced officially before the year is out. Would be good for the IOC to have something already done to show how the new process works.