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  1. http://www.yonhapnews.co.kr/bulletin/2017/06/24/0200000000AKR20170624052100007.HTML According to this article, Moon Jae In is already proposing both Koreas to march as a single team in the Opening Ceremony. It also mentions the new korean president intentions of turning these games into a "Peace Olympics" event. I still have second thoughts about this but I guess we'll have to wait and see.
  2. Yuna Kim lightning the cauldron seems most likely tbh given almost everyone wants her and she was already made an ambassador and has posed constantly with the torch ever since it was released. I'm having a feel they might try taking another direction with the final torchbearer (not that I have anything against Yuna, just that it seems way too predictable at this point).
  3. ^^ Many were acussing him of being a closeted North Korea sympathizer. I didn't wanted to believe it but I'm kind of understanding now why they were saying that (beside this he's also suggesting doing a joint World Cup bid with NK).
  4. When I read the headline, the first thing which crossed my mind was "Oh, I get it. This is just a joke or something" Then I realized this is actually for real. There are so many things wrong about this (the already known godawful human rights record, the fact they're announcing this when NK has literally no experience hosting events or whatsoever, the fact they recently killed an american student) but i would probably take this entire page by writing stuff we all already know, so why even bother. I still don't know what to think about this. Kind of pathetic from their part trying to appease the beast aka a stupid manchild called Kim Jong Un and the tantrums he always throws just to keep everyone scared and afraid.
  5. https://mascota.lima2019.pe/ Worldwide voting for the mascot has begun. They will show the results on July 26.
  6. Wayqi is adorable! (Sorry but I have a soft spot for lizards). The other two....not so good, tbh. . I hope they pick him.
  7. ^^ Saw the complete thing (this was just the last 5 minutes) and it was just slighty better than the dreadful 2014 op but still bad. Like i said before I hope they're saving the best for 2018.
  8. Yikes. I hope they're saving money for the 2018 opening, because this was honestly the same level of horridness than Brazil 2014.
  9. Turkey decided to deploy troops in Qatar to protect them from a possible KSA invasion. Syrian Kurds said they would support KSA and join them. This needs to stop. Even if many of us would want Qatar to get screwed up, this could become WWIII if it gets out of hand. Its escalating way too quickly.
  10. KSA threw a 24 hours Ultimatum yesterday telling Qatar to stop supporting Muslim Brotherhood and to freeze all of their assets. On the other hand, Qatar threatened to sink any submarine from either KSA or EAU/Bahrain which entered their territory. This is starting to get really ugly.
  11. ^^ Kuwait seems to want to stay away from the accussations and prefers acting as a mediator instead. So it's unlikely they will get involved.
  12. Qatar was supossed to host the Gulf Cup of Nations in December (for which the Doha stadium was refubrished, also for the 2019 IAAF World Championships). That one is most likely going to be taken away from them given almost every Gulf State wants to see Qatar burn right now. As for Iran, looks like Trump wasn't happy enough causing enough **** in the Korean peninsula. Now he wants to mess with the Gulf as well. Bad news is that oil prices will skyrocket, something which will help certain dictators around the world to strengthen their grip on their respective nations.
  13. I find this adorable considering half of these countries are also supporting extremism one way or another. Is like a group of murderers acussing each other of who killed the most people.
  14. And they're currently refubrishing everything for the upcoming SEA Games in August. They would certainly be a good option to host the CWG.