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    Are you OK with actually turning up now then? Ah, yes, here you are: Yes, Germany's most famous band have joined us as this is an announcement ceremony! And to conduct it, we have fahrt, fahrt, fahrted down the Autobahn to our host city, Frankenstein's hometown, DARMSTADT! We are inside whatever that tower is to crown our 13th Winter Olympic logo comp champion, & here in the heart of Germany, who could be better to do it than a man with years of experience in opening envelopes, the IOC President (& Olympic champion in fencing, 1976) himself - Thomas Bach! For once, he's not appearing via videolink - so over to you, Tommy: Bach: Danke schon - Guten abend aus alles. It is ein great honour to be here & see the athletes of [insert games here] gathered so peacefully in [insert city here]. I vish to give mein thanks to President Pu...I mean Chancellor Merkel for her support, & to Nik...I mean ze global sporting family for participating in zis great event. Ze Olympic Movement is...you know what, I do not need to do all zis. Let's get to ze point: Ze International Olympic Committee has ze honour of announcing that the 13th Gamesbids Winter Olympic Logo Competition is awarded to ze city of... PAUL! Yoshi: Danke Mr President. Your flight to Brisbane leaves soon, & Frankfurt Airport is next door. There we have it, proof that being late is not necessarily a bar on winning, as the logo comp colossus that is @paul takes title number 9! Apologies for the lack of a picture with Bach & the logo, that's due to the technical issues we've been having. Although I never heard anyone complaining that they didn't see Thomas Bach enough The result was clear after round 1, the scores were: A: 2 B: 1 C: 0 D: 4. That is Part 1 done, thank you to everyone who got involved, I know it wasn't a vintage comp with so little action on the board, but at least we had enough logos for multiple rounds. Theoretically, anyway. Thank you to everyone who submitted a logo, & also to all 7 voters. I was worried we might only get 3. Particular thanks to @Sir Rols for the admin help, poll starting, & even vote-getting thanks to his thread about old Tommy. Finally thanks to @paul for enabling us to survive Rols' Mac tragedy, & congrats once again on his latest win. And that's winter done! We will gather again tomorrow on a very special train to begin & maybe end our search for the summer champion. Until then, it's bier und bratwurst (yum) all round! AUF WIEDERSEHN!
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    QSAC Is too old for such a thing. They proposed to expand it to 90,000 for the 1992 bid, but how that was ever going to achieved was questionable (though I'm sure the bid team would have made a scale model on how they were going to achieve this). I'd expect a new stadium, somewhere near public transport and easy accessibility. It can be downsized post Olympics if need be, provided that no one wants to become a tenant. That's the Achilles heel of the bid. The main stadium is going to take a huge chunk of the budget, even if you get privatize the construction of the Athletes' Village and Media Village.
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    As the disastrous financial costs of the Montreal games of 1976 became clear to the world, there was only 1 bid for 1984 and 2 for 1988. But after Los Angeles hosted in 1984 without incurring debts it became fashionable to bid again. The same thing may happen again after affordable Olympics in Paris and Los Angeles.
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    Makes sense. Sapporo 2030 allows SLC 2034 exclusivity on sponsors. Not a bad move if thats how it goes down, as both will be solid hosts. IOC wants and needs "safe" right now.
