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  1. England could pull the ole Russia and land both the World Cup and Olympics in the same decade. That'd be something to hang your hat on for sure. Wish them the best
  2. London/England could pull a Russia and get the World Cup and Olympics in the same decade. They're perfectly capable of it.
  3. Olympics with no spectators is about as bare bones as you can get, but I think that is even starting to be a wishful thinking objective right now. Im hoping they can at least swing a no fans Olympics though
  4. Bringing down ESL AND Qatar would be even more legendary though. Would be viewed as sincere heroes to the sport. England 2022! :p
  5. yup.........it checks a lot of boxes. darn shame it doesnt check all of them. There is a whole lot to like about it. Ive always wanted to visit, would have given me a good excuse.
  6. it does throw the quandry that UEFA appears to care more about the integrity of the champions league than actual literal slave labor. Players and fans got IMMEDIATE results after the Super League threat, against a potent organization. One would think they could do the same thing with FIFA if the motivation and impetus was there.
  7. I am pretty excited about this new development. Where do you kids think the most realistic downhill events could be held? Could they keep it in the province of Quebec itself?
  8. Looks like the biggest issue currently is the downhill ski/snowboard situation. Curious to see how they go about that. Hosting that in New York/Placid is one obvious solution, but will they think of something more internal? Possibly a mountain in the province itself?
  9. Quebec group launches bid to host 2030 Winter Olympics | GamesBids.com Alright, alright, alright! Now we're talking! Desire to know more intensifies....... This one could be the one ladies and gents. Very curious to see what they put together here.
  10. Japan eyes state of emergency for Tokyo, Osaka regions amid virus surge (yahoo.com) well.............crap.
  11. Holy crap the Super League just died a swift ninja death. Imagine that, protests can work sometimes. That was.........interesting to say the least.
  12. what is soccer/football doing to itself. Its a trainwreck that no one can look away from. Qatar is looking at the England Big 6, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Real, Barcelona, Athletico right now like........THANK YOU! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
  13. thats all......... very valid. There's a compelling argument from that lens as well. Japan as a nation, all things considered, can take a good deal of disappointment and acceptance of things not going well or to plan and not raise much of a fuss about it. But this.........this is different. Japan is furious about these games and how things have gone so far. They just want it to happen and be done with it. This is looking like its going to be a "game time decision" if this goes forward or not. It could well be beginning July before we get a yay or a nay
  14. Super, super worried about Japan now. Vax rollout has been diabolically slow, Johnson and Johnson just got delayed, and looks like COVID infections are increasing in Japan. That seriously sux. I hope they find a way to pull it off, but if not, I hope they can find a way to get Tokyo an Olympics next decade at some point. I am fully aware that the IOC does not HAAAVE to do this, but it would be a great solidarity move if it does have to get cancelled to award them 2032 or 2036. Yeah I know that would really rock Brisbane's socks giving Tokyo 2032, but I guess this is just a good case study
  15. I think the most important thing to come to terms with is that the summer and winter games are completely different beasts with different problem sets and different requirement sets. Technically, they always have been, but it is now an absolute chasm. The summer games still have enough cities to pull from. Even if there isnt a London, Paris, Los Angeles, or Madrid...........so long as there's a Budapest, Istanbul, or St. Petersburg, they are gonna be okay. Though I think we are all aware if it wasnt for 2028 complications SLC would probably be locked signed and delivered for 2030, no one q
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