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  1. Oh dear. Are Italy not exactly advertising themselves well for 26?
  2. Is it any good? Wondering if it's worth watching on catchup later as that's the only way I can get Channel 4
  3. United States 2026/2030

    No bid will pass a referendum until at least the 2026 games pass smoothly in North America (assuming they do hold), combined with a positive outcome from Paris 24. That's what we've seen, & there's no reason to think it's changing before Paris. There are European countries that could do it without a referendum - France (who are somewhat occupied, but if they want 30, the IOC can't really say no), possibly Italy (but politics, & IOC rules), & possibly Spain (but Catalonia). The other possible outlier is Lillehammer -not needing Oslo's support could help it.
  4. United States 2026/2030

    Get Calgary & SLC locked down then try to get Europe back (France?) for 2034 once those 2 & Paris 24 have (hopefully) run smoothly. As plans go, it's probably the best way available to get out of the mess - assuming the European bids for 26 all get voted down. Even though it would likely be the final nail for the bid process as we've known it.
  5. IOC rules are cast-iron & set in stone - until they become a hindrance, at which point they're dumped faster than you can say 'Olympic fencing champion, 1976'. If Torino is the only option for Europe or North America, the Games are surely theirs.
  6. I don't understand why these islands are problematic now...surely they were there a month ago?
  7. Stupid Channel 4, making it impossible to watch live on their internet TV app...grr
  8. OK a dedicated thread for the Para opening. Not specifically live chat as many people are unable to watch live, but a place to discuss the OC & keep the general thread general
  9. Yeah I don't know enough about the rest of the world but it does sometimes seem that C4 are the only ones who really care about the Paras. As long as John Snow is nowhere near it - he'd have a field day so near NK
  10. Do you want a live chat thread?
  11. I still think that sometime after Birmingham 2022 (once UK Athletics move out) West Ham will buy the stadium & demolish its interior, Luzhniki style. Either that or they'll eventually crack, build a Southampton-style stadium somewhere else & leave us to deal with the OS. I don't know why it's got so bad there though, it can't just be the stadium saga surely - even as unpopular as it is.
  12. Civil war in the club is what's going on at West Ham - same as an alarming number of other clubs. Although I must admit, a club board effectively hiring a hit squad is a new one on me I don't know enough to know the specific causes there, but it does seem from outside that leaving Upton Park for the OS was a big mistake for the club.
  13. Handover ceremony IN Birmingham, televised as part of the closing ceremony plus way more performers than anyone would fly to Gold Coast....the handover sounds like it'll be an overgrown T-Mobile advert :/
  14. Gold Coast 2018

    Plus the rugby & cricket World Cups - which might sound like small beer but to a large part of the Commonwealth at least one of those is a huge deal.
  15. FIFA World Cup 2026

    Knowing what FIFA are like, it wouldn't just not surprise me - I'd be amazed if we're not off to Morocco in 2026.