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  1. NOTE: Parts of the stream were cut out. https://youtu.be/nCREfmf0kik
  2. I wonder what Viets would bring during the closing ceremony?
  3. After the closing ceremony of the 2022 Olympics, the Olympic flag and the flame will travel the Silk Road.
  4. I predict that the rooster may be the mascot
  5. Compre the 2004 logo with the 2019 logo
  6. This article talks about the speculation over the final torchbearer https://www.reuters.com/article/us-olympics-2020-torchbearer/japan-speculates-over-identity-of-final-olympic-torchbearer-idUSKCN1VC06C
  7. Looks like the Rabat Games has already started on the 19th.
  8. Why cant they just talk about the Chilean culture especially the Mapuches.
  9. I hope they upload the closing ceremony and the 2010 Paralympic opening ceremony (with sound)
  10. Can we move the thread to the main Beijing 2022 category?
  11. https://youtu.be/cEuG6e2BkGs
  12. Its 1 year from the opening ceremony, it's speculation season. Who will light the cauldron at the opening ceremony?
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