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  1. thatsnotmypuppy

    Tokyo Olympic Tickets thread

    Stupidly whenever I try to add a ticket to my cart it states there are 0 tickets left (despite it still being available). Also once you get a ticket in the cart you can't do anything else as the timer clock for your session blocks the add ticket button. Genius CoSport. I officially 100% fuckking give up.
  2. thatsnotmypuppy

    Tokyo Olympic Tickets thread

    CoSport Australia had semi final table tennis tickets yesterday. They are coming on in dribs and drabs. Actually I take that back - CoSport currently have heaps of tickets...
  3. thatsnotmypuppy

    Tokyo Olympic Tickets thread

    Annoyingly enough the European CoSport live ticket sale still has tickets to the handball matches I tried to get in the ballot. With the proximity and huge tourism movements between Australia and Japan I was hoping we would get a big allocation like we did for Beijing. Apparently we did not - we got the smallest since Athens.
  4. thatsnotmypuppy

    Tokyo Olympic Tickets thread

    It is quite different Games to Games. Sydney , Beijing and London were hard tickets to get. Athens and Rio were both quite easy - Athens in particular (even with all of Europe right there) had millions of unsold tickets. I'd imagine Paris should be OK as the EU rules mean all members of the EU get equal share - the French can't hold back 60% just for their citizens. Also LA may be better since all the US attendants will get their tickets locally and thus in theory there will be a bigger share spread amongst the rest of CoSport. Of the sports you listed most will be popular locally - except maybe badminton. Forget about hotels/flights/trains etcetera until 2023. You can't book them this far out.
  5. thatsnotmypuppy

    Tokyo Olympic Tickets thread

    Ah they were there and then they weren't. I'll keep an eye out as there were a lot of tickets that filtered through at random times for London/Sochi without notice.
  6. thatsnotmypuppy

    Tokyo Olympic Tickets thread

    Good score with the swimming. Looks like there were no athletics at all which is surprising. Looks like they are all gone. It showed stock exhausted an hour ago. I checked again and there was 3 x 3 basketball B reserve - now that is also gone. Looking at the European stocks - there is quite a bit still there.
  7. thatsnotmypuppy

    Tokyo Olympic Tickets thread

    I am still in line for the Aussie Cosport sale - now down to 941st in line. It is dropping fast so I assume our local allocation is also sold out. UPDATE Still available - very limited - Badminton, Basketball, Basketball 3 x 3, Equestrian, Fencing, Handball, Rugby, Taekwondo, Volleyball, Weightlifting and Wrestlng.
  8. thatsnotmypuppy


    Maggie is a goddess. Stranger Than Fiction is worth your time. I know - Will Ferrell is in it - but I counter that argument with the fact Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman are in it also. Thus it is safe for your visual consumption. Maybe we should discuss the Pet Shop Boys. I've been listening to a lot of their stuff recently. As an American I'd expect your knowledge of their ouvre to be somewhat limited - however your flamboyance in other areas leads me to believe you may be into it.
  9. thatsnotmypuppy


    A current thing. He went all art house and doing Broadway. When I looked up his filmography I too was surprised by how much Jake related films I had watched. Maybe this is his career renaissance. The last Spider-Man film did some good for Michael Keaton. Speaking of MK - I watched Batman Returns again recently and was kind of shocked by how dark it was. I'm surprised Tim Burton got away with it.
  10. I'd take it - but Tokyo had my vote to the bitter end.
  11. thatsnotmypuppy


    City Slickers - maybe he is Billy Crystal's son? Dunno. Jack Palance did not deserve his Oscar for this. October Sky - my younger sister loved this but I never saw it. Donnie Darko - one of my favourites - mainly for the season where he tells off Patrick Swayze. Also Drew Barrymore is in it and I could watch her in anything. Bubble Boy - DOWNLOAD THIS NOW!!!!! It is amazing! The Day After Tomorrow - I base my entire stand on global warming from this film. The science is legit? right? Also I'm paranoid at the beach that I'm actually in a dystopic Truman Show-esque fiuture and that I may be walking over a glass roof of a mall that is long buried... who knows. Brokeback Mountain - the most passionless movie about forbidden love ever. Still... Michelle Williams... Jarhead - one of my favourite books. It is an OK adaptation but not great. Zodiac - Ugh - the scene where they tie up the kids at the lake and go all stabby. No. Rendition - I think I saw this? Robert Redford? Can't be bothered googling it. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time - A guilty pleasure. Just awful. Not as bad as Assassin's Creed though. Oof. Love & Other Drugs - I was kind of bored by this - but like you enjoyed Josh Gad. Source Code - Jake as a comatose mutilated ex-soldier! Not as many laughs as the premise suggests. Prisoners - this film was a f*cking drag. Nightcrawler - I thought he did well here and deserved the Golden Globe nomination. Everest - I love movies about mountain climbing - mainly because there is f*ck all chance I'll ever do it and it takes a certain kinds of craziness to look at a huge arse mountain and go - I'll climb that. Shithouse film though. Who keeps giving Jason Clarke work? Okja - this film is about a huge pig thing. Jake does not play the pig. Good fun! Also it is like a vegan porn film - you know - meat is bad. Blah blah blah.
  12. thatsnotmypuppy


    I feel that there is still much to be discussed. Why do you need a winch? Is there a weight limit to the preferred winch you want to buy? Are there colour options?
  13. thatsnotmypuppy


    I'm of a similar vintage buddy - I know what you are proposing - do it at your own risk.
  14. thatsnotmypuppy


    Oh gee - why not drop a clip of Judy Garland playing Carnegie Hall while you are at it... sheesh.
  15. Actually - from his own mouth - he is a huge part of it. He has stated categorically that Melbourne will not be able to host due to the local climate in July and August. The Federal Government can suggest Melbourne (or Sydney, or Perth) to John Coates and he gets to say no. If the AOC do not present the bid the IOC will not accept the bid. If John Coates is telling Scott Morrison that Brisbane is the only option then yes - John Coates is telling the IOC that Brisbane is the only option. The Victorian premier has stated he would like Melbourne to bid - repeatedly - and yet we are only getting this SEQ option spoken about. At all. It really is that cut and dried. Of course Brisbane can say no and pass on the opportunity. And that may still come to pass. I still would not expect any change of policy from the current AOC regime - though they may try to spin that Sydney has a "mild enough winter climate" if it benefits the AOC to throw it's hat in the ring at all costs. And it may. Who knows. There are far too many what ifs at this stage.