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  1. Preparations going well at all levels https://indianexpress.com/article/sports/sport-others/dope-testers-show-up-at-delhi-state-athletics-meet-most-athletes-bolt-only-1-in-100-metre-final-8957732/
  2. Just weeks before an election where Duda‘s party/backers are getting increasingly nervous and try everything to stir up nationalistic feelings. Pure coincidence.
  3. Seems like the butcher from Damascus will attend as part of his rehabilitation programme.
  4. In that context… https://www.cnn.com/travel/france-ski-resort-closes-la-sambuy-climate-scn/index.html
  5. The „overshadowing presence of soccer“ was never better illustrated than when in the last minutes of the final, DFB decided to issue a press release firing coach Flick after the disastrous showing against Japan on Saturday. Any other time ok, but in that moment…Football officials here are completely ignorant and tonedeaf.
  6. So here‘s the latest bunch… https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1140612/eight-candidates-new-ioc-members Michelle Yeoh??? Anyway, just looking at the German addition, I‘m quite surprised about it. Mronz was - this was not mentioned in the article - heavily involved with the Rhine Ruhr 2032 bid which of course after Brisbane was „chosen“ led to heavy infighting between German officials and the German in Lausanne. I don‘t see the nomination as in any way advantageous for a future German bid to be honest. Interesting bio facts: He is gay and is the widower of former German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle. And his brother for some time in the 90s was Steffi Graf‘s bf.
  7. Next month, it‘ll be five years since Jamal Kashoggi was murdered brutally, likely at direct order from MBS. How fast this was glossed over. Nobody cares anymore.
  8. After the football disasters, a welcome change (of course there was also the Ice Hockey silver earlier this year).
  9. Unlike Brisbane, it isn‘t even 3rd biggest city of India. It‘s only selling point is that it‘s Modi‘s home ground basically in Gujarat.
  10. Probably Japan was needed for funding, Philippines on their own might not have been able to finance it? And Okinawa obviously is the closest link between Philippines and Japan. Why Indonesia was involved when even FIBA knew the host team would not be good enough remains a mystery though.
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