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  1. Thank you and Goodnight...

    What can I say Scotty? Never say never, but I know what you mean about lost passion for the board. Still, it’s been some good times here in the past, and I still hope an odd glimmer might break through come a games time - or a truly decent and absorbing bid campaign (though it’s hard to see that happening any time soon). Hope to see you break your departure come PC next year... or Tokyo 2020, Paris 2024 or LA 28. In the meantime, enjoy the Sydney OC! Still one of my faves (understandably, surely). Ayway,I’m off to celebrate Marriage Equality here in Oz. About time, but it’s a sweet feeling.
  2. Well, if @woohooitsme83 doesn't show up, someone may well have to step in and accept the award themselves (on his behalf, of course )
  3. United States 2026/2030

    Once upon a time, not THAT long ago actually, when the GamesBids Bid Index was still a regular feature of the bid races, one of the factors that was always very heavily weighted in their scores and reckoning was how recently a particular city or country or area had hosted a games. New frontiers always had a, quite largish, head start on that reckoning over more recently hosting cities and locals. Now, yes, we are in a different era. The Bid Index was not really of much use in the past couple of races. The tide has turned, both fairly and unfairly, in public perceptions of the Olympics. The IOC has found itself in a position where it has needed to go to some safer, more assured options that shouldn't paint any story of profligacy or over-ambition. This has come in tandem with the efforts of NOCs wanting to bid, and finding that domestically they must now appease a more sceptical populace and are thus forced to put forward cities where the games would be less of a cost an infrastructure burden. In many cases this naturally means more recent hosts with the facilities in place. Both trends together has meant we are now looking at a sequence of repeat hosts in the 2020s and not much sign of any new locales that might make the grade, put their hand up. And, yes, there's obviously benefits to improving the image of the games in that. And as I said, domestically, that's easier to sell these days to a home populace you are wanting to get behind a bid. But there seems to be a growing perception here that these are now the only possible bids. And while it may be inevitable that we're going to get a lot more repeat hosts in the future, that would be a trend that would start bringing diminishing rewards and may not be sustainable either in the long term. Having hosted a games in recent times does not automatically mean it's easy to do it again in the short term. Sydney probably couldn't do it again without major investment. London's 2012 plan is now really applicable any more. Paris said all along in the latest race that their plan really couldn't be adapted post 2024. The IOC would found itself in another major dilemma if it found that its future options were a continually cycle between, say, LA, Beijing, Lillehammer and SLC. They will need new blood eventually, not just to realise their stated goal to spread the games to as many people and countries as possible, but also to ensure there are more options to choose from in the future. Now, I've got no idea if a Denver bid would ever fly domestically. It may well be too difficult a sell to get the people of Denver behind it. It may well play better in US domestic circles and the USOC to see SLC's facilities get another spin. But, IF Denver could put forward a solid, reputable and supported bid, I'd be willing to bet it would stand a better chance in the international contest and in the minds of the IOC than SLC again. It maybe even would be enough to edge out competitors like Innsbruck or Lillehammer. Just saying, that at some point, if or when a "new frontier" host can come forward, it would offer some great attraction to the IOC. As to the notion of the sliding track. C'mon, if the IOC has shown anything concrete from Agenda 2020, it's that they ARE willing to be a bit more flexible on such things, and especially the bob run. It was the IOC that tried to push the Koreans to using Nagano's facilities and the Koreans that knocked that back out of pride (and contracts signed already). You can bet your bottom dollar they're not going to put their noses up at European bids that use such existing facilities, even in different/neighbouring countries (indeed, they'll even start singing the virtues of that if it helps their image problems). If push came to shove, they probably would suggest or insist to the US that if it put Denver up, they should use the existing Utah sled track. Organising a separate village for a few hundred athletes and coaches and staff at most for one sport would be a far less onerous task than putting up a whole new facility. And they're not that adverse to widespread facilities - they're already getting used to big geographical splits between ice and mountain events. Have lived with sailing being a movable feast for years. Don't scream too much if events like equestrian at Beijing Hong Kong, or archery at Athens Olympia get moved around. They like football going to the wider nation beyond the host city. It's not a deal breaker or insurmountable.
  4. Congrats Woohoo! Well done and well deserved. I was really torn at the end there - I've long been a Davey design fan and he sure presented one up to his usual standard here. I did vote for it in one round. But when it came to the nitty gritty, I plumped for Woohoo's - it seemed to me it would work better within an entire "look" for the games. I would have preferred a simpler 2028 logotype, but that's just taste. All round it was a classy logo. The two best definitely fought it out at the end. And good on you Yoshi. Well done for keeping up the tradition. I wasn't totally divorced from proceedings here, but it was nice to relax a bit and nd a respectable roster of entries and voters to make it all legit. I had my doubts, but you proved me wrong.
  5. London - Birmingham Joint Bid for 2032

    For better or for worse, "Is this possible", "WHat do you think of my idea" and "Ciould this happen" is all we've got for the next eight years. Well, actually, we could all post our lists of Olympic Hosts for the next 100 years.
  6. Congratulations Vik! Glad to see a new name in the hour rolls (even if it wasn't mine). And well done Yoshi. See you in LA!
  7. Future of GamesBids?

    The place was already a ghost of what it once was before this race declined into anti-climax. As I noted in one of the announcement threads this week, normally this should have been Peak GamesBids time. The lacklustre activity at a host(s) announcement says it all. Wish I could be optimistic, but I don't see what could lift things. Maybe at games time - PC next year and Tokyo in '20 - things might lift a bit, but already Rio last year wasn't as "hot" as normal here. I think certainly, and very sadly, GamesBids is past its best times. I'm not saying I'm gonna be moving on totally, but it's not like I've been very active either for quite some time. It'd be nice if things pick up eventually, but... Anyway, in the meantime, for old time's sake, go and have a vote in Yoshi's logo comp. Even if it's not exactly the same, let's try not to let the old site go to the dogs without a fight, and let's party like it's 2012!