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    An international outdoor games-with whitewater slalom, mountain running, mountain biking, climbing, orienteering, etc.

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  1. true, I was just thinking that some of the figure skaters are from warmer weather countries, and I think Colombia is good at speed skating (but I think that it is in-line skating) not ice
  2. I think it might be a good idea, to go ahead and propose, a Winter indoor sports games, with just the arena sports, so then even cities, such as Manila, Mexico City, or Dubai could host, and it would negate the need for artificial snow. But hopefully there would be a preferential bias towards only cities that already have enough arenas.. I read somewhere Sapporo might have enough natural snow for a while, if they were like a permanent outdoor host, but I guess they don't really want the Olympics now..
  3. I hope it's Barcelona or Sapporo.. my third choice would be SLC.
  4. Anything by 1 direction. Looking back, I guess they had some really nice stuff. I like their songs perfect and history especially, but some of their more up-tempo stuff still makes me cringe
  5. I think it would be neat to watch the new mono bobsled event in Latvia!
  6. Also, with Dowell's downfall Rio team probably set. Bet Douglas, Raisman, Biles, Nichols? are prob, locks. and then probably Kocian as bars specialist.. Guess Dennis, Hernandez, etc. might have to 'wait' for Tokyo. On Russia, Mustafina would be a lock, and I hope that some other names such as Sosnitskaya or Melnikova (age eligible?) are in the mix. Guess Komova might be on shaky terms but earned a medal & can't really replace her. Seda's usually solid. Paseka on vault and Afanasyeva on floor were awesome. IN MAG, surprised Leyva's medalled in HB and not PB this year, but guess he might have medalled before had he not wiped out on bar with chin that one time, and his hop skill is the coolest Didn't watch the men's competition, but surprised Ablyazin or Belyavskiy didn't medal.
  7. Looking at pictures... Why are there no trees in the middle? It looks like they could fit a golf course (which I think are the worst) or world's fair there. I think like a 'central park' would be nicer? Is lack of trees one of reasons it's so dry? I know DC has a national mall, but that axis is like ridiculous..
  8. I think Brasilia 2019 would be a nice project in better times. Prob. would have built a lot of unnecessary stuff though. I think it's a good thing that Brazil is now listening to its people who would rather see hospitals, schools, etc. built. I wonder if Santiago might try to 'steal' this event, might have same issues though? Also, bet Glasgow could easily pull this event off, but doubt they'll try. But honestly, like DannyelBrazil, I could see other city like Belo Horizonte maybe pulling this off too. Never been to Brazil, but when I learned about Brasilia in a college class, it seemed like someone's urban dream or epcot or something, not like a real or 'natural' city? city in Japan.. Nagoya?
  9. --

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      I don't know much about Boston but people there love it especially if they are from there.

  10. What is the building for with the canopy roof? Looks nice.
  11. Didn't see this posted yet. I hope a recent big event host city gets this. Kazan again? Or Guadalajara with pan ams facilities.
  12. feeling sadness for france :(

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