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  1. Here's the relay cauldron - part of a test run they conducted the other day.
  2. It looks like the look of the games is what they have up on their website now in terms of shapes and colors.
  3. I like it, especially the return to metal since the past two torches have been dominated by sterile white plastic. It does look a bit difficult to hold but its not clear in many photos yet how rounded off the area it will be held is. The relay logo initially reminded me of the original games logo, which was interesting.
  4. Here's the most recent set of official update photos. https://www.jpnsport.go.jp/newstadium/tabid/647/Default.aspx
  5. It's starting to take its shape now. https://www.jpnsport.go.jp/newstadium/tabid/642/Default.aspx
  6. I had some errands to do today, so I passed by the stadium. Here are some photos I took.
  7. They will still be part of it, just not in director position. https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/news/20180730_34/
  8. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2018/07/30/national/actor-nomura-oversee-tokyo-2020-ceremonies/#.W175cdJKiUk
  9. Here's a few photos I found on twitter. https://twitter.com/tetsu_skytree/status/1015909959484076032
  10. Here's a few pics I pulled from Twitter. You can finally see the roof.
  11. https://www.jpnsport.go.jp/newstadium/Portals/0/advisory/20180319_advisory3_siryou01.pdf https://www.jpnsport.go.jp/newstadium/Portals/0/briefing/2018/20180330_briefing24_siryou_01.pdf
  12. Some updates: https://www.jpnsport.go.jp/newstadium/tabid/623/Default.aspx
  13. https://www.jpnsport.go.jp/newstadium/Portals/0/briefing/2017/20171215_briefing21_siryou_01.pdf
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