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  1. Very interesting take on this posted by Rob over at SkyscraperCity (C'mon Rob, you really should have posted it here as well ) Anyway, he says former IOC marketing director Michael Payne (would like to see the link for that) posits that it may have been more a case of the IOC nudging McDonalds out rather than the other way around. And it makes some sense - if anything, sponsorships like McDonalds' and Coke's have sparked a lot of negatives for the IOC and the games in recent years - how many of us have seen articles like this: Olympics are a carnival of junk food marketing, say campaigners . I can see some plausibility that the IOC may be quietly wanting to ditch some of the negative baggage sponsors - much like much of the sporting world ditched cigarette advertising an sponsors in previous decades.
  2. As much as I prefer animal mascots to humans, I;d go with Milco - he's at least vaguely "Incan". Otherwise, anyone but Amantis!
  3. Not sure if i agree with that. Every race really throws up its share of over-the-top trolling proponents. And, really, it's predictable and understandable that really passionate backers of a city, specially if it's their home city, get over-excited and hot under the collar when they're in the trenches of a bid campaign. Heck, I don't think I would have been able to handle it very well if there was a GamesBids and I was here during Sydney's campaign for 2000. I wasn't here for the 2008 race, but Maxiu and the delusions of the canadians here have sure gone down in forum legend. The campaign for the 2014 Commonwealth Games was IMO the high bar here for nastiness and viscousness and trolling. The race for 2012 was full of fire from my recollections and the facing off between the London and Paris backers here was certainly on a par with this race, if not fiercer at times. The 2018 WOG race also brought up some particularly one-eyed and delusional posters here. Yeah, this race has brought up some pretty over-the-top partisanship and fighting, but I think it's still a bit more contained than in the past (and that's more because of the state of the site than if the race itself, IMO).
  4. But Ava Gardner made the famous remark about the location: "On the Beach is a story about the end of the world, and Melbourne sure is the right place to film it!"
  5. Spot on. And yet, one argument I got into over at skyscrapercity was over exactly this. A few posters (and one in particular) there were painting Paris as "arrogant" and "entitled". When pressed, this was supposed to be because (a) well, the general impression that whenever Parisians do anything they're being arrogant and entitled - happens every time they bid; (b) some notion that they were continually going on about 2024 being the centenary for them - that is, when they're not going on and on about nothing more than the Eiffel Tower; and (c) the village issue and that supposedly they were just bullsh!tting and issuing ultimatums if they claimed they couldn't replicate it all for 2028. For the record, I don't think any of the official bid teams have been doing anything that could be called arrogant or entitled. If anything, they're both being particularly careful not to. They're both doing their lobbying and marketing very effectively, very diplomatically and very well. From my point of view, however, where there has been arrogance and entitlement has been on the sidelines, from some of the sources barracking for LA (and you all here know who the main culprits are - both in the media and in the social channels) who continually push the arguments that (a) Paris' bid is a flawed piece of sh!t; (b) LA is the only city on earth and in history that can "save" the games; and (c) that LA is the only city that can project youth, modernity and a sporting culture. For some reason, however, posting that didn't go down too well with the main LA backers on SSC.
  6. It's been doing the same for me since the update. Try refreshing the browser when that happens. I've got used to doing that whenever I go to a new thread page.
  7. Spot on. Even years after the 2000 games, Sydneysiders continually bemoaned the fact that the (typically daily packed) trains never ran as well as during the games, and how commuting on public transport was never so pleasant as during those two weeks. And in London, the only time I ever experienced an over-packed tube carriage was on my non-Olympic night out to a West End play. And yet for the years leading up to the event all I ever heard was the gripes from Londoners about how packed the Tube always is and what a nightmare it would be in 2012. I think one art good Olympic hosts need to develop is to plan your games time transport to the ultimate stresses you can imagine, lower everyone's expectations and then reap the rewards of pleasant surprise from everyone when it "clicks" into place Ditto the roads. For all the warnings of carmageddon on the roads with nightmare traffic battling around Olympic lanes etc for games fortnight, I've usually experienced quiet, pleasant traffic conditions come games time. So LA shouldn't stress itself too much about its traffic reputation either.
  8. I first became acquainted, and hooked, on Bond sitting in the cinema watching Moore make his mark in the role in Live and Let Die. I subsequently devoured all the Bond canon, and came to regard Connery as my favourite Bond (even now, against Craig), and Goldfinger, On Her Majesty's Secret Service and Skyfall as my favourite films, but still Moore, for all his clowning and foppishness in the role, was my formative 007, the one I grew up with and he certainly left his mark and influence on the role. Good innings, Roger. You'll be missed.
  9. Interesting you see it that way. Okay, granted, the stripping of the games from Durban is very unfortunate and hardly positive for the CGF at all. But, you gotta remember, at the time it was a very popular decision, with many of us here, myself included, but still regarding it as the best and most attractive choice. It's only since then that it became clear that much of that regard was a case of wishful thinking and hoping. But that said, now that the CGF has bitten the bullet and made the hard choice, it's not as negative a result as many, again including myself, would have feared. The CGF are not rushing precipitously into a decision, and we have bids from four countries, and multiple cities in at least two of those. In other words, they've got more cities applying for these games than they got in the past three formal bid cycles - 2014, 2018 and 2022 _ combined. Quite remarkable, considering. Indeed, it's interesting and instructive to see how it's being received in the bid following press: Enthusiasm to host Commonwealth Games should prove important lesson for Olympic Movement So, yeah, sure it's a less-than-ideal situation that the CGF has found itself in, but it's certainly not playing out as direly as it could have.
  10. In case you haven't seen it, you should be aware that you know who just called you out in the LA 2024 thread.  I've hit the Report Post button more times than I can count, but it seems to be pointless at this point.  I have thick skin, so I can handle his insults, although I should probably be smart enough to not even respond anymore.  But this needs to stop, for the sake of everyone in this forum.  I know the modus opperandi is normally to delete posts and pretend like they didn't occur, but that doesn't seem to be working.  And as I'm typing this, I see Rob mentioned essentially the same thing.  Please figure out a way to do something about this because it has gotten way out of hand.

