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  1. Melbourne 2006 didn't outshine Stadium Australia - the MCG did Agree though re the 2006 Games being moreorless an experiment in alternative history like Manchester 2002 - the what-if Olympics. It also aint Melbourne's fault that its good at major international events, if it scared off future hosts (which it didn't) then thats the CGF's responsibility and they should have picked Wellington.
  2. Welcome to the bullshit spin factory of Australian state politics. Its going to be a long 10 years in Queensland politics as they reckon with the fact that we've they've got isn't what they've been sold. The temptation to outshine 2000 is going to be palpable and it's going to cost.
  3. As i said, other locations in the host country could step in. France could do this effortlessly in 2024, as could the US in 2028, Australia in 2032,etc. If they are focused on 'national' bids as much as the New Norm says it is then this should not be an issue (unless you are Qatar or Singapore).
  4. & and mountain events can become a separate series of events perhaps continuously staged in one location in the February of each Olympiad (perhaps Switzerland). so in each Olympiad: Alpine events take place in Feb in one designated location that the IOC and relevant sports feds support (switching between an Alps location, North America or Japan makes sense). Separate location and 'event' to the main host city later in the year, but still part of the 'Olympiad' (think Stockholm 1956) Indoor flagship winter sports become part of the SOG itself . As above, if this places too much pressure on a city's infrastructure then like the Olympic Football tournament it could be shared amongst other cities in the host country (eg Sydney and Melbourne in 2032). Winter Olympic Games abolished. While we are at it get rid of the YOGs too then we have a nice and neat Games of the Olympiad every four years as they were intended to be.
  5. TBH the "arena events only" argument then leads to another idea - the Olympics going back to the beginning and the 'Summer' Olympic Games absorbing the indoor elements of the Winters. It might stretch the host city, so a good thing is that they've supposedly made things more flexible for the host country (eg. Brisbane 2032 speed skating at Rod Laver; ice hockey at Homebush).
  6. Its almost as if they should have focused on the edition of the Games that has a limited pool of host cities that was the logical next cab off the rank rather than leaping forward to 2032.
  7. There may not be a "King's" Baton at all. - It could remain the "Queen's" Baton in recognition of the Comm Games really forging its identify under her reign. or -It could take on an entirely new name, or meaning. Could even be something as simple as "Commonwealth Baton" with a message sent from the previous host to the next (eg. from Birmingham to Geelong, Geelong to Hamilton etc).
  8. Bang on. Jihad was apt - so would be a comparison with the thinking of a member of the Nazi Youth or a far left or right radical. Australian Fan does have a fanatical fixation with defending the IOC's new directions and drowning out any other opinion. People, whether Members of Parliament or members of the public, are encouraged to report possible Fixated Persons to their local police station, 131 444 or anonymously through Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.
  9. Not having a crooked old man whispering tip offs in their ear it seems.
  10. You mean the Best Games Ever selected under the "old broken costly inflexible budging system"? "In the middle of the pandemic, the IOC moved in to lock in Brisbane for 2032." Yes, they did. And it was a shady move. Whether you like it or not they got the Games under a cloak of darkness and this will forever be a mark on Brisbane's 2032 legacy. Brisbane's allocation will never match the sheer magic of that night in 1993. Many Australians are completely unaware the Olympics are coming back to Australia. In the 1990s it was huge news.
  11. and a Brit headed up the 2010 Organising Committee.
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