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  1. During her post match press conference Sabalenka was asked about the flag thing to which she replied that at the end of the day she is still a Belarussian athlete. Not sure if she is Just being patriotic to her country or subtly showing her true beliefs in the current political situation. Hopefully the first. Novak is a true great but unlike Nadal and roger he is a pure dickhead.
  2. Yeah i know mate, but Serbia is still very close with Russia https://apnews.com/article/russia-ukraine-politics-europe-serbia-european-union-6deaa57230993b02e7a67f57693bf7f2 Serbia remains the only European country besides Belarus that has refused to introduce sanctions against Russia, its Slavic ally.
  3. It probably is not significant but i couldn't help notice that the two Aussie open champions (assuming Djokovic wins) will be from two of the countries still supporting Russia. So even with Russia officially banned from certain sports/events, their influence is still there at the most highest level of sports.
  4. The opening ceremony is in doubt and may have to be moved following this weekends apocalyptic disaster in Auckland. Flooding has caused events to be cancelled and billions of dollars worth of damage that media are reporting could take up to 5 years to fix. All flights have been cancelled, thousands are being evacuated out of the city and a state of emergency has been declared for at least 7 days. The new prime minister has visited and has had calls with world leaders for aid to be provided. Auckland may not be ready to host the tournament.
  5. Just scrap separate male and female events and have it mixed... equal pay, equal opportunities, equal rules and equal sports = none of this issue.
  6. Organisers are scrambling to re-organise parts of the opening ceremony after the Prime Ministers recent resignation. She was due to score a goal during the opening ceremony similar to Diana Ross in 1994, however now the new PM is a man, organisers do not think this would go down well for the women's game. Apparently talks are under way to have Rita Ora take over this part of the ceremony instead.
  7. Yeah me too. Considering he put so much work and posts into promoting his logos, surprised he then did not show at all for any of the voting. Maybe life stuff has just kept him busy, most people went back to work a few days into the New Year.
  8. I am just relaying what the news outlets and media were saying - maybe that constitutes a massive success in new zealand
  9. The NZ media have yet again reported on a possible Auckland Commonwealth Games bid following the massive success of the recent ASB Classic Tennis tournament, which they have reported as being a potential rival to the Australian Open Jacinda Ardern needs to pull something out of the bag before September this year otherwise it looks as if she will be voted out of office.
  10. Anyone else think that the lighting of the cauldron will be given to Simon Biles?
  11. Just like other end of the years, this one keeps taking... Vivienne Westwood also died today. RIP Pele, thank you for the masterclass
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