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    Shhhhhhhh I finally have time now that it's the weekend Thank you all for your kind words, I really don't know what to say haha. Contrary to what some others may think, I think this year's competition was great; I loved the beautiful gradients in Bernham's, I loved how incredibly well Paul ran his unconventional theme, I loved the perfection and polish of Davey's, I loved the tacky cliche of Rol's star, and how "American" Glacib's logo feels. And as for David's? Hey, I'm a sucker for the Dodgers It was a tight race, and I feel honored that mines somehow pulled through till the end. Thanks, guys! Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be trademarking my little hot dog so I'll be able to charge the IOC some big bucks later on PS. Nevermind the babbling cabbage, Yoshi. I think you ran the comp wonderfully
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    They put together some mock-ups to see what the eaves and seating will be like.
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    Los Angeles is the City of Angels, a colorful landscape of dynamic and diversity, and the goal of this logo is to reflect that. Radiating from the silhouette of an angel is the Olympic spirit, which dynamically accentuates the wings, adding color and movement, and acting as an extension of LA -- because LA is the Olympics, and the Olympics is LA. In the look of the games, sweeps, curves, and patterns characterize the movement of athletes and the firey Olympic spirit it brings. The bright colors -- all either warm colors inspired by the Californian sunset or cool colors inspired by the great Pacific -- are a homage to the colorful '84 Olympics during LA. LA is not a city of repetition. It is a city of colorful movement.
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    I couldn't agree more with the idea.. the current host city mostly treated PG as second priority. They poured all the resources and funds to OG then PG (as they didn't have choice, their main aim was OG but they should still do PG). Let IPC find their own host city that will pour wholeheartedly to stage PG. SO could find their host, I think IPC will also able to find their own host.
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    the WOG is losing bidders at about the same rate this forum is losing posters.
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    Lake Placid is too far from Toronto. I can't ever see this happening. Montreal/Lake Place? Yes. It's a bit more than an hour away. But Toronto/Lake Placid? Laughable.
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    Does everyone smell that? It reeks of desperation around the IOC these days. Good for them at least they're continuing to come to the realization that their organization is broken and needs to be fixed.
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    The Swiss will be like the Norwegian's, & in the end will tell the IOC to take a hike, especially being Sion. They didn't take to kindly when they lost to Turin back in 1999 when 2006 was suppose to be theirs for the taking. I'm sure some memories are still bitter.
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    Without traditional Europe in the picture, which is what the IOC really, really wants right now, I think that they'd be willing to gamble to see what could come about for 2030 in that part of the world. You just posted in the other thread about what Pound said in regards to Innsbruck's withdrawal. So if that's the case, then I don't see them being as rational this time out if that means awarding the same continent twice at the same time just bcuz "what other choice do they have". Plus, what would be trickier this time out, what happens when Almaty & Erzurum (or even Saporro) are also the in the mix? You know that they aren't gonna go anywhere (ie "referendums") & will cry foul if two "Anglo" bids on the same continent get picked at the same time while they get left in the dust. Lets remember that was even a point of contention when Budapest was still in the 2024 picture only a few months before they finally withdrew. Once they did, though, the IOC didn't have anymore obstacles for a double-lock & that's what they did. It's possible the IOC could still do that again, but without one of those spots going to Europe, then I see them holding more reservations on it this time out (all things considered), unless they ultimately believe that traditional winter-sports Europe has finally closed the door on them. And even then, they'd more than likely still be in denial.
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    Jesus Christ. You're the reason we need abortion.
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    No. Nothing about your irrational vendetta against Paris is a surprise.
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    Team France by Lacoste: Opening/closing ceremonies: Medal podium: Olympic Village: Accessories:
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    I‘m sorry, but I can‘t hear it anymore. If the EU is so unaccomodating and will suffer so much once the UK is out for good, why is Davis even still boarding the plane to Brussels? Just jump off the cliff and get it over with - paradise is waiting. I read today that German industry (which was hoped by leavers to push Merkel for a soft Brexit to save their UK exports) has the paramount goal of keeping the single market within the EU intact. They don‘t seem to regard the UK as highly as (sone in) the UK do. So, actions instead of words, that charade must end.
