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    I'm going to say 2 things that are most likely highly cynical and potentially a result of my impending march towards my mid 30s..... But I honestly hope we don't see any unification flag of the Koreas, we had it in Sydney 2000 and to be honest I just think it's baseless symbolism that just isn't a reality at the moment. We all hope, but let's not pretend the peninsular is a paradise of unity at the moment. That's not to say the North shouldn't be engaged this year, I just think a unified march is all a bit *ho hum, here we go again*. As for Pita, he's kind of managed to milk his 5 minutes of fame for the last 2 years and I guess it needs a jab in the arm and 2018 seems the perfect opportunity.
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    New: Architecture of the Games Magazine #1 - January 2018 In ‘Architecture of the Games Magazine’ we take a look at the Olympic Games from the perspective of the designer. We will be paying special attention to the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang. Other topics include Rio 2016, the new Candidature Process for the 2026 Olympic Winter Games and the Olympic Legacy of Barcelona 1992 and London 2012. In the last section you will find a report of our visit to ‘Olympic Capital’ Lausanne. This bilingual magazine is available to read for free via electronic publishing platform Issuu. ‘Architecture of the Games Magazine’ is a non-commercial, educational project and all contributors have offered their work on a voluntary basis. https://issuu.com/architectureofthegames/docs/aotg_magazine_1_2018 Preview Table of Contents SECTION 1 – RIO RETROSPECT 008 Colourful Olympics with an uncertain legacy 010 Barra 012 Deodoro 014 Maracanã 016 Copacabana SECTION 2 – UPDATE 020 Upcoming Olympic Games 022 The new Candidature Process 024 Tokyo 2020 028 Paris 2024 SECTION 3 – PYEONGCHANG 2018 034 Introduction 036 Masterplan 040 Transportation 046 Venues 064 Slope Characteristics 066 Olympic Design 070 Competition Schedule 072 Paralympic Games SECTION 4 – OLYMPIC LEGACY 076 Barcelona 1992: 25 Years later 082 London 2012: On track for a sustainable legacy SECTION 5 – TRIP REPORT 090 Lausanne: Olympic Capital 096 Subscribe 097 Colophon 098 About Architecture of the Games 100 For the Dutch readers
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    As insensitive as it may sound, the best thing people can do is bundle up. Pyeongchang County is one of the poorest counties in South Korea, and if the people there can survive the harsh winters, I imagine the tourists from Europe, East Asia and North America, where a vast majority of the athletes are from, will be able to survive with their fur coats and mittens. This is a Winter Olympics, so while they should've taken into account the colder temperatures, it's not like they were obligated to build a roof over the stadium. While I am worried for the health of people during the Games, the best advice one could give is exactly what has been said since Day 1: Bundle up like the locals.
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    Apparently rehearsals for the opening ceremony begin today so, as ever, that calls for a spoiler thread. Spoilers in here, protect the general thread etc etc, you know how it works. Hope this is useful
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    NBC Olympics will stream the ceremony live
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    Does anyone know when tickets will go on sale in the United States? Will they be sold through CoSport again? Thanks in advance.
