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  1. Hi Stu, Not missing much - basically a handful of us wondering whose gonna be left to turn off the lights. To be fair, the IOC isn’t helping much. They might as well bite the bullet, find one of our old “predictions of the Olympics for the next 100 years” threads, and award all those preemptively.
  2. Olympic athletes dealt a blow as curious Tokyo bed situation revealed Champion Aussie basketballer Andrew Bogut has raised alarm bells for athletes around the world after pointing out a problem with the beds that will be installed in the Athletes' Village for the Tokyo Olympics. With environmental sustainability front and centre, the Tokyo Games unveiled the innovative beds made entirely of cardboard frames, causing a stir for a number of reasons. Great gesture...until the athletes finish their said events and the 1000’s of condoms handed out all over the village are put to use........ — Andrew Bogut (@andrewbogut) January 9, 2020 While it's easy to get on board the noble intention of limiting waste, Bogut pointed out what no doubt many Olympic athletes were thinking when he discovered that the cardboard frames were only designed to support 200 kilos - plenty for one muscle-bound competitor but potentially a hazard when the weight of two combine. "Great gesture...until the athletes finish their said events and the 1000's of condoms handed out all over the village are put to use," Bogut tweeted, finishing with two cheeky monkey emojis. The Olympics have become notorious for being a hotbed of after dark activity between athletes that get a rare opportunity to mix between sports over a two week period. Indeed, tales of athlete trysts during the Olympics have become even more common in the age of Tinder and other dating apps. A whopping 450,000 condoms were ordered for the Athletes' Village at the 2016 Olympics in Rio, setting a new record with each of the 10,500 athletes theoretically allocated 42 contraceptives to use over a fortnight. Speaking to foxsports.com.au before the Rio Games, former Olympic long-jumper David Culbert admitted athletes envied their teammates who got their events out of the way early in the competition. "You were slightly envious of a diver or someone on the opening morning — they're done by lunchtime day one," Culbert said. "Therefore you've got 16 days of Club Med on steroids (and I mean that in the nicest possible way). It's a ramped-up, hyped-up Club Med if you no longer have to compete." Could the bed situation in Tokyo change that for the first time in decades? Bogut's concern may be genuine but only time will tell. Wide world of sports https://wwos.nine.com.au/news/olympic-athletes-dealt-blow-tokyo-bed-situation-revealed/6d0968c0-3de2-4783-ab7f-95890d770947
  3. After the logo glitches, nice too see them playing to their strengths. Stands up nicely also with their RWC tickets last year. Well done.
  4. India end Commonwealth Games boycott threat India will participate in the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, reversing earlier plans to boycott the event over the absence of shooting as a medal sport. The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) had threatened to boycott the Games after shooting - which supplied 16 of their 66 medals at the 2018 Gold Coast Games - was dropped from the Birmingham programme as it is an optional sport for host cities. India finished third in last year's medals table but in the absence of shooting, they could slip to anywhere between fifth and eighth place in 2022, according to IOA estimates. Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) president Louise Martin and chief executive David Grevemberg met IOA officials in New Delhi last month and returned home convinced India would not take such a drastic step. The IOA, after its annual general meeting, not only confirmed India's Birmingham participation but also revealed plans to bid for the 2026 or the 2030 edition of the Games. "The house together reviewed and decided on governance matters and other agendas, including the decision to participate in the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games," the IOA tweeted. "In the AGM, the house also decided on India's bid to host the 2026/2030 Commonwealth Games and reviewed the progress in India's offer to host the 2023 IOC Session," it said in another tweet. India hosted the Commonwealth Games in 2010. Martin welcomed the development, which would be a big relief for the CGF. "The CGF and the entire Commonwealth Sport Movement are delighted India has confirmed their intent to participate at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games," she said in a statement. "Following a useful and constructive CGF visit to India in November, we felt confident and reassured that the athletes and sports community of India places huge value and importance on the Commonwealth Games. "Finally, we are delighted that India have expressed an ambition to host another Commonwealth Games in the future." https://www.theage.com.au/sport/india-end-commonwealth-games-boycott-threat-20191231-p53nt3.html
  5. Thanks Glacib! Good to have some competition. Sure hope we get more. If I get time (or Yoshi extends the Logexit deadline) I might get around to trying a Bucharest and New Orleans entry.