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    2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics Flame /Torch Relay CeremoniesFlame Lighting CeremonyTues Oct 24 3:30a ET - Olympic Channel (LIVE) Flame Handover CeremonyTues Oct 31 5:00a ET - Olympic Channel (LIVE)
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    I always saw it that when it went really small they became the sun rays and didn't need to be read. I sent the logo to the people at LA2028 saying it was a little project that I'd like to show them, got nothing back, not even a thank's for taking the time. So I hope their games are a disaster. Only joking ; ) It will be interesting to see what they come up with and when they reveal it as they have such a long lead up
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    Welcome to Spaghetti Junc...I mean La-La Land! Thank you to the cast of the aforementioned Oscar-hoover for getting us started. Ladies & Gentlemen, Madames et Monsieurs, good evening & welcome to the Dolby Theater here on Hollywood Boulevard, home of the Oscars, where we are gathered to crown Best Picture (literally) in this summer half of the 11th GamesBids Olympic Logo Comp. I hope you have enjoyed taking part & voting, & our trip around the iconic landmarks of this City of Angels. Get used to them, they'll be seen a lot more in 11 years. Again, as per tradition, I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who entered. Designing an Olympic logo is a tough game, & even more so for this site's famously discerning audience. Talking of whom, thanks to you as well, as we can't have a comp without voters. The Academy has nothing on you. There are always disputes and controversies about the Oscars, but this comp always has a transparently elected winner. And to announce that winner of Best Picture, please welcome to the stage The 45th President of the United States of America! Wrong Donald. Oh, Trump's here now: Trump: Hello, hello everybody, great to see such a crowd here. Let me tell you for certain, this is without doubt the biggest audience for a logo comp announcement EVER. EVER! And it's good to see the covfefe this is getting on the FAKE NEWS channels around the world, all seeing what a winner I am, yeah, a winner. Anyway, I have to go build some countries then nuke a wall. I think that's it. So the winner...the winner, of Best Puss...I mean Best Pict...I mean this...thing, is: Woo...hoo...itsme...83! Yoshi: Thank you Mr President. If you could maybe keep off Twitter for a bit, that'd be great - with 280 characters now, that's twice the space to cause Armageddon with. Anyway, before we all start glowing in the dark...Congratulations @woohooitsme83! It's a US home win, as Woohoo takes his second title, & first summer victory. You now take another place on the roll of honour, & maybe even the odd Google Image Search over the next decade or so. To finish the admin, the final result of Round 6 was A: 7 B: 8. The margin was smaller than Trump's...hands, but it was still enough to confirm victory. And that is that from LA, & from me, for this 11th GB Logo Comp. I must once again thank @Sir Rols for starting all the rounds up & giving us that image of the Donald doing something that looks sufficiently like awarding an Oscar to not make this ridiculous. Thanks again And to all participants in both parts too - I know this has been a bit lower-profile than previous events but hopefully you have enjoyed taking part & voting - I know I've enjoyed hosting it. As for now, well, we're on Hollywood Boulevard! Where could be better for a huge end-of-comp party? Let's end this comp how we started it - after all, we're gonna need to love LA over the next 11 years: LA will see you again in 2028!
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    360° Degree view of the Olympic Plaza. You can see the stage construction on a much better detail here.
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    Doing a search in Google, it seems "임충일" (Im Chung Il) is one of the Artistic directors of the Opening and Closing ceremonies. It seems he's known for his works in robotics. Apparently, he already worked in the Handover segment of Pyeongchang in Sochi, though he explains on this article he felt overwhelmed by the large size of the stage, probably hinting he preferred working in a smaller space, which seems to be the case this time for Pyeongchang. He was apparently also responsable for these small olympic automata exhibitions at the Seoul train station. Some pics and videos of the Automatas in action https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kr6EN2Wzcs4 I wonder if we're up for a large machinery-ish display for the Opening Ceremony, if that's the case. That would explain that large structure they're seemingly building under the pit, it might have to do something about it, I wonder.... https://m.blog.naver.com/PostView.nhn?blogId=hellopolicy&logNo=220957000088&categoryNo=94&proxyReferer=&proxyReferer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.co.ve%2F This is the Article i found(apparently is from March 2017), but the translation is not very good .
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    Saga in the post-Rio 2018 legacy with an expected consequence stemming from the arrest. IOC just suspends the Brazilian Olympic Committee and that Rio 2016 boss Nuzman: http://olympics.nbcsports.com/2017/10/06/ioc-rio-olympic-corruption-brazil-carlos-nuzman/
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    England and Germany have qualified for 2018 World Cup
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    If that comment is from the real Krow- definitely not your smartest ever.
