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  1. baron-pierreIV

    Amazon's Search for a 2nd HQTRs

    Ha! Even amazon bailed out of NYC after picking them. Bid required too many stadia!!
  2. baron-pierreIV

    Future Olympic Hosts

    I guess for me, the jury is still out. I was strongly advised by my oncologist (who is from the Delhi area) not to visit India (what with a suppressed immune system). And I know he only had my best interests at heart. But I am glad I came and saw the old parts of a small part of India. So I can cross India off my bucket list. Been there; done that. India (and I guess the whole subcontinent) is not for everyone. You wonder why the Brits held on to it for so long. All the tea in the world ain't worth it.
  3. baron-pierreIV

    Future Olympic Hosts

    Yeah, Delhi and the -pur cities, Jaiour, Udaipur are in the Rajahstan area , , , which is desert country. And India will have to do seomthing about their sacred cows raoming the streets and the lazy dogs all over to even allow the Pre-selection Committee to visit and NOT give them an XXX at the start! I don't know how they got the 2010 CWGames at all.
  4. baron-pierreIV

    Future Olympic Hosts

    Delhi 2032 NOT happening! Am on my 2nd to the last night of my India trip. Delhi 2032 CERTAINLY will NOT happen. Delhi and India are just too dirty, over-crowded and chaotic for an Olympics to happen in Delhi or ANY Indian city. I suppose dreaming is free; and maybe it's just something to raise the hopes of Indian athletes but I wouldn't even give a World Championships to India. It's still very much a 3rd world setting despite so-called strides into becoming a developed country. After 50 years? maybe.
  5. Here's the thing about Sweden. According to WIki and from stats of the Swedish Olympic Comm., winter sports aren't really TOPS in Sweden. Here are teht tops sports WIki lists: football, floorball, equestrian sports, handball, golf, gymnastics and athletics, Of those, it's only "Floorball" (a variant of ice hockey) that gets into the Top 7. So unlike the Norwegians who are crazy about downhill, X-country; and the Dutch who are bonkers about speedskating, the Swedes are only hot for ice hockey. (OK, maybe with the Swedish teams doing well in PyongChang in Curling, maybe that too). But they don't seem to be really, really passionate about any one or two particular winter sports in great numbers, hence there is only lukewarm support from the general public. At least the Italian bid is NOT as logistically complicated as Sweden's.
  6. In retaliation, Tokyo 2020 might make it difficult for the observer Paris 2024 team; the accused after all, is part of the Japanese royal family!
  7. In some cultures though, the peacock feather is a symbol of death. Anyway, am going to India to see for myself next month! It's Bollywood or Bust for me!!
  8. baron-pierreIV

    Milano-Cortina 2026 - Website

    Yeah, sounds sexy and the Arena is a more compact one than the Colosseum in Rome; but I fear the IOC leans towards Sweden since Sweden has NOT hosted a full Olympics, much less a winter one, since 1912. Plus, the last Scandinavian WOGs were in 1994.
  9. baron-pierreIV

    Stockholm/Åre 2026

    Hmmm. What are those Trojan-Mexican pinatas? LOL!!
  10. Oddly enough, am booked for a quick vacation to India in February! I will advise them.
  11. baron-pierreIV

    Stockholm/Åre 2026

    /\/\ Doesn't work well w/ too many colors. Would've worked with, say, just 2 colors.
  12. baron-pierreIV

    The Milan Cortina Italy thread

    Funny that they would call it Candidate "City" when clearly 2 locales are named. I guess the Swedes still have to come out with their logo?
  13. Are you kidding? Do you know how much it costs to build a circular structure vs. a plain rectangular building?
  14. No wonder the Olympic athletes of tomorrow only demand the best accommodations. They are being spoiled by a huge, new circular building in Lausanne-- sort of rivalling Apple's spaceship headquarters in Cupertino--which will be the Village for the Laussane 2020 YOGs. That ain't a cheap building. http://www.idelec.ch/webcam/losinger/Vortex.htm