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  1. It could be the WOG version of Brazil is my fear, driving Ukraine to near collapse financially
  2. I would think that too. Believe me, There are 8,756,189 other things that Ukraine should be spending their money on besides the Winter Olympics, but.......countries like this aren't known for making the best financial decisions. And as much as we wished Ukraine was reforming, there is still a corrupt faction that would love the opportunity to skim off the top a-la Sochi. LIS, Im devastated Ukraine is not reforming faster, love the people, love the country, but man, they feel like a long way off. Ukraine's red team counterpoint would be that the Line of Conflict would be what, at least 500 miles away from the games, even if some venues were in Kyiv? Red-Team talking point #2, morale booster for a nation that has a frozen conflict and a drastically shrinking demographic population. Honestly, this seems like the sort of bid that the IOC would get predatory enough to facilitate it to happen. Things are weird and backward now........ I admit, I didn't even write off Erzurum from 2026. I was actually impressed that the IOC voluntarily removed them from contention.
  3. Same. Oh man we are going to have so much to talk about up to this buildup. I remember personally wanting Almaty to get this so bad, and now I am so happy they did not. 6 months away........China has earned this. They're going to have nightmares from all directions, and the international community will gleefully cover any shortcomings at any turn. Uighurs, Corona, Taiwan/Hong Kong. They are going to have quite a challenge blanketing all of this, and I dont think even China will be able to push the narrative that they want. As for COVID Delta? All it takes is just one city........just one.......From Guangzhou to Harbi to go full-on Wuhan, and they will be in deep bat and pangolin poop. Are we looking at a potential 2023 delay boys and girls?
  4. I know surprisingly Ukraine was gonna try and give this another whirl. There was chatter in January, and not much since. God, I don't like the idea, but it is on the board, and trying to look at the bright side of things, maybe it could help tourist infrastructure in Lviv and the Carpathians?
  5. uh oh.... Delta variant bears down on China just as its economy loses steam (yahoo.com)
  6. Delta variant bears down on China just as its economy loses steam (yahoo.com) and here..........we.......go.... [joker.jpeg]
  7. I think the thing I learned most about Japan is never, ever, ever plan a holiday in the summer months. If I ever go, it will be March or November, lol
  8. completely agree, that is a very valid take. Tokyo and the IOC are less then a week away from breathing a collective sigh of relief it went off reasonably okay. Now we see if the IOC makes a flex and awards winter games to Sapporo 2030 . No bids. No strings attached. Handshake deal that is painless and at the same time appealing enough to not pass up from Japan's point of view. That would be kinda a "sorry" and a "thanks" gesture all at the same time from the IOC to Japan. I know odds are small but......heres hoping, I really want a Sapporo games thats probably not gonna happen.
  9. Well, from the COVID monster standpoint, halfway through this thing, it has not been anywhere near as bad as it could have been. We aren't done yet, but if trajectory holds, Tokyo will have done much better than expected keeping COVID from interfering with the Olympics. Gladly will eat my crow there, I thought we would absolutely see its presence rear its head to a much higher degree than it has thus far.
  10. ^^ this guy gets it. This is basically the IOC saying, "hey, we are still cool, but I gotta pretend to punish you for the peanut gallery. Just play along, and everything will be back to normal ASAP"
  11. absolutely agree with the Singapore notion. If that is ever going to happen, Singapore is the hub spread out in Malaysia and Indonesia. That would actually make for a good games IMO.
  12. The slate is being wiped clean, literally, as we speak in their minds. I'm not pro Russia. I am red-teaming as the IOC sees this. ROC goes through the Olympics as they are, it shows all bans will be lifted no later than the end of the Beijing Olympics, and theyll be allowed to table a bid again. Putin's Russia is too enticing, and the IOC is enticing for Russia.
  13. yeah anyone who thinks Bach or the IOC is done with Russia is straight up delusional. They are on the level of FIFA. No honor amongst thieves, and such. This is the IOC we are talking about guys, them and Putin get along like peas and carrots. They're birds of a feather. They flock together. Judging by whats happening at this Olympics, Russia will soon be re-instated, and therefore, able to bid for a games. and if no European city steps up to the plate, you know Russia is going to look pretty dang enticing to them.
  14. Fair and reasonable rundown. I remember that deep south heat, not a fun time. And Tokyo is apparently even worse in that regard. I dont see Minny/St Paul happening. That Vikings stadium was a freaking saga and a political bloodbath. That took a LOT of coersion and threats of moving to get done. Its a freaking thing of beauty now that its done, but I think Minnesotans think an event that is going to require even more stadiums to be the stuff of nightmares. If there were to be an American city to do it again, I'd hang my hat on Dallas. They also have a big "something to prove" mentality because........Texas. Will it be hot? It will sure be humid too, but it wont be as repulsively humid as Nashville, Atlanta, Charlotte, the like. Can be mitigated slightly by orchestrating events in morning/evening. The thing with that is, I think Texans would literally rather spend that money on the Trump Wall than the Olympics, and that is not even an exaggeration. It doesnt look good in America after loss angeles, and Europe is gonna be a tough egg to crack too, and thats why St Petersburg , Istanbul, and Kazan smell blood (there, self-made threadjack over, back on track).
  15. Looks like a US mens pole vaulter is our first formal COVID casualty. Knock on wood, but thats acceptable so far
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