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  1. Calgary 2026

    We've both said that the IOC can't exactly be counted on to be predictable. Still, it's a simplistic argument to say that they did something unexpected before so we should consider they would do something unexpected again. I don't claim to know what the IOC is thinking any more than you do other than what we know about how they've changed the 2026 bid process. If they're going to be "pulling something like that again," it's probably going to be because the circumstances call for it. They did for 2024/2028 (and yes, that's a hindsight argument, but that situation evolved a lot). Don't think it's the same here, regardless of recent history involving the IOC and European cities/countries. Because we're already seeing headlines about budget concerns for Tokyo. Is the IOC supposed to ignore that when awarding another Olympics to the same country before the first one has even happened? Is it possible that LA's budget is going to increase and become something of a concern? Sure, but we're not there yet. We're very much there with Tokyo, so I have to believe that the voting members of the IOC will be cautious to award another Olympics to Japan, particularly before all is said and done with Tokyo. And we both know that issues related to budgets and funding operate differently in the United States than they do elsewhere, less that's a basis of comparison. Likewise. Next.. Who's projecting now? You're already planning ahead as if none of the European cities would be in it for 2030. Again, I'm aware you're not treating that as a guarantee or something we *know*. I'm not doing that either though as if I'm assuming a bid will magically come out of the woodwork. I think it's worth the IOC taking that chance. Doing a Salt Lake/Sapporo might "save themselves" now, but it could come at a cost down the road. Contrast that with Paris/LA where there was little downside to making that move now and dealing with the potential consequences of that when the bid process starts for 2032. Let it be stated again that this is all my opinion, not fact. And leave it at that.
  2. PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Media Updates

    Interesting read from Business Insider on digital versus television advertising as it relates to NBC and the Olympics.. NBC doubles down on Olympics live streams
  3. Calgary 2026

    Thanks for telling me what you didn't say. I already know that. Yes, Sapporo may emerge from this field with whoever else is in it. But maybe it would be prudent to see what they have to offer first before jumping to say it could be worthy of a double. And you were floating that idea a month ago, but you said it would basically be a f**k you to Europe. That's not a smart move, IMO. And while Sapporo is in a non-despotic country, it's still coming on the heels of Tokyo, which isn't exactly helping the cause with their budget issues. Still makes me wonder why they would push for this with Tokyo still in the planning stages. Sounds like you're having a Ruff day . Come on, I thought you were better than that asshole to use a reference like that. Typical GamesBids crap here. You say you think something might happen. I say I think it might not happen. And the argument becomes "no, you have to prove me wrong!" I know you're not saying you think a double is definitely happening. You know I know that. Just like I'm not saying that this double is outside the realm of possible. I know you know that. This is my opinion versus your opinion. You made a case for your point of view. I made a case for me. Sure, your point is plausible. I have never argued otherwise. I just personally don't see it happening and I told you why I think that. I know you see my name on a post and suddenly you get riled up and think I'm playing devil's advocate. Yea, I disagree with your opinion. I'm not doing that simply to throw out an opposing point of view. You don't need to react like "some other poster" every time someone disagrees with you. Right? Bcuz It sounds nothing like that, but thanks for that comparison. They don't need European cities lining up. They need 1 and only one, just like they got with Paris. Like you said earlier, it's a gamble. But I think it's a gamble worth taking rather than the IOC saying - and this is your words here - "fine, you don't want us, (traditional) Europe? We'll fix it so we don't have to set foot in your land for a very long time then" IMO, that's a bad strategy to take here to basically tell the whole of Europe to piss of and we don't care about you anymore. Why do you keep talking about what we *know* when you know we're dealing with possibilities? I can't give you the definitive answer you seem to want, but a lot can change in 4 years. Maybe it won't, but maybe it will. And you're right.. how would we know that?
  4. Calgary 2026

