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  1. … that doesn’t care for rugby … and while the MCG might be a spectacular cricket and AFL venue, it’s not so much for rugby
  2. Would be an utter farce. An unsuitable pitch in a city that normally wouldn’t give two sniffs at Rugby. Would be nothing but Melburnian showboating and an insult to Australia’s rugby strongholds.
  3. Eye roll That’d be right - Victoria finally discovering an interest in “thugby” when there’s some serious international exposure involved
  4. Seriously, the big shock is the men’s tournament now going three consecutive editions - France, Oz and the US - without touching the Home Nations. After being used to having to hosting every second edition (I laugh at some of the commentary here that Oz is the “first” three-time host), what’s the odds that all stops are going to be pulled out to bring it “home” in 2035.
  5. It’s official: Australia confirmed as host of Rugby World Cup 2027 and 2029
  6. Good for city centre triathlon…
  7. Considering the primary focus of this forum is to discuss Olympic bids, debating Brisbane’s influence on future bids is more than valid. Of course it’s going to be discussed here. Cheer-squadding’s also fine, but that can’t be used as an excuse to forbid critique.
  8. And that’s the whole nexus of this “New Norm” - they can cherry pick whatever takes the President’s fancy. Sure, Brisbane might encourage the likes of Birmingham (UK and Alabama) to fancy their chances, but we all know if down the line they came up against the likes of New York City, which one the Future Bids Commission will be working with most fervently to move forward.
  9. What do you mean? They were always allowed to bid. After Barcelona, we had the likes of Lille, Manchester and Leipzig bidding. How were they disallowed?
  10. Wouldn’t an Orban referendum achieve whatever Orban wants?
  11. Well, I guess trashing democracy, persecuting LGBTs, costing up to Putin, stripping press freedom etc is really only a small price to pay for that.
  12. Yeah, I’d love to see Budapest host. It’s on my personal “wish list” of hosts. Just such a pity with motherf*cker Orban in charge.
  13. Well, out of those you mentioned, Delhi, Jakarta and Doha are all affected by… yes, you guessed it… the “Timeframe” problem (which, yes, I know you don’t like, but like it or not, it IS a specific constraint imposed by the IOC that makes those problematic). Baku I’d hardly qualify as a “glamour” capital. Budapest is probably too politically fraught to consider right now. Otherwise, yes, an Istanbul (if it had a less problematic government), or Berlin, Rome or Shanghai would likely appear more attractive in normal circumstances to the IOC than a Lille, Manchester or Sevilla. but who know’s what factors would influence a 2036 decision. The decision is years away.
  14. Modern pentathlon confirms obstacle racing will replace equestrian from 2024
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