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    This conversation finally got this longtime Colorado resident to stop lurking... If Denver decides to put forth a bid, there are certainly going to be a number of different challenges to overcome, but I wanted to highlight a couple more recent developments that may help alleviate some of the current constraints being discussed in this thread. The first is the $1.1 billion redevelopment of Denver's National Western Center complex starting next year. There's a lot going on with this project that doesn't necessarily tie directly into an Olympic Bid, but later phases of the project call for a new 10,000 seat arena to replace the Denver Coliseum, and the intent is for it to be capable of hosting hockey and ice events, and presumably could be used for the Olympics. Source: Denver Post (latest article on the project) Regarding a train to the mountains, if Winter Park is used for any events, remember the Ski Train already operates directly between Downtown Denver's Union Station and the resort. Obviously this isn't high-speed given the age, incline, curves, and numerous tunnels along the route, but it does offer an alternative to roadways and can offer a more predictable schedule for transportation for athletes and visitors. Source: Denver Business Journal There's many more issues that would also need to be worked out, and as already mentioned, chief among them will be what additional public funds are needed, and then convincing voters. As a huge fan of the Olympics, I'd love to see them in Colorado eventually, but there's going to be a sizable portion of the population who may feel they're not worth the increased exposure and hassle. If Denver/Colorado pursue a bid, they're going to want to rely primarily on using existing facilities, and private funds and sponsorships. Colorado, and Denver especially, is not shy about raising taxes for infrastructure projects, but the rub will be convincing everyone of the long-term benefits and ensuring it's not something only intended to show off for a couple weeks during the games.
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    you were robbed. this competition was awful. it was the worst one I've ever seen on here and there were some truly bad ones back in the day when that 15 year old mr. x acolyte ryan or whatever was running them. but your sun logo was one of the best any competition has ever produced ever. far better than the typical paint-by-numbers paul entries we get these days. speaking of paint-by-numbers, yoshi, please don't ever run another competition again. you may legitimately kill this forum, and anyone who's spent five minutes on here over the past few months knows that's not even an exaggeration. D- and that's being generous.
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    It is not a question of can vs cannot but of will vs will not. Colorado could host the Winter Olympics. But assuming a 50/50 private/public partnership do they really want to spend $4 billion in public money to host the Olympics? Especially in a state that does not want more development and where many people despise the New Yorkers who make pilgrimages to Aspen and buy hobby ranches outside Denver. I think you are being deliberately obtuse for the fun of arguing, especially in light of the fact that you have previously said that the IOC would never even consider a future bid from Denver.
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    Or, as I said, they can DISPENSE with the sport completely. There ARE OPTIONS when there is an attractive ANCHOR city and there are ways around the bobsleigh run. It's CREATIVE solutions to the unique geographical challenges posed by the WOGs that will win the day. The IOC is now open to those. The old paradigm, esp. for the WOGs, is no longer an absolute. All the more so, when there are NO other bidders.
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    if you go back to page 4, you'll see more..
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    It's official: Birmingham is to be the UK’s official candidate city for the 2022 Commonwealth Games https://www.gov.uk/government/news/government-confirms-birmingham-bid-for-the-commonwealth-games-2022
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    You should ride it some time. It's only a buck one way, 50 cents if you have a valid Metro TAP card. And, if you buy the two-way fare, you get a cute, old-timey Angels Flight ticket stub: Photo by me It's a nice little trip from say the Grand Central Market to the top of Bunker Hill to get to The Broad or Disney Hall or the Music Center or MOCA, and vice versa. And of course it's been seen in movies over many decades, from the silent film era, to film noir, to modern films: Hehe... Do I need to say the name of this movie? Scene from "Cry of the Hunted," 1953: Angels Flight, 1905 LAPL Angels Flight, 1910 LAPL Angels Flight, 1927 LAPL Angels Flight, 1930s. Angels Flight, 1957 LAPL Angels Flight, 1960s. As you can see, the demolition of the old structures on Bunker Hill was already well under way. Angels Flight was removed in 1969 and placed in storage, with the promise that it would be back within two years. By the early 1970s, all the Beaux Arts and Victorian-era structures of Bunker Hill were gone---and Angels Flight was still in storage. It didn't get reinstalled until 1996. This tunnel still exists, but when Angels Flight was reinstalled, it was done so half a block south of here, on Hill Street halfway between 3rd and 4th Streets... LAPL ... because 3rd and Hill in downtown LA now looks like this. A senior citizens' housing complex was built over the 3rd Street tunnel portal in the 1980s, so even if they wanted to put Angels Flight in its original location, they couldn't. Google Street View Peggy Lee (!) riding Angels Flight, 1968. I don't think it gave her "Fever." LAPL For those not familiar with Angels Flight, here's a package from CBS This Morning, which talks about its history in a nutshell. I was actually surprised that a national morning news show covered the grand reopening of Angels Flight. OK, I'll stop it with Angels Flight.
