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  1. Wow, what a huge development. That's a real game changer that a Tasmanian liberal senator is asking Australia to "seriously consider" a boycott of the Winter Olympics. With all due respect to Australia, which has been increasing its medal count at recent Olympics, this is just more politicking and is hardly a serious movement. Yet again, it needs to be said.. it's a big leap from talking about boycotting and actually boycotting.
  2. I love these Grand Canyon-sized disconnects with you. "It could easily be mentioned" is miles and miles away from "I think it's quite likely Trump will commit to a boycott before election day." Again, I agree that it's far from the realm of impossible that Trump could get it in his head to offer a giant "**** you" to China and making a stand to not send athletes there. But you are outside of your mind if you think that has any chance of gaining traction in the 6 1/2 weeks we have until election day
  3. And now you're just trolling. There's zero chance of that happening and you know it. On what planet could you possibly think that Trump will spend more than 4 seconds thinking and the 2022 Olympics before Election Day?
  4. This isn't 1936 where we're hoping Jesse Owens will stick it to Hitler and the Nazis and ruin his vision of Aryan supremacy. No athlete or team at the Olympics could resonate in that manner or what the 1980 U.S. hockey team did. Also.. Trump wouldn't accept the hand-off. That honor belongs to the mayor of LA to do that. Trump might want to be in France so he can get some attention, but that doesn't mean he'll play a part in that ceremony, especially since he won't be in office come 2028. Sure, Trump is all about showmanship, but Trump is also about Trump. So how's that going to
  5. Again, it is a major jump to take for a politician to express their views on China and to actively campaign against them. The former is easy. The latter is not.
  6. There's a pretty massive jump from "have a view" to "publicly pushing for boycotts." Don't make the assumption that those handful of politicians with a negative view of China will choose to use their political capital to outspokenly try to persuade the IOC to boycott. Let alone that they'll be listened to by the authorities that actually matter and can influence the actual decision rather than just make noise about it
  7. Most politicians will have the good sense not to get involved. 99% of them won't have an opinion on whether or not to boycott. You need to get off this assumption that this is going to be a main priority for them and that somehow a large groundswell of people will tell the USOPC to boycott. Again, if it's Trump in the White House, we know a lot of his constituents will follow his lead. But even then, "the United States hates China" is not enough to lead to a boycott. Especially since the USOPC, unlike almost every other country's NOC, is not funded by the government. Easier for something
  8. Meh. If Tokyo gets goes, that's more a credit to Tokyo than it is to the IOC. What happens with Beijing will probably reflect more on the IOC since they chose China as the host (which is largely their fault in the first place for scaring off other prospective hosts) and how everyone handles increasing political tensions. Either way, the next 3 hosts area already locked in and they're all more traditional Western nations without a lot of question marks. Yes, they'll survive. They have a reserve of cash on hand, so they'll be able to weather that storm and it's largely Japan that wil
  9. Japan has spent over ¥1 trillion on Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics so far, audit reveals By the end of 2018, not 2019. About one quarter of the total sum spent came in 2018, so we can assume they spent a lot more in 2019. I figure by the time the pandemic hit, they had to have spent at least $15 billion if the number kept ramping up. So it's a much higher percentage of the total in the budget. Yes, as I put it, that's a lot of money to spend with nothing in return, so that's probably a risk they need to take to keep pushing forward rather than to throw in the towel. Again, look a
  10. Don't agree with that. It's not as much of a sunk cost fallacy as you probably want to think. How much money has already been spent to stage the games? Let's say hypothetically that security costs for the Olympics are $1 billion. That's not all operating costs for the games themselves. A lot of that money likely has already been spent. So Japan wouldn't be saving $1 billion on security costs if the games were cancelled. The actual savings would be much less than that. That goes for a lot of other areas that were specific to games operations since the postponement didn't occur until Mar
  11. There's another "if" right there. Yes, it's possible that a number of major nations might have something to say with regards to an Olympics in China. But again, let's pump the brakes on them losing the likes of all those nations just because a few politicians are hinting that it may happen.
  12. Has there been any hint whatsoever that Italy is considering pulling out of 2026 because they need to save money? Or is that a theory you completely pulled out of your ass to pose as a hypothetical. Yes, Denver pulled out of 1976. What's your point? There's a pretty detailed backstory behind that decision and how it went down. Folks here tend to forget that and just bring it up as a thing that happened. No context. Just "hey, this thing happened 50 years ago, so let's use that as an excuse to push a dumb idea I have that it could happen here" If you have any articles or stories
  13. Dude.. stop with this nonsense. How or why would Italy pull out of hosting? Do you understand how these contracts with the host cities work? I don't think you do. No, the IOC will not go bankrupt. They have more protections against a cancellation than host city does. A lot of the language allows the IOC to blame Tokyo and Japan on the failure to deliver an Olympics, even though we all know it's the fault of the pandemic. The IOC will obviouisly take a huge financial hit, but it's not likely to result in bankruptcy.
  14. Gee, can't tell you how shocking it is to see a site called Macau Business would highlight an anti-China letter sent to the IOC. Allow me to express just how stunned I am at that development. And how little the IOC is likely to care, because they're the IOC.
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