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Found 7 results

  1. By the time the Brisbane 2032 Olympic Opening Ceremony commences, a total of seven sets of Summer Olympic and Paralympic Ceremonies will have occurred since that memorable night on 15 September 2000 at Stadium Australia when Sydney welcomed the world with a stunning, mega-breathtaking Olympic Opening Ceremony for the ages. That translates to, between 2004 and 2028, a total of 28 Summer Olympics or Paralympics Opening and Closing Ceremonies since Sydney 2000. How will Brisbane and Queensland welcome the world in 2032? Importantly, how will Ceremonies, gimmicks, theatrical and creative presentation have evolved in those preceding 32 years since Sydney 2000, the last time Australia hosted? Will they be downsized or upsized ? Will keeping the shows wholly contained in a stadium be old “old hat”, or will there be a return to blockbuster stadium shows or a combo? What or who would you like to see more of, less of or who should be the director of Ceremonies? Should there be different Directors for each Ceremony? Image: From the Archives, 2000: The spectacular opening of the Sydney Olympics - The Age
  2. Well, we're just 3 days away for the start of the games (even if they technically start on thursday), so I imagined we might as well get started for the traditional Livechat thread to share our thoughts, views, joys and cringes. Even though this time many of us will have to wake up very early to watch the show. The opening ceremony will start at 8:00 PM (Korea's local time). That would be 5:00 AM (Central Standard Time), 6:00 AM (Eastern Standard Time) and 3:00 AM (Pacific Standard Time) in the US, respectively. If you want to know exactly at which hour the Opening begins, you can use this Timezone converter right here. https://www.worldtimeserver.com/convert_time_in_KR.aspx NBC will be broadcasting the Opening Ceremony live on their website, without commercial ads, for those living in the US. However if you know any other sources where we can watch the ceremony, make sure to share them with the rest of us.
  3. I made this video from a building and i want to share this beautiful experience with all of you. I hope you will like it
  4. [sorry in Advance if this Topic is Wrong Catagories] Hello Everyone My Name is Pongsatorn from Thailand. I'm Interest in Opening and Closing Ceremonies. In Thailand Thailand National Games and Thailand National Youth Games is a Yearly National Multi-Sports Event in Thailand. And Some People wait for Watch Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony.and me is a one of them. Today I Want to Present Video of Opening Ceremony of Thailand National Games and Youth Games Opening Ceremony to everyone in this Board. This is The Latest Thailand National Games and Youth Games Opening Ceremony 43RD Thailand National Games/Nakhon Ratchasima DECEMBER 2014/Opening Ceremony 31ST Thailand National Youth Games/Chanthaburi MARCH 2015/Opening Ceremony and the Previous Opening Ceremony I will gradually be presented in Future. and What do you think after Watch You can Comment Now. Thank You.
  5. [sorry in Advance if this Topic is Wrong Catagories] Sawasdee Krub(Hello Everyone) Just a few days 44th Thailand National Games(Called "Nakhonsawan Games")was Start in 11 to 21 December 2015 at Nakhonsawan Province,Thailand. The Official Logo of 44th Thailand National Games Design from Engkor-Pabu Mask Engkor-Pabu is a myth of Thai-Chinese People in Nakhonsawan. The Opening Ceremony was held in 12 December(Games are start at 11DEC but have overlap event "Bike For Dad" Opening Ceremony will Delayed to 12DEC) at (Estimated Time) BANGKOK-THA 6:30PM GMT +0700 SYDNEY/NSW-AUS 10:30PM GMT +1100 TOKYO-JPN 8:30PM GMT +0900 MOSCOW-RUS 2:30PM GMT +0300 LONDON-UK 11:30AM GMT +-0 New York/NY-USA 6:30AM GMT -0500 At Nakhonsawan Stadium Nakhonsawan,Thailand Live in NBT(National Broadcasting Service of Thailand) And Concluded with Some photo of Opening Ceremony Rehearsal from Official Page(in Thai Language) (PS Last Image From Public Relations of Vocational College of Nakhonsawan This is Torch Cauldron Grandstand with waiting for start rehearsal the Parade) Thanks for Reading,See you in this Saturday.
  6. [sorry in Advance if this Topic is Wrong Catagories] From http://www.gamesbids.com/forums/topic/24966-thailand-national-games-and-youth-games-opening-and-closing-ceremonies/ zigzag recommend me for make new topic at here and now I start this topic and this is This is "Ceremonies in Youtube" This forum everyone will share the Opening and Closing Ceremony of every sports event(Recommend the Multi-Sports Event like Olympic,Asian Games,Pan American Games etc.) And I will Start this topic from my countries(Thailand) This is 5 Opening Ceremonies of previous Thailand National Games and Youth Games(More from my blog at head of this topic). 42nd Thailand National Games/Suphan Buri January 2014 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfhjTLkVCyg 30th Thailand National Youth Games/Sisaket March 2014(Incomplete beacuse not have some first part) 40th Thailand National Games/Khon Kaen March 2012(Hlight) Click-> 29th Thailand National Youth Games/Maha Sarakham March 2013 Click-> 39th Thailand National Games/Chonburi December 2010 Parade of the Province(Hilight) Click-> Thailand National Games Flag Entry the Stadium,Thailand National Flag Raising Ceremony,Lighting the Cauldron and Last Show Click-> This is just the beginning of this Topic You can Share or Comment the Ceremonies to here everytime if you ready. Thank you Very Much.
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