    1. Rob.


      "Please figure out a way to do something about this because it has gotten way out of hand."

      To be fair, Rols was given mod status a few years ago to help clean up the forum when it was getting a lot of spam from bots. It's not really his responsibility to police the forum anymore than it is mine or yours. I think he is and has been deleting a few posts and it'd be great if is was possible for him to just suspend said user and explain to the mod later why he'd done it, but really this is something for the mod to deal with.

    2. Sir Rols

      Sir Rols

      I've been a bit of a dilemma over the whole thing. As Rob pointed out, I don't really have the license to moderate as such. Really I'm just supposed to sweep away the spambots. On the other hand, of course I think you know where my sympathies lay. I also have reported and sent suggestions to RobL about the situation over the past week, but all that's come of that is silence and a few posts being deleted. 

      Now, I have acted as Rob suggest over the past few days. I did delete a few posts earlier in the week, yesterday I deleted a sh!tload and this morning (my time) I've just deleted another handful. I've tried to be even-handed in doing that, in case RobL comes down hard on me for it (if he even notices). And yes, I did notice Truff's dig at me yesterday - my first instinct was to jump in, but on reflection I'm determined not to get myself worked up so much over his tantrums. And anyway, any refutation I might have posted would have just fuelled him to lash back.

      I'm not sure what the answer is. I wish RobL would at least give him an official warning, if not more. I'll continue to do some surreptitious deleting when he goes overboard - though sometimes I think it might be better for him to dig his own grave. Again though, I thought he had crossed that line with his justifications for calling people faggots, but that report yielded the mildest of responses from RobL. Anyway, if I get demoted for deleting so be it - at least I'd be back on the same even keel as the rest of you again (though I'd miss some of there nice modding tools). 

  11. Hi Peter, Not sure if you'd be able to track these down, but these are some good reference books that cover bidding. "From Athens to Athens", by David Millar, is a good general reference on the first 100 plus years of the modern Olympics, with as much emphasis on Oympic politics, and the bid campaigns up to 2004, as on the sport. For some in-depth look at specific bids, I'd recommend "The Bid" by Rod McGeogh (leader of the Sydney 2000 bid) and "The Race for the 2012 Olympics" by Mike Lee. Both are excellent insider accounts of their respective campaigns and delve a lot into bid strategies, IOC politics and the day-today planning and minutiae of those campaigns. Dick Pound's book, "Inside the Olympics", is a pretty good and mostly frank account of the goings on in the inner circles of the IOC, and has a lot to say about some of the individual bid campaigns and about bidding in general. Hope that helps a bit.
  12. Same **** every morning I log onto the LA thread. I know you have mod status ostensibly to remove spam but surely you could suspend RuFF and explain to Rob L later if he has a problem with it? The mod doesn't seem to be repointing to reports at the moment. I doubt many here would have a problem with you stepping in.


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    2. Sir Rols

      Sir Rols

      It's almost exactly a repeat of the old Jim Jones days, don't you reckon?

      Anyway, I put a reply in Quaker's other status update - as I said there, I have been doing some surreptitious deleting of posts.

      Yeah, SSC is a bit more sane at the mo. At least there you get a bit of proper discussion amidst the LA rah rah. Here its just LA rah rah and schoolyard squabbles and worse. Pesto's a piece of work though, eh? But I'm just trying hard not to let the Ruffs and the Pesto's of the world get me riled up and drag me into the fray.

    3. Rob.


      Not sure what to make of pesto. A lot of the time seems reasonable enough (and definitely is in other threads he posts in). but occasionally goes into full RuFF-mode massively overegging Paris' risks and making it sound like a 3rd world city. He's never got personal or nasty though. I think he just enjoys stirring the pot sometimes.

    4. Rob.


      BTW, I don't know if your inbox is full but the reason I did this in a public status update was because the forum wouldn't let me PM you. Just in case you were wondering.

  13. Honestly, it's nothing new in the way of arguments. There has always been a core who are opposed to the mere concept of the Olympics. IMO, the main thing that has changed is they get more traction these days through social media and the general "anti-elites" trending mood. But I've heard similar arguments way back from the 1980s and 90s.