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    ^Exactly - & all the praises that the Olympics are finally ready to go to South America were being touted. And then looked what happened with 2016, the high anxiety that the IOC went through with Rio. And bcuz of that, I believe the IOC is going to cool for a while going to developing countries. “There’s more to Asia than China, Japan & South Korea”, but that doesn’t automatically equate that the other Asian countries are “just as capable” of hosting the Olympics. At least not as effectively & efficiently as the first three. Quite frankly, that’s a rather simplistic assumption anyway. And back in 2009 (when 2016 was awarded), the Brazilian economy was in a big boom stage. That’s not even the case with Indonesia right now. As a matter of fact, their currency has been steadily declining as of late. And that’s before we factor in all the pollution & poverty over there TBW. I find it funny, though, that the same people that are so critical of Rio 2016 after the fact are some of the same ones that are so gung-ho about Jakarta right now. Oh, the irony of it all lol.
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    Haha. This is great! Does LA even have a red light district? I would suggest they name their landfill after Trump, but landfills actually serve a very important service. It would be such an insult to landfills everywhere.
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    I would love a Shanghai games, but I think if it came down between Jakarta or Shanghai...I'd pick Shanghai. Especially given that Beijing is hosting in 2022. There's more to Asia than just Japan, South Korea, and China. Thankfully the rest of Asia is just as capable of hosting as China, Japan, and South Korea. I'd love to see a joint Singapore-Malyasia bid, or just a Kuala Lumpur bid. Either way the IOC would be going to a nation with a significant or majority Muslim population...that would be such a good transition ceremony; Islamic art and music in the LA Memorial Coliseum. Good thing Trump won't be POTUS then
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    Complete madness is that the IOC is still bothering with these redundant, frivolous, wasteful “kiddie” games. Get rid of them already, geez. Hardly anyone, aside from these boards, know they exist anyway.
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    Insane. Rampant poverty. Human rights abuses. Street crime extremely high in Dakar. Questionable (at best) politics. Yep - great place to send the kiddies for some culture shock.
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    As much as I enjoyed Jakarta 2018, and am curious about an Olympic bid... I know many people also enjoyed the Rio Pan Am Games in 2007.
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    Way ahead of 2028. Major street which cuts through many of the African-American neighborhoods to be renamed Obama Road. https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2018/8/29/1791996/-Obama-Boulevard-is-coming-to-Los-Angeles-and-the-location-couldn-t-be-better?detail=emaildkre I wonder if the Red Light district will be renamed Trump District. But that would be insulting the sex-trade workers, wouldn't it?
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    Xi Jinping is amassing more and more power and becoming the next Mao Zedong as we speak Internet censorship is among the worst in the world and now even VPN's are being hunted down (the last gate of freedom for chinese netizens) Uyguhr community is now being oppresed on a similar fashion to tibetans. Still economically support some of the worst dictatorships in the world including Venezuela which is facing the worst massive exodus since Syria Yeah, I guess we will never understand the eastern hemisphere """democracy"""
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    It would be a tour of Disneyland with Tokyo 2020 - Paris 2024 - LA 2028 Shanghai got a Disneyland but in all seriousness, The next Asian place to host the summer games after Tokyo Japan 2020 is likely to be Jakarta Indonesia 2032 or 2036. The 2018 Asian Games seems to be very well done going on all right done a amazing job as a back up host after 4 years notice imagine what they can do with the next 14 years, Jakarta is building allot of subway lines and transportation, By going to Jakarta the IOC could knock off two birds in one stone by going to South East Asia and the Muslim world at the same time now. 2032 could be an interesting race between Egypt, Indonesia, India, Hungary, Brisbane Australia and Shanghai China if the IOC want to go somewhere new for 2032 Indonesia and Hungary are likely the top favorites Shanghai vs Brisbane I think Shanghai would win it.
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    /\/\ Yea, I purposely IGNORED OJ's presence in that. He does NOT deserve any footnotes in history. But I was hoping to not see Bruce, errr.... Cailtin Jenner already running the torch in her high heels! Tee-hee. I love the shot of the cool tabby cat who seemed totally oblivious of the commotion but was curious nonetheless. And I think that's also actor and Brigidier General in the US Air Force Reserve Jimmy Stewart just BEFORE Audrey Hepburn came on. But then, 1984 was duplicated in 1996 and 2002. I'm proposing that for 2028, they take it to Puerto Rico, Alaska and Hawaii somehow -- so indeed, it will be "From sea to shining sea." Of course, we all shouldn't forget that this is a pagan symbol and the ritual was conceived and created by the Nazis.
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    I think that's the geo blocking for the site.. Have you tried YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/user/WorkpointOfficial yet?
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    I agree. I remember when it was a ONE-time fee of $9.95. I procrastinated - then when I finally decided to do it, it became a one-time fee of $14.95. I procrastinated again . And when I decided a second time - , sure I’ll do it - it became a *yearly*-fee of $14.95. Then I said, screw it. Why pay for the “privilege” of editing posts & the “premium members lounge” (like some high school clique ), especially when the website now gets money from advertising anyway, which in the past I think that was I on the very low scale, & I could’ve understood the fee back then.
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    Lmfao you know that’s when PuFF’s hot air has been stifled, when they finally resort to petty retort lol.
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    and perhaps that may be the true reason they are more keen for 2030. Alright IOC, time to make sure those bank account numbers and routing numbers are still up to date, SLC is going to need it to be the 2026 hero, and they are going to want all of the concessions that come along with that chivalrous move. Los Angeles is also gonna get rewarded handily for letting SLC jump them.
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    Oh, many English fans certainly aren't going to like this when the time comes to visiting Qatar...
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    i cant believe there are so many advocating that e gaming has a place in the olympics. is the shortsighted ioc that desperate to fund their seasonal fruits and cakes?
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    They should all unite to create the Reno/Tahoe, Vegas, SLC, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver Winter Bid! Ahh hech, throw in Montreal & Lake Placid, too! Problem solved!! The most venue-ready Games Bid Ever!!!
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    At least LA has reasonable goals and not bogus press releases to end poverty, homelessness and carbon emissions.