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  1. Buji all the way ! I'm Christian but I have strong muslim connections in my family. I've never seen Bibi as the warmonger that some people want him to be. Peace is possible with Bibi too...I'm part muslim but my boyfriend's a French Jew. So if it's Buji, cool as I love him (dont ask me why). If it's Bibi well, I like him too. Only Israel is capable of giving us a political choice with cool people.
  2. Just a trompe l'oeil. A temporary illusion. As much as I like Britain, their medal count will fall dramatically in Rio in comparison to London. I'm talking abot long-time efforts, lasting results, and a real commitment for athletes and sport.
  3. A much funnier position is to be outside of it all anyway. The IOC's much funnier to control from the inside, but without getting involved in those ruinous, always uncertain olympic bids. Controlled from the inside by our IOC members, and decide the fate of other olympic aspirants. JC Killy was one who understood that, shame he isn't a member anymore, but he did a great job. France might get something out of it, and there's the pleasure to see them all fight for something that only one will get...And the power to decide. I'd rather focus on the athletes and on giving them the financial ways to be stronger and stronger. No one truly cares about where the games are held anymore, and most people even forget. It may be something that the older generations have trouble understanding, but among the younger globalized ones, no one really cares whether the games are held in Africa, America or Asia: all of them are in the world anyway. A powerful nation at the olympics, that's the real power.
  4. You should've lost faith in the IOC in 2005 already. Most French people have. But well, if you believe in it that much you should get a list ready by 2017, one with all of your favorite places to get drinks & forget...
  5. Thanks Mainad. Believe it or not - and even I was surprised to feel so sad about all this - but we've all been particularly shocked by the deaths of those 2 young guys in such dreadful circumstances. Not to forget the amazing & brave F.Arthaud. 2 young athletes who also happened to be amazing human beings, talented, and struck by destiny. Life's really ugly sometimes. The INSEP, a training center which is a kind of goldmine where all the biggest hopes of French sport go, paid them a heartbreaking tribute today. Many of them were in tears and it should remind us that we still have great athletes. Great athletes that us French people should also support for the moving tribute they gave to their lost friends. Among them, and as a way to try to look ahead: Loic Pietri (judo) Eloyse Lesueur (long jump) Romain Magula (swimming) Giacomo Perez Dortona (swimming) We share their pain and will be backing this new generation of athletes.
  6. Looked for it in French as the emotion's greater but I didn't find it. A golden girl in every sense of the way...I'm very saddened. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6qkb_l4rbE
  7. He's alive, he was part of the show, but he wasn't in the helicopter.
  8. As for Florence Arthaud, I knew her less because she wasn't an athlete of my generation but I know her as the woman who sailed by herself in 1990 and beat all of the men she was opposed to. The first one who showed a woman could beat men in this discipline. We've lost 3 spearheads of the French sport.
  9. Swimming's one my favorite sport and Camille was the kind of swimmer I like. Natural, devoted to her sport, the absolute opposite of a manners and malice.
  10. I was shocked to learn this, this morning, especially as a sport fan. When I heard Alexis Vastine & Florence Arthaud were among the victim I had a shock but when they named Camille Muffat it sounded incredible. Not only Alexis Vastine was a handsome, talened boxer, but he was a very funny and sensitive guy.
  11. NKM isn't in favor, neither are many UMP members. She's neutral and "cautious": http://www.lejdd.fr/Politique/JO-2024-a-Paris-Hidalgo-partante-NKM-prudente-641674 You're forgetting many political sides in your vision by the way, and many people. The Front National is opposedt the games, they represent 30% of the French electorate right now, and are about to squash all of the traditional parties in the upcoming departmental elections. Many in the far-left parties and the greens are against as well. But you have a majority of people in favor of the games at the moment - see, I give you that. But on the moment all these people I mentioned will start getting interested in the olympic games topic, figures could dramatically invert. Not many people will want to be involved in the defeat that Paris will face, should a bid come true.
  12. That's all up to the pro-Games...But my humble opinion is that you should include Flo
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