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    Reminds us of how NBC first ushered in the Olympic HDTV era in the USA with delayed Athens 2004 Olympic footage in that format on the now-defunct Universal Network HD now 14 years ago. Came a long way in such a short time. Looking forward to what the 8KTV development will be in store come Tokyo. We know Match TV was planning to broadcast Pyeongchang 2018 after all with the official banning of the Russian Olympic Committee. Channel One already announced it will regardless. VGTRK said hell no. Now we can confirm that Perviy Kanal, Match TV, and VGTRK's Rossiya 1 all will show the Olympics after all "in a significant amount" and will "divide the Olympic broadcast themselves with the sports" like following Germany's and Denmark's pattern in deciding "who will broadcast the opening and closing ceremonies" (which is still being negotiated). Naturally, fans back home home will cheer on the Olympic Athletes From Russia on these being channels with the doping scandal context surrounding it embarassing the nation globally and tarnishing the Sochi 2014 legacy. Don't forget the Russian broadcasting rights were acquired through an intermediary company called TeleSport. I do think Match TV will cover the lion's share of the events broadcast with Channel One taking the Olympic Athletes From Russia-only events when they're serious medal contenders. https://www.rg.ru/2017/12/22/pervyj-kanal-rossiia-1-i-match-tv-budut-translirovat-olimpiadu-2018.html Reiterating what I recently mentioned about SRG. The more remote location in South Korea from Switzerland prompts the SRG's Olympic budget get reduced from 21.5 million Swiss francs to 19 million and a staff down to 160 from from 240 providing a combined 1000 hours that means fewer local people and infrastructure is needed. Production will be divided between Pyeongchang to SRG studios in Zurich, Geneva, and Lugano in each of the three Swiss cantons. Moreover, SRG will be behind the IOC world feed alpine skiing production over in Pyeongchang for the fifth time and its fourth consecutive Winter Olympics: https://bazonline.ch/sport/wintersport/olympia-als-argument-gegen-nobillag/story/27192598 Surprised you didn't even mention that British figure skating legends Jane Torvill, Christopher Dean, and Robin Cousins (I'd watch the BBC figure skating coverage just for them!) along with 2010 skeleton gold medalist Amy Williams, British Olympic skiers Chemmy Alcott and Graham Bell providing analysis all are part of the BBC broadcasting. More BBC Sport Pyeonghcnag 2018 info emerges like the amazing Claire Balding and Hazel Irvine leading the studio coverage, joined by Eilidh Barbour and Radzi Chinyanganya, bringing all of the action direct to fans from Pyeongchang. Daily coverage goes from midnight until 8pm across BBC1 and BBC2, which will also host daily highlights program, for the 17-day duration of the Winter Games. Coverage starts with Claire Balding's Road To The Olympic Games on February 8 on BBC2 and the Opening Ceremony on BBC1. As for the BBC radio, BBC TV supplemental, Red Button, online/mobile, and BBC iPlayer coverage... http://www.atvtoday.co.uk/110856-bbc/ Regarding Belgium, the public broadcaster with both Flemish and French broadcasting services, VRT and RTBF, respectively, do get together for massive transmission projects like the Olympic Games, World Cup, and national elections with their staffs sitting together as EBU members. But these structural cooperations don't occur often and are thus limited--and neither side actually take the time to learn the other's language very well at the very same Brussels headquarters. Much less integrated and systematic meetings. Few years from now, both will have separate headquarters: https://www.vrt.be/vrtnws/nl/2018/01/05/hoe-verloopt-de-samenwerking-tussen-de-vrt-en-de-rtbf-/ HULU WILL TEAM STREAM NBC'S PYEONGCHANG 2018 WINTER OLYMPIC COVERAGE, LIVE AND ON-DEMAND WITH VIEWER CUSTOMIZATION AND FULL ACCESS While everything will shown on Eurosport across Europe, including Italy, with its 900 hours on its channels and Eurosport Player, its Italian terrestrial sublicenser RAI, along with Team Italia Azzurri will show the best of the best and biggest events and both ceremonies on 110 hours of coverage. Did notice on the RAI schedule that ice hockey's not on the schedule released yesterday: https://www.insidethegames.biz/index.php/articles/1060013/discovery-communications-sign-olympic-deal-in-italy-for-pyeongchang-2018-coverage SBS, KBS, and MBC, TV Technology says, will engage in next-gen ATSC 3.0 4K UHD over-the-air broadcasting of Pyeongchang 2018 after all despite reports saying due to the fall strike involving KBS and MBC. Must have been working on this very extensively nonstop for many days to reach February. Since this past fall, all new LG 4K UHD TVs and most new LG smart TVs sold in South Korea include dual ATSC 3.0-ATSC 1.0 tuner chips. LG also says it's trialling the 4KTV ATSC 3.0 UHD next-gen standard the American broadcasting active participation starting with CES in Las Vegas this week: http://www.tvtechnology.com/atsc3/0031/ces-2018-lg-electronics-to-take-part-in-us-atsc-30-trials/282545 An update on the Rogers SportsNet TV scheduling that Daniel Anderson400 brought up. Just checked on the latest days available with February 8 and 9 as I write this. Rogers SportsNet's TV broadcast schedule has on February 8 just Olympic Morning programmed at 6am CT, and SN on the next day has Olympic Games Morning at 4:30am but SportNet Ontario and SportsNet East both have Olympic Games Primetime at 6pm while the other Rogers SportsNet channels are carrying NHL games at this evening timeslot doesn't exactly say where it begins and ends. Should point though at this point the schedule for February is still forming until an official announcement for listings happen very soon. ORF Sport +'s short near 17-minute documentary report on the behind-the-scenes making and look at the preparations leading up to them with its international sports hosting pedigree. Also we see how the Austrian Olympic Committeee and Team Austria are getting prepared. The intro to this could very well be the Pyeongchang 2018 OBS intro if not ORF's. In any case, it looks great: Now that I've seen this, you may be right Ikarus because it involves all the various Winter Olympic sports, playing Arirang, and using geometric triangulars for athletes. Also I noticed that there's a TVR Moldova, which seems to me that it will be that channel serving Moldovans transmitting to their nation since both Romania and Moldova employ almost exactly the same language. Could TVR Moldova formerly be TRM there replacing Moldova 1 and Moldova 2? Just discovered TVR Moldova is aired in Moldova and was formerly TVR Cultura and left those two alone since TRM can't afford the Olympic broadcasting fee by themselves.
