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  1. Sigh... like LA the city itself, I’m trying to like it. I really am. But.....
  2. Well, what do you expect people to say? yes, of course it’s possible it could be cancelled, but that depends on so many factors that no-one can really predict at the moment. Probably a vaccine is the number one factor. But that alone is impossible to forecast. Russia says it already has one, other countries give various estimates between later this year or into next year before they have one. We’ll just have to see what happens and how effective it is if one does get developed. I’d guess that most of the members here would hope Tokyo goes ahead next year if it’s possible, are really
  3. Australia handed “Free Rum”: at 2027 World Cup: https://www.foxsports.com.au/rugby/australia-handed-free-run-at-2027-rubgy-world-cup-in-65bn-boost/news-story/2f36e1eb9e040347d59650bad69e842c
  4. The IOC always has a huge insurance policy for each games in case of cancellation. Though, as these are not being cancelled, I’m not sure if it would get a payout in this case.
  5. Yep, isn’t it ironic that the board is the most active I’ve seen in a good long time, and it’s all because of what ISN’T likely to happen. And I’d also hazard a guess the fact that many of us have a lot of time on our hands a bit lately has a bit to do with it. It’s disquieting times. The vast majority of us here are likely in various stages of social distancing, isolation or even lockdown by now. The provision of diversions is rapidly dwindling - beyond streaming services and the internet - and tedium may be a big problem we’re gonna face soon. In one way or the other we’re all in this t
  6. Yeah, I’d read a lot into it too, especially considering this would have gone past John Coates, who as well as being president of the AOC is vice-president of the IOC and chairman of the Tokyo coordination commission.
  7. Okay, the word here is the Australian Olympic Committee has now officially advised athletes to prepare for a Tokyo Olympics in the northern summer of 2021.
  8. I’m truly glad to hear that. Hope their medical system continues to cope. Still, if they don’t, it’s possibly a good asset to have. I do wonder if this means all the Tokyo 2020 memorabilia i picked up in Tokyo last year is gonna shoot up in value on the collectables market. Another thought - the IOC seems pretty determined that cancellation isn’t an option being considered. That said, we know they always have pretty hefty insurance in case of cancellation. Would they also be insured for postponement, which would entail costs and losses of their own?
  9. As much as this is probably the one time NBC could abandon time delay, broadcast it all live at a god-awful (for American viewers) time slot, and still get record ratings, it’s really not an option. Postponement is inevitable (and apparently Abe’s conceding as much now). My bet’s on 2021. In a world that’s basically shutting down and we’re all retreating into our shells, while trillions are being pumped into keeping some semblance of an economy on life support, tweaking an Olympics village occupancy plan should be trivial. Surprised the village is not already being drafted into emergency
  10. OMG!!!! You like me! You really like me!!! i really, really never ever expected to win one of these things. I really don’t think i deserve to even be in the same ranks as any of the past winners. @yoshi stole my words, but it’s true - those who can, do., while those who can’t, organise the comp. and i do feel awkward snatching this off @JDCLauron - sorry mate, you deserve to be here just as much, if not more, than me. and if it had been a tiebreak situation I doubt, and even hope, I wouldn’t have been here now in this position. But, yes, it feels great, and on Valentine’s Day n
  11. Huh.... but yeah. Let’s face it, Greece is always keen on this. Whether it will ever happen is, well,. I’d usually say unlikely, but who knows what the future will bring top the games. Anyway, again, this is just an attention seeker. And again i apologise trying to get your attention. But we are now in the final poll of 3the final round of this year’s logo comp. And it’s been hard work to actually make it happen this year. And now, we are poised for a decision, and that decision may be decided by THREE... yes, that’s 3... votes in total. It just seems a bit, I dunno, it just doesn’t
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