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  1. The IOC wouldn’t wear that. Their charter prohibits government interference in national Olympic committees. They suspended India and Kuwait for just that.
  2. Brisbane is exactly the sort of city that could get a lot out of the games. Indeed, might even need something like the games in order to make the next step up. No, it’s certainly not a “great” city. Not even, IMO, a particularly nice city. But it’s always been aspirational, and the SE Queensland region as a whole is sure enough pretty pleasant. An Olympics is exactly the kind of thing it needs to grow out of its mediocre, big country town reputation. it’s certainly good for Australian sport. We should likely start to see some funding come back and hopefully regain some of those glory year
  3. Congratulations Victorian, really well deserved! There were some really good designs in these finalists, well done to all. But Victorian’s really hit all the right notes IMO. At a time where indigenous design is pretty well mandatory in anything like this Oz would put forward, his was the only one to incorporate them. And the colouring was spot on - for those who may not know, maroon is Queensland’s long-established sporting colours, so it was very fitting to use it. And while it wasn’t used in the poll, the Paralympic version showed how the old Aussie Green and Gold could be incorporate
  4. Seriously, Skippy????? Sorry Yoshi, but the only opening act for an Aussie logo vote could be... Acker-dacker!
  5. Flikr also a good free image hosting service to use. Same deal, upload it there, then cut and paste the link into here
  6. Sigh... like LA the city itself, I’m trying to like it. I really am. But.....
  7. Well, what do you expect people to say? yes, of course it’s possible it could be cancelled, but that depends on so many factors that no-one can really predict at the moment. Probably a vaccine is the number one factor. But that alone is impossible to forecast. Russia says it already has one, other countries give various estimates between later this year or into next year before they have one. We’ll just have to see what happens and how effective it is if one does get developed. I’d guess that most of the members here would hope Tokyo goes ahead next year if it’s possible, are really
  8. Australia handed “Free Rum”: at 2027 World Cup: https://www.foxsports.com.au/rugby/australia-handed-free-run-at-2027-rubgy-world-cup-in-65bn-boost/news-story/2f36e1eb9e040347d59650bad69e842c
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