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    ^^ In the 2002 Asian Games in Busan, both Koreas marched as an unified team, using the Unified Flag. However after watching some small excerpts in YT, they did used the Taegeugki flag (in the closing they raised it and played South Korea anthem). Also I saw opinions of many online which say they will be very pissed if the Taegeugki is not displayed because the event, even with NK participation, is something they've prepared for many years as SK, even going through two crushing defeats. I think they will play the SK anthem and flag on the protocol while use the Unification Flag and both teams marching together for the parade. NK is way too beyond reasoning. While I'm glad there will be peace talks to assure there will be security on these games, on the long term, i'm not that hopeful. Even during the Sunshine Policy, North Korea always loved to make all kind of provocations like testing missiles/shootings at the border/etcetera. Also China will do everything they can to avoid having a "proxy state of the US", as they say it . At least the whole boogieman of NK attacking during the Olympics will finally be gone. This might help with the tickets sales on the remaining 31 days before the games start.
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    Newly posted on youtube! Nice (though silent) footage of highlights of the Opening Ceremony of the 1975 Pan American Games at Azteca Stadium in Mexico City:
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    Some Very Interesting news coming out of The FA in England. Looks like the FA is going to be bidding for the 2030 world cup. We have also got the backing of Germany (The DFB) and even UEFA are keen as well. Here is the Daily Mirror and Sun Articles: http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/england-set-bid-world-cup-11762276 https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/4901830/england-amazingly-backed-by-germany-in-world-cup-2030-bid/ Ideal Locations for Stadiums: Would Probably be 15 shortlisted 1. Wembley - London - 90,000 2. Old Trafford - Manchester - 75,643 (Possible Future expansion to 88,000) 3 .Bramley Moor Dock Stadium - Liverpool - 61,878 4. Tottenham New Stadium - London - 61,559 5. Emirates Stadium - London - 60,432 6. Ethiad Stadium - Manchester - 55,097 (Possible Future expansion to 61,000) 7. Anfield - Liverpool - 54,074 (Possible Future expansion to 58,000-60,000) 8. St James Park - Newcastle - 52,404 9. Stadium Of Light - Sunderland - 48,707 10. Villa Park - Birmingham - 42,655 11. Hillsborough - Sheffield - 39,732 12. Elland Road - Leeds - 37,890 13. Stadium:mk - Milton Keynes - 30,582 (Expansion to 44,000) 14. King Power Stadium - Leicester - 32,312 (Expansion to 42,000) 15. Bramall Lane - Sheffield - 32,609 (Expansion to 38,000-40,000) Do you think this is an interesting development?
