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  1. LOL. The only reason it would be harder for Biden to reverse it is because it would add up to the pile of papers he'll have to sign to reverse the past few years. The Trump era will soon be remembered like the political equivalent of Dallas season 9, I hope: As if it never really happened (except for 400K Covid deaths, domestic terrorism and the sucking up to tyrants around the globe). Whatever executive orders the orange fascist has given in recent days or until tomorrow noon is completely meaningless anyway.
  2. Ukraine (co-)hosted the EURO 2012, it is not as if they're Abuja or Hambatota trying to get the Commonwealth Games. It is economically and politically not an option at this point in time, but they clearly have potential as a future Winter Olympics host at some point.
  3. LOL - what kind of question is that even? I would suspect there'd be tons of Olympic medal winners that have dubious political beliefs or are downright criminals (or, in this case, both even). The IOC isn't going to do a thing, I'd rather the FBI did their job appropriately there. Lock them all up. Forever. Hawley, Cruz and the Trump Camorra all together, and I'm sure they'd find a place for deluded souls like Klete Keller in that prison too.
  4. Zagreb just got hit by the second heavy earthquake in 9 months yesterday, strongest in 150 years or so. They surely have other things on their mind right now. Also, I think by topography, Slovenia or again Sarajevo would be more feasible.
  5. I love how the minister points out the IOC hypocrisy with Lukashenko. And I don‘t think the IOC would dare to take away 2026 (or at least suspend Italy) over this. There‘s clear dissatisfaction in German politics, for instance, too how the DOSB (our NOC) is governed and using funds. Italy may not be the last country to cut down the self-entitlement of sports authorities, it is well overdue already.
  6. Revisited: Half alive, half dead, I‘d say. But let‘s see the glass as half full for now and look forward optimistically. But to keep it relevant to the thread topic, I doubt the election has any effect on Beijing 2022, which will go ahead regardless, cost what it may.
  7. What's Russian for "sour grapes"? https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/oct/19/russia-planned-cyber-attack-on-tokyo-olympics-says-uk
  8. Thing is, PP is reeling from its corruption scandals and VOX are fascists. So Spanish politics is pretty effed up anyway, and we're not even discussing the topic of Catalonian independence (again). While I think this idea of Barcelona/Pyrenees hosting Winter Olympics is basically feasible, especially in view of the all-hailed Agenda 2020, there's way too many hurdles to overcome politically to make this happen in 2030 already. And the IOC will probably have at least SLC if Sapporo gets cold feet depending on what happens with Tokyo next year, so there's probably not a great appetite to go for
  9. In reality, the biggest enemy of the US is the US. Or rather that part of the country still hanging by 250 year old rules totally unfit for the 21st century.
  10. As long as participants don‘t need to pick up visa at Saudi consulates abroad, all will be fine I guess? OCA is probably as spineless as the mother in Lausanne, so good luck with choosing between Ebola and Covid19.
  11. Yes, that and also sports organisations tend to shy away from having to face scrutiny, so bigger chance they'll favour shoddy deals with Lukashenko and co. On that note, the Belarus athletics federation just elected Ivan Tikhan (hammer thrower, multiple doping offender) as its president. Still looking much more forward to our own hosting of the European Championships in 2022. Some budget cuts were already made due to corona (e.g. makeshift facilities rather than renovation work at the rowing/canoe venue), but I hope the events will go ahead as planned and even with an audience.
  12. While I agree in principle, it‘s the IOC position that angers me most. They throw their arms in the air declaring they can‘t do anything, while in the past they did take action when they saw fit. And Iran already gave them concrete reason for a ban before the execution when their athletes boycotted (had to boycot) Israeli opponents. That was very much within IOC area of influence and yet nothing happened.
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