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  1. It‘s been 10 years since the third London Olympics already….
  2. 25 countries are still in the running. And Spanish people tell me Valencia would be a likely host because it would not be politically loaded. But given the Spanish song, I hope we won’t need to have that discussion after circa 1 AM CEST tonight.
  3. Grand final on Saturday (me heading there tomorrow morning). Just qualified from tonight’s semi, inter alia: Czechia, whose lead singer is none other than the daughter of ice hockey legend Dominik Hašek, called Dominika appropriately. So she‘ll perform in the very venue where her dad was part of the bronze medal winning team in 2006. She won‘t do as well though.
  4. Orban did not get defeated in the bid referendum. They pulled it before the vote because it was clear he’d lose it. Budapest is still more liberal than the rural parts where he mostly recruits his corrupt following and the opponents of the bid were loud enough to make him get cold feet. Since then, he won two landslide national elections (heavily skewed in his favour of course), so I suspect he feels untouchable now for real and could happily take up the ball from JAS jr.
  5. A fascist’s son endorsing another fascist’s wet dreams. No thanks.
  6. Also noteworthy that Sapporo is regularly hosting major events, so many venues have been in use and modernised since 1972. Others have been demolished or replaced by newer ones of course, but it’s not like nothing has happened in Sapporo for half a century.
  7. Oh, there for example: https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1122683/sergiy-stakhovsky-criticises-nadal
  8. I’d rather listen to Ukrainian players in this matter really.
  9. The next IOC President will be female to create an impression of diversity. Most likely also non-European. Hoevertz, Coventry are both in with Bach, so there you have to look. The old men guard will let her have the limelight and take care of the real business behind the scenes.
  10. Oh they can surely fill it with some maZZ event anyway if it pleases Vlad.
  11. Fun fact: more people have died of Covid than of nuclear weapons so far. (Of course this could be subject to change if Vlad sees fit).
  12. Looks like France dodged the bullet one more time. But the distance is getting smaller and smaller and in five years we could really have the absolute disaster…
  13. Exactly that. Also, there‘s increasing tension in Bosnia again with the Putin puppet ruling the Republika Srpska playing with fire. A bid that has already trouble at home taking on another country with highly volatile politics - that‘s even too much for the Saint Samaranch family to overcome.
  14. Quick reminder again that Gujarat is Modi‘s home base. That‘s the only reason there is so much investment there, plus of course the personal cult of naming a sports complex or stadium after a reigning politician should already put the IOC of it, if the monsoon and Modi‘s hindu superior policy don‘t do the trick. Let‘s hope by 2036, or even better already by the time the IOC decides, he and his authoritarian gang will be history already.
  15. So most of these problems are being faced by governments of all colours around the world right now. Still no reason to call that a “regime”, especially in the current context of world politics.
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