    Not particularly. Again, what purpose is served by doing that? Sapporo is far from the ideal solution that the IOC needs to lock in right now. Have you forgotten what's going on with the budget for Toyko 2020? Maybe now is not the best time to hand another Olympics to Japan. Perhaps giving them another 4 years and allowing Tokyo to play out would help the cause. We don't know who would or wouldn't bid for 2030. But it's about more than simply locking in any and all desirable bids as soon as possible. Especially not another Asian Winter bid that probably wouldn't be interested if there was anyone else out there. Oh FFS, don't give me this "how do we know" crap where if I can't definitively disprove something, I have to acknowledge the possibility. What makes you think they are trying to replicate that scenario? What makes you think they are talking to the Japanese in the same context as the USOC? We do know that there have been rumblings of 2026/2030, but at this point in the game for 2024, it wasn't really under consideration (well that is until a certain "journalist" claims to have come up with the idea). I think they need some clarity as to who is interested in bidding, and more than that, what Olympics they're interested in bidding for. If it's your "opinion" that this scenario "may" be in the works, then I'll counter with my opinion that this scenario "may not" be in the works. And how would we know that? Is this really an "opportunity" with Sapporo or does it just happen to be put in front of them? How much of the rhetoric here about Paris and LA with 2024 was how much the IOC needed those 2 cities - a European mega-city and an American entry to boost interest in the US. That wasn't about opportunity. It was about fulfilling a need and a desire. That's what the IOC got. Is locking in Sapporo or a North American Winter bid what the IOC really needs or what they are looking for? Or is just what they happened to have now and who knows what they're getting from Sapporo anyway. If we want to talk about what we know, here's what is for certain. You questioned earlier what European city could emerge for 2030. Perhaps the IOC should take that gamble, because there's still at least a chance a decent European city might bid. if the IOC locks in 2030, then the chance of a European bid is 0%. And that's not a good thing, IMO.
  5. Calgary 2026

    My thoughts exactly. The IOC needs the right 2 cities to justify a double. I don't see these as the right 2 cities.
  6. Calgary 2026

    Thanks for my other favorite FYI-ism. Thanks also for clarifying what you're not saying. I know a double award is on the IOC's radar. Just not sure I see this combination cities being the pair that would lead them to do that. Good for "people" that thought a 2024/2028 double award was unlikely. It became a lot more likely once those 2 cities were the only ones left standing. That's not hindsight.. that's how the situation developed and only then did make a ton of sense. That's not the case here (as a matter of my personal opinion). It may get that way, but I don't think it's there yet. Considering there have only been 2 Asian Winter Games and both were in Japan, not sure what the standard is there. Again, look at the 2 cities the IOC had for 2024/2028. Paris and LA. The IOC could not have asked for 2 more enticing bids and it got them Europe and the United States in 1 shot. Salt Lake and Sapporo? They will undoubtedly put on a good show, but is the answer to the IOC's problems to return to Asia for a 3rd time in 4 cycles (or possibly 3 in a row?). Not sure that's the "stability" they're looking for. That sounds more like taking whatever is available now with no regard to what may come along later. To say nothing of the fact that we're talking about 2 cities that are probably only interested in the first place because few other cities are likely to bid. Much different situation than what we saw with Paris and LA. What's the gamble though? Even if there's no European bid when we come back around for 2030, is the IOC worse off then for not doing a double than they are now? We all debated here the potential reprecussions of Paris or LA bidding for 2024 and coming away with nothing. I don't think the consequences are the same here to where this solution serves the IOC's long term needs. Again, I said before.. if the right scenario presented itself, the IOC could jump on it. This is not it, IMO. This is not the 2 cities that justify a double award.
  7. Calgary 2026

    LOL with the quotes. Good for the IOC that they went on record. I said before that it would only make sense if it was the right pair of cities. This is not it. It's not "out of the realm of possibility", but I think it's pretty unlikely. What purpose does it serve to do a double award here? The other "option" is to wait another 4 years and hope there are some decent candidates then. If Salt Lake and Sapporo are interested now when both of their respective countries have an Olympics on the calendar, I think the IOC should take their chances that the other would be back and maybe then there's a European candidate out there that can pass the test. There's little risk that they're going to piss off a potential future candidate as was the concern with Paris and LA.
  8. PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Media Updates

