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  1. The Qatar Olympic Committee has announced it's interest in hosting the 2032 Summer Olympics and Paralympics. Qatar unsuccessfully bid to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games in both 2016 and 2020. The Qatari capital of Doha hosted the 2006 Asian Games, an event which was seen to have encouraged them to bid for other global events. This included the FIFA World Cup, which Qatar will host in 2022 after being controversially awarded the tournament in 2010. This was despite the bid process being the subject of allegations of bribery and corruption. Similar allegations also surrounded the Wor
  2. Following successfully hosting the 18th Asian Games, Indonesia plans to bid for the 2032 Olympic Games. http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2018/09/01/indonesia-to-bid-for-2032-olympics.html
  3. Looks like there's a chance this may start to gain traction. A couple of weeks ago, there were rumblings that at least 1 US city was showing interest in the Winter Olympics. Now it appears the USOC is willing to entertain the thought.. USOC expects to discuss possible Winter Olympic bid So let's see where this goes, but clearly this is beyond the purely hypothetical stage where the highest ranking members from the USOC have publicly acknowledged the possibility.
  4. The 2016-17 figure skating season officially concludes next week with the World Team Trophy in Tokyo but here's the schedule for the important events in the figure skating calendar for the Olympic season. Grand Prix Circuit Russia October 20-22, 2017 Canada October 27-29, 2017, Venue: Regina, Saskatchewan China November 3-5, 2017 Japan November 10-12, 2017 France November 17-19, 2017 USA November 24-26, 2017, Venue: Lake Placid, New York GP Final Japan December 7-10, 2017, Venue: Nagoya, Japan Challenger Circuit U.S. International FS
  5. According to a NYT story, by 2050 several former winter Olympic hosts will no longer be able to host the winter olympics again due to climate change. Some on there weren't at all surprising to me like Sochi and Garmish (I've noticed a trend in warming temps there when I compared temps between that area and Pyeongchang while they were bidding to host the 2018 winter games). Looks like maybe Vancouver should try and put in 1 more bid soon. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2018/01/11/climate/winter-olympics-global-warming.html
  6. We're just about halfway the games, but we already have some estimates of how much Pyeongchang 2018 has costed. $12.9 billion dollars. Still a farcry to the infamous $50 billion of Sochi, and it's almost on pair with the $13.1 billion of Rio 2016. Still though, it is a shame the costs increased because of transport (that train from Seoul to Gangneung along added a lot of money to the budget) https://www.cbssports.com/olympics/news/2018-winter-olympics-pyeongchang-games-reportedly-cost-4b-more-than-expected/ Time will tell, but the early indications are that the big bucks may b
  7. Well, we're just 3 days away for the start of the games (even if they technically start on thursday), so I imagined we might as well get started for the traditional Livechat thread to share our thoughts, views, joys and cringes. Even though this time many of us will have to wake up very early to watch the show. The opening ceremony will start at 8:00 PM (Korea's local time). That would be 5:00 AM (Central Standard Time), 6:00 AM (Eastern Standard Time) and 3:00 AM (Pacific Standard Time) in the US, respectively. If you want to know exactly at which hour the Opening begins, you can use th
  8. Epidemics have ruined lots of good plans. But this time it relates Olympic Games planned in South Korea and this is a catastrophe imo. https://www.reddit.com/r/korea/comments/7r8hd4/south_korea_is_hit_by_dangerous_bird_flu_virus/ Lots of financial and human resources have been already spent in the run-up to the Games. But the risks are too high to ignore this challenge called H5N6.
