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  1. Eh. It was labored and predictable. Nothing that took my breath away.
  2. The real reason why Coates-Brisbane stage-ambushed the 2032 Games: Australian Olympic Committee suffers deficit in centenary year (insidethegames.biz) AOC will be awash in cash soon!!
  3. Why not? Do people go illiterate once a thread is old? That's about as dumb a comment as ulu's "she doesn't speak Japanese."
  4. Who's she? I never heard of her. Did she win ikebana or origami or something like that??
  5. When will John Coates have that long-awaited hernia operation? Will it be carried on the Olympic Channel??
  6. Actually, 2030 will be the 98th anniversary of the 1932 Lake Placid Games! Somehow, because of the change of calendar, no city can celebrate the 100th anny of the WOGs.
  7. Mascots are for moments of fun not being too consciencious and all PC.
  8. Why? Do they need to utter something when they light the cauldron? Ouch? Banzai? Would you say that of a "mute" person, even being a true-born Japanese? A Japanese "mute" person doesn't speak Japanese or anything. Your allegation is DISCRIMINATING.
  9. Nah. It'll probably be Naomi Osaka, maybe Matsuyama, a Fukushima survivor and a handicapped person.
  10. We'll see. Their Handover segment in Rio didn't thrill me.
  11. /\/\ Maybe just the upper disc of the bigger Okamoto sculpture -- NOT the base. Aslo, that flat figure of the runner on the ground -- NO ONE on the eyhe level of the filed will recognize that. it will only be clear and make sense from an overheard camera. So I don't think that's going to be very effective.
  12. We know: - that the five Olympic rings (well, the 6 colors at least) supposedly are represented in every flag of a territory that the IOC recognizes; - the weaker/more denied explanation is that they represent the 5 continents of the world (according to a French nobleman's narrow perspective). Well, I just learned that there is ANOTHER, albeit weaker, explanation for the FIVE rings (designed by gran-gran-grandpere in 1913 and then supposedly first flown over a sports meet in Alexandria in 1918). Does anyone care to guess what that OTHER interpretation is ? Will confir
  13. Wait until Italy's design companies come on board as sponsors. They may something to change the doggone thing.
  14. Finally, here is what looks like the complete Innsbruck 1976 Closing Ceremony, posted only about a week ago (March 28, 2021). Innsbruck 1976 - Closing Ceremony | Innsbruck 1976 Replays - YouTube I imagine this is the Austrian network's feed. No commentary of any sort. Actually, those weren't "Native American dancers." They are the "mummer" dancers (representing, I guess the winter blahs) being banished by the lederhosen-clad youths and the broom-sweeping kurandera. And somehow, those Aztec-like headdresses have come into play. The foot-stomping (frustrated flamenco dance
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