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  1. Does everyone smell that? It reeks of desperation around the IOC these days. Good for them at least they're continuing to come to the realization that their organization is broken and needs to be fixed.
  2. PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Media Updates

    I'm a little suspect over that 6,000 hours number. I know you're just recapping the article for us, but that can't be accurate. The total for Rio was in the 6,000 hour range. For Sochi, it was 1,549. I'm guessing they're using the Rio number and applying it here because there's no way that the amount of coverage has suddenly quadrupled from 4 years ago. Also, what exactly is the "Google entry" you're talking about? Are you sure you're not referring to the Wikipedia page? That mentions the Olympic Channel, but without a source. So I'd take that with a major grain of salt. And no, we don't *know* what they're going to happen. We can only speculate at this point
  3. United States 2026/2030

    It was floated out there, but never really taken seriously. Remember that Las Vegas is the city that tried to submit a last minute bid for the 2020 Olympics without the USOC's backing and basically got laughed out of the room. I doubt any proposal involving Vegas will gain any traction.
  4. Your move, Denver. A potentially wonderful opportunity is being presented to the USOC. You want it? Show them what you've got
  5. The IOC right now.. How the IOC should be right now..
  6. United States 2026/2030

    Within a month, Canada hosted both the Women's World Cup and the Pan Am Games. Toronto was left off the list of hosts for the WWC. This will not be an issue for the World Cup and Salt Lake/Denver can easily drop themselves from the list of potential host cities if they think it will be (Salt Lake and Denver ARE being considered as host cities.. USA, Mexico, Canada 2026 World Cup Bid Trims Potential Host List to 32 Cities). We know the IOC make a big deal about this with Turkey and their bid to host Euro 2020 which coincided with their Olympic bid (looks like they made the wrong choice there), but as Nacre alluded to, the IOC doesn't have the luxury of following their own rules on that one. They're desperate at this point, so they may not have a choice. As for the Salt Lake vs. Denver debate, nothing has been decided. You know no one is trying to make that point. If the USOC is looking at a bid, they'll absolutely give Denver a look. They will need to convince the USOC they have their act together though. Maybe they can do it, but if I'm placing bets on this one, my money would be on Salt Lake over Denver if the USOC is picking 1 of them and putting it up for bid.
  7. Los Angeles 2028

    No. Nothing about your irrational vendetta against Paris is a surprise.
  8. That's what the IOC needs. Does the USOC and whatever the bid city is need the hassle of trying to put a bid together? If they want to do that, good for them. If this is about helping the IOC through their struggles, is it really worth it?
  9. So in other words.. "Hey IOC, if no one is bidding for 2026, give us a call and maybe we'll offer to save your collective asses"
  10. PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Media Updates

    2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics Flame /Torch Relay CeremoniesFlame Lighting CeremonyTues Oct 24 3:30a ET - Olympic Channel (LIVE) Flame Handover CeremonyTues Oct 31 5:00a ET - Olympic Channel (LIVE)
  11. United States 2026/2030

    Curious about something here.. what is it about increased exposure that you think Coloradans will balk at? I know that was one of the hang-ups back in the 70s and rejecting federal funding was just a convenient excuse where the real problem for many people in Colorado (aside from a poorly organized plan) was that they didn't want the world to descend upon Colorado which at the time was far less developed than it is now. Of course, it wasn't long before that development happened anyway, which perhaps would have benefited from the push an Olympics would have given it. Even the opponents of the Olympics that killed Denver's efforts acknowledged that after the fact. Fast forward 45 years. Denver and Colorado are a lot different than they were back then. Would there still be opposition to an Olympic effort as there was in the 70s? Without question. It's the money that's going to be the issue though, as you alluded to. The only way Denver could and should bid for an Olympics is if they can do so responsibly. And you're right, that's absolutely the rub. Far easier said than done to make that work.
  12. United States 2026/2030