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    Exactly - but as you can see, a certain ‘other’ poster likes to “scoff” at anyone who would even suggest that a double might happen. And apparently any such negativity leads to a “what purpose would it serve, etc” response. Yeah, nevermind that the IOC is indeed talking about it with certain NOC’s. And nevermind that the “purpose” of awarding two solid (winter & “traditional”) bids at a point in time where the IOC is between a rock & hard place, wouldn’t also give them piece of mind for the next decade in the winter category. Sure, the IOC doesn’t need Europe to rise like a Phoenix & all they need is just ‘one’ solid European city to step forward (as they got with Paris), but right now, even that looks like too much to ask for. The IOC got extremely lucky with Paris. Can they also get that again on the winter side? Considering everything, odds are not very likely at this point in time.
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    No one said there will be/should be a double without suitable Bids. But the IOC should be aware that it will be tough to get those Bids from Europe in the near future. European Cities are willing, but the citizens are not. Oslo and Munich 2022, Innsbruck 2026, and most likely Sion 2026 soon too. Sochi ruined a lot for the IOC in Europe, cause whenever and wherever in Europe a City face a Olympic Referendum the Sochi Prize Tags will be on the table and will influence the people. (there are other negative influences too, but Sochi prize tag was for sure the killer for Munich 2022) And the lost public Polls didn´t just destroy the Munich and Oslo bids for 2022, and Innsbruck for 2026, it also ruined another bid from those Countries/Cities in the near future. So the IOC should take a NorthAmerica double if they can get it. About the television rights - thats indeed a good point of view. But IMO the IOC is not in the position to think about that yet. If they can get quality Bids to push SLC back to 2034, great for the Olympics and even better for the IOC TV rights negotiations. But right now i can´t see where those quality Bids should come from.
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    Exactly. Beggars can't be choosers. Between Sion, Stockholm, Calgary, and Salt Lake/Denver, the IOC should only be so fortunate to have multiple options. And if they don't have those options now, pray that 1 or more of them is there for 2030. The only way a double makes sense now is if there are 2 solid candidates (and only 2) that they want to lock in now. If there are 3 in the running, it probably won't work. And obviously if there is only 1, then they can figure out 2030 in a few years, on schedule.
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    Yeah. CoSport doesn't have any Opening Ceremony tickets available. I think it's best to go to the ticket offices in South Korea and get some there. It's the only way.
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    Because Australia in Korean Hangul is 호주 so it might be at the near bottom of the list.
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    I love Korean culture. This has led me to study the Korean Language. You can learn Korean by going on to this site: https://www.howtostudykorean.com/ Or this site: http://www.sejonghakdang.org/opencourse/textbook/textbook/list.do
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    PyeongChang 2018 unveiled of the Olympic Torch at the One-Year-to-Go Countdown Ceremony in Gangneung. https://www.pyeongchang2018.com/en/bbs/press/image/view?bbsId=28&cnId=45616&pageNo=1&sortSeCd=3
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    Capacity. Derby Arena - 1,700 in velodrome mode. Lee Valley VeloPark - 6,750. Track cycling is popular so quite rightfully they are opting for the bigger venue.
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    I do not undrerstand a word!!!! Are they gogint to build a roof??? Or just to give the heat pack???
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    Just occurred to me, they've not got long to sort something for the handover!
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    Birmingham has won its bid to host the 2022 Commonwealth Games, the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) said Thursday from a school assembly in West Midlands. CGF President Louise Martin made the announcement at a special gathering of students at the Arena Academy in Birmingham. “We warmly congratulate Birmingham and England on today’s announcement,” Martin said. “It […] View the full article
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    One might be tempted to say that if we were special, the EU might have done more to try to keep us in.
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    For those living in Spain, the channel DMAX (formerly Discovery Max) will be showing all of Pyeongchang 2018, including the whole ceremonies. They will do special focus on the athletes from the Spanish delegation during the games. https://www.vanitatis.elconfidencial.com/television/2017-12-19/dmax-emitira-juegos-olimpicos-invierno-pyeongchang_1495435/ http://www.mundodeportivo.com/deportes-invierno/20171219/433761327565/dmax-emitira-en-abierto-los-juegos-de-pyeongchang.html
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    Coca Cola started their ads in Korea for the Olympics
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    It would be cool to see Lake Placid 1980 Opening as well. As for Sochi, well....considering those games are retrospectively the worst embarrassment for olympism ever, I'm not surprised by their backlash.
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    Oh F*CK you, asshole! So, it was Bob Corker that I meant; so sue me , douche bag!!
