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  1. Still nothing from the BBC? I get that July is gonna be seriously busy with the Euros conclusion, Wimbledon & now a general election, but I'd have thought we'd be getting something by now. Especially since they can't really do a big launch during the Euros final with it only being 10 days before the Olympic football starts... the 4th might be a good time to launch the trailer though if they can somehow pull off an Olympics/election crossover
  2. Except of course what kicked Doha 2016 away was the International Olympic Committee. If there's one thing we've learnt recently, it's that there is no longer a committee. There is Bach, who makes all (& we really do mean all) decisions, there is the executive board which gives an impression of oversight, and there are the people to whom Bach owes favours, whether for getting him into position (Ambani, P*tin) or for enabling him to change the IOC structure to his will (Coates, Al-Thani). Many of the people in the second group are on the executive board themselves, and may also be in a position to demand favours from Bach for help he's given them over the years (Brisbane). What this means is the old decision making system involving criteria and due process now doesn't exist, and all that'll need to happen for Doha to win is for Al-Thani to call in his debt from Bach. It's why Qatar is ahead of Saudi, and why that Spanish story is still plausible until proven otherwise.
  3. Is there any reporting on this that comes from other sources to that Spanish site? They could be right, not dismissing them out of hand like I would if it first came from new ITG but they seem to still be on their own as far as original findings go... and I'd have thought some papers - or our own ModRob - might be digging to find out if this has got truth to it.
  4. Well I doubt anyone is taking Inside the Kremlin as a valid source of reference so yeah I'll wait for something from @GBModerator to back this up. That's one thing making me suspicious, even though this Spanish site seems to have a good record - it'd be unusual for an Olympic scoop like this to be first picked up by someone other than ModRob or a major world newspaper.
  5. 0% clickbait in the slogan hmm...I mean it's sadly very plausible, right down to the awarding "process" but as of now, the only other result for putting Doha 2036 into Google News is from Inside the Games aka P*tin.com, and they're very much not trustworthy now. So I don't know what we can make of that yet.
  6. Not sporting development though - all that does seem to be Ahmedabad. Also I was referring to Indonesia as a country that's moving the capital city, rather than bidding to host. I know they were considering it with the new capital but a) Ahmedabad does exist as a city & b) like you say, Bach doesn't owe anything to anyone in Indonesia.
  7. Well it still kinda would be for one individual, that individual being Modi - & it'd be settling the debt that Bach seems to owe the Ambani family, I don't know the exact nature of that but their name floats around 2036 discussion. Delhi or Mumbai would probably be a bit less about the glorification of Modi & more about India the country, one reason why I'd rather it was one of those tbh, as anyone who followed the Cricket World Cup last year would see. But given that most of the ideas like Germany or Madrid seem completely out, even Istanbul looks to have faded, so it's basically Ahmedabad or Doha... and it all delays things another few years to increase the chances that Bach won't get to settle his biggest debt - the one with P*tin. Also I didn't know about a new Congress building in Delhi, I guess they won't be doing an Indonesia anytime soon.
  8. Just a silly thought but given that it's Modi's home state (possibly home city, I don't know), there's not much you could really put past him, his seeming love of a big project, plus how massive the pollution and congestion problems in Delhi are...I wonder if there's a chance Ahmedabad might even be India's capital by 2036? Capital cities have been moved for lesser problems than Delhi has tbh. Can't lie, I'd still be more excited for Mumbai though.
  9. Less than Rio? When it's the first social Olympics for 8 years?! And they're in freaking PARIS?!?!? I think Tony needs to get ordering
  10. Lol, it is the City of Love (I wonder what proportion of the world's condom supply they've ordered) I haven't watched the Sydney one but Twenty Twelve is a classic - Siobhan Sharpe is one of the all time great British comedy characters
  11. So would I be right in assuming that that basically means Ahmedabad has been promised 2036 recently & the interested European cities have basically been put on notice for a bid race for 40? Since Ahmedabad would mean Bach has paid 2/3 of his debts with Coates & Ambani (sp?) with only P*tin left which would surely still be impossible even for this IOC - so in a practical sense, his job would be done.
  12. Yup. I even wonder if FIFA are aware of UK Sport's message & that played into the decision to steer clear of Europe & go to Brazil. That and you know, who doesn't love the idea of a World Cup in Brazil I'm very pleased for Marta personally too, it feels like a bit of a reward for all she's done in the years which laid the groundwork - I wouldn't even put it past her to unretire & try to play in 2027
  13. Yay, this one's for you Marta (More to the point, this one's for anyone at the FA capable of seeing beyond their own thumbs...2031) Although obviously the final at the Maracana will be a wonderful occasion in its own right
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