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  1. Lee, Davey and Citizen-Seth are doing fine
  2. Boa noite @DannyelBrazil I had some great times in Brazil - the Games, the city of Rio, visiting you any your wife and the fur kids! You and Pat are amazing people, who made me feel home in Sao Vicente! I am very fine, @yoshi- I live in Vienna now with a partner and a pug!
  3. Well, I watched all Opening ceremonies from Sarajevo 1984 until yesterday - and I have to say I was kind of disappointed. The whole show made me very aware that these Games are not Olympics like we are used to know, but substitute Games... There were some nice ideas for the segments - like the pictograms segment, but like Olympic2004 has already said it - after the first five you got it and it became boring to watch the last 45 ones... The film crew was "nice" as well, but somehow it didn't fit in the flow of the show... There was just one segment which I really enjoyed: I liked it, how the logo was formed in the centre of the "crowd" of athletes. Naomi Osaka looked more like she just came from the dentist than that she was chosen to lit the Olympic Flame...
  4. I agree with you - there is no "winner" right a way - it will become very intense - it can happen that we will see a surprise (that a song will win, which nobody has in mind to win) like in 2011. My two pennies about ESC 2019: My TOP FIVE: Italy Portugal Poland Russia Cyprus
  5. Well, the EU is telling the U.K. for two years “no single market à la carte”, what is the result of “Chequers” a single market à la carte... Won’t take long that it will be denied by the EU...
  6. That's an interesting read indeed... I wonder if the Tories split in several parties - Brexit is such a contrary issue that I doubt that a party can be home of Remainers and Brexiteers... There is a split running through the UK, which split neighbours, families, colleagues, etc. etc. - and even through the parts of the UK - I wouldn't be astonished if the UK will face a bad state crisis...
  7. Well, I wonder which option May will choose and will have to enforce in "Chequers": - SM, CU and ECJ — no border for Northern Ireland - FTA on goods but not on services - Northern Ireland stays in the single-market and customs union — hard border in the Irish Sea - "No Deal" (Hard land border for Northern Ireland - break of GFA)
  8. I am glad that the football World Cup comes back to North America, but I hope DT isn't reelected in 2020 - I would feel strange when a WC takes place when one host country built a wall to another host country to keep another hosting nation out of its territory...
  9. Germany didn't play well at this World Cup - the Mannschaft didn't deserve to reach the last 16... Congratulations to México and SVERIGE One of my sweepstake reached the next ROUND - COME ONE SWEDEN!!!
  10. Looking forward to learn where the matches are played...
  11. I had been in Lisbon for Eurovision and it was FAB - it was really an amazing event! I am looking forward to Israel next year!
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