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  1. Ikarus360

    Doha Considers Bid To Host 2030 Asian Games

    The IOC, for all its faults, at least didn't sold itself to Qatar and killed off earlier their previous bids to the Olympics.
  2. Ikarus360

    Doha Considers Bid To Host 2030 Asian Games

    They are ruining the IAAF at the moment, just a small appetizer of the unholy mess which await us all in 2022. Please name me a more plastic, irrelevant, unlikeable and dumb host for sports than Qatar/Doha.
  3. Ikarus360

    Ceremonies on UTube, Part 3

    Wow, this was really bad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NV_DHNRvLg
  4. Ikarus360

    PyeongChang 2018 Mascot

    Sorry for the necroposting, but this is kind of interesting. Soohorang and Bandabi popularity popularity after the WOG ended was so big the people of Gangwon province didn't wanted to let them go. So they've decided to make them the official mascots of Gangwon starting next month, after a year of discussions. However, due to copyright issues since the mascots are still owned by the IOC, they had to be renamed and slighty redesigned as Beom-E and Gom-E. They still easily keep most of the spirit of the original duo, though. Very happy to see these mascots will still stay alive (sort of) since they were easily one of the best in a very long time. Dunno if other olympic host in the past decided to keep their former mascot alive as part of something.
  5. *55 million. https://www.olympic.org/news/pyeongchang-2018-announces-surplus-of-at-least-usd-55-million
  6. Good for them, I guess. I mean, in the end the Pyeongchang games got a surplus of at least 55 USD, so not everything was bad news. However it is true they've taken their sweet time into finding a purpose for all of these venues and it sounds like the WOG weren't enough to fully transform Gangwon into the winter sports hub they wanted it to be, so they're aspiring for the Youth games as a final push for that. Not sure if it will work considering even less people care for the YOG, but if no one bids for this then Korea can easily grab this into the bag.
  7. Ikarus360

    National Stadium(1964 Olympic Stadium)

    Well, Japan has a Rugby League so maybe one of the teams will be playing there though the official first test event of the stadium will be the Emperor's Cup final in January 1st. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_Emperor's_Cup
  8. Ikarus360

    National Stadium(1964 Olympic Stadium)

    New pictures released today by japanese newspapers. We have clearer shots of the running track. The stadium is officially 98% completed now.
  9. Ikarus360

    National Stadium(1964 Olympic Stadium)

    New video showing the suroundings of the Olympic stadium, which are pretty much about to be finished.
  10. Ikarus360

    Tokyo 2020 Ceremonies

    Opening ceremony of the Rugby World Cup. Probably a different team that the one in charge next year, but for being a simple ceremony it was actually nicely done (focused mostly on japanese folklore this time). It's a shame FIFA ceremonies are in such an embarassing absolute state the Rugby ones are doing a better job these last years.
  11. Ikarus360

    Ceremonies on UTube, Part 3

    Rugby World Cup opening ceremony held today at Ajinomoto Stadium, Tokyo. Will post a better version when available
  12. Ikarus360

    Ceremonies on UTube, Part 3

    Lightning of the Barcelona 92 cauldron as seen from japanese television.
  13. Ikarus360

    2022 Mascots

    Soohorang can still sit on his throne in peace, to be honest. But they're a nice attempt. Panda will sell well with the kids. Also most of the jokes I see online are comparisons of the Panda and lantern boy with some vidya/anime/movie characters
  14. Ikarus360

    2022 Mascots

    Mascot of the paralympics is an anthropomorfic lantern child. Fits with the fact the winter games will be happening somewhere around the Lunar New Year celebrations.
  15. Ikarus360

    2022 Mascots

    Video presentation