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  1. Behind the scenes of LA 1984 opening ceremonies
  2. African Cup of Nations 2004 in Tunisia opening ceremony Also someone is uploading the 2001 Mediterranean Games opening, also in Tunisia (so far only part 1 though)
  3. ^^ Thank you for your contribution! I hope someone eventually uploads the full opening ceremonies (and no more clips which are the concert by Bird Thongchai )
  4. Yikes. Two countries with very dubious reputations (one known for being the worst Theocracy in the world even though they are slighty tuning it down a tiny bit ever since that Prince became the effective ruler, and the other one, while not being as theocratic, know for having shamelessly bought an international even host rights and treating their expats workers like crap). Guess the Asiad size also grew so much out of proportion no one except the big/rich countries in Asia want to host it anymore. If i had to pick one, maybe Riyadh just to shake things up a bit and because Doha already hosted in 2006. But just because i'm interested in something different, since KSA human rights wise is the worst of the two.
  5. In the last decade they've been more open with mainland China (even though the new anti-mainland government which rules since 2016 has soured these relations) and most of the tourism Taiwan receives is from mainlanders. Taiwan dodged the virus for two months because they banned the entrance of all mainlanders very early. Problem is the virus is not exclusively a mainland China thing anymore hence why their COVID cases are slowly rising now. There are strong rumours the virus did arrived in NK and that the government quietly killed those who were infected. It's difficult to know anything precise from NK given their orwellian censorship machinery. Philippines now has more than 1000 cases according to this article: https://www.thestar.com.my/news/regional/2020/03/29/virus-cases-in-philippines-exceed-1000-with-272-new-case-recorded
  6. ^^ This. It was very obvious Japan was lying about the real numbers due to their (and IOC) initial desperation to hold the Olympics whatever it took. Thankfully, Australia, Canada and the UK finally gave them a reality check. If anything this whole mess kind of diminished my usual respect for the way Japanese do things.
  7. We all had hopes the event would go on but with Coronavirus still spiraling out of control and becoming the worst health crisis since the Spanish Flu, it's ridiculous and unrealistic to keep believing things will be normal by summer. Surely they might not be as bad, but we'll still be in a state of panic and restriction as long as there is no vaccine or a clear treatment for the disease.
  8. At least they're not cancelled. Frustrating, but understandable. It only took direct threats from Canada, UK and Australia for the IOC to finally wake up and smell the coffee. So what's going to happen to the torch relay? I legit stopped watching anything related to the olympics to avoid depression (part of me already knew for weeks this wasn't going to happen). They should just stop it, not mentioning still holding it was a suicide mission which would had gotten more people infected.
  9. China should be stripped of 2022 if the cancellation/postponement happens. I refuse to believe there won't be consequences/punishment for these actions. And i'm getting extremely sick at how their propaganda tool is trying to slide the entire world to make them unironically believe the US caused the virus. Trusting in the PRC was the worst mistake the world ever did.
  10. It had to be done. Still though, it's fucking depressing.
  11. Hello,

    I've been looking to watch the Opening Ceremonies of Vancouver 2010 from the Canadian broadcaster, CTV. I came across your posting back in 2010 (link below) where you mentioned to others that you had a copy of the CTV feed of the ceremony. If you still have access to it would you mind please sending to me?




  12. When this is over the whole world economy will be alike to that of a Post-WW one. We're royally screwed.
  13. Eurovision is now cancelled....
  14. For an organization which has been seeking desperately to fix their damaged prestige after the Sochi fiasco, they're really doing an effort at having their event even more hated than it already was by people now with this stubbornness, and because organizations such as NBC are more afraid of losing money than the life costs.
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