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    Bach said during the press conference that something like that would happen. It seems it's dependent on Russians' appeals going through CAS in time though. Here's more detail: https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1058870/ioc-hopeful-of-holding-medal-re-allocation-ceremonies-during-pyeongchang-2018 “If we can arrive to a solution and we would have final CAS decisions at this time, we’re planning to organise, together with the IOC Athletes’ Commission, dignified medal ceremonies in Pyeongchang,” said IOC President Thomas Bach. “We would then, in this case, invite the athletes from the IOC, together with accompanying persons, and would offer them the opportunity to enjoy the Games for a couple of days and also to enjoy the medals ceremonies."
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    I am genuinely surprised that they will be encouraging their athletes to compete. The best possible response for Russia would be for them to win the gold in ice hockey and do well in the medal table with clean Russian athletes. But they only placed fourth at Sochi and Turin, were awful in Vancouver, and have done badly in recent winter sports events with clean athletes.
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    Not sure if this was posted before. Pics of the visual identity/set of CBC for PC2018 http://www.cbc.ca/mediacentre/program/olympic-winter-games-pyeongchang-2018 }
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    Time I guess, to give our personal assessments of Sochi. Gotta say, not that easy at all for me - a great games but with very definite flaws and issues. Ceremonies - 9/10: Apart from a few minor technical deductions in the execution of the compulsory elements of the opening and a workmanlike but lacklustre short program with the medal ceremonies, truly top rate and pure class. On the whole, the showpiece opening was visually stunning, beautifully conceived and entertaining. Haven’t seen the closing yet, but a quick look through the news and posts here indicate Russia didn’t stuff it it up at all – looking forward to watching through the day some time. No need to inflate the marks for me to give them a gold medal in thi category. Look - 9.5/10: I always liked the look, from the moment the quiltwork was unveiled, and I’ve gushed over it in the threads here during the games. Memorable, evocative (both in its folk and typography elements), colourful and attractive. Only the original logo let it down, but that got sidelined to only a minor branding role during the games anyway. Bravo! Operations – 9.5/10: Efficient, smooth and unobtrusive (unless you were Pussy Riot followed by a film crew trying to make your point in front of a logo backdrop with nearby Cossacks looking on). Honestly, this is the first games I can remember without the traditional and inevitable “the buses got lost” story – I heard not one complaint about the transport or logistics. The sports all ran for the most smoothly, judging controversies aside and teething troubles for some tracks aside, and that’s quite an achievement for a beast like the WOGs so dependent on weather and the elements. A bit of fog the main disruption, as far as I can recall now. Quite remarkably efficient, really, but then again, old Vladimir wouldn’t have let them be otherwise, would he? Sports – 9/10: A feast! But this is the Olympics, it should be. Favourites fell, new stars rose, and the medals seemed to get shared around a lot more this time (though, personally, would have liked Oz to get a yellow-hued medal in its haul). Dope fails towards the end, a figure skating judging scandal (OMG – who would have thunk it!) and the odd bit of trash talk aside, remarkably free from major scandals (if anything, they could have done with a bit more spicy and sizzling scandal). Can’t get enough of those new sports like slopestyle – I think the attraction of the Winter Games sporting show is excellent shape following these games. Venues – 7/10: Yes, all very impressive in general from what I saw on the TV. The central park at Adler looked suitably top notch and state-of-the-art. I thought the unfinished woodwork on the parts of the sliding track looked a bit quick and cheap and there may have been a few snitty comments at the state of the halfpipe and slopestyle course early on, but that’s more nit-picking. Rosa Klebb Khutor was always a nice backdrop for the snow events as well. My main marking down comes from both locations just being all too centralised, isolated and almost hermetically sealed off from the Sochi and Russia proper. The games may have been in Sochi, but for all we experienced it on TV it could have been held in a gorgeously crafted and groomed outdoor studio setting bubble – the Olympic Truman Show. Indeed, about the only comments we got from outside the bubble were of unfinished or shoddy hotels or double booked cruise liner berths, brown water, worksites and all that hullabaloo. That was likely over-egged a bit, especially in the lead-up to the opening, but nonetheless reinforced the Potemkin Village feel of the venues to me. Crowds/Atmosphere - 6/10: This touches on the previous point. From inside the venues (apart from the usual sponsor seat no-shows) the crowds on TV seemed eager and enthusiastic and the numbers were indeed swelled by