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  1. Perhaps an idea to give Morocco or Gaborone (or somewhere else in Africa that could do it) 2026 now & find a quick fix for 2022. There must be several places out there that could host a YOG at short notice, even if you only want countries that haven’t hosted an Olympics before.
  2. As an English cricket fan, I’ve often thought an 80000 seat Gabba would be pretty cool. Even if it’s not actually at the Gabba itself (the site’s pretty closed in isn’t it?). Unless the cricket/Aussie rules teams are so committed to the current Gabba that they’d never move, I can’t imagine you’d struggle to fill a bigger version.
  3. Ok everyone, final call for entries really with a week (& a day) to go. Although Big Ben won’t be bonging now, the deadline is still 11pm GMT on 31 January. If anyone wants to have a go, please do - a week is a long time in logos
  4. Interesting that there’s nothing in 2021 in that calendar. Maybe they are planning on having everything done for rubber-stamping in July in Japan.
  5. How long would the process take between candidature file submission & executive board approval?
  6. An Atleti-Real groundshare is reason enough to give Madrid the games on its own
  7. Where do they propose having the stadium now Atleti has commandeered the original one for football from the start?
  8. I thought Senegal seemed an odd choice, all for the YOG going to Africa but isn’t it generally fair to say that SA, Morocco, Egypt or possibly Nigeria are the most developed countries on the continent & would therefore have the best chance of pulling it off? That or just hold it anywhere that’s had the Africa Games lately - it’s surely more important that these Games go to somewhere that knows how to stage events well & show Africa at its best than to just go somewhere with no experience at all.
  9. An actual Olympic opening ceremony happens & it doesn’t even get posted on here? At least we can get an official video nowadays:
  10. Literally no reason for this post other than to bump the link back into recent threads now there’s some actual board activity for the first time in ages - & in the absence of any other means of promotion. I guess I can say there’s less than 3 weeks to the deadline, so that’s a reason
  11. No spoilers for, but perhaps a spoiler of...shouldn’t laugh, this sounds pretty nasty: Lausanne 2020: Skater left in life-threatening condition following fall in rehearsals https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/winter-sports/51035122
  12. Does that timeline of roughly 6 months suggest they are aiming to seal the deal in Tokyo?
  13. I wonder if they consider Yoshi famous enough to appear?
  14. ANNOUNCEMENT Hello, good morning & hello...big Boris Johnson here, with a big Boris announcement for you all! I was taking a break from being chased around the Commons by Jacob Rees-Mogg & couldn’t help noticing this great jamboree of creating visual signifiers of proximate games of the Olympic variety! I had a pop at designing a couple - you wouldn’t want to see them but I tell you, it’s the most fun I’ve had on a Monday since [CENSORED]. I feel that such a great event deserves a proper ending, so - this is what we shall do. I am ordering that this competition be extended for the month of January 2020. That way, there’s time to at least try to get the number of entries that a competition of this calibre surely deserves. Then, the deadline will be marked by Big Ben’s Big Brexit Bong at 11pm GMT ON 31 JANUARY. It would be a sin if we were to let such a rare sounding of the being-refurbished bell go to waste. Thank you, happy new year & I hope that the team will soon come to get me off this wire. Toodle-pip! Yoshi: Thank you Boris, I think. The rescuers will be with you eventually but for now we’re all just taking pictures. Anyway, you heard the PM, it’s a sad state of affairs when we’re relying on the Youth Olympics to get some momentum into the board, but we are where we are. Happy New Year!
  15. Is all government approval & red tape already sorted - could it all be signed & sealed on January 10?
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