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  1. I don't think the IOC can afford to undermine its own commission and EB. Brisbane is an easy way out of what could have been a headache race with a German bid likely to fail in a referendum, Qatar, Jakarta and a Korean bid that sounds Nobel Prize worthy but could be wiped out in a minute because Kim has a mood change. Unless there's an absolute mess going to happen in Australia, there'll be no way to get the others back in for 2032.
  2. Uhm, that was the story of 1972 already...which of course got overshadowed sadly. Bottom line is: working woth the IOC is not going to sell well with lots of voters here. Unless there‘s a visible and radical culture change in Lausanne, Olympics in Germany aren‘t happening. And the IOC won‘t be forced to do such change as long as they have China, Russia and Qatar lined up and sometimes an exceptionally eager initiative in SLC or Brisbane that serves as a fig leaf.
  3. Laschet is - as always - making a total embarassment of himself. He tried to play strongman with Thomas Bach who probably laughed him off the phone yesterday. A shame that he is seriously frontrunner to succeed Merkel at the moment. The only ones equally incompetent are of course the people running the DOSB since Bach took over the IOC. There is absolutely ZERO effort going on to convince a large part of the German population - or at least a large part in potential host cities - that having the Olympics is actually a good thing for country/region/city. Not made easier by the usual IOC she
  4. Their charter suits them just fine whenever they want, and ignore it other times. Lukashenko is not only President of Belarus (still....), but also the President of their NOC. Just one example. Kuwait and even also India are pretty unimportant NOCs, they'll happily pretend to take firm action on the lowly ones but let the big ones run free (or almost - if it hadn't been for constant pressure, there would never have been a Russia ban, and even that is only a very lukewarm ban).
  5. I'm not keen on the idea of having a Germany 36 again...also, the Ruhr organisers made complete fools of themselves today organising some kind of event to promote their bid and totally unaware what was going on at the IOC at the same time. They stubbornly claimed they will continue with that bid, but it's obviously hopeless. Maybe in a couple of years the political and social landscape is different and a bid will be seen more favourably here, but certainly not right now with the IOC making total fools of themselves with Tokyo and Beijing. I can also very well imagine they'll stay away fr
  6. Most important news: Even the IOC President cannot get an illegal haircut during lockdown.
  7. So true...I still remember how easy the IOC made it for the NOlympics campaigners here in the referendum. Bach had just been elected IOC President and he was already unpopular, no „proud to have a German on top of the IOC“ momentum at all. And just a few days before the referendum, Beijing announced its bd, which led to a lot of fatalist reactions that the IOC would go for this anyway as a winter sports market of 1.3bn people (in theory) would be just too tempting. There were also other reasons for the no vote, as the Sochi discussions were picking up speed and the usual environment and cost c
  8. What else is Hashimoto meant to be saying in her new job? „I took this up to wind down preparations and call everything off as we‘ll never get everyone vaccinated in time“?
  9. So Mori is out, his supposed successor, one year older even, getting cold feet. These Olympics are really like a headless chicken now. Still running around without realising they‘re actually dead.
  10. "No matter what"...I still don't think it's a done deal the IOC gets it wish and the Olympics will go ahead. Scenes from the Super Bowl last night show again that not even standard hygiene rules are applied when there's emotions during a sports event. And realistically, to get the vaccine to work properly (no matter if it's a one or two-shot variety), it will take a few weeks after vaccination to create immunity. June may be when the vaccines are more readily available, but that's too late for athletes to get it - they would need it in May. Fat chance that will happen. It will seriou
  11. In a poll among (potential) German Olympic participants, more than 70% are against jumping the queue for vaccination. Athletes are more responsible than officials.
  12. Lovely idea to promote peace and Olympic values - how better to achieve that by having the red symbolizing the blood of Uighurs killed in concentration camps while the Olympics will go on.
  13. The GOP surely knows how to treat oppressive and abusive regimes. Their resolution to condemn those involved in the Capitol insurrection was remarkable...oh wait... If, what greater powers may forbid, one of those pro-dictatorship folks wins in 2024, they will happily stand on the podium in summer 2028 and declare the Olympics open. Makes nice photo ops for a re-election campaign, even better than holding a bible upside down with tear gas dissipating in the back. IOC and GOP are basically the same bunch of self-interest driven, privilege-protecting folks. They would never really get
  14. Can you maybe stop posting the same article in multiple threads? Anyway, I've seen a report that the Japanese medical association already indicated that during the pandemic (and no, that will not be miraculously over by July), there is really not much room for Japanese doctors to be available for any medical matters at the Olympics. So good luck IOC. You can pretend as much as you want, but that virus will not care.
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