proud, vocal, good spirited and gracious locals. But again, it was the Trumanov Show - outside the bubble It didn’t see it touch to wider populace. Sure, it perhaps wasn’t ever going to be a Lillehammer or Vancouver like that, but I still thought there was a conspicuous lack of images of proud and celebrating Russians in the streets of Sochi or excitement in live sites across the country. That’s an important element of an Olympics for me – to touch and to be really taken in and embraced to the home of the hosts. I’m not saying it didn’t happen, but I’ve seen little claim or evidence to the contrary. Legacy – 5/10: Okay, so it’s hard to say how what’s on the ground in Sochi now is going to end up like. They’ve got the F1 and the WC to come up. And Sochi may well end up becoming Russia’s all-seasons answer to Ibiza, the Gold Coast or Orlando. But… $50 billion dollars!!!!!! Even if it’s counting a total transformation of a sleepy black sea resort town, it’s always a figure that will inextricably be linked to the 2014 Olympics. And that’s before you start talking about corruption and thing like forced labour and forced evictions in the name of Putin’s personal-presidential vanity project. Those to me are the biggest tarnishes on the Sochi legacy, and they’re pretty serious ones. IMO they’ve done more to damage the Olympic brand’s reputation and reduce its attractiveness to potential future hosts than any issues of recent games. Quite simply, it’s already led bidders in the last summer race and the current winter race to pledge against over-spending as their one of their chief messages and attractions, and scared off other, very suitable and responsible bidders. Hopefully, I don’t think the IOC’s been blind to this. Overall and general comments – 7.5/10: I think I’m always going to be a bit ambivalent about these games. On the one hand, there’s no denying these were visually very handsome and technically very slick games. Amongst the best of the best. On the other hand, I’m not re-assured they’ve left a positive impact on the Olympic brand considering the issues they’ve brought up. And it’s not the politics. I think hosting’s always a two-edged sword – you’re in it for the prestige and glory, but be prepared to have your dirty linen being given a dose of good hard glaring publicity and criticism. I believe issues like gay rights in Russia, Tibet, aboriginal treatment in Australia or environmental impacts in BC force more attention through the games than they otherwise could have hoped to achieve. But digress. The grotesque cost will always be footnoted against these games, and for all their shiny settings, smooth operations and great new sports, I still feel personally they were all just disconnected from the host city and country compared to others, and the cost???? Totally over-the-top in the worst possible way. Put it this way, I think future bidders will still try to subtly or overtly use the “we’ll give you another Lillehammer” pitch. I can’t see much public or IOC enthusiasm if someone tried to pitch themselves as the “next Sochi”. GamesBids Moments: “Belle Brockhoff – Teenage Lesbian Vampire Witch” for GBids meme of the games. Followed by Tony’s “I know my short track and I know what I saw”.
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    Taking away the World Games will achieve nothing. What punishment could you possibly give the people of Alabama that would be worse than actually living in Alabama?
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    And to think that these Games could have been held in Munich.
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    I‘m not good at maths, but 1908/1948/2012 already makes three hostings, no? ;-)
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    If it's physically possible, Glasgow would be better than London surely #curlingscominghome
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    Australia in Korean Hangul is 호주 so it might be at the near bottomof the list
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    And it's finally open... https://twitter.com/NachoPalen
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    If the IOC was OK (or should I say "d'accord") with Denver and Beijing, I don't see why it would object to a Rhone-Alps bid from Lyons.
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    Just noticed that the Sochi organizers used a pair of identical twins to raise the Olympic flag at the OC -- possibly a first in Olympic ceremonial history. See at 4:35, extreme left -- the 2 dark-haired gents.
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    But as Tsypin himself told me, it was too ambitious; they didn't have enough time to perfect it. So they simply abandoned it and went for the simplest m.o.
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    An incidental bonus from Bryan Pinkall's Rio OC blogs, is a note about the original plan for Sochi's cauldron lighting, involving yet another variation on the armillary sphere concept seen at Doha and at the London Paras (the flame was originally supposed to be in the centre of the structure):
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    An accidental find which I don't remember seeing before, from a British rigger at Sochi: The same rigger also worked on London 2012, for example: PS: The Sochi one isn't all stills!
