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  1. Calgary 2026

    A very interesting thing happened here in Canada recently... CBC News Calgary: Kent Hehr's new cabinet post might signal support for Calgary's Olympic aspirations, says prof
  2. Looks like a great Blu-Ray set being released by Criterion: Blu-Ray.com: 100 Years of Olympic Films Blu-ray Collection Quite the set, but the article doesn't have a release date.
  3. Calgary 2026

    So here's today's news from city hall and the CBEC: CBC: Calgary rejects Olympic plebiscite, expects to make final decision next year on 2026 bid Global news interviewed a number of the local athletes, of course they're all in favor. Surprisingly, a lot of the public is too. We'll see what happens in September 2018.
  4. Calgary 2026

    If anyone happens to be in town for the Stampede, head over to the upper floor of the Big Four building. Pyeongchang 2018 has a stand there and you can score free mascot pins by tweeting, Instagramming, etc. your photo with the 2018 Winter Games mascots.
  5. Calgary 2026

    Today in the news, CBC interviews GamesBids' Robert Livingstone: CBC: 'Calgary might be the only city left standing': A glimpse into Olympic bid politics
  6. McDonald's bails out of TOP programme

    Well this sucks. I was hoping to get my "Hidy and Howdy Reborn" Happy Meal toys if we got 2026!
  7. Calgary 2026

    Interesting press conference about the latest announcement from the bid exploration committee: (video) CTV: Extended: Calgary's Bid committee answers questions Interesting. Sounds like Lake Louise is being considered to host some skiing events. From my place it's a 15 minute drive to Canada Olympic Park and 2 hrs to Lake Louise. Would it be considered too far? Nakiska isn't being left out though.
  8. Calgary 2026

    Video clip on CTV today: http://calgary.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=1134345&binId=1.1201914&playlistPageNum=1
  9. Calgary 2026

    In addition to my previous post, in the news 4 days ago: CTV News: Province puts up $10 million to upgrade WinSport’s sliding track
  10. Calgary 2026

    The Corral, the old arena right next to the Saddledome, is slated to be torn down as the Calgary Stampede wants to turn the convention centre into a class 1 facility and expand the exhibition space. I can see Stampede taking over the Saddledome if a new arena was built directly to the north. They use it anyway during the stampede for the heavy horse pull competition and concerts. Some tidbits in the news around here recently: 2026 Bid: In the news today: CBC News: Majority of Calgarians and Bow Valley residents support Olympic bid, according to new poll Infrastructure: C-Train: In the news yesterday: CBC News: 1st phase of Green Line LRT approved by city council Phase 1 was approved yesterday. Construction start date is 2020, with a completion date of 2026. Hmmm, coincidence? There's talk if we get the games, the blue line would be extended to the airport, which is badly needed. Bobsled track: CBC News: $20M renovation will dramatically change Calgary's bobsled and luge track Construction is supposed to begin in the summer of 2018.
  11. According to this article, looks like BC wants to host again in Victoria: Alberni Valley News: Ferry tax break, Commonwealth Games bid among BC Liberals promises for Vancouver Island
  12. Calgary 2026

    The bobsled track is getting an upgrade/reno regardless if we get the Olympics again: CBC: $20M renovation will dramatically change Calgary's bobsled and luge track
  13. Calgary 2026

    Some initial numbers are in, and people are in favor of hosting again. Latest article today on CTV with video clip: CTV News: Calgarians weigh in for and against Olympic bid
  14. Eddie the Eagle is back in town this weekend, and will be jumping with a local club at Canada Olympic Park, from 11:30 to 12:30 tomorrow. Autograph session to follow. CTV News: Eddie the Eagle slated to soar again at Canada Olympic Park
  15. Calgary 2026

    If anyone is in town, Eddie the Eagle is back, and he'll be jumping with the local club tomorrow at Canada Olympic Park from 11:30 to 12:30. Autograph session to follow. CTV News: Eddie the Eagle slated to soar again at Canada Olympic Park