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  1. Well I think I need a for more days for a final verdict on these games. But one thing I think about for a few days is what would the most people say about his Olympics if they would have been staged after the Beijing games and not after the London games? Maybe London raised the bar too high and with it all our expectations? I think we all would judge Rio better, if we had the (too) perfect Beijing games in mind and would compare the somehow cold atmosphere from Beijing to the vibrant, more grounded and more human version of the games we saw in Rio.
  2. The blues struck me hard right now. After watching the CC I stayed wake for preparing my kids for school, after they were all gone I slept for a few hours. Now wake again, I was turning on the TV and there was nothing. That is maybe the like a cold turkey, from 24 hours broadcast to nothing, that hard cut makes it all more terrible. Well at least I can watch the CC with my wife this evening again cause she didn´t saw it last night. Btw @Olympian2004 : Gab es gestern auf dem ZDF eine vernünftige Zusammenfassung der Spiele die länger als 10 Minuten ging? Habe da nur dieses Telen
  3. I think that was really emotional. Worked pretty good for me.
  4. After Nagano I'm sure Japan will deliver Big Time in 2020.
  5. At least the wait from Summer to Winter Olympics is a year shorter than other way around.
  6. I call upon the youth of the World. ....... One of the saddest sayings in the world.
  7. Don't know if I can gratulate them. Hard fought game with a deserved winner but the audience behaviour over the last 2 weeks pissed me off so much that I can't really be happy for them in any way. And I have brazilian relatives.
  8. Too many empty seats, and again the very unfair brazilian audience. Booing the guest? Never mentioned that in London. Lack of atmosphere!
  9. Which one is the one before the countdown?
  10. Does have anyone here seen the cauldron since the end of the OC? Normally there is a screen in the Broadcast Studio that shows the Cauldron all the time. But not this time.
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