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  1. People should be directing their rage against the Olympics and the IOC instead of China. The later is someone who will never change and which repeatedly fucks with the world, but the IOC thought it was a wonderful idea to let them host or even participate in a bidding proccess. And they still have the courage of talking about crap like Olympic Truce, human rights and brotherhood of people. I would like them more if they kee the whole kumbaya stuff for themselves and just said straight away "We love money". Doesn't make them less horrible but I like when someone is honest at least.
  2. Good. What the organizing comittee needs now are young people. Not a bunch of old boomers with ultraconservative views. I always felt they were part of most of the problems these games (which everyday I feel more and more like they are cursed since its inception) had so many issues. To think I was so overconfident 7 years ago when Tokyo was elected that nothing would go wrong. Japan reputation for organization skill has taken a very bad blow.
  3. Looks like the Olympic Channel is posting ceremonies again. Albertville (which is not in the Youtube channel) is fully up for example. https://www.olympicchannel.com/en/search/videos/?q=opening+ceremony
  4. Full opening ceremony of Spain 1982 World Cup, this time without cuts.
  5. China dropping subtleness and acting like the owner of the world already. Their olympics can **** off for all I care.
  6. Like I said in another thread, IOC is another bought organization by Uncle Winnie. Just another puppet of the CCP so don't expect anything from their mouths which is not shilling for China. If Coubertin was alive he would die again seeing what a joke the IOC has become.
  7. Not a bad design, actually. It's pretty nice. Too bad I don't give a damn for these Olympics overall so I might not even watch either the relay or ceremonies. You killed the Tokyo games? You get no watches from me.
  8. As much as I would love to, IOC is just another of the hundreds of puppets of Uncle Winnie the Pooh right now, sadly. The whole Olympic movement is a farce as it laughts at the hundreds of Uyghur girls getting raped.
  9. Zhangjiakou Ski Jumping Center is pretty much finished now. Ice Ribbon on the inside
  10. I'll believe a boycott when I see it. China has way too much influence at this point. If people really cared about not letting China host, their victory in 2015 should had never been allowed to begin with. Now it's too late. Either way, at the pace we're going their Olympics might get delayed/canceled too because Covid doesn't seem to end either by this year.
  11. Incursions to Taiwan have been happening for months and even years (though not at the same intensity). Its just China typical flexing at Taiwan to intimidate them, specially now that their current president does not want to bend the knee like the previous Kuomitang leaders did. China invading Taiwan, an island with its own army and weapons, would imply bloodshed and a war. If PRC government isn't this level of goddamn stupid, I doubt they will go straight for that option but keep intimidating to make taiwanese citizens feel scared and vote KMT back into power by next election.
  12. Good. That's what they get for being a bunch of boomers out of touch with the current times. The fact they are still forcing Japan to host the games when COVID is far from over is extremely stupid.
  13. At this point I don't know anymore if Japan is really doing this out of their own will or if they're kidnapped by the IOC to go on with this stupid charade. No one with a brain buys or believes these games are going to be held, specially with the bureaucratic crap they threw recently regarding when will the vaccinations begin in Japan, not mentioning said bureaucracy is also affecting many other countries with their respective vaccination processes as well. Goddamn stupid. Olympism just loves to shoot itself in the foot ever since Sochi.
  14. Nomura was replaced as director by Hiroshi Sasaki , the person in charge of the Handover 4 years ago. Ceremony is going to be heavily revised (which without doubt its an elegant for of saying they will heavily tone/simplify it down). Sad, but expected. And to be fair considering the huge disaster the world is living right now, holding a huge extravaganza would be disrespectful. I guess i'm kinda heartbroken it had to happen with one of the ceremonies I was looking forward the most. These whole games have been a cursed trip almost as bad as Rio. https://english.kyodonews.net/news/2020/12/5
  15. Qatar can't keep getting away with it.... Oh well, not like the alternative was any better to be honest. After the COVID-19 mess no country will really be interested in hosting this event for some time so its only natural either super rich and/or dictatorial countries gets them for now.
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