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  1. Plus, locking in these cities now, sort of restores a semblance of the continental rotation scenario which has suffered a bit too much from the "Asian flu" of 2018-2020-2022! I wonder if the mascot for Beijing 2022 will be called Coronafefe-22??
  2. I like this change. Approve it. The only really big change for it would be in Paris 2024 when the US would normally march in early in the "E"s, but then will just be before the French team.
  3. WOW! Another spectacular show from China! Can't wait for Yimou's shows for 2022!!
  4. Well, the IOC moves the 2020 marathons and walking races to Sapporo. https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1086013/olympic-marathon-moved-to-sapporo So, maybe San Francisco can still get into the 2028 act by staging the same -- but SF's course will be VERY hilly.
  5. Well, Baku 2015 also sort of did it -- even though supposedly that was an "eclipse."
  6. And here is The Daily Beast's take on the Paris 2024 logo: https://www.thedailybeast.com/with-impeachment-looming-trump-is-threatening-to-sue-everybody-who-pisses-him-off?ref=home&fbclid=IwAR1Tnp2y8VwwkBfgDC_Xjo_Yx6tIJoRdTsujJUR1fDiNWSqd5K0zczwWD0I
  7. With orange color, it would also be a perfect Halloween image of a flame against a full harvest moon.
  8. The website has also pointed out that the dark mode was purposely designed to use less energy. Possibly another Olympic first!! (And availability in the Light and Dark modes allows it to apply to all shades of the human complexion!!)
  9. Yoshi, the 2 organizations are slowly merging. What used to be the USOC is now called the USOPC. How far behind can other countries be?
  10. Considering how totally underwhelming the last 4 of the last 5 Games have been, this is like a breath of fresh air. I mean, we don't want to drown in a crush of OVER-creativity.
  11. The "medal" allusion though, I think, is the weakest of the 3 resonances. I'd say it's more a "globe"; and also that's why they chose green as her hair -- but didn't want to do the whole "green" Planet earth thingie though -- so they went with "medal" instead. (But a "climate change" message with the logo wouldn't have been too bad-- adter all, the last big climate conference was in Paris!! So now, will the 2024 medals look like that??
  12. Robert, the face very distinctly (per the COJO) represents Marianne, the other symbol of France (after the Eiffel, the Rooster, the Fleur-de-Lys and the Guillotine).
  13. The beret's (or the baguette's) missing on this one. LA can go for the Strike-3 theme more strongly, which this one only hints at. (Actually, I was thinking of a Nike-LAngel visage (like, x3 or something) for 2028; and it could still be after this one.)
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