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    More pics of the rehearsal plus the mini cauldron. https://twitter.com/tokyo2020/status/1228664283132657665
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    It's been a long old road to get here, but we made it! It might not technically be Cairo, but where could be more fitting for the crowning of our new pharoah than the Valley of the Kings here in one of the planet's most ancient cities, LUXOR! We have one aim in mind - to crown the 13th Gamesbids Summer Olympic Logo Comp champion, & since I don't like wasting time, let's introduce the man who's going to do the deed, Egypt's most famous Egyptian - Tutankhamun Omar Sharif Mohamed 'Mo' Salah! Mo: Good evening everyone, very nice to see you. After 5 logos were turned into mummies, only 2 remain. But only one can score the goal, & rise to the top of the league/Giza pyramid. Ony one can be the pharoah, while the other must head to the tomb. Only one can (Get on vith it, I need you back playing ze fussball - Jurgen Klopp). Oh, ok. With no further delay, the champion hieroglyphic of 2020 belongs to: SIR ROLS! Yoshi: Thank you Mr Salah. If you could take your time over getting back to Liverpool, there's a chance Arsenal might keep our unbeaten season record . Yes, it has finally happened. The old adage that those who can, do, & those who can't, organise, has been disproved as Gamesbids' finest wombat, @Sir Rols, takes his very first title. Once again, apologies for the lack of a proper picture with Mo, caused by technical issues, Rols' Mac being broken to be precise. I hope he gets it fixed (Sydney must have an Apple Store, surely), although perhaps it was a curse on his chances before...dur dur duuuuur! Well, it was Comp 13. As for scores, we had 5 votes in the end, & I was narrowly saved from the hell of actually having to make a decision: A: 3. B: 2. Close, but clear. So, that was the lengthened, lowkey, quiet, almost embarrassing but ultimately successful 13th Gamesbids Olympic Logo Comp. I can't tell a lie & say it lived up to the thriving comps of old, but we still had a field, we still had some votes, & ultimately as long as we have those, we have a comp. With that in mind, thank you to everyone who submitted and/or voted in the comp. Of course the main problem is that the forum's raison d'etre has well & truly gone the way of the dodo. But, a champion is still a champion, & this year's spoils belong to @Sir Rols & @paul. And the special thanks this time go to the same people, Rols for the thread-starting, vote getting, venting space as always, & Paul for saving the comp with his making the grids in absence of Rols' Mac. Just please mate, next time, don't leave it so late . So there we go, that's that. If we do this again, if the board still has some life in it, it will be at the same time again, December 2020, & I have plans for us to go on a European odyssey...shut up yoshi, can't say more yet! Until then, congrats again to Rols & Paul, & I'm told the Sphinx has something for us... FAREWELL/توديع - فراق!
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    OMG!!!! You like me! You really like me!!! i really, really never ever expected to win one of these things. I really don’t think i deserve to even be in the same ranks as any of the past winners. @yoshi stole my words, but it’s true - those who can, do., while those who can’t, organise the comp. and i do feel awkward snatching this off @JDCLauron - sorry mate, you deserve to be here just as much, if not more, than me. and if it had been a tiebreak situation I doubt, and even hope, I wouldn’t have been here now in this position. But, yes, it feels great, and on Valentine’s Day no less! Now if only I can get my Mac working so I can put mine and @paul ’s names and logos on the Victors’ Signature Banner. Thanks to all who voted - not just for me, but to anyone who clicked on a preferred entry in any of this year’s poll rounds. And especially thanks to everyone who did enter - there wouldn’t be a comp without you being willing to put your graphics skills in front of everyone to judge. So we come to the end of a long, hard slug to actually get this year’s comp done and dusted. And at times it felt like pulling teeth to get it progressing at all. Yoshi deserves a heartfelt tribute for making it happen - his relentless optimism and determination to see it happen trumps my pessimism every time. Thanks mate! Actually, i must confess, i almost gazumped him and thought about coming back out of retirement and launching this comp on my own around Halloween time last year - the theme of spooky towns for the 13th comp appealed to me. But in the end, I didn’t want to steal Yoshi’s thunder (and was probably too lazy in my retirement anyway). And a special mention to Paul for entering again (it always feels more “official” when you step up to the plate) and for stepping in to help when my tech travails happened at the worst possible time. Thanks soooooo much! anyway, it’s off to get myself a mojito and a fag and enjoy the after party! Thanks again everyone!
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    New Utah Olympic bid committee announced Here is one of the key takeaways from the story..
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    Olympics are approaching and given Japan has already revealed their ceremony uniforms some days ago, I think it's appropiate to open this thread. Uniform is meant to be a reversal of the 1964 one.
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    4F has unveiled the Greek uniforms. https://greekcitytimes.com/2020/02/06/greeces-official-tokyo-olympics-2020-uniforms-unveiled/ Also, Nike has revealed the rest of Team USA uniforms for Tokyo 2020. https://www.standard.co.uk/fashion/nike-2020-tokyo-olympics-sustainable-kit-a4355331.html Basketball team Podium outfits Track and Field Kenya has also unveiled its outfits....which are not being very well received at all atm. https://www.kenyans.co.ke/news/49449-ugly-kenya-olympics-kit-angers-kenyans
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    USA, Nigeria and South Korea have unveiled their kits for 2020, which is most likely what we will also see in the olympics. https://www.forbes.com/sites/demetriusbell/2020/02/05/us-soccer-nigeria-and-south-korea-unveil-new-nike-designed-kits-for-2020/#492bfabc1d4c Also, Nike has designed the outfits for the debut of Skateboarding in the olympic program. Specifically for the US, Brazil and France. https://www.dezeen.com/2020/02/05/nike-designs-first-ever-olympic-skateboarding-uniforms-for-tokyo-2020/
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    Personally I completely understand it even if it's a bit sad
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    Ariake Arena, venue for Volleball and Wheelchair basket was finished and opened some days ago. https://tokyo2020.org/en/news/notice/20200203-01.html
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    Congrats Paul - another notch on your record. I didn’t round to voting, but i do admit, i would have voted for yours if I did. Also glad to finally see a German city join our pantheon of make-believe (and a few real) games. And thanks to Glacib and JDCLauren for putting up some stiff competition, and for entering at all. Without you we’d have had no real comp this years. And thanks again Paul for coming to our technical aid. Methinks we might need to seek that aid again if the summer poll goes more than one round.
