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  1. Spectacular! Yes its going to arrive on a big sailing ship. Will be a memorable sight and an amazing way to welcome the Flame.
  2. Coventry confident that there is full Australian Government support for Brisbane 2032 -ITG 31 Jan-23 “International Olympic Committee (IOC) Brisbane 2032 Coordination Commission chair Kirsty Coventry has insisted there is "full support" from the Australian Government for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in nine years' time.“
  3. Agreed. Those images posted by @Chris_Mex are simply very early concept images. We await the final design go be released. Once the funding split issue has been resolved between the state and federal governments, we can expect to see the final stadium Gabba Olympic Stadium design emerge at some point (likely to be by design firm Populous).
  4. Highly offensive sexual harassment remark you have posted Australian Kiwi. Do you have no filters?
  5. Warm-up Track, Raymond Park The temporary warm-up athletics track to be laid at Raymond Park with athletes shuttled to and from the stadium along the two secured illuminated streets, as indicated above.
  6. From the masterplan are lifted these images showing the proximity of Games locations around the Gabba Olympic Stadium.
  7. It’s a constrained space thing, not an “Australian thing”. R__ is right to say the oval shaped Gabba is very tightly wedged in a densely populated residential area with a heritage school building on one side. There is the space only to expand capacity marginally. But what it does have is: has a mass people movement public transport hub with an underground train station (circled in green below under construction), Brisbane Metro connections (very long new electric articulated buses that look like trams, but have rubber wheels and drive on roads and dedicated busways). suburban bus interchange, a very central scenic location not far from the Main Press Centre, International Broadcasting Centre and competition venues at South Bank and the Brisbane CBD. The Gabba, Brisbane The Queensland and Australian Governments are working out the funding split as we speak but I cannot see that the 2032 Ceremonies and Track and Field will be held anywhere else except the rebuilt Gabba. Yes it is expensive. 50,000 is one of the smaller capacity Olympic Stadiums but as a legacy venue after the Games, 50,000 will suffice for the legacy sports tenants, cricket (summer) and AFL football (winter). Allianz Stadium, Sydney The new Allianz Stadium in Sydney is also in a tight space wedged between Fox Studios, Venues NSW, Sydney Cricket Ground, University of Technology, Moore Park Road and Driver Avenue. 45,000 is about right for the legacy needs of this rectangular venue whose sports tenants are A-Leage soccer and Rugby League. Is served by two light rsil lines and a very busy bus corridor
  8. “Evans, a chartered accountant, was previously the chief financial officer at the QAL, which is responsible for Gold Coast, Townsville, Mount Isa, and Longreach airports.” “Gold Coast Airport, formerly known as Coolangatta Airport, is located at the southern end of the Gold Coast and approximately 56 miles south of centre of Brisbane.” “The Gold Coast will be one of the main competition venues for events during Brisbane 2032.” “In addition to staging beach volleyball, judo, wrestling, triathlon, football, marathon swimming and volleyball during the Olympics, the Gold Coast Athlete Village will house more than 2,600 athletes and officials.”
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