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  1. thatsnotmypuppy

    Tokyo Olympic Tickets thread

    They have to do this because of the Japanese consumer laws. They had to do the same thing for the Nagano Olympics.
  2. thatsnotmypuppy

    Tokyo Olympic Tickets thread

    I doubt that would be allowed - you could try but there were cases in the London/Vancouver sales where people who were found to have multiple accounts had their entire order cancelled. The ticket selers have been at this for decades so they know the tricks. If you have multiple VISA cards and multiple postal addresses then give it a go. I think for the lesser known sports the general on-sale after the initial allocation will be flooded with tickets as all those people who ordered tons of tickets won't actually buy them all. That is incredible - I am baffled that the Tokyo organisers are the hold up? Unlikely. I honestly think we will get dicked royally with the prices. CoSport knows there is a huge amount of interest and ample travel options between Australia and Japan. This is going to really hurt the wallet.
  3. thatsnotmypuppy

    Tokyo Olympic Tickets thread

    Messages don't work - nyc2012@gmail.com if you can. I'll amend this post after you've sent it Thanks!
  4. thatsnotmypuppy

    Tokyo Olympic Tickets thread

    Sadly without a VPN I'll have to wait for Cosport to eventually update with prices. I've asked for C and below reserve either way as the majority of the venues will be compact.
  5. thatsnotmypuppy

    Tokyo Olympic Tickets thread

    I've just chosen the tickets I want based on the Japanese prices and added 50% to conservatively get what I think the prices will be. https://tokyo2020.org/en/news/notice/20180720-03.html Interestingly they do not ask for a VISA card straight away as the Japanese consumer law means you get a choice on what you buy - so come June you will be able to see what you got and just buy what you want - not everything. This means a lot of people will select hundreds of tickets but only intend to buy a few. My early picks are - • TOOOC01 Opening Ceremony • Jul 24, 2020 • TOHBL01 Handball • Jul 25, 2020 • TOSWM01 Swimming • Jul 25, 2020 • TOCSL01 Canoe Slalom • Jul 26, 2020 • TORUG01 Rugby • Jul 27, 2020 • TOFBL19 Football • Jul 29, 2020 • TOWPO23 Water Polo • Aug 03, 2020 • TOCTR01 Cycling Track • Aug03, 2020 • TOCLB01 Sports Climbing • Aug 04, 2020
  6. thatsnotmypuppy

    Tokyo Olympic Tickets thread

    So Tokyo tickets go on sale today via CoSport (I assume ATR and the rest are doing the same) - what are you all buying? I'll check out what is on offer and see what hideous mark up they have.
  7. thatsnotmypuppy

    Brisbane 2032

    Which sounds good in theory until you have a Shanghai or Dubai lobbing into a race. If the IOC doesn't need to give up $2+ billion they wont. It really isn't something a bidding city should build a bid on. Crunch your numbers, take it to the public and if it all makes sense and the locals want the Games then you go forward.
  8. thatsnotmypuppy

    Bid books

    I've been painstakingly gathering the IOC evaluation reports - I'm more of a fan of the failed dreams than the end result these days.
  9. I like the star if the Alps one better.
  10. Followed by Sapporo in 2034 since the apparently all important shinkansen won't reach there until 2031.
  11. Also Klagenfurt 2006 had venues in Austria, Italy and Slovenia. So not the first 3 country bid...
  12. I've had my say in this thread - As a fellow Brisbanite (reluctant as that may be) there is just too.many red flags.
  13. thatsnotmypuppy

    Brisbane 2032

    Much, much smaller scale. Ticket sales were healthy but they missed their interstate and international tourist targets by a wide margin. Basically the locals turned up. Lots of delays transport wise between the GC and Brisbane. They were OK but did not come across as an international calibre event.
  14. thatsnotmypuppy

    Brisbane 2032

    It is a different political era now. The Queensland Premier today has it made it abundantly clear a bid is not a priority - transport infrastructure is. The Gold Coast mayor also today stated that he will not allow any of the expenditure to come from the GC budget. No new hotels will be built just because we bid. Some will get built if we win the hosting rights. But put it in perspective - the Brisbane Hilton has 200 rooms. Another 100 of that size is required to meet the MINIMUM threshold. Where are they building those? Who will use them post 2032? A new stadium is a waste. The Broncos and Roar are committed to Suncorp Stadium. The Lions aren't leaving the Gabba. The new arena proposed for Roma Street is still to submit plans to the council. The feasibility report states the Games will cost over $5 billion. $1.7 billion from the IOC and $2.7 billion from "local revenue". Leaving this fabled $900 million "cost". Where is all that local revenue coming from? Ticket sales and local sponsorship? Rubbish. Melbourne has asked to bid - but the AOC said no due to weather concerns. This feasibility report shows Brisbane can't host due to a logic concern.