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  1. Big drop of info today concerning Peacock... PEACOCK TO STREAM TOKYO OLYMPICS COVERAGE LIVE INCLUDING GYMNASTICS, TRACK & FIELD, AND BASKETBALL They'll have live streaming *for free* of track and field plus gymnastics. In addition to previously announced programming. The only thing that will be on the paid tier is coverage of USA basketball.
  2. No, that's where in your highly biased opinion you think things are going. They're not in actuality going in that direction. Please stop stating your personal opinion (and a crappy opinion at that) as if it's fact that athletes "know"
  3. There is pressure on NBC to do just that, but it's not going to happen. It's possible some sponsors may drop out not wanting to be associated with an event in China, but I really hope this doesn't turn into a situation where if we can't take a direct shot at China, the alternative is to shame any company tied to the Olympics. In other words, let's hurt American corporations and think that will have any effect on what China is doing
  4. Let's save RWB the trouble... Scott urges NBC to demand Winter Olympics be moved from China over human rights abuses So instead of asking the IOC to move the Olympics, now he's asking NBC
  5. Actions speak louder than words. Their words indicate they are interested in reform and change. Their actions indicate they're not interested in either of those things. And that will be the legacy of this administration of the IOC
  6. Every Olympics has counter-protests. Yes, some more serious than others. For better or worse, they often have a valid point to make that there are negative consequence of the Olympics. Which leads me to... You got that right. And yes, between Japan hosting an Olympics during a pandemic that their citizens are now opposed to and China having been awarded an Olympics, the animosity against Olympic hosting is going to increase. Pile on top of that what's happening with Brisbane and the IOC's reputation is going to tumble even further. The legacy of Thomas Bach is probably not going to be a good one because he was preaching change and transparency and yet here we are with probably the least transparent process imaginable.
  7. Salt Lake was only a couple of votes away from getting awarded the 1998 Olympics which would have been back to back with Atlanta. So it almost happened before with a full vote, as opposed to whatever process may decide the 2030 host
  8. Another day, another dumb comment from you. NBC undoubtedly has insurance to cover them in the event of a boycott (as they did in 1980 with Moscow), but they can't and most certainly would not advocate for that. They have a contract for the next 5 Olympics after Beijing, so the last thing in the world they would want to do is cause a rift with the IOC. NBC's best interests here are for the United States to participate in the Beijing Olympics. If some advertisers boycott, others will undoubtedly step up and fill the gap. Once again, please stop pushing your own personal and ridiculous narrative about what might happen in the next 8 months
  9. Better question.. why does India get to decide whether or not cricket is in the Olympics? Feels like a pretty bad false equivalency to compare it to anything United States
  10. You know, we keep hearing about how great Japan is and that they're a good country to be put into this position because they can handle it, but look at the reality? Japan is struggling with the virus. Their population dislikes and distrusts country leadership. So maybe some of this praise for Japan is a little misplaced. Time will tell how this all went. It'll all be based on the COVID numbers in the month or so following the Olympics. If there's an uptick in cases and COVID deaths, the Olympics will undoubtedly get blamed. So let's hope that Japan does in fact know what they're doing, because between the Tokyo organizers and the IOC, I'm less than convinced their safety protocols are as good as they need to be
  11. Eek, why would you even think that? I have little concern that there will be any sort of incident at these games. Protests will likely be contained (not a good look if Japan is protesting against COVID measures by gathering in large crowds). The aftermath of these Olympics will tell the story. If COVID cases and hospitalizations/deaths rise afterwards, that's a problem. If not, then it will hopefully provide fodder that the Olympics, while risky, were not a danger to the world as many have been predicting
  12. What's new? This happens every Olympics. And there are plenty of salient points the anti-Olympics crowd brings up. The IOC has done plenty to ruin their own reputation that you can hardly blame the media for calling them out for it. They are a morally bankrupt organization that shouldn't be preaching to the rest of the world and like Stefan said, they're much more about money and politics and less about peace and tranquility through sport those days. Yes, I would like for the Olympics to be celebrated in the spirit of peace and unity. But that's a utopia that simply doesn't exist right now, let alone in the throes of a once in a century pandemic
  13. I was having a conversation with some people on another site.. they said the same thing. It's probably why USA is advertised as "round-the-clock coverage nearly every day"
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