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  1. Just teasing... But really, there will be more revenue gained from TV/Online viewing now in the post Corona era. Naturally Aussies and Kiwis will fill out stadiums and probably a large horde of supporters from USA. I don't think a lot of Europeans would want to risk a flight to the other side of the world. We've only got three years to prepare.
  2. Don't expect New Zealand and Australia to support any future England Men's FIFA WC bid in retaliation. ...And EXPECT the sh!ttiest seats in the stadiums to be allocated to England supporters.
  3. From what I've heard is the Universiades are just one big "hot young bodies having sex orgies" event. Even the Olympics are chaste in comparison. NZ needs to host Sports events with meaning...Which is what it does.
  4. Birmingham may have to host the 2026 CWGs as they are the "previous" hosts and ready to go again. It's such a sad situation.
  5. Got a feeling that 2030 will be the last Games...They have so fallen into irrelevance that no one cares anymore.
  6. It's Simple...NZ has no interest in them...Yes there is always a "when are we going to host again?" every time the games are on but it soon shuts down when $$$$ are shown. The only city that can realistically host them for now is Auckland but that city is in the throws of a decade long infrastructure building boom that wont be ready in time. Also remember the last time Christchurch hosted was in 1974 when it was just the 10 core sports. Christchurch is still far from recovered in Earthquake damage repairs...Ratepayers have enough to pay for service already. I still think the next hos
  7. True...As it started to unfold it felt like 9/11. It was late dinnertime when the death toll was officially announced, you could sense the country collectively bursting into tears. Over the Tasman our cousins seems to have taken it hard. It was one of their own that did it. Australia giving it equal coverage. NZ's terrorist alert is still High, meaning attack immenent/underway. The "Five Eyes" network in action. Thanks to those nations who have sent sympathies, including Australia, UK, USA, Canada, Turkey, Germany/EU, Indonesia among the many.
  8. An AUSTRALIAN Born White Supremacist has lead a band of Terrorists on a Shooting Massacre in Christchurch, killing over 40 people in two inner city mosques. What a horrific day in New Zealand's history. New South Wales born 28 year old Brenton Tarrant laid out a 40 odd page manifesto of what he planned to do, why he chose New Zealand (it's cultural diversity, tolerance of religion, acceptance of sexual orientation...pretty much everything he as a White Australian HATES) and then he filmed it!!!! He says an attack in NZ would give massive global impact. He succeeded! He has been rema
  9. New Zealand's main cities...Flat out not interested in a CWGs this side of 2030. I'm wondering if a paired down "emergency" venue is being geared up?
  10. It does make you think...Perhaps having LA, London, Paris, Beijing, Tokyo on a permanent standby basis? I'm grateful that I will be alive for LA to bookend the "Commercial/OTT" era that city began. The Olympics need to evolve into a "nationwide" like event simply to handle costs. I know that LA will set a new standard...It needs to...LA seems to be the benchmark that sets the Games.
  11. Agree...Went to Expo88. It was awesome. It had a huge beacon light you could see flashing over 100kms away. New Zealand's pavilion was considered the best and put the country on the map. After the Expo closed, they packed up the pavilion and brought it home and reassembled it beside Auckland Airport (AKL). There are still bits of it left in Brizzy and agree that the legacy is a good one. NZ last hosted a "sanctioned" Expo in 1925 in Dunedin and it's legacy is beautiful sports grounds including the current University Cricket Oval, now the main Cricket ground in the south.
  12. Naturally we all stayed for the credits end and got our teaser at the end???
  13. TNMP, why didn't you ever rename yourself a symbol?
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