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  1. Avicii dead at 28

    Sorry to be flippant... but a year too late to join the 27 club.
  2. No, Brisbane came third. Belgrade lost six of its round two votes to finish behind Brisbane in the final round.
  3. New Comp??????

    Okay devil’s advocate about bid comps. The trouble always was, there were lots of people who enthusiastically jumped at the idea and nominated cities and their intention to put together bid books, but when the amount of work needed to do one properly became clear, VERY few actually lasted the distance. I think there’s only been a handful of those comps where we made it to the end with even two finished bids/books. And that was in times when the board was actually healthy.
  4. New Comp??????

    I guess Russia 2018 is probably the next time the board gets a bit of an activity uptick. It can’t be far off either. When was the last WC logo comp?
  5. Exactly. A quick check shows Brissie’s average July and August temps are 21C and 22C respectively (with an average of four days and three days of rain respectively). Which checking back corresponds pretty well with what London had back in 2012 (but with less rain). In other words, it’s still possible to be shorts and t-short weather by day. Also, by comparison, Melbourne’s average is 14C and 15C for the same months, and Sydney’s 17C and 18C.
  6. That’s exactly Brisbane’s/South Queensland’s ace in the pocket for being Oz’s next summer games bidder - they’re really the only big city that has a climate conducive to a summer games in the July-September window. They’re by far the most balmy and tropical of our major cities and have by far the mildest winters - by August-September they’re very pleasant. Sydney can’t really promise much warmth before when they did it in 2000 in late September, and Melbourne has the coldest and longest of our winters - can still be chilly there up to late October. That’s the reason why John Coates says Brisbane is our only real shot at a future summer games. Of course, some posters will say they’d always make an exception for Melbourne (maybe they would if they had no other option, but the IOC made a pretty heavy precedent when they turfed Dubai out for its suggested timing). And then there’s the argument that should it matter if a summer games is held in a cold and miserable season? It’s funny, when they announced GC would be in April, my first comment here was that it would be close to cyclone season. And they really did I only miss the tail end of a few cyclones by the skin of their teeth.
  7. Sydney Olympic Stadium to be demolished

    Not really - it’s whole raison d’etre was that it was located in the geographic and demographic centre of Sydney. And that it sure is. Early after the games, it suffered as being regarded as a bit of a ghost town area outside event times, but that’s no longer the case either - the Homebush Bay/Oly Park precinct is now a pretty decent commercial hub. And the stadium itself has long been operating in the black and staging plenty of events. No, it’s more the commercial realities of it being a stadium originally designed for the sightlines and requirements of an Olympic athletics configuration, in a city where the main commercial demand is for traditional rectangular fields. And that’s a problem not unfamiliar in most parts of the world these days. Modern sports fans and franchises are just far more demanding in what they require for their facilities.
  8. Well, I’ve been catching more of the games than I expected this weekend - a sick hubby means I’ve also been stuck at home - and I gotta say, I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by what I’ve seen. The venues and atmosphere have been looking really great - I’m actually loving the look. The weather’s been sparkling - no worries about autumn, summer has been hanging around too long in the Oz eastern states this year. I wish it WAS more autumn-like, getting a bit over heat and humidity that refuses to go. And anyway, I think the closest the Gold Coast gets to what we tend to think of as autumn is in their mid-winter. As an Aussie, we were always half prepared for the Gold Coast to come off cheap and tacky. It’s still early days, but dare i say it, it seems the GC is almost a perfect fit for the Commies, and are doing it with more class than i would have given it credit for. Still yet to see the OC. But then again, still yet to see the bulk of Melbourne’s 2006 OC as well (I was out of the country for that one).
  9. I’m always glad when any of our community get to experience a games. Especially, if it’s their first. I’m sure, for all of us, three ultimate experience we crave for. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Goods on you! Hope you give us a behind-the-scenes view after the event! Good luck and enjoy!
  11. Your top 5 Olympics that never were

    Okay... Alexandria 1920 - Would have been nice if Africa had hosted its first Olympics so early in the piece. It was an option then, and could have probably pulled it off well in the style of the time (especially considering the shell-shocked state of the world then that saw Antwerp stage a pretty rough and frugal affair). Buenos Aires 1956 - Not that I woiuldn’t have also wanted Melbourne 56, but, again, would have been a great opportunity for South America to celebrate its first games in a city that at the time still held a bit of its cachet.For all the troubling politics of the country then, BA hadn’t yet slipped from its former status as the Paris of the South. Sydney 1988 - My home town celebrating its Olympics in its Bicentennial year would have been nice on its own, and it would have probably been a more city-centric plan, based around Moore park, than what we ended up doing in 2000. Olympic Park would have been a short walk up the road for me. Ostersund 1994 - Another personal one. It might have meant replacing the near perfection of Lillehammer 94, but who’s to say their Nordic neighbour couldn’t have pulled it off just as well. Probably Sweden’s best shot at the WOGs and they came oh so close, but yet so far. And I would have had the pick of relatives to stay with right in the district. And the fifth? I had to think about this one. Most of their games since 2000 have pretty well gone to the hosts I would have preferred or picked myself (apart from the upcoming 2022 and 2028 editions). NYC 2012 would have been nice to see, but London sure delivered as well. Still glad Rio had its moment. In the end, I’d probably have to go with... Munich 2018 - Sigh! Far more fitting as the first dual SOG-WOG host than Beijing. Again, like Ostersund, a missed opportunity that looks like not getting a shot again anytime soon. If PC had only been four years earlier or later...
  12. 2030 Commonwealth Games

    Anyway, onto the main topic. I have no objections whatsoever to Canada being given the dibs to host 2030. Hope they do get it. Definitely fitting. And the CWGs NEED Canada to host - might as well be a hosting where they really want to do it, whereas they haven't really been inclined to lately up till now. I'd guess Toronto would be the most likely host. And be a good anchor to have some events in Hamilton to honour the centennial.
  13. 2030 Commonwealth Games

    Errr, no actually. If you read the very first post in the very first ever Gold Coast 2018 thread you'll see that any notion of that sort was only wishful thinking on Auckland's part. See below:
  14. Sydney Olympic Stadium to be demolished

    Okay, the latest - the Stadium will live on after all:
  15. Olympics at the Movies

    Now these are the Olympic movies I WANT to see....