    NBC OLYMPICS TO LIVE STREAM 1,800 HOURS OF 2018 PYEONGCHANG OLYMPICS A lot of that number includes simulcasting everything that's on TV. There will be a couple of online only offerings including Gold Zone, a digital only version of Olympic Ice, and a hockey recap show.
  9. Calgary 2026

    I can't see that. Why would the IOC want to lock in 2 cities when neither are from Europe? If they make that decision here, they're basically saying Europe is a lost cause for the Winter Olympics for more than a decade. I doubt they'll make that move. Who knows if another 4 years is enough time for any city in Europe to put together a bid that doesn't get killed by a referendum, but why would they eliminate that option? Paris/LA as a combo deal made a ton of sense. Salt Lake/Sapporo, not so much.
  10. PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Media Updates

    It's possible. Probably depends on the event. A lot of nights, NBC will obviously be heavy on figure skating. Certainly they're not sending that over to NBCSN. Likewise, if NBCSN is showing curling, they're not bumping that up to big NBC. I'm still curious as to what they're going to fill all the hours on NBCSN with. Seems like there's more than a couple of nights there's not much going on, so I feel like there's a surprise or 2 out there we haven't accounted for yet, especially so far as NBCSN is concerned. We'll see what happens. Either way, with NBCSN and Olympic Channel in the fold, there will be a lot more hours of TV coverage in Pyeongchang than we got from Sochi, so that can only be a good thing.
  11. PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Media Updates

  12. PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Media Updates

    OLYMPIC CHANNEL: HOME OF TEAM USA TO PRESENT 24/7 HIGHLIGHTS, NEWS, FEATURES & MORE DURING PYEONGCHANG OLYMPICS Pretty much what we were expecting. Highlights provided by Olympic Channel News, a daily studio show hosted by Jimmy Roberts, and probably the coolest part.. LIVE coverage from the of the medal ceremonies each night. Definitely a nice addition to the lineup for NBCU
  13. Los Angeles 2028

    No, pretty sure I'm making a good case against it. Again, we are talking about flying cars here. And not just a few of them, but a whole network to move people around a city. Perhaps you've heard of this thing called a helicopter. One could consider that a form of a flying car. Do you see a network of helicopters out there? Could you imagine a fleet of helicopters being a form of a taxi service, let alone the type of ride sharing and point to point travel that Uber offers? And even if that was a reality, how much would it cost? The article also mentions Elon Musk and SpaceX. He can talk about a lower cost version of what NASA is doing with the space program, but is that any closer to reality that might occur in the near future? If it did, would it actually be cost effective for the common American? Developing technology and software is the easy part. Creating Uber, masterful as that concept is, doesn't require a ton of technology. It basically requires a network of people with a car, a cellphone, and not much else. This "flying Uber service" requires specialized vehicles that don't exist in a commercial form, probably qualified people to operate them (as opposed to Uber which is more "do you have a driver's license?.. good, you're hired"), and once that's in place, a consumer-friendly marketing plan that makes this a viable product. That all may not be impossible, but that's pretty gosh darn challenging. Again, this sounds more like science fiction than something we're going to see in a decade.
  14. Russia 2018

    Way to jinx that one there After the US lost to T&T, Fox seemed to temper their expectations somewhat. Since then, sounds like fewer people may be headed to Russia and there might be even more games on big Fox to offset the hit that the US not qualifying will do for ratings.
  15. PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Media Updates

    Events in Korea will go up until 9:30am ET most days, so when people are waking up, there is still competition going on. And no, we will not see figure skating and snowboarding on NBCSN before NBC primetime because those events will be going on live during NBC primetime. And remember that show will now be live to both coasts and no longer delayed 3 hours to the West coast. So that won't be a consideration this time around like it was with Sochi.