  6. Also, is there a chance that @GBModerator might give this a shout out on the official Twitter account? How about it (and Merry Christmas by the way) Rob?
  7. Jeez, just might have a chance at winning this year, considering no-one else seems to be noticing it. Well, there's Glacib (by the way Glacib, is that an entry you posted? - I'm just seeing a blank space). Anyway, I present my entry for Cairo 2032, based on the Egyptian lotus, while also (hopefully) suggesting the Olympic flame. So, anyone gonna try take it on? @paul? @daveypodmore? @JDCLauron? @woohooitsme83? @aismanggo? Anyone? Is there anybody about there??????
  8. Jacko just invited me to spend the night with him at Frankenstein’s Castle and show me his Elephant Man! Now that’s creepy! Good job signing him for the opening, though. I probably would have booked the Groovy Ghoulies
  9. World Rugby announce dual bidding process for 2027, 2031 World Cups World Rugby will award the next two Rugby World Cups simultaneously in the hope to replicate the success of the 2015 and 2019 tournaments, chairman Bill Beaumont has confirmed. Beaumont described Japan 2019 as "probably the greatest" World Cup of all time, following up the success of the 2015 Rugby World Cup in England. The 2015 and 2019 Rugby World Cups were both awarded in 2009, but World Rugby moved away from that process in the awarding of the 2023 World Cup. Australia has previously declared its intent to bid for the 2027 Rugby World Cup, with Russia and Argentina also contenders, while America has also been touted as a potential host for either event. The USA is hosting the 2026 Football World Cup and Los Angeles will host the 2028 Olympics, putting the potential of another major event in 2027 under a cloud. With a dual announcement, though, there is the potential that the 2031 World Cup could go to a country like the USA, giving the bid winner close to a decade to prepare for hosting. The bid process will formally begin in November 2020, with the final call to be made in 2021. World Rugby has already announced it will review the process it undertook last time, where South Africa was announced as World Rugby's recommended host for 2023 well before the final vote, which went to France against that recommendation. Beaumont confirmed the new process after the recent World Rugby Council meetings in Japan. "As we look to the future, I can confirm today that the World Rugby Council has approved the implementation of a dual host selection process for 2027 and 2031," he said. "The dual selection process will be launched in November 2020 and will enable World Rugby to select an optimal combination of hosts rather like what we've achieved here." World Rugby CEO Brett Gosper said he hoped the council would be willing to take a risk and take the tournament to new territories as they did in awarding Japan the first World Cup in Asia. “(Japan) have been magnificent and warm hosts. We really hope other unions find the courage now to throw their hat into the ring to host a Rugby World Cup, perhaps as an emerging nation," he said. "I hope that it also gives courage to World Rugby to be bold in decisions as they were in 2009 when they chose Japan.” https://www.rugby.com.au/news/2019/11/05/rugby-world-cup-bidding-process-2027-2031
  10. Was hoping for England, but happy enough to see the Boks win. Well done Japan. Pretty good tournament - bar the typhoon, but that’s not exactly something in the OC’s control
  11. Congrats England! Pleased at that. now hoping for Wales.
  12. I wonder if we will see it in different colours (to replace the gold, that is, not sure how other colours would work against the gold)? Though i suppose the gold is important to the medal aspect of it. Could we see metallics? Silver? Bronze?
  13. Wish i could find an image using the dark mode to post, but, yeah, it really is even more stylish in black.
  14. To be fair, London’s was a bit the same. Took me a while to see beyond the shapes to make out Lisa Simpson
  15. D’oh! When i glanced at it this morning, all my brain really took in was the flame in the medal and the lips. Now I’ve looked at it again, I’ve finally made the mental perspective flip and i can’t believe i didn’t take in the hair, to create Marianne’s face! That changes everything. I like it a lot better now. And interesting... so feminine. And as Rob said, so French, but not overtly so. Such a clever and unusual way to brand the games. What’s Ruff’s Abrahamson’s take on this? Whenever a new logo comes out, i can’t help wondering how far it would go in a GBids logo comp. Speaking of which @yoshi...
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