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    Maybe listeners would get bored of the descriptions with artistic presentation and move away for the meals, despite there was lots of music there. Don't know why Radio Bandeirantes kept on with the multiple Olympic news reports instead of immediately going to the OC's start with Luiz Melodia's "Aquele Abraco" and have the Parade of Nations in its entirety starting with Greece. Surely Brazilian listeners can get the descriptions and interpretations of what's going on like the Brazilian arrivals from the announcers with the music and atmosphere. I can get it if the perception that people will rather watch it on the multiple Brazilian TV channels from Globo to SPORTV to Band to FOX Sports Brasil to ESPN Brasil to Record, since the trend is make it more made-for-TV and visually heavy, as discussed on the Ceremonies thread. Get you up to speed about the Sports Emmys from May in case we overlooked them following a lengthy absence. NBC received 14 nominations for its coverage of the Games of the XXXI Olympiad out of the 41 the NBC Sports Group got overall. Out of those 14, it walked away with 6, mostly in tech for Outstanding Trans-Media Sports Coverage (certainly appeared to be a lock coming in with that category), Outstanding Sports Personality--Studio Host for Bob Costas, Outstanding Team Technical Remote, Outstanding Studio Design/Artwork, Outstanding Studio Sports Show in Spanish, and Outstanding On-Air Spanish Sports Personality for Andreas Cantor. So perhaps the Emmy voters felt the compelling need to spread the wealth after NBC cleaned up more or less with the London coverage. But interestingly, ESPN Deportes wins Outstanding Musical Direction for Los Capitanes' brilliant Olympic Suite score that Alondra Del La Parra conducted and was also used for ESPN Caribbean and ESPN Brasil for all their respective Olympic coverages. HBO Sports' Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel also won an Sports Emmy for Outstanding Sports Journalism for its Lord of the Rings: An Investigation Into the IOC segment. Although neither were in Rio De Janeiro for NBC's coverage last summer for different reasons like they were in London and Beijing, Mike "Doc" Emerick and the late Craig Sager also both won Sports Emmys: http://cdn.emmyonline.org/sports_38th_winners_v04.pdf http://cdn.emmyonline.org/sports_38th_nominations.pdf Chris Bascombe from The Telegraph adores the "brilliant" BBC Rio 2016 coverage that saw Team GB enjoy its greatest offshore Summer Olympics performance and raving about the sportscasters, but was annoyed at how the BBC kept asking Britain's winning athletes in various sports about their SPOTY odds serving as a misstep shadowing their end result: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/olympics/2016/08/24/the-bbcs-coverage-was-brilliant-but-spare-us-the-spoty-debate/ His colleague Alan Tyers liked the BBC's direction with its swimming coverage in its entertainment values with Helen Skelton, Rebecca Adlington, and Mark Foster at the pool: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/olympics/2016/08/10/rio-olympics-2016-the-bbcs-swimming-coverage-has-been-fresh-feis/ After the most-watched TV event in British television and broadcasting history with the BBC's London 2012 coverage four years ago and broke new ground then, the BBC as noted earlier in this thread with an even less staff from London 2012 by 40% (more similar with Beijing's), despite bringing in the big name heavy hitters as it geared up that August. Never ignored the issues going on (and possibly still ongoing now) with Rio De Janeiro with 3000 hours from that 455-member staff even when some of them reportedly dropped out: http://www.businessinsider.com/zika-terrorism-time-differences-how-bbc-preparing-for-rio-olympics-2016-8 But you can't please everybody, even in Britain, with the Olympic coverage from viewers. What in the hell did you expect? It's going to be national and will therefore focus on the British athletes and hold a national bias towards Team GB to a great degree even from an outlet as revered worldwide like the BBC. Like it is everywhere with a national rights holder from a major territory: http://www.express.co.uk/showbiz/tv-radio/698385/Viewers-slam-BBC-presenters-biased-coverage-Team-GB-Rio-Olympics-2016 SuperSport looked into the idea of using Afrikaans and Xhosa commentary for the Blitz Bokke Sevens and Zulu and Sotho for soccer. Perhaps for Tokyo 2020, SuperSport could look into the idea of devoting a pan-African Olympic channel highlights included. Online SuperSport allowed filtering its TV schedule for South African athletes to watch like Chad Le Clos, Caster Semenaya, Wayde Van Niekirk, Bayana Bayana, and the Blitz Bokke. SABC meanwhile wasn't going to interfere with swimming with rugby sevens going on at the same time from 10pm South Africa time.
