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  1. Beijing 2022 emblems

    Looks like someone's taken a knife to the London 2012 logo - & not been too discriminate about where they cut.
  2. London's 4th Olympics - this time in Winter *well, it is the home of Olympic figure skating...
  3. Although all the hoops the CGF are placing does feel a little reminiscent of Uefa's desperation to avoid going to Turkey. Still its better that they take the time to do it properly than rush in - if they'd shown this diligence the first time we wouldn't have been in this mess in the first place.
  4. Euro 2020

    Seems like a pretty odd way of spreading it out & Cardiff is especially hacked off - if they wanted that many games at Wembley, they could've given it to England Interesting idea of restricting travel times by putting Rome with Baku too. I presume that means the Brussels stadium project is finally dead now?
  5. Nice to see some snow at a Winter Olympics
  6. But realistically, when would Sydney be looking at another Olympics? Even if Brisbane doesn't get the next Aussie go, Melbourne would surely (& the IOC would probably be sorely tempted by a near-zero-construction Melbourne bid). Heck, even Perth might want a crack if that new stadium there's big enough. Even though the demolition & rebuild is very wasteful, the original plan they had of converting the existing structure into a perma-rectangle seemed quite pragmatic tbh.
  7. That's sad to see. Is Homebush gonna stay as Sydney's main stadium or will it be rebuilt shrunk? From afar, if they're gonna rebuild all of them, wouldn't it make sense for Moore Park to be the big one - given that that is, you know, in Sydney Worst thing is, it doesn't help the Olympic case...main stadium, just 17 years old, & it's so out of sync with the city's needs that they're gonna demolish it & start again? Not a good look for the Games - & Homebush is normally considered one of the more successful stadiums
  8. What's with the slightly inclined bits going all the way round?
  9. Georgia Dome Destroyed!!

    Only America would have an 80000 seat, 20ish year old, perfectly usable (seemingly) stadium & blow it up. Like Baron says, what a waste
  10. Would've thought it'd be easier for stairs to become a ramp...Paralympian lighter like Barcelona?
  11. Calgary 2026

    Unfortunately we won't see a winter bid from Western Europe get past a referendum again. Not before somebody does what Paris did & just bid & win anyway. Then they can show that the Games can be worth it & hopefully get the rest of the continent interested again. Question is - who'd be brave? Could France save the Olympics in Western Europe twice?
  12. Calgary 2026

    Swap out Sapporo for Sion, & you might have the IOC interested
  13. Thank you and Goodnight...

    Everyone seems to acknowledge that a 'big reform' is needed. But what form should that/they take? And bye Scotguy, sorry to see you go - the board will be poorer without you - but there's a Games round the corner... Good luck with everything
  14. Rugby World Cup 2023

    Australia probably a better bet if the doubts about SA's finances are still around.
  15. Euro 2024

    Can any new countries enter the race now? Would've thought it was well over time for Spain to have another big tournament.