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    Well you got my attention, on my way to vote.
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    ok cool.......that will be my only winter entry but I have a New Orleans logo that I'll post later tonight after the game if that's OK? @JDCLauron the last couple months were full tilt...i didn't think i could get it together but glad to have made it in!
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    Here's one for Cairo. I see many opportunity to isolate the copy and incorporated the graphic element:
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    Here is my logo for DARMSTADT 2030....thank you joshi!
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    Coronavirus outbreak poses a lingering threat to Tokyo 2020 From Sydney Morning Herald By Phil Lutton January 31, 2020 — 6.15pm https://www.smh.com.au/sport/coronavirus-outbreak-poses-a-lingering-threat-to-tokyo-2020-20200131-p53woa.html What had largely been a dream ride for organisers of the Tokyo Olympic Games has come to an end. Only a nightmare escalation of the coronavirus would cause the Games to be halted but even the potential of an outbreak has organisers on the highest of alerts ahead of the July 24 start date. By Friday afternoon, more than 200 people had died and almost 10,000 cases reported in China, with another 100,000 in observation with possible symptoms of the infectious disease. With hundreds of thousands of visitors, athletes and officials preparing to converge on Japan in six months, the potential dangers are clear. There were similar rumblings ahead of the Rio 2016 Games surrounding the mosquito-borne Zika virus, which caused a number of athletes to stay away from Brazil but turned into a minor issue once the Olympics started. Yet the severity and scale of the coronavirus outbreak, which has now been declared a global emergency by the World Health Organisation, makes it a far greater challenge to Tokyo 2020 and the International Olympic Committee than Zika four years ago. The Australian Olympic Committee has been following the outbreak closely and been in contact with the relevant health bodies to ensure the safety of all the athletes heading to Japan. "The AOC will continue to take advice from Tokyo 2020 and Commonwealth agencies as the situation evolves. Countermeasures against infectious diseases constitute an important part of Tokyo 2020's plans to host a safe and secure Games," a spokesperson said. "We have been advised that Tokyo 2020 will continue to collaborate with all relevant organisations which carefully monitor any incidence of infectious diseases and will review any countermeasures that may be necessary with all relevant organisations. "In addition, the IOC is in contact with the World Health Organisation, as well as its own medical experts." While suggestions the Games may have to be cancelled are fanciful at this stage, it's no exaggeration to suggest a case of coronavirus at the Olympics, especially within the confines and shared buffets of the Athletes Village, would be a potential disaster for Games organisers. Japan has time to build its defences but the sheer volume of visitors presents a daunting challenge for the hosts. Professor John McBride, an infectious diseases physician and professor of medicine at the Cairns Hospital clinical school, believes the next few months will be critical in terms of the risks posed at Tokyo 2020. If countries outside of China can halt the spread of the disease and new cases begin to diminish, the threat could subside to the point where there is little to no disruption of the multi-sport event. "It will be a lingering issue. It may well yet turn out to be another Zika but it may not. It really depends on how countries go with their efforts to contain the disease," Professor McBride said. "Countries have the opportunity of arresting the transmission and hoping that the travel restrictions and the quarantine that has been put in place do their job. "That’s fine in countries like Australia. I would be surprised if the virus was established on a broadscale, person-to person transmission, in countries with high quality levels of public health." China could be another story entirely, however, given the size of the outbreak and the task health officials now have to contain it before it spreads even further. In the very worst case scenario, that could see the Chinese team asked to withdraw from competing in Tokyo altogether. More likely, it would mean a period of quarantine for Chinese athletes ahead of the Games to ensure they arrived in Japan with a clean bill of health. "They really have a big challenge trying to put a lid on this in places like Wuhan province, where most of the transmissions have occurred, and good luck to them. But if they don’t get it under control a month or two out from the Olympics, you could see a spectre of Japan saying, well, China can’t field a team because China is still cut off," Professor McBride said. "I don’t think they [Tokyo 2020] will allow it to happen. Even if China still had problems, there would be ways around it. They might say the team had to spent two weeks in quarantine before Tokyo. That may be possible. "The next month or two are fairly critical. If countries are very successful at controlling it and it remains a China problem, you could see a scenario where the Olympics could go ahead without too many problems but China may need to go through some quarantine requirements. "It wouldn’t surprise me if there were one or two other countries over the next few months that could also have problems."