  9. MUMBAI India's Olympic Association has asked the government for permission to bid for the 2032 Olympics and 2030 Asian Games as part of a drive to put the country at the heart of the international sporting community, IOA President N. Ramachandran has told Reuters. Ramachandran said the IOA also wanted India to host the Asian Beach Games in 2020, the Olympic Council of Asia's general assembly that year, and the International Olympic Committee session in 2021. The aim, Ramachandran said, was to use the engagement as a catalyst for the growth of Olympic sports in India and to help improve t
  10. August 29, 2016 - Protests against the coup explode in Brazil between Olympics and Paralympics RIO DE JANEIRO SÃO PAULO BRASÍLIA (CAPITAL CITY) FLORIANÓPOLIS ____________________________________________________________________ AND TODAY, IN SÃO PAULO IMAGES FROM FACEBOOK (Mídia Ninja and Jornalistas Livres) Here: https://www.facebook.com/jornalistaslivres/photos https://www.facebook.com/midiaNINJA/?fref=ts
  11. Rio 2016 is not an event with protests against the interim president Michel Temer, only. Rio 2016 is an event with art and sport celebration too OLYMPIC BOULEVARD - Rio's Port Area Rio’s Olympic Boulevard unveils massive mural celebrating indigenous cultures One of the most impressive works in our recent spotlight on Rio de Janeiro’s vibrant street art scene is a brand new masterpiece by Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra, who just transformed a whopping 190-meter-long (that’s over 600 feet) wall in Rio’s renovated port district into a celebration of the world’s indigenous
  12. I made this video from a building and i want to share this beautiful experience with all of you. I hope you will like it
  13. Hello there!, First, let me introduce myself, My name is Sabin, I come from Onesti, Romania. Growing up, I was very interested in gymnastics (mainly the women's) Romania is actually a large gymnastics nation (Nadia came from Onesti!) Anyway, I started this topic so I could discuss the many scandals and robberies that have taken place in gymnastics events at the Olympics, I will be mainly focussing on the women's side but if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to ask and I would love to study them, here's the first of many - Andreea Raducan being stripped of her 2000 All-Around Gold - In 2
  14. I didn't find one of these threads here, so I thought I'd make one. I found a video on youtube once which showed the host city announcements for the olympics from 1976-2020 but now its gone! There are a few one websites. I'll post the ones I find.
  15. http://www.nbcnews.com/news/sports/ioc-awards-olympics-broadcast-rights-nbc-through-2032-n99391 The International Olympic Committee (IOC) on Wednesday awarded NBCUniversal (NBCU) the broadcast rights in the USA for the Olympic Games through to 2032. NBCU has acquired the broadcast rights across all media platforms, including free-to-air television, subscription television, internet and mobile. The agreement from 2021 to 2032 is valued at USD 7.65 billion, plus an additional USD 100 million signing bonus to be used for the promotion of Olympism and the Olympic values between 2015 and 2020.
  16. After the London Worlds, all eyes are set for Sochi. Here are the important calendar for the 2013-14 Figure Skating Season Season 2013/14: October 18 – 20, 2013: Skate America; Detroit, MI, USA October 25 – 27, 2013: Skate Canada International; Saint John, NB, Canada November 1 – 3, 2013: Cup of China; Beijing, China November 8 – 10, 2013: NHK Trophy; Tokyo, Japan November 15 – 17, 2013: Trophee Eric Bompard; Paris, France November 22 – 24, 2013: Rostelecom Cup; Moscow, Russia December 5 – 8, 2013: ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final; Fukuoka, Japan Olympic Qualifier (for countries who fai
  17. We are about to start the X version of the South American Games, formerly known as ODESUR Games. The host this time is Santiago de Chile which have renewed and constructed many new venues to the event. This is the greatest plan for sport facilities construction ever made in the country The opening ceremony is on March 7, (a couple of hours later than Sochi Paralympics Opening Ceremony) The enthusiasm is vibing Santiago people.
  18. Well if we're going to have BBC and CBC threads, clearly we need an NBC thread as well. Go ahead everyone.. bitch away!
  19. Well hard to believe this is the last day of the games. Just like to say first Thank You for welcoming me on the forum and I will definitely be back occasionally to give my thoughts on Olympics Bids and other topics. MEDAL COUNT 1.RUS 29 11 Gold 2.USA 27 3.NOR 26 11 Gold 4.CAN 24 5.NED 24 TODAY'S SCHEDULE Cross Country Men's 50km Mass Start Free MEDAL 11:00 Bobsleigh Four man Heat 3 13:30 Heat 4 MEDAL 15:00 Ice Hockey Men's Gold Medal Game SWE V CAN MEDAL 16:00 Closing Ceremony 20:00 Enjoy the final day of the 22th Olympic Winter Games!
