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  1. Looks like the Antonov An-225 was destroyed. It was here in Calgary about 5 years ago picking up O&G equipment. It was here a few times in the past. This is the former Buran space shuttle carrier. Insider: World's largest cargo aircraft was destroyed during a Russian attack on an airfield, Ukrainian minister says
  2. Watch your social media accounts. I'm seeing reports on twitter that Russian hackers are taking over social media accounts and profiles. Good thing I'm not into any cryptocurrencies.
  3. So...um... is this still going ahead? Or do we have to start digging bomb shelters?
  4. But according to Star Trek, WWIII wasn't supposed to happen until 2026!
  5. Another post-Olympics article, from Castanet in Kelowna, BC: Castanet: Cyber concerns continue - At Olympics, cybersecurity worries linger in background (Feb 20,2022)
  6. A couple good wrap-up articles from the Calgary Herald: Calgary Herald: Scott Stinson: The Olympics were strange. May there never be another Games like it (Feb 20, 2022) Calgary Herald: Scott Stinson: The IOC looks forward to next Olympics, but tough memories will linger (Feb 21, 2022)
  7. Chek News from Victoria (BC) has a decent wrap-up, verdict article: Chek News: After Beijing bubble bursts, can the IOC save the Olympics?
  8. The IOC will take a sigh of relief now. I wouldn't be surprised if, following 2028, 2030 and 2034 are going to be North American games, in order to replenish the bank accounts post-covid with that prime time coverage and sponsorships.
  9. Pondering right now whether to stay up for the ceremony or take a 4 hour nap before it. CBC is still showing the 30k. There's also the gala to watch. I have to dig thu the CBC app as there were events I still wanted to see like women's and men's two-man bobsleigh, aerials, and the ladies figure skating soap opera from a couple days ago.
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