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    Dear President Trump, please never tweet about soccer again
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    Donald & FIFA...this is not going to end well...
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    No, Brisbane came third. Belgrade lost six of its round two votes to finish behind Brisbane in the final round.
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    I agree as well. However, that statement does somewhat speak to a point that many of us have been making here for awhile.. as much as Los Angeles can deliver an Olympics "in a special way," that makes them more a unique host rather than something for other cities to serve as a model/template for. Nothing at all wrong with that
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    ^^ Depressing, we're leaving the EU but staying in Eurovision.
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    RIP Dame Tessa Jowell. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-44098760
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    Think about it - the Japanese are angling for a double award again - they know the IOC will fight for a European/Canadian Games first. Calgary will not bis again if 2026 falls over. The USOC will be busy with LA to really care about 2030.
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    Can't edit but should add that especially if the 20s breathe new life into the Summer games, the Winters are far easier to win - as long as you can pass a referendum
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    ....that's more likely than toronto hosting 2x within 20yrs ...here's a rare audition tape from toronto 2008 bid:
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    The words 'about soccer' are superfluous.
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    Well he can't be president in 2026, so there is that. I kinda feel sorry for Morocco, their calling card of being the first Arabic nation to host has been nicked by Qatar - when if anyone deserved it, it was them. And I think if they do win, the media etc will lump them in with Qatar.
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    The locals in Sapporo for the most part are supportive of the bid. As long as the bid team can guarantee the costs will stay down it will get through easily. The Asian Winter Games last year ended up well attended and on budget (if rather unspectacular). Politics is so cut-throat in Japan - there is no way this bid has even been made public if they haven't already got the numbers.
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    Their plan isn't based on the LA model and they have not done anything other than looking for potential cost cutting options. They are planning to do something similar to London's aquatics center that was downsized after the games and always have been. This really isn't the place for jingoism. The point of the Olympics is international solidarity and good sportsmanship rather than mudslinging. If you can't post in the Paris thread without trying to claim that Los Angles (and America) are better than Paris (and France) then perhaps it would best to ignore this thread and stick to the thread for LA.
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    I wonder if some the delays are due to the fact that the Tokyo budget is getting out of control and the organizing committee is scrambling to try to cut costs where they can. I find it extremely difficult to believe that Tokyo is going to pull this off with a $12 billion budget. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-olympics-2020-briefing/tokyo-2020-must-address-questions-says-iocs-coates-idUSKBN1HU0B9
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    The Graz 2026 website says June 2018. I can't see the tentative list of venues shifting much from those listed there, though.
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    Alright man, chill...I'm getting way more heat than is necessary. By bullshit I meant that just because a city is a 'global city' doesn't make it a perfect natural fit for the games. Rio is a great example, as is Athens. Yes they are fantastic global cities, but not such fantastic Olympic hosts. In the case of the other nations you mention, they have the luxury of putting forth truly global cities that are physically capable of hosting the games within the time slots the IOC desires; why would you go with a lesser city when the greater one can host even better (and in July/August). According to the AOC, Australia doesn't really have that luxury. Sydney and Melbourne are far and away the most suitable cities from every rational perspective, but apparently the AOC and IOC doesn't want to consider them because they can't host in July/August. I don't want Brisbane to host, I just think debating on whether or not Brisbane is a global city is a pointless fight to have given that the AOC apparently doesn't give a damn and has already decided to go with them. And just for historical clarification Brisbane made it to the fourth round (came in third place) for the '92 games and beat out both Amsterdam and Birmingham, and I think it's fair to say Amsterdam is far and away a more global city than Brisbane. As for my support for Houston, yeah, I do support the idea that the nations fourth largest city (almost third) and huge global center for education, healthcare, sport, research, trade, and culture should host the Olympics some day. My sincerest apologies for not thinking every US games should be held in Los Angeles.
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    She's only 91 years old, she'll be 96 in 2022 and the Queen Mother didn't die until she was 101. I could see her still being around. And you're right. It's smart for them to use existing venues, even if they're in London. It ensures the Olympic Park is used again, and spreads the excitement of the event. It's also just cost-effective.
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    No bias I'm sure. lolol I'd probably put it Baton: Glasgow Mascot: Gold Coast Medals: Glasgow Podium Design: Tie Medal Ceremony Music: Glasgow Medal Ceremony Outfits: Gold Coast Look of the Games: Gold Coast (had a dynamic London 2012 appeal which I loved) Opening Ceremony: Gold Coast Weather: Gold Coast Outside event scenery: Tie (whatever floats ya boat really. I'm always a beach boy, but that's personal preference) Closing Ceremony: Tie (both were bloody awful)
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    Point of Queensland is that they can host in July/August isn't it? (PS - have the IOC locked the dates now so the opening ceremony is always on the last Friday in July?) Whatever, I know it's only 32 years from Sydney but I think they should have a great chance. Australia is probably the world's most reliable country for hosting stuff like this & while interest is hot, the IOC would be mad to not consider this strongly.
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    Err...NBC can go **** themselves. Terrestrial TV will be long gone as a viable concern by then. Amazon, Google and all the other online broadcasting providers will be owning the Olympics by this time. Queensland should go after a World Track and Field Champs and dare I say it...Another Commonwealth Games, this time Sunshine Coast or even further up north such as Cairns for the interim.
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    That’s exactly Brisbane’s/South Queensland’s ace in the pocket for being Oz’s next summer games bidder - they’re really the only big city that has a climate conducive to a summer games in the July-September window. They’re by far the most balmy and tropical of our major cities and have by far the mildest winters - by August-September they’re very pleasant. Sydney can’t really promise much warmth before when they did it in 2000 in late September, and Melbourne has the coldest and longest of our winters - can still be chilly there up to late October. That’s the reason why John Coates says Brisbane is our only real shot at a future summer games. Of course, some posters will say they’d always make an exception for Melbourne (maybe they would if they had no other option, but the IOC made a pretty heavy precedent when they turfed Dubai out for its suggested timing). And then there’s the argument that should it matter if a summer games is held in a cold and miserable season? It’s funny, when they announced GC would be in April, my first comment here was that it would be close to cyclone season. And they really did I only miss the tail end of a few cyclones by the skin of their teeth.
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    Birmingham has a real opportunity here as it'll be THE big event of the Summer with the World Cup not being played till December.
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