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    China hasn't hosted their first Winter Olympics and you're already giving them another one? And not a single European city for nearly 2 decades?
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    Good news of the bid, the opposition came from an "outsider" mostly known for her xenophobic and anti-Aboriginal campaigns.
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    I thought the exact same thing when I saw the 80% figure cited. In addition, how many of the planned venues are simply listed as legacy opportunity. The feasibility study simply called them community centres, not exactly a viable legacy as has already been pointed out. I'm a bit perplexed on the main aquatics venue. I get the idea of using a planned arena but I would assume that arena is the Brisbane Live Arena which seems like it is also marked as the basketball arena unless there's a second arena also being planned? And the stadium issue will continue to be a problem. Brisbane is relying on the much talked about but failed stadium with huge amounts of temporary seating. Now going from 55,000 to 30,000 might be easier than say London's original plan or the Incheon Asian Games Stadium fiasco, but it still leaves the city with a stadium with no permanent tenant. It's a big assumption to assume a team will be ready to move in. A few weeks back I remember an article here dismissing an idea of co-hosting with New Zealand. While I think that's definitely out, it would not surprise me to see Sydney included in the final venue plan especially when the costs start going up for some of these new venues. Brisbane has no need for a rowing or slalom canoe course when Penrith Lakes would work just fine. I could even see the likes of Acer Arena included.
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    This is a bit disingenuous, though, considering that the structures that need to be built are the most expensive venues. There are many cities that are "only" lacking the main stadium, aquatics center, and two large arenas for gymnastics and basketball.
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    This took me the longest, from concept to completion! ENTRY #4 is... CAIRO 2032!! The logo features a stylized white "sun", inspired by Coptic origin of the name of Cairo -- Kahira, which means "land of the sun". It also contains the name of the city written in Arabic (see photo below, apparently not my official submission for Cairo 2032). The three colors blue, yellow, and purple represent the core Olympic values -- excellence, friendship, and respect, respectively.
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    Simple but effective. I like the circle patterns around the logo, which I suppose are a reference to the sun and the whole Land of the Rising sun motif. No one has posted the medals yet with their ribbons and case though, so there you go. https://worldarchery.org/news/172956/tokyo-2020-unveils-olympic-medal-design-celebrate-start-one-year-countdown Japanese ash wood cases, dyed with the same colour as the Olympic emblem, will accompany each medal. Every case will be unique. A closeup of the medals, you can see the relief pattern much better here. The medals resemble rough stones that have been polished and now shine, with light and brilliance as overall themes. They reflect the concept that in order to succeed, athletes have to strive and sacrifice on a daily basis. More than 400 professional designers and students submitted proposals in an open competition. Junichi Kawanishi is responsible for the winning design. “I never dreamed that the design I submitted only as a memorial to this lifetime event would be actually selected,” he said. “With their shining rings, I hope the medals will be seen as paying tribute to the athletes’ efforts, reflecting their glory and symbolising friendship.”
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    My favourites by year: 1992: Paris 1996: Melbourne (Atlanta's was quite modern for the time, and Toronto's was quite 70s and retro) 2000: Sydney 2004: Cape Town (however both Rome and Athens were quite classic, and Rio's was very festive and restrained) 2008: Toronto (great bid logo, one of my favourites - Beijing's bid logo was good too, very warm and happy, unlike the official logo) 2012: London 2016: Tokyo (one of my other faves, and vastly better than their 2020 logo) 2020: Istanbul 1992: Berchtesgaden 1994, 1998, 2002: Ostersund 2006: Sion (very unique and interesting) 2010: Berne 2014: PyeongChang (best of it's three) 2018: Annecy
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