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  1. Tokyo 2020 Ceremonies

    /\ And I think Vancouver was almost as large as Sochi's. And Albertville was a little bigger than YeongPChang. 10,000/ God forbid. It should be at least 20,000!
  2. Olympics at the Movies

    Rols, a really good one if you can get your hands on it is Great whimsical telling of the first Marathon race in Athens 1896.
  3. Calgary 2026

    Calgary 2026 should name Eddie the Eagle and the Jamaican bobsled team, as its Goodwill Ambassadors (the Eagle and the Rastrafarians!) and the prize is in the BAG!!
  4. Potential 2026 and 2028 bids

    Obviously a lot about the potential bids are in flux right now. I think we won't see a clear sign of the finalists until June, July or even as late as September.
  5. United States 2026/2030

    If the Sion bid falls, that would still leave Stockholm, Lillehammer and the Graz-Schmadling bids from the Euro entries. Then there would also be Sapporo, Calgary. A Milan or revived Torino bid is questionable because if the Italians put that forth , it would endanger Milan hosting the IOC Session of 2019 in which the 2026 site would be chosen. So before the IOC casts for another site for 2019 (of which they can easily grab Baku, Doha or if pushed, Lausanne, to fill in for 2019) maybe they (the IOC) can jigger the deck so that a Milan or Torino entry, as say a Salt Lake bid, are above-board, lined up for 2030 but are in the mix next year because the IOC will indeed be doing a double award. Altho I think the IOC will give 2030 to the US. It would be 28 years since the Winter Games were in the US.
  6. I sure hope the Austria 2026 bid will use this landmark building in Graz on their logo. It is, to me, one of the most HIDEOUS structures in the entire world -- considering it's an art gallery. LOL!!
  7. Tokyo 2020 Ceremonies

    Tokyo 2020 skirting with Japan's role in WW2''s about as likely as Turkey admitting to the Armenian genocide of 1910-11.
  8. Well, get Calgary to bid then.
  9. Los Angeles 2028

    No. I believe the Official IOC hotel will be the Marriott there. In 1984, when the Official IOC hotel was the Downown Biltmore by Pershing Square, LAOOC made sure that Pershing Square and surrounding blocks were quiet and peaceful at night because the IOC requested it. So, they may NOT run those things ALL night. IOC and thousands of workers have to be ready for the next day. Visitors, too.
  10. FIFA World Cup 2026

    Should they vote for Morocco, I can just see 4 years away (by 2023), Morocco will be given a 3-month warning before they rescind the award.
  11. Paris 2024 Ceremonies

    That wasn't Oprah. It was Diana Ross.
  12. Beijing 2022 Handover segment

    Thought Handover segment was OK. I don't what else they can portray other than Harbin in winter, which I guess the Beijing powers aren't too eager to promote. I actually found it better than the Tokyo 2020 segment in Rio. That was too garish; this one was far more entertaining and creative.
  13. Los Angeles 2028

    Really, Paul? Really? WOW. @Jesse Saenz, thanks for the work you do with the homeless and your attitude re them. Yes, they ARE fellow humans after all. If I had the resources, I would help the situation much more.
  14. Beijing 2022

    /\/\ Great post, jie-jie. We don't get too many posts of that calibre here on FB, where if you happen to make one unintended mistake in your post, you are jumped upon by vulgar Canadian and other posters as if you intentionally poked a hole in the Mona Lisa. And the admin of this website does not sanction such virulent and provocative posters, such that the quality of the website as a whole has just dropped. But perhaps with bidding cities dropping like flies, Gamesbids is destined for early extinction anyway.
  15. Olympic Bid Opposition Guru To Take Aim At Denver 2030 In Debate

    Chris Dempsey not doubt smells of being a Russian-Trumpie stooge.