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  1. My chance to see how the other half live:
  2. Los Angeles 2028

    Yeah. I dunno if that was some claim put out in the LA bid materials, but someone on SSC made that claim as well and I felt compelled to set them straight. Not counting the Nazis and the Japanese, certainly the specialty designed integrated look goes back as far as Mexico 68. And Munich 72 certainly had its own "Look Book" outlining its integrated graphics. LA 84 may have been another step in its evolution, and they did it bloody well, but it was in no way the first.
  3. Los Angeles 2028

    I'm glad you mentioned that - it's something that's bugged me whenever the old "LA;'s plan should be the template for future games" argument gets brought up. Nice idea, and, sure, some aspects (if they work) will be picked up. But so many things just aren't replicable. Take the OV. It works for LA because of the US campus culture. That culture doesn't exist elsewhere - ity's a US-specific thing (I dunno, maybe Canada as well, but I'd need to be educated on that). Elsewhere, in Europe, Oz, Asia etc, the old model will still always rule. I get that LA's plan was a great point of differentiation it could sell, but it was always disingenuous to try to paint any other approach as flawed - especially when it's a model that has been used in just about all non-US games, and is rarely a sore point or sticking point. Beyond that, you hit the nail on the head. Private enterprise, profit-driven, high Capitalism is not as worshipped as much outside the US as America enshrines it. Most other places are comfortable with some level of Government involvement. Advanced democracies don't like to see Government waste or spendthrifting, but they aren't adverse to public spending on worthy projects.
  4. FIFA World Cup 2026

    Australia left the OFC about 10 years ago. We needed better competition. We were the most recent Asian Cup host (and current title holder).
  5. And where's @daveypodmore, @paul, @aismanggo and @woohooitsme83 When you need them?
  6. Where's Team Blake when you need him?
  7. FIFA World Cup 2026

    As part of the Asian Football Confederation, Australia's not eligible, particularly directly after Qatar 2022.
  8. Betty Cuthbert Dies

    Sad news - Australia's Golden Girl of the track in 1956 has passed on. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-08-07/celebrated-athlete-betty-cuthbert-dies/8780228 RIP Betty!
  9. And it's now totally official. LA has announced it's pulling out of 2024, and changed their Facebook presence to 2028: https://www.facebook.com/pg/la2028/videos/?ref=page_internal
  10. Olympic Book Reviews

    Here's a book I'm gonna have to get - sounds interesting. A look at some of the political dirt around Melbourne 1956. Definitely gonna track it down and review it here once I've read it. Sex, Spies and Bloody Noses: The Truth about Melbourne's Olympics
  11. The new site

    Sigh! Once upon a time when the site got a nice new look like it's just gotten, it would have sparked heaps of comment. Now I just wonder if anyone's noticed at al. BTW - also, has anyone noticed he new options we've got for "liking" posts? Sadly, Rob, still anonymous though.
  12. So, same condition as when the teams moved in in 2010 then...
  13. I had to check this one, but no. The closest she got was that she was one of the six bearers who brought the Olympic flag into the stadium in Salt Lake City, bu never got the flag bearer duty for the Aussie team.