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    Wow, it's been nearly 11 months since I last checked for Sochi spectator videos. A few more have surfaced on YouTube, such as: [Highlights, from a good position on the "right" (west) side] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4E94T2mAwCo [various views from "behind the scenes" by a contractor (with her introduction in Russian)] A couple by Andrew V, from very much the "wrong" (east) side, but quite high, so good on floor projections: [countdown and floating landscapes] [Russian team enters (with very upside-down caption on floor projection)] Most of a set by belalliance (the ones I've missed are very short), tucked right into the south-east corner: [rock band from preshow] ["We Are the Champions" from preshow] [national anthem / Russian flag formation] [Russian team enters: in theory you could combine this with Andrew V's version to get utterly insane 3D] [War & Peace dance to SOCOG president speech] [bach speech] [ doves to oaths] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-OF4W4yDWc [The ending and beyond, from the flashing "constellations" through the indoor fireworks etc.] Bonus! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdwwVCFUPBk [Q & A with show director Andrei Boltenko, in Russian]
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    I just shake my head after reading that. And people say that the French are arrogant. How many times has it been mentioned that the presentations don't really make or brake the bids. That they're merely for the very few "undecideds", & that the majority already have their minds made up by the time they get to the session. Clearly Tokyo's big lead, even in the first-round, suggests that the presentations were not the seal-dealers. Many of those "reasons" that they're citing for the loss are just plain wrong. Like "the IOC has gone for the most expensive bid". This just displays of arrogance & ignorance & them never really knowing their competition, since Istanbul was, by far, the most expensive & most infrastructure intensive of all three bids. And I love the last one of the six, that "the IOC do not 'love' us". I remember reading in another article too that many of the supporters over there called the IOC the 'mafia'. And how could they also cite "the support of a Paris bid for 2024" when even the French here say it's not even on the radar over there. I also like the "unexpected & disappointing first-round departure". Like for 2016, to quote some from back then now - "well, someone had to go out first". And they really need to stop trying to blame the mayor, too. As a matter of fact, she was the one that I enjoyed watching the most. I thought that she was warm, friendly & charismatic. So what if Anita had "meager English". I was still able to understand her & what she was trying to communicate. So people, lay off Botella! It wasn't her fault! If you wanna cast any blame on any of the speakers, why don't you start with Rajoy, with his Hitler-like tone. Talk about abrasive & a turn-off. But in all seriousness. Most of this can be looked at as bad timing & nothing else. They could analyze all they want 'til they're blue in the face, but the fact of the matter is, Barcelona 1992 is still too soon. Their narrative was also very weak. The economy may not have been the bid killer, but surely it was NOT an asset. And no amount of austerity talk could overcome that. And the most important of all, don't assume anything until the very last of campaining. They let the "wave of confidence" get the best of them at the Sportsaccord back in July. They thought that they had gotten the momentum & had it in the bag. Clearly that was not the case. Same goes for Istanbul for that matter. Erdogan thought, after reading an article on "their loss", that simply being the new frontier was enough. But obviously it wasn't this time around. Rio still drove their message loud & clear all the way to the finish line. So lessons to be learned here for both parties; never take things for granted.
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    http://www.sportsseoul.com/news/read/585543 This article which was another interview with the ceremonies producer says they will do the first rehearsal at the stadium on January 15th. Also, bad news. The ceremony is, indeed, going to last only two hours, this was confirmed by the Producer. They cite the extreme cold weather as the main reason. They, however, mention they want to make the parade of nations quickly in order to make up for it. What I managed to translate. In all fairness, this could had been avoided if the stingy dunces of the organizing committee/govt back then would had carefully considered the harsh winters Pyeongchang has to face every year and included a roof for the stadium, but noooo...
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    Man, this is getting very hairy now, isn't it. Can one just imagine if Madrid had actually won 2020 & what this mess would've meant for them now. Or maybe it wouldn't have gotten this far, who knows. Still a total hash, nontheless, & maybe a civil resolution can be found at some point.