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  1. The only thing they could possibly do is what Spurs did - build an Old Trafford 2 next to the current one with a track, then move once the track's gone. But even then it's still not really Old Trafford, but then again the current one isn't in the best of states so maybe it could work that way?
  2. I mean really it depends on whether any athletics track would have to stay post games - if it does then yeah, the Olympic stadium is a big problem for Manchester, I can't imagine any other club would do a West Ham (although it's served them pretty well). If not, then as I said, and arwebb hints at, a bigger version of the Etihad conversion could appeal to United IF they're not wedded to Old Trafford. Failing that, there's obviously London again, but Birmingham/West Midlands is available - and has a stadium already. How big could we make the Alexander Stadium if needed?
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_surfing Could this work though? Check the first pic, the city in the background looks kinda familiar...
  4. Oh dear, what's the big problem there? Oil run out and nothing to replace it (often the oil rich places try to go for tourism but obviously that's been out for the last 18 months even) or a big price fall (don't prices usually go in cycles though)? Seems odd to think of Calgary as anything other than a boom town, hopefully things will get better
  5. That'd be a very good deal for all involved - offer a more favourable financial arrangement to help seal the support if need be. If it's a plausible option and a soon-ish summer games in Tokyo isn't, then it's time to use that new bidding process and get it done. Even saves the Americans their Salt Lake City/LA problem.
  6. Wow - if that level of interest and support continues (and especially if Japan keeps doing well in the medals), then never mind Sapporo 2030, might there be a look at Tokyo 2036? If the Japanese feel they want to do it again, only to get the chance to do it properly, with spectators and all the attached pomp as it should be? They've got all the venues, it wouldn't be anything like as expensive as this one. If that desire is there, I'm sure the IOC would look favourably upon the chance to lock in a reliable country, and be seen to look grateful to Japan. Would free up a hesitant Germany for 2040, or Italy or even London. I know it'd be an unusually short gap and two timezones the same but these are unprecedented times so I'm sure people would understand... obviously it'd depend on Sapporo, they surely wouldn't get both.
  7. (I do wonder if the closing ceremony has a different, stable creative team so may well be better - especially if they decided to go all out on the memorial at the opening so they don't need to do that again. Higher hopes for the Paras too, especially if infections go down enough to allow spectators, the Paralympic opening ceremony outshining the Olympic one isn't too unusual lately - maybe because there's less protocol?)
  8. That's an interesting thing you raise Anthony - we've seen FIFA essentially have their own house style of ceremonies, to the extent that even the Russians couldn't make anything good out of it - are the IOC doing the same? Since Tommy took over fully, are we effectively seeing ceremonies produced by the IOC to show off and celebrate the IOC that just happen to be in the host city, rather than produced by the host city to show themselves off that just happen to celebrate the Olympics too?
  9. Hopefully the recent tradition of Paralympic ceremonies outdoing Olympic ones holds again - I have some hope for those and the Olympic closing too - now they've got the memorial done, maybe things will get better. Have they had the same creative personnel problems with the other shows?
  10. Oh, shame I can't edit - off they go at 4:01 on iPlayer so probably dead on time.
  11. Did it actually run to time? Looking like the BBC is heading off air around the right time - if anything it sounds like Clare's trying to fill!
  12. Well that's that...where was the drone cube pictured in the instagram spoilers? Closing rehearsals?
  13. Ooh, powerful flame! Not sure what the point was of letting Bolero finish before lighting the thing - are we gonna see the waterfront cauldron?
  14. Naomi! Great to see her looking well First tennis player to light?
  15. A Paralympian in the Olympic relay, nice touch - first since Barcelona?
  16. Bolero?! Is this the Japanese Summer Olympics or a British Winter one? A nod to France maybe like the Brazilians in Buckingham Palace or the Japanese immigration to Brazil?
  17. Is that Freddie Mercury? So, where and what is the cauldron?
  18. I learned something too - I always thought Munich invented the pictogram.
  19. That was fun, more like that please! I wonder if because they felt they had to make the opening about the pandemic, the closing might be better
  20. It's not really fair to judge this like anything else - the you-know-what, the low support it caused (didn't they have the highest ever support in a democracy at one point?), the creative turmoil...I know it might be unlikely but I'd really like Sapporo 2030 to happen now so we can see what Japan can do in normal times - whoever did the handover, just give the gig to them. Also this pictogram thing is weird
  21. There's nobody who actually look happy to be there...the cycle should've been bumped by 4 years
  22. Bach's speech could be just 10 words long and have the same meaning... ..."just give me the goddamn Nobel prize, for **** sake".
  23. I was only sort of half listening but did the commentators really say that Imagine has replaced the Olympic Anthem?!
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