  20. Welcome to the final weekend of the games and what a games it's been and yes even with USA's Hockey lost I will continue to watch MEDAL COUNT 1.USA 27 2.RUS 26 3.CAN 24 4.NOR 22 10 Gold 5.NED 22 TODAY'S SCHEDULE Sochi Time Alpine Skiing Men's Slalom Run 1 16:45 Run 2 MEDAL 20:15 Biathlon Men's Relay 4by 7.5km MEDAL 18:30 Bobsleigh Four Man Heat 1 20:30 Heat 2 22:00 Ice Hockey Men's Bronze Medal Game USA V FIN 19:00 Snowboard Parallel Slalom Qualif underway 1/8 Finals Ladies 13:15 Men 13:27 Quarterfinals Ladies 14:03 Men's 14:09 Semifinals Ladies 14:30 Men's 14:33 Finals
  21. Well it's hard to believe we're in the last 3 days of these Olympics . I am a little disappointed by USA's lost to Canada but if we lose tomorrow I'll probably quit watching the rest of the games MEDAL COUNT 1.USA 25 2.RUS 23 3.NED 22 4.NOR 21 10 gold 5.CAN 20 TODAY'S SCHEDULE Sochi Time Alpine Skiing Women's Slalom Run 1 16:45 Run 2 MEDAL 20:15 Biathlon Women's 4 by 6km Relay MEDAL 18:30 Curling Men's Bronze Medal Game CHN V SWE 12:30 Men's Gold Medal Game MEDAL 17:30 Freestyle Skiing Ladies Ski Cross Seeding 11:45 1/8 Finals 13:30 Quarterfinals 14:05 Semifinal 14:25 Fi
  22. Not many sports today but many BIG high profiled events MEDAL COUNT 1.USA !! 23 2.RUS 22 3.NED 22 4.NOR 20 5.CAN 18 TODAY'S SCHEDULE Sochi Time Curling Women's Bronze Medal Game GBR V SUI 12:30 Women's Gold Medal Game MEDAL SWE V CAN 17:30 Figure Skating Ladies Free Skating MEDAL 19:00 Freestyle Skiing Men's Ski Cross Seeding 11:45 1/8 Final 13:30 Quarterfinals 14:05 Semifinals 14:25 Finals MEDAL 14:41 Ladies Ski Halfpipe Qualif 18:30 Final MEDAL 21:30 Ice Hockey Women's Bronze Medal Game SUI V SWE Women's Gold Medal Game MEDAL CAN V USA 21:00 Nordic Combined Team Gund
  23. We are now in the home stretch of the olympics and we have the big hockey quarterfinals today featuring Team USA, Canada, and Russia MEDAL COUNT 1.NED 20 2.USA 20 3.RUS 19 4.NOR 18 5.CAN 17 TODAY'S SCHEDULE Sochi Time Alpine Skiing Men's Giant Slalom Run 1 11:00 Run 2 MEDAL 14:30 Biathlon 2 by 6km Women + 2 by 7.5km Men's Mixed Relay MEDAL 18:30 Bobsleigh Women's Heat 3 20:15 Heat 4 MEDAL 21:25 Cross Country Ladies Team Sprint Classic Semifinals 13:15 Men's Team Sprint Classic Semifinals 14:05 Ladies Final MEDAL 15:45 Men's Final MEDAL 16:15 Curling Women's Semifinal GBR
  24. An action back day in Sochi here's what's coming up MEDAL COUNT 1.RUS 18 2.USA 18 3.NED 17 4.NOR 15 5.CAN 15 TODAY'S SCHEDULE Sochi Time Alpine Skiing Women's Giant Slalom Run 1 under way Run 2 MEDAL 13:00 Biathlon Men's 15km Mass Start MEDAL 14:30 Bobsleigh Women's Heat 1 19:15 Heat 2 20:20 Curling Men's Tie Breaker Session 1 underway NOR V GER right now tied at 2 Freestyle Skiing Men's Ski Halfpipe Qualif 17:45 Final MEDAL 21:30 Ice Hockey Men's Playoffs Qualif SLO V AUT 12:00 RUS V NOR 16:30 CZE V SVK SUI V LAT 21:00 Women's Classification ( why is this needed ) GER V
  25. Well Happy President's Day (US) so another day of watching great olympic action MEDAL COUNT 1.NED 17 2.RUS 16 3.USA 16 4.NOR 14 5.CAN 14 TODAY'S SCHEDULE Sochi Time Biathlon Men's 15km Mass Start POSTPONED Women's 12.5 km Mass Start MEDAL 19:00 Bobsleigh Two Man Heat 3 18:30 Heat 4 MEDAL 20:05 Curling Women's Round Robin Session 11 underway Men's Round Robin Session 12 GER V RUS SUI V USA NOR V DEN CHN V GBR 14:00 Women's Round Robin Session 12 CHN V SUI DEN V GBR SWE V JPN CAN V KOR 19:00 Figure Skating Ice Dance Free Dance MEDAL 19:00 Freestyle Skiing Men's Aerials Qu
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