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  1. What NBCU is offering is not a localized version of the Olympic Channel. It's their own separate entity that simply happens to have the same name and yes, will share content. There is little reason to expect something similar would pop up in another country so it's very naive to ask if that's going to happen. The whole point behind the Olympic Channel as an OTT entity is so that it could exist around the world and take the place of a dedicated TV network devoted to the Olympics. There's no market for that in most countries and even here, it's mostly about NBCU wanting to push it. Again, we'll have to wait and see what kind of content fills the channel, let alone during the Olympics. We'll all learn that together. And yes, you should read up more rather than just posting about it. Silly you.
  2. You'll be wrong. NBC isn't creating this channel so they can show more competition on TV. They already have 100% of every sport streamed, so there's little to gain by adding to the 11 networks they already have covering the Olympics. What they will do, IMO, is probably fill the role the Universal Sports had from Vancouver. Probably news and analysis and talking head shows. Maybe some features and other material. No need for replays when the usual slate of NBCU networks are already handling that.
  3. Federal tax documents detail spending by LA 2024's campaign to bring Olympics to Los Angeles
  4. L.A. mayor thinks a monorail over the 405 Freeway could tame traffic gridlock
  5. Hopefully TPTB in golf can work towards making this something all the top golfers want to attend rather than something many are avoiding like the plague. Still think they messed up massively by making this a regular old Thursday-Sunday stroke play tournament rather than trying to make it something unique.
  6. B..bu...but..but.. 88%!! Yes, I know that's a number probably based on a less than honest question. As usual, speak for yourself on this one. You are obviously not in the majority in this one. You are in the 12%, even if those other 88% include a lot of people that are blissfully ignorant of what it takes to host an Olympics.
  7. I hesitate as always to give him a platform and to feed the troll, but in case anyone wants to see (and you all know what's coming).. Now let’s see if IOC can get 2024/2028 right It's more of the usual blather. I imagine many people will stop reading once they see the first paragraph where he wants to take credit for the whole situation. Except for the part where it's "no no wait, I meant for LA to go for, what are you doing IOC!?!!?"
  8. A Jilted Paris Has Pined for the Olympics, but the Long Wait May End in 2024 Well, the thing about that.. 5 cities announced their intentions for 2024. 3 of them dropped out. So even if additional cities were interested, how many of them would have stayed in the running? And that's to say nothing of Boston, which should probably also count as a drop out. This is definitely a one off, but it gives the IOC some time for a little introspection and a chance to assess their long time goals. Instead of starting this process again 2 years from new to look for bids for 2028, now that timeline is 6 years into the future. Prospective host cities are now looking 15 years down the line instead of 10. That long-term planning will be important. The rub is that the bidding process for 2032 will begin before the 2024 Olympics have taken place. So it remains to be seen what the state of the Olympics are at that point, but I think potential bidders then will understand what happened in 2017. The big question will be do they trust the IOC. This move could be viewed as kicking the can down the road if the IOC doesn't improve their image. That's the key and having 2 cities like Paris and Los Angeles on the calendar hopefully will encourage other cities to want to work with the IOC. But the only way that happens is if the IOC recognizes situation they're in now where cities are dropping like flies, and does something about it.
  9. Welcome to Gamesbids. I blame that on the site as much as the posters. It's nothing new how fiercely some people defend their cities and how personally they seem to take it when anything negative is uttered. To Rols' point, it's why I'm glad I wasn't a part of the discussions here when New York was bidding. I'll gladly play the part of the arrogant New Yorker and defend my hometown as being the greatest city in the world. But in the context of bidding for the Olympics? I know how flawed their plan was and how easily it could be discredited, especially when Doctoroff made the presentations in Singapore and I wasn't impressed. And therein lies the problem.. saying a city is flawed or that they may be less than the idea Olympic city is not an insult. Yet some people take it that way as if the implication is that the person is saying the city sucks. No question that happens some here and we all do it, but I think we know who is to blame for it, if we're going to talk about being furious and emotional moreso than constructive.
  10. Agreed. I think we here need to be careful about making a clear separation between the actions and thoughts of the actual bid cities and ones portrayed here and in the media. To the newer guys here, there should be an easier way to make that distinction. Please understand that sometimes we're referring to comments made here which often do not represent the cities they're rooting for. Stick around long enough and you'll see it for yourself. We've said it here a number of times that the nature of this cycle is that it's starting to lack drama since the outcome is starting to become apparent and we don't have the usual in-fighting. And often times we're (I say "we" to represent the collective nature of this website) are almost trying to create drama to make it interesting. Still, as we know, this place doesn't accurately represent what's going on with the actual bids. I think we all know that, but sometimes it needs to be pointed out.
  11. Good luck in trying to get the IOC to acknowledge a lesson. You would think 2020 and 2022 might have done that, but look at 2024. They have every excuse right now to think they have it made and ignore the 3 cities that dropped out and just focus on the 2 that stayed in. So who knows if they'll change their ways going forward. It's been said that the double award is something of an acknowledgment that they need to take a look in the mirror and realize how they got here (and essentially give up on having open bidding for 2028 and lose out on that ego stroking they like so much), but I'm not sure they'll see it that way. We might not know for another 6 years or so when we see who is in the running for what would then be the next available summer Olympics. As for the last part.. I think there's been some arrogance as FYI alluded to, but a lot of that is the nature of having a 2-city race. To me, a lot of the commentary has been very reactionary. Paris will say "we only want 2024" and LA will feel obligated to respond "uhhh yea, we only want 2024 as well!" At this point, both cities probably acknowledge this is not an ordinary race and are just positioning themselves to get the best possible outcome. Originally, that outcome was the 2024 Olympics because that's all that was on the table. Paris is still looking at that, although LA seems to acknowledge that they might get something more by taking the deal for 2028. Which means going forward, we may seem commentary that is less about posturing for their city to be selected - like we would city in a normal cycle - and more about where they fit in whatever plan or vision the IOC is putting together here.
  12. I was referring to a poster on this thread rather than anyone official from LA2024. They're smart enough to not make such comments. But 1 poster and especially 1 journalist in particular haven't held back from making some ridiculous comments. If you stick around here long enough, I'm sure you'll see them here to. Like you said.. the internet
  13. If we as a nation could actually do worse than this, G-d help us all.
  14. Every time he's gone for more than a day, I have hope that he's gone for good. Then he's still here. In that regard, he's not unlike the president
  15. The Olympic brand and Olympic values aren't worth much these days. If you're talking about what this will do for youth sports in LA, then yes, I agree 100% you're correct. That was the legacy of 1984 and could definitely be the legacy of these Olympics. It's a great deal for them and if this is what the IOC is offering them, they should embrace it. Absolutely no reason at this point to continue to take shots at Paris, less LA be considered a sore winner.