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  1. I agree that there is an element of interference that brings the Games to Brisbane and Barcelona. As I have said elsewhere though, I do think Brisbane will offer an amazing Games when 2032 rolls around just like Barcelona did in 1992. Yes - as you said Melbourne was (by some measures) Australia's primary city at that time. It had experienced a decline in the following decades in a very similar way to Montreal falling under Toronto's shadow after 1976. Interestingly Melbourne boomed after 2000 and is still on track to overtake Sydney as Australia's largest city by 2030. I am still hopefully in the context of the UK that Manchester or Edinburgh-Glasgow get some serious consideration. London again would be a pity.
  2. 1 - What makes you think the IOC would not be enthused with "secondary" cities? There is a long history of them hosting as much as the likes of LA, Paris and London (Brisbane is preceded by Atlanta, Barcelona, Montreal, Munich, Melbourne, Antwerp, etc.) 2 - Politics is why. The UK is a difference place to 2005 and I think there would be a degree of backlash if London was seen to be a walk in for a fourth Olympics without consideration of other UK options. 3 - Yes. Not sure what you mean by "first class" though. Standard Olympic punters dont stay at the Ritz.
  3. What makes you think a well designed Manchester-Liverpool regional bid would produce white elephants?
  4. Fourth UK Olympics - yes. Third London Olympics - no thanks. I really like the idea of Manchester (with Liverpool) or a regional Scottish Games (Edinburgh-Glasgow-Dundee).
  5. Well, when a member of the Commonwealth - the Solomon Islands - has effectively pledged allegiance to the CCP I can't really see that happening.
  6. Auckland? It makes me wonder wtf the CGF were actually doing for the past few years in the lead up to 2019 when the 2026 host was meant to be selected. I just can't shake the feeling they were not doing anything proactive at all (especially when you read that there is interest from cities - it just seems like they were not engaging ). They're very lucky for the can-do attitude of one Australian state, otherwise it would be all over.
  7. Also I can't emphasise enough how much I think the MCG as the opening ceremony venue is so incredible ridiculous. The whole point of this event is to demonstrate the Games at a smaller scale to appeal to smaller hosts. Staging an event in a 100,000+ seat stadium in a city of 5 million is not how you do this. It should be Geelong.
  8. Its a bit rough, given that City of Shepparton councilors are the ones who first came up with the idea and started the alliance of regional cities aiming for 2030.
  9. "The 1956 Olympic Games is estimated to have attracted 1.153 million people." lol-what? The Herald Sun truly is nonsensical garbage.
  10. It is a good thing it's being held in a state with a strong history of delivering large and successful international sporting events.
  11. It wasn't your opinion of Melbourne I was rebutting - it was you revising history and effectively putting words in Coates' mouth.
  12. Agree its all optics. A 2036 German Olympics - if the messaging was handled appropriately - could be quite profound. Especially after Ukraine, pushing 'United Europe' would have a lot of resonance.
  13. As for the topic at hand - I have it from a reliable source that "an announcement" will be made before Easter (next week).
  14. I'm no Joan Coates fan - what makes you connect Melbourne's preparations for 1956 for his bias against the city? Has he ever said this? The preparations were bumpy (its not the only city to have faced issues, hello Montreal) - but to suggest the city isn't capable because of how things were handled almost 70 years ago is kind of bizarre. Lets face it - if climate were not an issue there is a very good chance Melbourne would be hosting 2032.
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