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  1. The next one is going to held in Chengdu, China. Any plans from them for the presentation at the Naples 2019 closing ceremony?
  2. WD96

    Ceremonies on UTube, Part 3

    In cased you missed the whole ceremony, I'll let the video speak for itself.
  3. Italy and France are rivals in sports.
  4. Today's the big day. The opening ceremony is today.
  5. Is there any plans for the 20th anniversary of the 2000 Olympics in 2020? We know that the 2010 Olympics will be having it's 10th anniversary in the same year.
  6. Minsk 2019 is now over, we got the Universiade coming up next in Naples.
  7. Stage is now setting up.
  8. I would love too but I need money for travel.
  9. I want more than just the typical French culture, I want the ceremonies to focus on the culures of the Bretons, the Occitans, the Basques, Alsatians and other ethnic groups in France.
  10. Just a reminder that the Olympic Channel will livestream the 2019 Summer Universiade.
  11. I want the handover segment in Tokyo to be the first in a trilogy and the other two to be the opening ceremony and the closing ceremony.
  12. WD96

    Milan 2026

    Whoops. I made a mistake. Can anyone please delete this topic?
  13. What is your prediction for the ceremonies of the 2030 Olympics?