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  1. What you have is 5000% more than what is on the IOC site: Did You Know? The mascot was chosen through a contest entered by 836 participants. After an initial selection, six projects were chosen, then submitted to a vote by readers of various newspapers and magazines. It was the wolf by Slovenian painter Trobec who triumphed easily over the other finalists: a snowball, a mountain goat, a weasel, a lamb and a hedgehog. The wolf is a prominent figure in Yugoslavian fables: he embodies courage and strength and symbolises winter. Vučko was the hero of a cartoon created by Nedeljko Dragic, published in several daily and weekly Yugoslavian newspapers. Source: Sarajevo 1984 Olympic Mascot - Photos and History (olympics.com)
  2. What is it with tall structures and death wishes? The unique structure, the VESSEL in NYC, designed by Thomas Heatherwick, designer of London 2012's cauldron, due to 4 suicides already! Did the Orbital beside London's Olympic Stadium also have any deaths?? ‘Vessel’ Closes After Fourth Suicide—and More Art News – ARTnews.com
  3. Those days are long gone. IOC is very conscious of being blamed for too large a "carbon footprint," and of course, because most of the cladding of the Tokyo Stadium is wood, they have taken care not to have Oly Stadium burn down. As a matter of fact, while watching some of the T&F footage tonight, I completely forgot to look for where they moved the cauldron to.
  4. She sounds very anal but her observations and picks are almost spot on! I've learned so much from listening to her.
  5. Originally, it had to be present at the site of the Athletics competition (so, always the main stadium) and then visible to the rest of the city (or a greater part of the host city).
  6. You sure act like one. Why I brought it in? Why not? It's a heavily American attendance here and if I can do anything to put Mr. Swamp down, I will -- regardless of setting!! Glad to hear you voted Dem!!
  7. OMG! If I have to spell it out to you . . .
  8. Why don't you ask the Organizing Committee? They made the choice. Maybe, in some Trumpian world, they will restage the Opening Ceremony to your likes? LOL!!
  9. Who da f*ck cares if Osaka is "merely Japanese by convenience"? She was chosen to light the cauldron and that's that!! Some jealous Trumpturds here!! NYA! NYA! I love that Naomi Osaka, of all the half-Japanese folks, was CHOSEN TO LIGHT THE CAULDRON -- which Julian Lennon or Rocky Aoki wasn't even chosen. NYA! NYA! NYA!!
  10. That Jim Thorpe, Jesse Owens or Tonya Harding will not compete!!
  11. I happen to watch a little of the AUS=ITA men's basketball coverage. I normally don't; becuz I am not a big basketball fan. But I did like the male-female commnentary. It made it easier to listen to. In Diving, I like Cynthia Potter's commentary; She is extremely precise. In Indoor Volleyball (my sport), why is Heather Cox just like the 3nd wheel? I like Paul Sunderland and Kevin Barnett -- but a little more of Heather Cox connected with their commentary, I think makes for higher quality broadcasting. And Mike Turrico is more palatable than Bryant Gumble of the past. I do not like Savannah Guthrie's voice.
  12. I like the color-scheming so far, It makes it look very clean -- and it is reflective of the Japanese hosts' artistic bent - utter simplicty, yes, to the point of being boring. But why should the background scream out at ya? It shouldn't smother the action on the FOP. Now, let's wait for Beijing 2022 and see if the more ornate Chinese zeitgeist shows up again.
  13. It's NOT a "recreation" oer se. It's the actual thing. It can't be a "recreation" if it is the actual footage. What they meant by "recreation" which you misunderstood and then passed on, is that they have compiled existing footage from several sources and tried to create as complete a visual record of the OC as possible. Of course, there is a complete and official record of the OC and it is in the vaults of ABC and the IOC--except those have not been available for now for public or technical reasons. (BTW, that was the first OC that I ever saw in its entirety --on TV only, of course.)
  14. Where are you from? You "found" this clip - NOT founded. You are not an 'explorer" or "discoverer" in the historic sense of the word.
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