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  1. Ceremonies on UTube, Part 3

    I agree with you. Even though I don't relate to the CWGs, I think those ceremonies were really quite exceptional and so CREATIVE -- among my top 4!
  2. Los Angeles 2028

    Well, yeah. They're paying for the use of all that scaffolding and temporary seats. That all adds up. Besides, the County Planning Depts might not allow those to be up for too long if they are not being used regularly. Even London's additional two wings (part of Hadid's permanent structure) came down quickly after their Games.
  3. Los Angeles 2028

    The thing about those temporary aquatic venues is that -- oh, I'm too lazy to dig up my 1983 files, but as a major Olympic venue, it has to be up and running the year before for the TEST event. And then in the actual Olympic year, US Swimming will use it for the US champiosnhips/Olympic team selection event, the SOGs, and then the Paras. So, for the Olympic year, it will be up for at least 2-3 months.
  4. Los Angeles 2028

    Remember, Synchro (solo and duet) made its Olympic debut @ LA-1984 (and local gal Esther Williams supposedly was a main force in getting it in. Luckily, the Russian gals weren't there, otherwise they would have cleaned up that category.) So it's safe to say that Synchro will stay there for LA 2028. The team event made its debut @ Atlanta 1996.
  5. Los Angeles 2028

    Interesting factoid, Paul. I sort of wondered where those rings went; because I had even asked the LA-84 Art Director, Rene Lagler, what happened to those rings? And he didn't know.
  6. Los Angeles 2028

    The other thing w/ building it by Dedeaux, is that they can feed off the main pipes and pumps of Uytengsu. And even if they install new pumps & filters for Dedeaux, then the Uytengsu machinery will be the back-up if a Rio green-water thing happens. See, Rio's pool did NOT have a back-up filtration system.
  7. Los Angeles 2028

    No. I think FINA and the federations now understand that they have to be realistic. If not, the IOC will force them anyway.
  8. Los Angeles 2028

    Where will Synchronized Swimming be held? Remember, they need to build side viewing chambers for underwater shots. So it's not really as simple as just plopping down two tubs in the ground. Plus, on the Diving end, they have to build permanent diving platforms with elevators. And then, if they're lucky, place some beams overhead for overhead camera angles. And who knows what else the insurance policies will require as well as the Building Codes for 2028 will be -- even if they are temporary structures, because they will hold thousands of people.
  9. Los Angeles 2028

    All well and good for us to project plans for the USC campus: #1 - Touching Uytengsu. I think when he gave $8 million a few years ago to complete that facility, part of the terms were it would be a PERMANENT installation. WHy use his $8 million only to tear it down in a few years? #2 - What will USC do with a full-size Olympic aquatic scenter with seats (even if scaled down post-Games) for, just to grab a number) 10K seats when there is the existing Uytengsu facility that more than meets their needs? #3 - We don't know what USC's future plans are for the other bldgs around there? #4 - Yes, with the additional 4 years, maybe a cleaner solution might be found elsewhere but I think they want to use an existing facility -- whether it be USC or even UCLA -- for the warm-up facilities. The warm-up pool for 1984 was then cut-up and one part was shipped to some community center in Wash State I seem to remember. Being one of the marquee sports of the Games, it would have to be near a major commuter line or conduit to get the crowds in and out, quickly, easily and safely.
  10. Los Angeles 2028

    I think there's NOT going to be enough room to put in a warm-up pool by the LAFC, plus provide for all the additional needs of T&F @ the Coliseum. Moving Swimming into the USC campus would also cut back on Security costs for a major venue. Plus, they didn't want to lose a major football/rugby venue close to the Downtown cluster. As for no roof (well, by the rendering, one part (I guess the VIP and the Press Section will be roofed), they'll simply hold major races @ night; plus to help the fans in the PM races, they will simply sell more hats, visors, sunglasses and sunscreen; hence make those another very profitable set of Games.
  11. Ceremonies on UTube, Part 3

    In honor of Monday's eclipse, here is the Director's cut of the Lighting of the Baku 2015. It's really quite a fantastic moment. I just realized after watching this that they had a second "cauldron" out in the waterfront, too!! PanAM, please DON'T start putting up like TWENTY other clips in response to this! No need.
  12. Ceremonies on UTube, Part 3

    /\/\ PanAm, you don't have to go wild posting EVERY ceremony in Kingdom come. ANd BTW< some of my remarks are rhetorical.
  13. Los Angeles 2028

    Would've been crazy on TV; but very nice in the flesh. Grenoble's pictographs started this wavy, Op Art look.
  14. Los Angeles 2028

    Well, it was old, white men running the Games up to Mexico thereon, so the Look of those Games reflected that demographic -- old, boring and stodgy designs. Wow. Never saw those outfits of the Mexico 1968 hostesses.
  15. Los Angeles 2028

    The big problem are the two villages: an OV for 10,500 and what, they have to provide housing for 17,000 press? (Not counting Security whose numbers are never revealed.) So, if the IOC brought down athletic numbers to say, 7,500; press to just 8,000 (you don't need 17,000 reporters covering the event); and a few thousand for Security. etc., that really will make the Games more viable and realistic to the A- and B+ cities.