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  1. One World, One Dream Welcome Home Light The Fire Within Share The Spirit Passion. Connected. Inspire A Generation Yes. They make us cringe, they make us laugh, they make us wonder if the Sydney 2000 committee was suggesting we split a bottle of vodka with them. SLOGANS! Those annoying blurbs that every city insists on having. Now it is your turn to nonsensically sum up a 2+ week sporting event in a few words. To enter you have to come up with mottos for the next three Games hosts - 2024 Paris 2026 Erzurum 2028 Los Angeles We will then vote or do a poll for each host and I will then send the respective host/bid committee an email with our suggestion. Any responses will be posted here. RULES You have to enter with all three. They must be in English - you can translate them if you want to look like a wanker but since my French is spotty (Je voudrais un tomate salade et une coca cola garcon) and my Turkish worse (Erdogan. Kebab) I need it in English. You have until May 30. (I'm on holidays June 4-10 so will let the poll/votes run during that window probably.) One entry per username. Try to be original. You can use whatever font you want but being fancy won't win you any friends.
  2. thatsnotmypuppy

    I Miss ߷

    How is ߷ doing? Anyone have any ideas?
  3. Is Jim Jones on the bid team?
  4. thatsnotmypuppy

    The 18th Asian Games Jakarta 2018

    Hmm. Going through Banda Aceh... the torchbearer uniform better not be too revealing.
  5. thatsnotmypuppy

    Sapporo Wants To Bid For 2030 Olympic Winter Games Instead Of 2026

    A lot can happen between now and then. It was a hypothetical statement. If Calgary gets 2026 then the USOC will more likely than not hold out until 2034. If Europe somehow gets a city across the line for 2026 then I am sure Sapporo will reconsider further. If the IOC says they are doing a double awarding then the USOC can't suddenly throw a hat in the ring. A lot of variables. Sapporo is positioning themselves as an easy choice to secure back to back Games awarding come vote time next year.
  6. thatsnotmypuppy


    Based on the feverish praise I can actually see Jessica Mauboy doing much, much better than I thought she would. Will she win? Probably not - but there is a huge wave of acclaim behind her right now. She absolutely nailed it in the semifinal which should get her a lot of the public votes.
  7. thatsnotmypuppy

    Sapporo Wants To Bid For 2030 Olympic Winter Games Instead Of 2026

    Think about it - the Japanese are angling for a double award again - they know the IOC will fight for a European/Canadian Games first. Calgary will not bis again if 2026 falls over. The USOC will be busy with LA to really care about 2030.
  8. Still enough time for the IOC to whisper sweet nothings to the Swiss voters. And then give the Games to Italy!!!!! YASS KWEEN!!!!! 2006 AGAIN!!!!!
  9. So Abuja has the venues (in some condition?) on the ground, but surely Gaborone is the favourite - a relatively safe and democratic African country... which is a rarity...
  10. I haven't read any of the comics - I haven't seen all the movies. I just thought it was a pretty obvious giveaway. The scene that triggered it for me was when he bartered for Tony's life and not his own. Dr Strange is many things - martyr is not one of them.
  11. He said there was one way he saw how they could win - and then he did what he did. Obviously this meant short term pain (including to himself - which is why he was so calm when what happened to him happened to him). The fact that so many people overlooked it was a surprise. Like you'd just hand it over...? I mean Marvel movies are pretty cookie cutter but they are always very sharply written so they slot into the bigger picture. Nonetheless - roll on next May.
  12. thatsnotmypuppy

    FIFA World Cup 2026

    Xi Jinping Vladimir Putin Things change.
  13. The locals in Sapporo for the most part are supportive of the bid. As long as the bid team can guarantee the costs will stay down it will get through easily. The Asian Winter Games last year ended up well attended and on budget (if rather unspectacular). Politics is so cut-throat in Japan - there is no way this bid has even been made public if they haven't already got the numbers.
  14. There is a little scene between Tony Stark and Dr Strange that everyone seemed to miss - so keep an eye for it as it leads to a major plot point later on. People were furious afterwards because they didn't understand the motivation for one characters decision and I was all like "ARE YOU F!CKING BLIND AND DEAF!?' Stupid people. See it sooner. I need to vent.