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  1. Doing the closing ceremony in Verona sounds like a cool idea but it could also be a logistical mess (also it would make more sense if the closing is done in Cortina, which is the actual co-host of these games). I have a feel they might dump these ideas in the end and make the ceremonies at either the old San Siro or whichever new stadium they decide to build.
  2. Oh, and by the way, forget about San Siro hosting the opening ceremony. They are going to torn down the stadium and build a new one. Ironically, it was announced today. All too reminiscing of Torino original plans of doing the ceremony in the ill fated Delle Alpi. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/9355926/ac-milan-inter-san-siro-630m-2022/
  3. Video showing the reaction of people in Milan during the announcement. Also, very good news for Marco Balich and his group, which will most likely make the ceremonies. I just hope they're better than Torino, though.
  4. This all sounds like Stockholm deliberately and covertly sabotaged their own bid. In fact, most of the swedish people i've read online so far are literally throwing confetti and being glad that they weren't picked to host the games, also saying the whole Bid was made up of farces and lies only their own members believed. Reminder that, on the 2004 race, an extremist group went as far as to bomb the Goteborg and Stockholm stadiums in order to ruin their bid for the 2004 games, citing the same reasons (taxes increase, billions of dollars spending, more tourism, etc. )
  5. Congratulations, Milan! Kinda hoped Stockholm would get it but alas, the most realistic and credible bid won in the end. And this is good news for the norwegian plans for 2030. I am sure Italy will do a wonderful edition of the games once again. Will put all my trust in them.
  6. Ikarus360

    Lima 2019

    Yikes. A very small stage indeed. This is not looking well. Also, strong rumours Luis Fonsi is going to perform Despacito. Oh no.
  7. Ikarus360

    Ceremonies on UTube, Part 3

    Opening ceremony of the 2019 European Games
  8. Ikarus360

    Minsk 2019: II European Games

    He was speaking in russian. The whole ceremony was in russian. Reminder this guy literally eradicated belarussian language and replaced it with russian just to please Putin, to the point speaking in belarussian will make you be considered a dissident.
  9. Ikarus360

    Minsk 2019: II European Games

    And this is where I mute the stream. Screw Lukashenko and his self-masturbatory speech. Good thing the next games will be held in a proper democracy. That is as long as Poland govt doesn't keeps leaning too much to the far right like they've been doing lately.
  10. Ikarus360

    Minsk 2019: II European Games

    Asian Games don't rise the Olympic Flag either. Also I think the Pan Ams stopped doing this after they properly adopted an anthem and will premiere a new flag/symbol this year. Seem things are changing a bit ever since Vazquez Raña died.
  11. Ikarus360

    Minsk 2019: II European Games

    How many tones can that singer do, holy crap Also, suddenly, Vangelis.
  12. Ikarus360

    Minsk 2019: II European Games

    Heavy use of virtual reality so far. They're taking some notes from Pyeongchang.
  13. Ikarus360

    Minsk 2019: II European Games

    Belarusian TV will stream the opening ceremony on their website http://domatv.net/155-belarus-1.html
  14. Ikarus360

    Minsk 2019: II European Games

    Stage is almost ready
  15. Ikarus360

    Ceremonies on UTube, Part 3

    Yikes. Another terrible Copa America opening. Even the 2015 one was better than this.