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  1. I don’t actually take part, only organise, but check the post of @Rob. on this page:
  2. Fair point, I kinda forgot that was actually a decision they had to make. It’s a good sign though that the technical evaluations matter again & will be important in determining who wins, unlike in Bl*tt*r’s era. Hopefully those calls will be enough for the Home Nations to be convinced to go for 2030. With that, it doesn’t really matter whether we win or not, as long as it’s a fair process - if Uruguay or someone else beat us fair & square, we should definitely go for the Women’s World Cup in 2027. (Tbh, I’d probably rather England went for that anyway but as I don’t think anyone could get both, & since the men’s one will be decided first, that’s the first to try for).
  3. FIFA made the right decision for the first time in sooo long. As for UEFA’s bloc votes, it’s sad to see that even now individuals in FIFA don’t get to vote for themselves, & from a perspective of naked self-interest re 2030, the FA probably made the decision that’d piss off fewer voters, but the real insult is the reason given by UEFA - describing the Women’s World Cup as a ‘development tournament’. Whoever at UEFA came up with that one should be ashamed of themselves Congrats ANZ, hopefully you’ll show FIFA what 2022 could’ve been too if the brown envelopes hadn’t won.
  4. I certainly never knew that - explains the rather incongruous western battle scene
  5. 2005 Mediterranean Games opening appeared too - very impressive for a small event in a city I've literally never heard of:
  6. So I went down a YouTube wormhole... Can anyone shed light on what this actually is? I thought the opening ceremony would’ve been in the stadium before the first match like normal...not to mention how weird the actual show is
  7. With all that’s being said about John Coates within the AOC & IOC, it’s very reminiscent of how Bach was talked about during Rogge’s second term. Is this dual inside-IOC ‘grooming’ - preparing Brisbane for getting the Games & getting Coates ready for a smooth transition to the presidency?
  8. Ok bumping this up. The deadline’s out the window - I won’t put anything specific on this but we’ll see how it goes over the next month. If there’s nothing or only one we’ll fold it into the annual comp in December
  9. There’s maybe an argument at this point to say give Birmingham 2026 & cancel 2022. Would give the World Athletics Championships & their athletes the space they need, 2022 is a very cramped summer. Although obviously it’d be best of all if they can find a host for 2026 & keep Brum - I like the Commonwealth Games, it’s very sad to see them in so much trouble
  10. Assuming the money’s still there it makes their success even more inevitable - Australia looks to be having more success at combatting the evil germ than just about anywhere in the western world. I’d think the IOC should be looking at getting the deal done ASAP once the world’s back in action - secure the future of the Games & make sure there’s a good long recovery time before the next ‘bid process’.
  11. Well it’s the first I’ve heard of any concrete news on this, but Wikipedia appears to have made its mind up (unless it’s a Malaysian editor having some fun)...first I’ve heard of Shah Alam at all tbh: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2026_Commonwealth_Games
  12. @paul @JDCLauron @Glacib @daveypodmore @Scotguy @Lord David @Rob. @thatsnotmypuppy @mr.bernham @woohooitsme83 @VIK @baron-pierreIV @JMarkSnow2012 @nzl @Utkarsh Verma @Athensfan @Citius Altius Fortius Some notable names from comps of old & others I could think of - since almost all of them will be in some kind of lockdown hopefully alerting them will get them in. There’s no particular order. And I’ve probably forgotten many...man I wish we had an @everyone. Oh & @GBModerator would you be kind enough to shout this out like you did for that Olympic comp please? We might be able to remind some locked down old members about the board, & maybe make us busy again?
  13. Bumping into the recents. Who wants to be first?
  14. Through no doing of FIFA, Qatar 2022 has accidentally become the right World Cup at the right time - for all the wrong reasons. Funny how these things turn out
  15. Is it sure to be July 2021 or might it yet be this autumn - or the other way, summer 2022? It’s not like there’s a World Cup after all...
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