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    Since the lineup will be increasing perhaps it's wise for them to do a joint bid with another country? Perhaps Portugal? By the looks of it they can add another 3 stadiums with a minimum capacity of 40k for the event.
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    Zenit Stadium in St. Petersburg is a rectangular stadium without the ability to fit an athletics track. The old Kirov stadium which was demolished did have an athletics track. I doubt it would be an issue. They'd build a state-of-the-art Olympic Stadium without regards to any kind of legacy. See Fisht Stadium in Sochi for a good example
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    With the "too early" current field of Malaysia/Singapore, India, and Brisbane.......Russia would be a shoe-in despite prior doping scandals, the IOC would trip over themselves to let the Russians spend lavishly again. For purely selfish reasons, Id hope St Petersburg was given a go. SImply gorgeous city, like it way more than Moscow.
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    I agree. Ruff is very obsessed and it is indeed sad. As for AA.. if the mantra going forward is "be like LA 2028," then the IOC is turbo-fucked. LA is an anomaly. A wonderful anomaly that the IOC should be thankful was there in the right place at the right time. But there is no way for virtually any other city to be like LA. This isn't a matter of management or planning. What LA can offer simply doesn't exist elsewhere. And if Paris isn't enough like LA to where Tammy and Tommy Taxpayer are on the hook, where else could they legitimately expect that to happen? If the Summer Olympics are largely being relegated to mostly the mega-cities of the world (and that's not necessarily a bad thing), so be it. However, if those cities don't fall under the "your stuff has to be built already" heading - and AA continues to point the finger at Paris that they do not, then what city is capable of offering that other than LA? Not sure another such city exists, so it's foolish to say the IOC should be hopeful of finding one.
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    Russia OUT England v Croatia France v Belgium And I stupidly booked a holiday for next weekend.
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    Some leaked merchandise, guess we'll see the rest in a couple of weeks.
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    I thought this World Cup was crazy enough anyway... Now England have won a penalty shoot-out - we're in the twilight zone
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    When one has Pikachu as an avatar what else needs to be said?
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    TNMP, why didn't you ever rename yourself a symbol?
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    WTF?? England 5 - 0 Panama in the start of the 2nd half..
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    And besides all of those severe, technical deficiencies, does it really sound like such a feeble & close-minded society like this really deserve such a grandiose & all-inclusive mega event like the Olympic Games anyway; https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/billy-elliot-some-performances-canceled-in-hungary-after-criticism-musical-could-turn-boys-gay/ar-AAz1mkm?li=BBnbfcL&ocid=mailsignout
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    it's a bad sweep if someone gets two advancing countries. top tier countries should have been separated out, similar to how i created 2016's flawless for/against sweep, which need i remind you was a big hit with all 4 people who participated.
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    Turns out the Ukraine's First National Television from Nation Public Broadcasting is showing 2018 FIFA World Cup matches after all for an undisclosed amount motivated by the fear of losing future TV World Cup Ukrainian broadcasting rights for 2022 and beyond: https://meduza.io/en/news/2018/06/15/ukraine-decides-to-broadcast-russia-s-fifa-world-cup-after-all Thanks to Japan's Soccer King's website, we can have access to the Japanese 2018 FIFA World Cup TV schedule with NHK/BS1, Fuji TV, TBS, Nippon TV, and TV Asahi. Live games only here. BS1 will air the encore of the one not televised originally on NHK or its sister TV channel BS1: https://www.soccer-king.jp/news/world/wc/20171225/688116.html FIFA's World Cup TV and online/mobile viewership this month is expected to be on the upswing worldwide to 3.4 billion. That's the power of the FIFA World Cup attracting soccer fans all around the world that can easily overcome all the scandal and sponsorship pull-out. American World Cup interest may decline due to its no-show on the aggregate even with Telemundo primarily catering to the Hispanic fan base, who are already hooked, and FOX both acquired the rights. Thanks to China and the growing popularity of soccer with the CSL and Xi Jinping's national devotion to it in part: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/soccer-world-cup-2018-global-audience-hit-34-billion-fifa-revenue-reach-6-billion-1120071 HBO Latino brought us Destino Sudafrica and Destino Brasil. Now this year HBO Latino and HBO Europe presents us with Destino Rusia when leading up to the World Cup there with the docu-series on mostly Latin players. Shown in 55 nations. https://variety.com/2018/tv/global/hbo-world-cup-docu-series-destino-rusia-2018-1202748981/ EMTV in Papua New Guinea is showing all 64 of the games from Russia. Guess EMTV has a sister channel to air the parallel final group games to fufill showing all of them with the opening cerermony and game highlights. Or is it airing them on a tape-delayed basis because like with Australia and New Zealand live games will come on from Russia late evening/early morning. Replays of matches come on somewhere from the 11:30-5:30 time frame: http://www.emtv.com.pg/2018-fifa-world-cup-russia-emtv-broadcasting/ Reliance JioTV and Airtel TV offers hundreds of millions of Indians online/mobile access for free to this year's FIFA World Cup live broadcast through streaming with Sony's Liv app in both English and Hindi: https://www.thequint.com/news/india/fifa-world-cup-where-to-stream-online https://gadgets.ndtv.com/apps/news/fifa-world-cup-2018-live-stream-match-watch-online-jio-tv-airtel-tv-1866982 https://indianexpress.com/article/technology/tech-news-technology/fifa-world-cup-2018-live-streaming-france-vs-australia-argentina-vs-iceland-peru-vs-denmark-5220234/ https://www.hindustantimes.com/tech/fifa-world-cup-2018-here-s-how-reliance-jio-airtel-users-can-livestream-matches-follow-live-updates/story-2hum5i0O9DarobyRKgjfBM.html
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    Some other news on the venue front: - The Aquatics Center will be semi-temporary. A 15k-seat temporary pool will host the Swimming events; a permanent 50m-pool will host Water Polo; and a permanent diving pool will host Diving. Originally, Water Polo was supposed to be held in a separate venue (Stade Marville), but now Stade Marville will still be renovated and used as a training venue. Obviously this will save money, which is good news in terms of legacy. - Fencing will no longer be held in a temporary arena in Le Bourget (next to Volleyball and Shooting). The temporary arena will instead be built somewhere inside Paris, to avoid paying eviction fees to the current landowners in Le Bourget. - The Media Village will be sightly smaller (1300 units instead of 1500) and the Athletes' Village masterplan has changed to reduce the amount of evictions of current tenants. source: http://www.leparisien.fr/sports/la-piscine-sera-bien-semi-demontable-05-06-2018-7753218.php