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  1. Sir Rols

    Russia 2018 GBids Sweep Draw

    You cash change your profile pic, do a signature or even change your forum name through “manage my account”.
  2. Sir Rols

    Russia 2018 GBids Sweep Draw

    Sorry for the delay - I didn't know the kick-off was last night thought I had another day to go. Anyway, here it is - the Final Russia 2018 WC draw - Hope you're happy with your selection(s). To make up the numbers, i also drafted in another wildcard - the beloved Baron PierreIV. Maybe I shoulda reconsidered if I'd known he'd get Germany instead of me. And for Dezcrafty - the rule is now you have to come up with a Belgian or South korean board identity for the tournament. Enjoy the tournament everyone, and good luck with your teams. Myself, I'll be watching about half the tournament from the Land of the Free Trumpland. Yes, swapping winter Oz for sunny California for a few weeks. I don't know which would be the worse time zone to watch it from. Enjoy everyone!
  3. Sh!t! Kick-off already! I thought it was Friday night. Okay, give me about an hour to do the second chance sweep draw. Someone’s gonna start with an automatic win for Russia and loss for Arabia. Oh well, them’s the breaks of a sweep.
  4. Sir Rols

    Russia 2018 GBids Sweep Draw

    I’ll draw your team when I do the second round picks tomorrow. Everyone, don’t forget you all get another team tomorrow! And what exactly DO you call a gay milkman?
  5. Okay, we're about four days to kick-off now, and the anticipation is slowly building. And so, finding myself with a bit of time on my hands, I thought I might as well go ahead and do the preliminary draw for the GamesBids 2018 World Cup sweep. So, far, however, we've only had 14 members nominating to take part (or having been nominated by others - I included Faster's nominees, and myself through Scotguy into the mix. So there's more than a few blanks in the chart. But more on that later. First, the official pots for the draw, to show that due process is being followed: And now, drumroll please.... the draw! Time to find out what you got: Happy with your team? That's up to you. Whether you are or not, there's some good news ahead. Firstly, there's plenty of good teams (in fact, most of the favourites as far as I can tell) that haven't ben drawn yet. What does that mean - well, firstly, there's plenty of spots open for anyone who still wants to enter the sweep, and plenty of good teams you'd have a chance of getting. And seeing as we have less than half the sports allocated, I'm going to do a second chance draw on the day of the kick-off. Basically, all the names (and hopefully there'll be a few new ones by then) will go back in the pot and you'll be drawn a second team. You can then choose to support either, or both of the teams you've been given. Double to fun! Anyway, celebrate or curse the luck you've had in the draw so far, and get ready for another chance in the draw come Friday. And don't forget, anybody new can still sign up. See you then. In the meantime... hmmmm, what can I do with Switzerland???????
  6. Sir Rols

    Russia 2018 GamesBids Sweep

    C’mon, any more takers? At this rate, might have to give everyone two teams from the draw (assuming we can get even 16 to sign up)
  7. Sir Rols

    Russia 2018 GamesBids Sweep

    Didn’t you and Baron do a swap involving Italy last time? One of you wasn’t happy with it. And no USA. Hope that doesn’t affect sweep numbers. Do our American members even know there’s a WC on this month?
  8. Sir Rols

    Russia 2018 GamesBids Sweep

    At least you won’t have to whine about getting Italy this time.
  9. I guess it’s time to see if there’s any interest in doing a sweep. Can’t we get 32 members to put their names down for a draw? It’s not like anybody has to do anything built to post “I’m in” - and then maybe assume your new team’s identity for the duration of our trip through Mother Russia. If we do get the numbers, I’ll do a draw and then do a nice graphic chart for the tournament. Anyway, let’s se how interest goes. Just post in this thread if you wanna take part. Hopefully I can do the draw a day or two before the kick-off.
  10. Sir Rols

    New Comp??????

    Talent The big question is - will we be able to get 32 people for a WC sweep??? Where’s Tony when you need him?
  11. Sir Rols

    New Comp??????

    Been there, done that... https://www.gamesbids.com/forums/topic/22242-sixth-annual-gamebids-olympic-logo-contest/?tab=comments#comment-380268 https://www.gamesbids.com/forums/topic/22344-cérémonie-d’annonce-de-paris-2024/?tab=comments#comment-386685
  12. Sir Rols

    Future Olympic Hosts

    Mighty Tulsa will not be denied!
  13. Sir Rols


    Welcome to the forums, Dez! you might need to refresh your browser when you try to navigate to a new thread page. It’s a bit of a navigation glitch we’ve had for a while.
  14. Not to mention the fact that he didn't seem to particularly like Stark anyway. Like you said, if he knew there was only one chance of success in 16 million (or whatever it was) well, I'm sure he didn't hand over the loot to be Tony's new BFF.
  15. Just saw it and, yep, I know exactly what you’re talking about Puppy. Had to think it through, but when the light bulb finally went off (with the help of your hint), it’s pretty clear. Yeah, funny audience reaction in the cinema at the end... a huge case of WTF?