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  1. Not to thread jack but to fix that problem, picking istanbul would check off both the Europe and the Asia check box. That said, London would be the runaway favorite if it decided to go for it I would think
  2. Love it, would be happy to see it again. Except hopefully they get that 3.5 hour airport customs and immigration thing figured out next time around.
  3. Well.......might as well put this thing to use now that there's some traction to it. Id say beyond the rest of the pack, this actually could be the most favored candidate now? Authoritarian leader who isnt quiiiiite putin, but will do all he can to throw out the red carpet for the IOC. Maybe between Budapest and Istanbul now?
  4. Interesting.......so basically the Michelob Ultra version of a Russia bid. Which.......the IOC will find appealing. And frankly with the rest of the pack (the basket of deplorables: India, Indonesia, Qatar, Russia, Egypt) ..........I'd say its between Budapest and Istanbul right now
  5. it has an unofficial poll, which it seems they are going to run with, lol. I selfishly hope this is all they need to secure this, because I want a Sapporo 2030 bid :p .
  6. was the most recent defeat an Orban referendum? Not being snide, legitimately curious. I agree that Orban could become a new appealing partner as stated above, a Putin Mini-Me. He has all the authoritarian tendencies that the IOC loves without going completely off the deep end apparently. Could Budapest pull it off?
  7. seriously........ not a great look. That and this is dead by referendum anyways, per previous attempts
  8. Yeah this ship sailed in January. Was a lesson learned for me. Full speed ahead for Sapporo and SLC double
  9. Expedite it and pound it through. I know this is cheap, but I really want this bid to happen, lol.
  10. I like the upside of this bed. It would really show the IOC is open to more versatility and rationality in the bidding process. Hopefully they consider it.
  11. Thats really the angle we are just gonna have to look at if this thing has any survivability. Realistically, this is only going to be a Zaragoza, Jaca, Andorra bid. Can that work? Looking at the Real Zaragoza's La Romareda Stadium, its at 33,600. That could probably work for the opening/closing ceremony. But what else is there? Does the region have the carrying capacity to take other projects on?
  12. Well it might not seem like it but these guys lucked out with the timing of the Olympics. COVID in China is ratcheting up right now, and mass lockdowns are occurring in Shanghai and other Chinese cities.
  13. Well at least we will have something decisive here one way or the other, as bad as this bid is. My guess is it dies today.
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