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  1. Where's "Tulsa" and his Annecy bid when you need them??
  2. By which time, there might be ANOTHER government who won't back the initiative. Duh!!
  3. baron-pierreIV

    Russia To Consider 2032 Olympic Games Bid

    I agree. If the regional German bid fizzles (and, say, if China gets WC 2030), I think a serious St. Petersburg bid would be very strong -- and Russia builds their campaign around a sincere "We're sorry; won't happen again" theme PLUS WADA/the IOC have fool-proof measures in place to carry out the doping controls WITHOUT any loop-holes, Russia could have a shot @ it. It would also be some 52 years after Moscow 1980. So that 52 year stretch would equal the first two LA hostings: 1932 to 1984. Question though: was the St. Petersburg WC stadium convertible to a T&F stadium -- or would St. Pete have a build a new one?? (Have not watched any of the WC matches played in St. Pete.)
  4. Well, both Calgary and Edmonton belong to Alberta -- and since Alberta's support for a renewed Calgary 2026 bid was wavering, the provincial gov't would now be hard-pressed to support two major events, even though of course, Edmonton (were it to stay a prelim WC venue) would be hosting only 3 games vs. a full complement of an Winter Olympic Games.
  5. My eyes have glazed over the exchanges above. So, how does the WC 2026 now affect Calgary's chances to host WOG 2026? And I don't know if having WOG 2026 and WC 2026 in the same continent or country might be overkill? I believe it's never happened before -- altho of course, the WOGs didn't sync with the summer WC until 1994 only.
  6. Just got a call from Thomas on my mobile. He ran a sure-fire scenario by me for ensuring a next Olympic host. He started: How about if the country w/ the most gold medals . . . Me: . . . automatically, unequivocally hosts the next Olympic Games? Could work." And then I amplified it with: "Or . . . the one with the most TOTAL medals? No ifs', no but's; no backing out!" TB: Magnificent! That way, we would have a choice. So there folks, is how the next few Olympic host cities will be chosen. Careful, USA, of what you wish for!!
  7. Pescara! Palermo! Taormina!!
  8. Barcelona 2026 NOT GOING to happen. Migod, look @ the empty seats at the Tarragona 2018 Med Games which opened June 22! It's UNBELIEVABLE how empty it is!!
  9. InsidetheGames mentons a "Barcelona" bid -- which would be fantastic; but there is the whole uncertainty to the Catalunya question. And then which mountains would a Barcelona bid use -- those around Zaragosa or those in Andorra? If it comes to fruition, 2026 could very well be the first tri-national hosting year -- with Andorra-Catalonia-Spain hosting in February, and then Canada-Mexico-USA hosting the WC in the summer of that year. It's sort of happened before in 2012 when Innsbruck hosted its 3rd Olympic event (the 1st Winter YOGs); and then London 3-peating for the real Olympics, So, Lightning could strike thrice again!
  10. baron-pierreIV

    North America Elected To Host 2026 FIFA World Cup

    That's a person's choice.
  11. baron-pierreIV

    North America Elected To Host 2026 FIFA World Cup

    My point is there is a vast difference between a contiguous land mass where FANS can take whatever conveynace they want and CHOOSE how to enjoy the host country and one where you try to do a sleight-of-hand and say well, a major ocean doesn't make a hill of beans. It's NOT just measuring the flying time. If that were the case, then why not pick 10 islands that are equidistant from each other -- and see if that would get high rankings from FIFA??
  12. baron-pierreIV

    North America Elected To Host 2026 FIFA World Cup

    But what makes you think that there will be a Miami - Mexico City connection? It's possible that the teams advancing from Mexico will proceed to LA or to Dallas and to Houston -- so there is the overland connection. You're assuming a lot.
  13. baron-pierreIV

    North America Elected To Host 2026 FIFA World Cup

    Those two are way too far from each other. The viable bids are those of contiguous countries -- not separated by several hours of over-the-ocean flights.
  14. baron-pierreIV

    North America Elected To Host 2026 FIFA World Cup

    Whaddya think? Do you really think US-Can-Mex (or any other country for that matter) are doing this for their health??
  15. I think the South Africa 2010 had the best Opening & Closing Ceremonies of WC so far. Of course, the Closing was at night, so that made it very dramatic.