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  1. Hello! If you are Olympic Games fan, fan of any multi-sport games such are Pan American, Pacific, Asian, All-African, Commonwealth... or you are simply fan of sports, Olympic or non-Olympic ones I invite you to join to totallympics, forum dedicated to Olympic Games. There is already pleasant and very valuable community of people gathered from all around the globe. There are people with exceptional knowledge in sports like taekwondo, wrestling, equestrian, fencing, archery... Just to name...

  2. I'm really surprised that the first thing I see when I click 'new content' is that there is nothing about 2022 WOG lol

  3. Wow, have I been so long out to miss this? I mean, not suprising,but I bet the newe process to choose a city will go with a safe choice, Beijing, somewhere in Japan but Tokyo, even Dubai has the money...
  4. Brazil is delevering some nice stadia (Natal , Cuiaba , Manaus ) only Sao Paulo is my worry but I bet that's not only me. any ways, counting the days... 35 days!!!
  5. Sorry to sound so out of topic and ignorant... But which cities are in the US's internal bid process?
  6. Why not WOG? I guess NZL is one of the few countries inthe Southern Hemisphere that can host them. (they have won medals in past WOGs which is a big plus in contrast with any of our South American buddies) But SOG seems quite a long shot, perhaps in the 40s-50s.
  7. No doubt just some words can change your entire life... With faith everything will be ok, hope to be back soon. Good luck for the Sochi Paralympics.

  8. Renders are great and realistic. It will be a trully festival in Barra OP. I hope the pool will a translucid roof...
  9. Friday night at home. What have Idone wrong? Hahaha

  10. Sochi IS goimg to set the bar pretty high... Is understandable if they may scare future bids. The only issue with new frontiers is they try to impress the world. IOC will start taking more traditional hosts for a while ala London.
  11. Wow Oslo is the only frontrunner... The "safe, traditional choice" (I'm still digesting that my favorite Stockholm withdrew) If the drop of the race, it will be so unpredictable Maybe Krakow or Almaty.
  12. Enter my profile and enlarge my pic lol I can't upload pictures from my ipad But: Nationality: Guatemalan Origin: Guatemalan father, German mother. Grandparents, Guatemalan, German, Spaniard, Nicargauan. Trully a mixture of cultures... Tall: 1.84 mts (sorry... Dunno to convert into your weird measure system) Weight: 187 lbs Eyes: darkest brown you can imagine Hair: dark drown too nearky black Skin: I'm a swimmer... Tanned obviouslly, but I used to be very white
  13. Dude... A little bit personal info, anyways... My number is in this math, London minus Athens
  14. Paris may have a better shot than SA, clearlly Tokyo's win makes a great scenario for Europe. However that "Cenntenial Games for France" theme sounds dull... Just focus on something better to promte Paris
  15. I love Canada's... I like Germany's too a bit colorfull but original.
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