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    oh ffs just give it to davey and be done with it.
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    So all this came out just today in preparation for 1000 days to go, but I'm not 100% sure whether this is the actual Look of the Games or not, but we'll see I guess. (Olympic Graphics) (Paralympic Graphics)
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    Thanks again With thanks to Rols for the song recommendation, it's the ultimate Californian band - The Beach Boys! You have probably worked out that we are in Pasadena (not the Netherlands), & to be more precise, the home of the 1994 World Cup's second most famous penalty, The Rose Bowl! We are not here to play football, or even to play soccer - we are here, a day late, for Round 2, which will hopefully not be inspired by Roberto Baggio or Diana Ross. Before starting, this is what happened in Hollywood, Round 1: A: 4 B: 1 C: 1 D: 5 E: 2 F: 0 G: 2. It's pretty plain that nobody got a majority here, and it's also clear that one logo is cast adrift at the bottom. So we must say farewell to @Lord David's Dodger-inspired effort. It may not be the last time we see the Dodgers however. The 6 logos that did get votes are in the pic at the top, & here are the usual rules: This voting round will be open for (approximately) 48 hours - it will close at 10pm UK time, Tuesday September 26. (The first couple of rounds will be open a bit longer as there's more entrants. Oh, and to give Krow a chance to do a red carpet review of the entries.) Voting will now be conducted in rounds until one entry has an absolute majority and is declared the winner. In this and following rounds, the logo with the lowest number of votes will be eliminated at the close of the poll. (And it will only be one in this & subsequent rounds). Vote in the poll for your favourite logo. You have ONE vote, so make it count. Your vote is public and can be seen by all. Entrants MAY vote for their own logo if they wish. For transparency, I will not vote unless required to break a tie. Votes are valid if cast by members of GamesBids as of September 1 2017 with a bona fide posting record. I will rule on the validity of any suspicious or disputed votes, or who constitutes a bona fide voting member. As mentioned, I will not vote in this, or any subsequent rounds. If a tie-breaker vote is needed, I will reserve my right to vote in order to break it. We don't want any lockdowns, do we? Be fair and sportsmanlike, this is meant to be fun and the entrants all deserve RESPECT. That's all I need to say - next time, barring a majority, we will be by the sea, for Round Three. Until then, may the best logo win! GOOD LUCK!
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    It is too far away for the athletes. It is farther than Vancouver to Whistler, and they had a second athletes village in Whistler.
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    Before L.A. was even crowned the 2028 Games, many Angelinos (& you going as far in saying that L.A. shouldn't allow itself in being 'swindled' in this latest IOC 'double scam') were saying that it's not a good idea at all for the later edition due to the simple fact that inflation & prices would cost more four years later & that would put L.A. at "greater financial risk" (not to mention the political risk in L.A. as well of waiting eleven years out for the actual Games themselves). But now that L.A. "has" the 2028 Games (instead of the 2024 ones that they really wanted), they have 'the advantage of time & less risk' - lmfao.
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    Of course cuts can and will be made to the metro project, it's the games budget that will be more interesting to watch when it starts to balloon.....unfortunately for Paris they are now in a rush with budget problems starting while LA has the advantage of time and less risk.