    If we're talking about arena size, remember also about Salt Lake.. their main arena (whatever the corporate sponsor is now) only holds about 14,000 when set up for figure skating. The hockey arena is just over 10,000. And I doubt it's an option to use the arena in Provo since capacity got reduced following the `02 games. They do of course have the speed skating venue. For Denver, I'd go with Pepsi Center for figure skating. Remember that they absolutely need the international ice surface there, so if they're losing seats, better to do it there. Then maybe try to do what Vancouver did and allow an NHL-sized rink for hockey so they don't have to mess with the Denver Coliseum or Magness. And much closer than Loveland or Colorado Springs, don't forget 1stBank Center in Broomfield. They hosting the U.S. curling trials in 2009, so they're already configured for that.
  13. United States 2026/2030

    That's where the big IF comes in. Let's say the USOC is interested in eventually putting forth a Winter candidate, whether it's 2026 or 2030. It's their job to decide which of the 2 cities they believe has the best shot at winning. I agree there's an element where Denver, having never hosted, might have an edge over Salt Lake for the same reason Boston was initially chosen over LA. The USOC wanted new and different, so they chose that option. Needless to say, that was about as ill-advised a decision as they could have come to and it's not like so many of us didn't see that coming. It's the prevailing wisdom that some here have long held that the USOC should exhaust all their options before they go back to LA. In a sense, that's largely what they did and here we are. So it is with the Winter bids. Salt Lake is something of a last resort. I believe the USOC will look to other options first before they'd nominate Salt Lake. For better or worse, that list of options is pretty tiny. Reno-Tahoe is a tough sell since the bid will involve the state of California and I doubt they'll be so helpful with LA already on the calendar. Don't think Anchorage or Boise are even on the radar, and I doubt either would get a serious look anyway. Which means we're left with Denver. I very much agree with the sentiment that if Denver was able to get their act together, they could put together something that might entice the USOC. But I don't see that hypothetical turning into reality for many of the reasons FYI already mentioned. The USOC cannot count on who might or might not be competing against to win that Olympic bid, so by default, they need to put up the strongest city to account for any scenario between having multiple bidders where a newer city might have an edge and having fewer to no other bidders where the USOC can put up whatever they want. Either way, I wouldn't count on Denver getting past that "if" hurdle to where they are the city to go with. If that means the next Winter Olympics in this country is headed to the same city as the last one, so be it. Can't impose on a city like Denver to force themselves into that if it's not destined to work. Especially not where Salt Lake is out there and likely able put together a bid on much more solid footing.
  14. PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Media Updates

    That's never a good thing. Yes, this season's Hockey Day in Canada (2018) is January 20th. LAST season's Hockey Day in Canada (2017) was Saturday, February 18th. That's what Durban was looking at and mistakenly thought that was this upcoming February. The weird thing about that is that when he was talking about it, you'd think he'd have looked at that and thought that something didn't seem right and check his info again. An "expert" probably would have realized that.
  15. PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Media Updates

    That's an accurate sentiment, but 2 things there.. 1) Durban is not an "expert" (if he is, what exactly is he supposed to be an expert on)? He has a knack for collecting and sharing loads of online posts and news/information about Olympic media coverage and as I've said before, I'm fascinated how he collects it all. But that doesn't make him an expert in the content. Durban has noted on a couple of occasions that he doesn't really consume much, if any Olympic coverage. A lot of times, it seems like he's catching up after the fact (hence his "updates" in the Rio section). Or like here where he's posting a bunch of articles and giving us the cliff notes version. Again, that doesn't necessarily make him knowledgeable. It means he can read and summarize. Anyone could do that. I've had more than a couple of occasions where Durban has tried to offer original thoughts/analysis and missed the mark because he's trying to go off what others have told him. To me, that's a little like trying to find out how a movie is from someone who has read reviews but who hasn't actually seen the movie yet. And then when some people have seen that movie and are talking about having seen the movie, there's Durban with more "here's what other people are saying about the movie." In short.. not an expert. 2) There is no "could be" here. He IS wrong. I was giving him the benefit of the doubt to check his information and spot his error. Took me a bit to figure out what he did there. I'll give you a hint.. might want to check the year on that calendar he's looking at.