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  1. http://aroundtherings.com/site/A__103673/Title__Paris-2024-gets-ready-to-take-the-baton-from-Tokyo-2020-on-August-8th/292/Articles
  2. Today is the start of the UEFA Euro 2020 with Italy taking on against Turkey.
  3. Are there any instances where an IOC president's legacy was viewed as negatively? I do know Juan Antonio Samaranch's may had been viewed negatively.
  4. These "critical" organizations used violence and intimidation against people they didn't like, have you seen radical protestors at the 2008 and 2010 Olympics?
  5. The radicals had misused that term as they target anyone who is not really fascist. I am worried that there are going to be riots in Tokyo during the Olympics. Regarding the IOC meeting incident, that act of zoom-bombing was illegal and I do hope the authorities will take action aganist the individuals who did this. But all of that aside, I do extremely hope that everyone is safe at the Tokyo Olympics. So, thoughts and prayers for a safe and healthy games.
  6. Sorry about the mispelling of the word "property". I cannot edit my post.
  7. Oh god, these guys. They zoomboomed a IOC meeting last month, destoryed private prosperity eleven years ago in Vancouver and released a restaurant owner's personal phone number two years ago. These guys are mostly radical left. If you looked them up on Reddit, you can see the antifa logo on a No Olympics demonstration back in July 2019.
  8. The Japanese are really known for protection from leaking, did you see what happend to Nintendo (the makers of Mario and Sonic at the Tokyo 2020) years ago?
  9. Grab your popcorn, guys! This month is the resume of the torch relay!
  10. I hope the presentation will not focus on the usual French icons similar to what Beijing 2022 did during the PyeongChang 2018 closing ceremony but rather focus on French history.
  11. These coronavirus jokes are starting get really unfunny, the people who made them did not respect the victims of the virus.
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