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  1. It’s interesting that with what’s happened/happening with Tokyo 2020 that this 12 July 2021 report shows Sapporo 2030 is still on the radar (?). Is this way out of date or is Sapporo 2030 pressing ahead? The two Games are very much connected now by the opinion polls of the Japanese people and the IOC’s new rules around public support: Sapporo Wins Olympic Bid Backing - 12 July 2021 - Around The Rings via Infobae.com “ATR: The site of the first Winter Olympics in Asia aims for an encore in 2030.” “Sapporo, host of the 1972 Winter Games, is now the official candidate from Japan for 2030. The Japanese Olympic Committee met January 29 to endorse Sapporo’s efforts to secure the Games. The capital city of Hokkaido Prefecture was the only city responding to a call for bids in Japan that ended in December.”
  2. We’re talking simply here of not hearing any crowds at these Tokyo Games.Crowds. We’re not talking of hearing 40,000 or 70,000 because that is irrelevant since there zero ticket holding spectators at any venue at these Games. There’s only a very small number of accredited athletes and officials allowed in to watch events It’s personal opinion but even as a tv spectator, there is no crowd noise and visuals of hordes of people cheering. Many of the athletes interviewed at these Games have remarked in media interviews that they miss the crowds. It’s even more stark in the cavernous empty Olympic Stadium. It can’t be helped but no way do I ever want to witness such an empty spectatcle ever again. Big Kudos to the athletes themselves for their performances but even they miss the crowds to motivate them and make it feel like an Olympic Games. I’ve been to two Games as a spectator and volunteer and it’s sad to hear the echo of athletes as they compete in empty venues.
  3. Yes loving the sport too at these Games but Tokyo 2020 is very much lacking in the crowd noise, roaring and cheering, etc. They’ve done the best they can but …. Can’t wait for spectators to return to the Games in the next few years. Apart from the main stadium, I’m expecting crowds at Brisbane’s venues, to be just as big and buzzing as our last Olympic Games in Sydney.
  4. I agree the article was a bit odd. And yes Helsinki 1952 was a very second successful post-war edition of the successful Games following London in 1948. The 2016 Census showed South East Queensland (SEQ) population at 3.8m and Brisbane itself at 2.28m. SEQ is currently experiencing an absolutely booming population with many moving in from other parts of Australia, well before Brisbane won the Games. This week’s timely National Census will reveal the exact size of this influx. The Brisbane 2032 is a regional Olympic Games encompassing three significant population centres: Brisbane (+2.28m), Gold Coast (+540,000) and Sunshine Coast (+333,000).
  5. Brisbane to be the smallest city to host Olympic Games in over 80 years - SwimSwam - July 30, 2021
  6. From ‘Lay-down Sally’ to Biles: how our views of athletes’ mental health have changed The Age - click here to read the article - July 31, 2021
  7. This is the New Norm. This is the way Hosts are now selected and there were no “COVID factors” in the decision re the Briabane 2032 Olympic Stadium. The new era began with Brisbane 2032 where any new venues must demonstrate legacy use after the Games. Legacy usage is driving the Gabba Stadium rebuild, not the Olympic Games. In the Brisbane sports market a 50,000 seat stadium with crowds for it’s long term tenants of Australian Rules Football and Cricket which use the Stadium for 40 weeks per year. It matters little that it will be the smallest main stadium at an Olympic Games since 1952 at Helsinki. The 2032 Olympic Games will merely benefit from this new hi-tech Olympic Stadium. It will still be plenty big enough for crowd atmosphere to roar and spur on the athletes.
  8. Take megaphone somewhere else mate. It’s not wanted. Stop projecting this phantom silent majority crap. You’re very much in the minority here. No-one wants to read your twisted bitter negative theories. This is the Tokyo 2020 - General News Forum. Unless you have something positive and constructive to say about Tokyo 2020 - General News, I suggest you move on. … and don’t let the door hit you on your way out.
  9. The Brisbane Cricket Ground stadium, known as the Gabba will be demolished and rebuilt as the Olympic Stadium, capacity 50,000 due to the tight space it sits in. Here are 2 video links: New Gabba Stadium - from Cross River Train Station The Gabba selected as the main Olympic Stadium site
  10. How the Brisbane Olympics can help shake the Melbourne-Sydney duopoly - July 30, 2021 - Brisbane Times “The fastest growing region in Australia is also growing up, and the starter’s pistol has already fired for Brisbane 2032.”
  11. Excellent idea, I might use that feature too
  12. That, right there, you cannot even see it.
  13. You’re now loud and obnoxious mate. I agree, you should crawl back from under the rock you came from because your disgusting racist and mental illness denialist opinions are not welcome here. Whatever made you think they would be? You’re making a damn fool of yourself.
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