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  1. This is going very wrong for the IOC, though they will deny it. https://smsm.lrv.lt/en/news/baltic-states-and-poland-condemn-the-efforts-to-bring-back-the-athletes-of-russia-and-belarus-into-international-competitions Meanwhile in Germany, DOSB (unsurprisingly, hello next bid!) supports the IOC position while athletes‘ organisation and government are not happy with it. Apparently, the govt as major funder of sports has already threatened to withhold funds for the German chess association because they‘re still in international competitions with Russians. Which means the DOSB is now also again in a very uncomfortable position if it wants to pursue another bid for which inevitably govt support is necessary.
  2. I doubt the IOC actually cares. If the local organisers sit on a mountain of stuffed plushy creatures, they‘ll just shrug in Lausanne and move on.
  3. Russia‘s influence didn‘t make Sabalenka or Djoković win their matches though. Anyway, not sure about her views, but he and his entourage are really annoying pricks.
  4. False equivalents. Nothing more to add to your constant pro-Russian argumentation over the last few months here. Bye.
  5. A boycott that is actually supported by athletes‘ organisations would be best. That would also shred Bach‘s „athletes should not suffer from politics“ bla bla into pieces.
  6. Absolutely. If Ukraine decides to stay away, others will follow. In particular Poland and the Baltics for a start. But Fencing 1976 would just wash it off like he did react when all the capable faves for 2022 hosting got scared away by the IOC. Bach and his people are the undertakers of the Olympic movement.
  7. With the decision about Russia and Belarus coming back, the IOC will further alienate the public in countries it would need on its side, also among the few remaining solid winter options.
  8. Global Athletes not mincing their words here: https://twitter.com/globalathletehq/status/1618310843246215168?s=46&t=6k7u6lXGIbD0dKKZ5E5RaA
  9. Like Bolshunov was a „neutral“ athlete who later on showed off his gold medals at the fascist Z rally. The IOC will never learn, but I‘m sure there will be lots of faeces getting in touch with rotating ventilation systems soon. Get the popcorn ready.
  10. Own goal by? Zelensky for demanding this and getting reprimanded by the IOC? Certainly not. By the Lausanne crowd? Oh definitely. Once they let Russia and Lukashia back in, much of Eastern and Northern Europe goes out the front door. Macron also knows this, and he has no interest in it happening, so I suspect for now he‘ll play Fencing 1976 with the same empty rethoric that Bach is used to himself.
  11. Just flagging my own post from 12 months ago again. That wiki article even qualifies her more now, I guess.
  12. What else to expect from RUSADA… Yet, Fencing 1976 and his allies (hello, OCA!) are desperately looking for ways to get this drug-infested terror regime back in.
  13. So media should only report on things convenient to the organisers? Bizarre approach really. If you can‘t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen (unless you can buy a completely new one like Qatar).
  14. Bavaria‘s PM is desperate to make this election a triumph for him. He will push aside any issues where he cannot be 100% sure that a majority approves them. I agree that the lack of combination Bavarian election (held in Sep 13)/referendum 2022 (Nov 13) and the lower turn out for the latter was a major reason for the referendum loss. But 10 years on, not even such a combination could help public support over the line I fear.
  15. Germany could of course pull this off facilities-wise, but DOSB already refused this idea after the latest IOC decision to reopen the door. Plus, obviously, public opinion.
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