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  1. I would hope that by the time a decision about 2036 needs to made BoJo and his cronies will have been thrown out long already.
  2. Yeah, why flog a dead horse...There‘s local elections in three weeks and it will very likely end up with a social democractic/green coalition in the city council (I would certainly hope so). No major (and minor) party has an interest in dragging a bid into the election campaign. And actually, the main reason for the negative referendum was clearly contempt for the IOC. The city is heavily pursuing other sports events (Football Euro 20&24; CL final 22 I think, European Championships 22, possibly also Handball Euro in 24, etc). Garmisch is bidding for another alpine world champs, the other venues mentioned are also still regularly hosting big events. But not under the auspices of the IOC. And remember that the referendum came only two months after a German became IOC boss. In a way, that made things worse because he is so unpopular here. The only thing I could imagine would be Munich being considered a last minute emergency plan in case Covid 19 makes Beijing 22 an absolute no go. And even then, there‘s probably others on standby too.
  3. As if there was ever any likelihood of India getting 2032...the IOC can walk back as much as it wants to, but reality is cruel.
  4. But this thread does not have spelling errors in its title :-) I'm not familiar actually with the concept of referendums in North-Rhine-Westphalia. There are differences between the various German states about that (and there's none for the whole country anyway). So maybe there wouldn't be a referendum anyway, but there's definitely A LOT of local rivalry between the cities involved all the time (Düsseldorf and Cologne make a point of pretending to hate each other, for example), so there is that to overcome TBW. I don't see it happening actually.
  5. Yes. On the other hand, the Netherlands as a country are not huge - all major cities (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht) are within 90 minutes or so from each other maximum.
  6. Stop talking about Madrid 2030. That exists only in your imagination. There will not be a winter bid from Madrid.
  7. Venue issues aside, 4 more teams means about 50 more athletes (100, as women’s tournament for gender equality would need expansion too). Plus of course coaches etc for the extra teams I don’t think the IOC would be too thrilled by this idea.
  8. Erm, since when is Madrid considering a 2030 bid? If Spain ever comes up with a winter bid, that will always be Barcelona (or maybe Zaragoza).
  9. They want to either build their own stadium or get the track out too. 2022 will be vital for Munich’s Olympiastadion as it’s been a bit neglected after football went out. Its maintenance is costly and only really justified by huge events, so I’m glad they’ll have reason to invest in it again.
  10. The bidders are keeping very quiet about the “track stadium”, AFAIK. Probably for those exact reasons you mentioned.
  11. So it’s official: Munich is going to host 2022. Confirmed sports: athletics (Olympiastadion), golf (venue tbc), gymnastics (in new arena in Olympiapark), cycling (track in Olympiahalle as velodrome was torn down some years ago, rest Olympiapark/city), rowing (1972 regatta course), triathlon (Olympiapark). A seventh sport will be added, maybe swimming, but they’re still negotiating. Dates: 11-22 August
  12. You heard it here first: European Championships 2022 will be in Munich. Olympiapark has been posting sime cryptic countdown the last few days, promising big news 50 years after the Olympics. I guess there’s an announcement tomorrow (including which sports will be involved).
  13. Good luck with that one. Jakarta will be under the sea before it ever hosts the Olympics.
  14. Nobody will ever fly to Malpensa for going skiing in Cortina. That’s madness to assume people would do this. I haven’t studied exact plans for this “increased train service” to Cortina, but certainly the topography there doesn’t really lend itself to high speed connections unless at absolutely extreme financial and environmental costs. Even getting there by road was quite a stretch (from Verona/Venice), as far as I remember.
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