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  1. yup, this was coming. Entirely predictable. Once the Johnson & Johnson vaccine gets going full swing, start poking the Olympic athletes. Domestic Japanese fans is a bonus if they can swing that. It will be an undertaking to get the olympic athletes and staff poked, but, what seemed impossible now is seeming more probable if things are done aggressively and quickly, this can get done.
  2. With Johnson & Johnson's vaccine authorization, things are looking much more optimistic. It has only a 74 percent reliability rating compared to the pfeiser and moderna 90-92 percenters, so thats the obvious one that should go to the olympians. Combine that, and the curve in the United States, Canada, and Japan is trending downward at a relieving pace. I think its starting to look like summer we should be cautiously optimistic that this actually works out.
  3. I know its not amongst the traditional sports, but one of the ones that has gotten popular quickly. The snowboarding community in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe are already posturing for it as a simple right thing to do move.
  4. The impetus of "cancel culture" is that the twitterverse will put feet to the fire of where it matters most: the sponsors. The IOC is going to do what its going to do, everyone knows that. But attacking Coca Cola, Nike, Adidas, McDonalds, MyPillow, CopperFit, whoever runs adds or has their billboards plastered on the walls or gates of venues. Like you said, it will be ironic that those companies will stand an equal chance of being villified just as much on Sean Hannity's show as they will Rachel Maddow's, and both political sides of the aisle will villify the other with the one universal
  5. that may be the case, but some of the veterans of this board who leading up to this insisted Beijing was the right choice, and the safe choice, maybe even the "only" choice, and that it would go off without a hitch. Strike one has already happened, Beijing has already proven to be an eternally worse option than Almaty by multiple degrees of measure. Now here in the US, cancel culture is strong, and it is getting stronger. Now, there is at least a fifty percent chance that there will be a boycotted winter olympics. I disagree with drawing a line in the sand either way, because frankly at t
  6. This is a good bid , I can get behind another Australian olympics
  7. In some alternate world where Almaty flipped the vote, I would have absolutely been giving credit to the IOC for having the foresight to pass on China. Our threads would have been like "thank God we didn't pick China after the Hong Kong, Uighur, and coronavirus disasters, good move by the IOC by not jumping on the money. They may not be perfect but it would have been a LOT worse". Yet..........here we are. With A LOT worse. Way to go IOC......
  8. bingo........its gonna go through, the IOC will pull out the stops for it. "for the sake of healing of the world"
  9. this is all spiraling pretty quickly........ Maybe COVID will come in and save the day so everyone dodges diplomatic awkwardness. (........please God dont let this pandemic last until next winter)
  10. This could work out. It would be a challenge, but not one that is impossible. There have certainly been worse bids in 2032.
  11. It could happen, I was absolutely shocked to see the NFL season go on during the pandemic. I thought for sure that this season would not last 8 games. But here we are. NHL, Premier League, NBA are all getting it done too. If the NFL, with a roster of 53 men plus staff that are hell bent on smacking the crap out of each other can go off in a controlled environment, a bunch of track and field guys, row teams, and swimmers sure as hell can. Hell if theyre smart, they call up the NFL and see how they went about it (sans the Titans, Browns, and Ravens. But theyd still be useful case stu
  12. There are some whisperings in the intel community that China might pull a "sochi" and do Taiwan the same way Russia did Crimea right during the olympics.
  13. This is going to be an athletes, coaches, and staff only. A Fanless Olympics. Its not a complete cancellation, but its going to be pretty dang close. The athletes are the lynchpin for making it a minimally accepted games. If thats what transpires, and theres a high probability. Nooooo way in hell Sapporo bids for the winter Olympics, theyll be extremely jaded with the process and want nothing to do with an Olympics for quite a while.
  14. I truly hope this crap is over by end of july/beginning august....... If it goes much beyond that, this whole thing is going to be as much a mental health crisis as is its a pandemic crisis
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