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  1. With Trump now out of the game, the probablity (if there was any) of an american boycott to Beijing 2022 is pretty much zero. Now lets hope Biden can do a good answer to COVID in his presidency.
  2. Spain is one of the EU countries which managed COVID the worst, and their government is a Tower of Babel right now, constantly quarreling between each other, a PM who made pacts with every kind of crazy political party just so he could be elected, and the leadership of PODEMOS who are basically turning the country into a Banan Republic. Trust me, hosting the Olympics in Spain right now is the worst idea you can have. Spain is going to have an economic crisis soon which will make the early 2010s one look very tame in comparison.
  3. What an absolute shitshow awaits us for 2022. And sadly they will most likely either get away with it or not give any care for a boycott and still call it a victory anyway. Anyone who has been following the IOC for years should know already they're spineless, so don't expect anything from them other than having Russia rent free in their heads 24/7. Another associate organization of Winnie Pooh just like the WHO.
  4. "Qatar is positioning its bid to host the 2030 Asian Games in the capital as a low-risk and responsible choice during a time of uncertainty. " Translation: We know everyone's economy is ruined thanks to Covid and no one will want to host an event which is growing out of proportion just like the Olympics itself for a decade so give it to us who still have tons of money to waste.
  5. Azerbaijan, flaring up the old Naghorno conflict which could potentially end into a mass genocide, and Belarus, cheating elections again and jailing up all of its opossition, including a 70 years old grandmother. Nice "hosts" you picked, EOC.
  6. The fact China has been punishing Australia in the last months due to the later getting tired of their growing aggressive diplomacy by suspending imports from Australian products and forbidding their tourists to visit Australia (which in turn has been causing economic damage to the country) has only added more fuel to the fire. While I admire Australia for taking a stand against their ever growing influence in Oceania, its sad that still many countries prefer to remain silent and haven't grown a pair yet to make actual changing choices. The american politicians, for example, talk too much abou
  7. Thread to post about the current progress in the Beijing 2022 venues. Zhangjiakou Ski Jumping Center Beijing Ice Ribbon
  8. Its not too talked because in the end nothing bad happened, thankfully. But russian hackers attempted to disrupt the PC2018 opening as revenge for the ban against their country because of doping. While some computers were hacked, thankfully the show was not disrupted and none of us learned about it until later. With Russia being banned once more for Tokyo 2020, I wonder if the hackers will try to pull the same move again (that, if we ever get the Tokyo games ) https://www.theverge.com/2018/2/25/17050868/winter-olympics-2018-russia-north-korea-cyberattack-opening-ceremonies
  9. Boycott or not, these are going to be very controversial games, and the Pandemic just magnified it. I would like to know how Japan will react in case the Tokyo 2020 games are definitely axed (and yes i know they recently said they want to keep doing them with or without the pandemic, but good luck having no spectators and athletes lol. They will backpedal from that decision very soon).
  10. https://www.sportbusiness.com/news/beijing-2022-opening-ceremony-will-celebrate-chinese-new-year/
  11. Yeah, the look of the games was released last May, but I don't blame anyone for not noticing due to the current status of the Pandemic. Anyway. Beijing Winter Olympics color system and core graphics release dynamic graphics for the first time in Olympic history https://www.tellerreport.com/sports/2020-05-08-beijing-winter-olympics-color-system-and-core-graphics-release-dynamic-graphics-for-the-first-time-in-olympic-history.rJDKIIzc8.html So, yeah, much like the LA'28 logo, they're going for the Dynamic graphics. Which means we're going to have a Look of the Games in moti
  12. Actually, very innovating. It was about time we had a groundbreaking logo which would fit the current digital era, and I like how the way the "A" changes talks so much about LA's identity and culture without going over the top. I agree they could had used a better font for the rest of the letters, though. It was just very weird that they released it so early. It should had happened in 2021, but i guess they now have plenty of time to get to work in a brand which also matches perfectly with this and with the digital age. I hope there are nods to the Festive Federalism brand of LA'84.
  13. So many things that could had been avoided by just electing Almaty. Many of you fail to realize the IOC is yet another puppet organization of Winnie Pooh. If we want China to stop being awared so much advantage, the first step is to get rid of the people in charge in Laussane.
  14. The fact WHO screwed up badly and some stupid people in our government says we have to use mask and avoid crowds and public places while they go to the beach and have fun until they're caught by a random person is not helping at all to stop anti maskers. And if you think they're bad, wait for the anti vaxxers later this year.
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