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  1. I thought the closing was actually quite nice - short and to the point. I'm rarely a fan of closing ceremonies, with Sochi being the only truly enjoyable one that comes to mind. I hope we'll see floor projections being retired for a few cycles. Have to say, I think the K-Pop segment with the kid on the guitar is one of my favorite Olympic music moments. I have no idea what was going on, but I was really into it.
  2. What happened to all of the "Olympic Channel" banners in the indoor venues? I saw them before the Games but haven't seen a single once since?
  3. The design of it, the sort of industrial spiral just seemed too incongruous with the elegance of the cauldron. Just a total miss for me. I'm hoping that when I watch NBC's coverage tonight they'll shed some light on the meaning of it (assuming there is a meaning). It sort of reminds me of the ugliness of Atlanta's cauldron, but at least with Atlanta, there was kind of a story behind it.
  4. I think there were some nice visual images and some great concepts, but nothing really came together to me. There was too much jumping between live action stuff in the stadium and prerecorded videos. I think that this show was absolutely created with TV audiences in mind (with commentary). Watching NBC's live stream it all felt so disjointed, but I expect tonight's tape delay broadcast to be much more cohesive for those who are lucky enough to watch it. One giant positive: the parade of nations was the least annoying it's ever been!
  5. That was thoroughly underwhelming. Great parade of nations, though!
  6. Hey guys, did you know Bach was a fencing champion? I had no idea
  7. I'm kind of glad I can rewatch this with the NBC commentary and direction tonight....I'm sure there's a lot of meaning that isn't coming through in the livestream
  8. I always wonder when I see Puerto Rico march in if it will be the last time they march in as their own country
  9. I really enjoy hearing how similar/different each country's name is compared to the English and French name
  10. Did the athletes from Russia get a placard bearer or just the Olympic flag?
  11. Why was the US' placard bearer's dress yellow? Are they all different and I'm not noticing?
  12. Love it - probably my favorite tied with Torino
  13. Absolutely loving the dresses of the placard bearers
  14. Finally got the NBC Livestream to work - looks good so far!