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    VOTE B! Our Motto: We Shall Overwhelm! Our movement: It's about the children of the world coming together!! Our Merchandise:
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    Oh, and one funny thing: On FB I saw an outraged leaver complaining about Danish fishing demands in return for a better deal and wanting to send the navy „like we did with Iceland“. I happily pointed out that the UK lost that „war“ with Iceland ;-) Poor guy is now on blood pressure medication.
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    I‘m not good at maths, but 1908/1948/2012 already makes three hostings, no? ;-)
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    Well...there was a bid for 2018 which wouldn‘t have given the IOC headaches...at least not of that sort.. Sour grapes, I know.
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    The problem with that apparent attitude from Barnier and Juncker is that it feeds into exactly the kind of narrative the anti-EU lobby have been seeking to create, accurately or otherwise, for years. They are allowing themselves to be perceived as trying to bully us and that impression is unhelpful on two fronts. First, it only serves to harden attitudes on both sides and make "negotiations" that much more difficult. But, even more seriously than that, it undermines the efforts of those British politicians who are still trying to argue the case for any continuing EU membership, if indeed that is what they want. As much as I have sympathy with the idea of a second referendum, I don't see how there is a hope in hell of achieving that when you see Barnier and Juncker behaving as they are. If we have been ill-served by our politicians, and let us not forget it was we, the people (though neither you nor I personally) who took this decision, then I don't think you can solely blame the Conservative party for that. Labour, in particular, has to take its share of the responsibility, not just for its attitude to the EU question when it was in government but its failure to persuade its supporters to back the Remain side in sufficient numbers. I will still argue with anyone who is prepared to debate it with me that it is unfair to blame David Cameron for calling the referendum, because he is the only political leader we have had in the last quarter of a century who was willing to try to settle the European issue once and for all. His error, and that of those around him, appears to have been to fight the EU referendum on similar lines to that of the Scottish independence referendum which they very nearly contrived to lose as well.
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    I'm sure that was simply due to the fact that the Lima session wasn't bringing anything into fruition that we all didn't already know for months now (the IOC's "approval" of the double-allocation back in July). Even on these very boards it was very low-key versus previous summer host city elections, when it would normally be abuzz around here, bcuz we already knew the outcome & have known it for a while now, resulting in lackluster coverage everywhere. Here in the U.S. though, the media did make light mention of L.A.'s "official" 2028 coronation. Well, I did say that I'm still very skeptical about the Swiss (simply bcuz of their track record). My main objection was, however, that I wasn't as completely convinced with the Austrians (or the Canadians) reservations just yet as some like to point out.
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    For me it quit simple if you believe n the benefits of staying in the EU you don't leave You can't leave and expect to negotiate the same benefits as being in. My feelings are that Britain can not leave the EU regardless of waht any politicians may be saying at the moment.
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    I wonder how LA executes the dual stadium Opening Ceremony concept. This should be interesting. One thing for certain, the opening ceremony will be under broad daylight (assuming a 6pm start to accommodate east coast viewers). If I was Garcetti, I would start the ceremony at the LA Coliseum (introduce the President and National Anthem), bring the artistic portion to Hollywood Park (for the theatrical darkness), the parade of nations and speeches back at the LA Coliseum, host a couple of musical performers back in Inglewood, and finally light the cauldron at the Coliseum. For the final leg of the torch relay, the flame is bought into Hollywood Park shortly after the artistic portion and takes a lap. It runs through the streets of South LA during the parade of nations, amid cheering crowds before entering the Coliseum. Hollywood Park hosts the entertainment aspect of the ceremony, LA Coliseum hosts the Olympic proceedings and parade of nations. Fans will get to choose which part of the ceremony they'll attend.
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    There's still a big elephant in the room - 2022 World Cup scandal. Unless the competition is completely dire, they will avoid Doha as a plague.
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    I'm with you here, the Velodromes are so expensive and useless. Complete waste of money. That is what is driving away so many people from holding the Games, the large price tag that is only going up. But I as well don't see the IOC doing anything about it or changing it, because if Russia can step up and say "I'll do it no matter the cost", who cares if all of the European cities drop out.
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    Lake Placid spent about $50 to spread a sheet of ice on the local high school football field.... and held one of the most dramatic and exciting speed skating meets of all time. Velodromes and long-track rinks are about the most useless of all venues. They could be dramatically cheaper if allowed to be built outdoors. If Agenda 2020 means anything, this would be a great baby step to take. Won't happen though.