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  1. I can't get past the pop-up advert on my mobile and the automatic Google translate doesn't seem to work on that page... @Palette86 is the full document available anywhere, it looks interesting...
  2. So apparently the Paralympic logo is based off the northern lights over Cortina...not disputing that it looks better, as I said earlier, but do they really get that far south or is it artistic license?
  3. Not even a picture yet? Sigh...remember when a logo launch was a big deal? Olympic logo is still dull, but that Paralympic logo really transforms it - you can see it, it's not just grey - and the colours are subtly Italian, shades of red & green. Still nothing really Milanese, but then with being combined with a town almost being eaten by Slovenia it wouldn't be easy to cover both. And the font is still ugly as hell. But the Para one there is the best version yet.
  4. Added because I can't edit - the Dutch government seem quite keen on reducing tourist numbers in Amsterdam itself, and on promoting the rest of the country, so I would imagine any bid would be focused on the south, around Rotterdam and Den Haag - so perhaps if the IOC overcome their aversion to multi national bids, they could even get Antwerp involved?
  5. If the IOC really don't care too much about one-city-ness anymore, I wonder if the Netherlands could make a whole-country bid work. The country is small, and densely packed - the western side between Amsterdam, Utrecht, Den Haag and Rotterdam almost feels like one large city-region already and I'm sure most sports would have an existing venue of some kind somewhere in the country. If the Amsterdam Olympic Stadium is too small now, there's surely an Eredivisie football club somewhere that could use a new ground, and their transport system is far more developed than Brisbane already - I don't kn
  6. And that's why GB has the monopoly on Olympic logo democracy . Seriously, I don't know what exactly I was expecting but I was expecting better than that...I voted for the second one because its video was good and it hinted at a good look, even though the logo takes the whole 80s console look too far (that snowflake ). The first one is just plain dull - grey on white?! And it rips off Birmingham's Commonwealth logo a bit. B also has a touch of Italy in the colours, although there's no hint of Milan in either. Very disappointed overall - @Jon Will Chambers you should've emailed the Milan committ
  7. As a Eurovision fan, I'm quite intrigued by the idea that Sanremo actually has an end . Got high hopes for this though, Milan isn't world famous for style for nothing.
  8. Hey, who do they think they are - we've got the monopoly on Olympic logo democracy, dammit . In seriousness it'll be interesting to see what they come up with as options, hopefully they're all usable and there's no Logo McLogoface. How long will the vote be open for, and will we know the winner straightaway?
  9. Meant to include this as a question but I can't edit my post - is the IOC perceived as being biased against Germany? Maybe going back even to turning down Berlin for 2000, but particularly the turning down of Munich 2018?
  10. Is this strength of anti IOC feeling in Germany really a deep national hatred of Bach personally, or does it go back to the Sochi decision? Were there bad budget overruns in the Munich games? I know there's a lot of anti IOC feeling in Europe in general, because of corruption perceptions etc but it seems particularly strong in Germany, despite how the country seems ok with just about every other sporting body, even FIFA.
  11. I don't know much about Germany beyond having been around a few of the cities by train in 2019, but even I thought that seemed a bit odd lol But seriously, if the DOSB really wants an Olympics at all, surely they should stick with Rhein-Ruhr - keep the 2032 bid alive, just in case it all goes pear shaped with Brisbane, or to maybe force a double award. If not and they want 36, at least it puts the German foot in the door to maybe stop Madrid or Budapest running them over. Heck, the way he's been going on lately, I wouldn't even be surprised if Boris starts mumbling about a 2036 bid - weirder t
  12. Does Saxony have the required hill height? I must admit I only passed through the Leipzig area by train once, but it didn't really look all that mountainous...
  13. Interesting, are they going to use many of the venues they had lined up for the Olympic bid? And where will the athletics stadium be, that's the biggest venue problem - although obviously the universiade is a different proposition to the Olympics. Might provide a real spark for a bid, hopefully 2025 won't be too late for them though - if a Madrid or a Budapest comes in first and snatches the preferred spot, they'll be stuffed until it's Europe's turn again...
  14. I'm not sure if the 36 might not be a a good thing for Germany... obviously there's the argument that it's not a good look, but it might be a compelling story - the first Olympics in the modern Germany, exactly 100 years since the darkest of all? Whatever happens, I'm not sure they've got the time to wait for 24 or even 22, if the IOC are almost operating a first come first served system with this. Where's the universiade going to be, that's the first I've heard of that - presumably Munich?
  15. Surely a new big circular stadium in Brisbane could get use though? Between AFL and cricket, there's none of the difficult "ooh, the games are over, what do we do with this thing now" that's the big problem with the athletics stadium for most Olympics. I've often been surprised by how small the Gabba looks compared to Melbourne, Adelaide and now Perth - just think of the yips you could give our bowlers with 80k in for day 1 of the Ashes
  16. In all seriousness, Brisbane is the kind of place the IOC desperately needs. 2 million-ish so a lot smaller than recent hosts (but there are a LOT of cities in that population bracket, especially in Europe), seemingly with a lot going for it and potential, but as Rols says, maybe needing something to push it into that top tier. Reading a bit about the place and the broad plans, it strikes me that (as long as they keep Peter Beattie as far from the ceremonies as possible) this could actually be more like a new Barcelona than Atlanta. And if it works and shows that cities that size can do the jo
  17. Is there any chance of Brisbane not winning the rights at this point? Not hoping they do lose it, just wondering whether this decision is effectively the awarding right now. Difficult to know where 2036 would go in Europe, I guess Madrid and Budapest go in as most likely to try, but it'd be good to see the Ruhr go again, maybe even a national bid from the Netherlands if the IOC are truly flexible.
  18. So just how long would this phase last - if done today, would that mean the IOC would be able to do the final deal at the session that'll be attached to the Tokyo Games (hopefully)? And does the whole arrangement all but guarantee John Coates as Bach's successor in 2025 as well?
  19. Don't quite understand this preferred bidder status - isn't a targeted dialogue exactly what they've been having for the last couple of years? Does it just mean 'will be put to confirmation vote at the next Session', ie hopefully July?
  20. I promised there'd be Kylie, so here she is: I also promised we'd be in Melbourne, but you voted us straight to the destination - welcome to Brisbane proper, and to the legendary Gabba: But who will be so lucky (lucky, lucky, lucky) to win the comp? To find out, let's welcome another Aussie legend in her own right, live from her Melbourne mansion - the gladiolus queen herself, DAME EDNA! Edna: G'day possums! It's been wonderful to see all your designs, but only one can win - I don't have much time here, I have to perform the
  21. BONG! That's the end of the voting, proceed to the Gabba in Brisbane for the announcement ceremony - yes, that early again...
  22. Computer picked a great time to quit...anyway: ------------------------------------------------------------------ What's that Skippy? What do you mean nobody's fallen down a well?! What are you saying then? We've got to find a logo? For the Brisbane Olympics? When? 2032...fair enough, how many to choose from? 5?! Well, only one way to solve this one... In the words of Sydney 2000, G'Day to the world! Welcome to the GOLD COAST! Don't panic, Peter Beattie has been safely stowed away in a VW camper, no risk of him infiltrating this
  23. BONG! That really is it, the end of the submission period for Brisbane. Thank you to all participants, the voting will kick off tonight
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