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  1. As expected Ukraine has won the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest. They got a record number of public televotes with 28 countries giving it 12 points. 1st: Ukraine 2nd: United Kingdom 3rd: Spain Ukraine are adamant that next years contest will be held in Ukraine.
  2. I do agree with you there... it reminds me of one of those party bag medals you get form a 2 dollar store.
  3. my faves Macron, Zelensky, Trudeau, Sanchez but seriously my number 1 currently is Le Presidante. this pic in particular, talk about wrist sprain
  4. haha i wouldn't mind walking up next to him on a lazy parisian day
  5. Praying that Macron wins this election.... not only for the stability of the world and decency but also he is one of my top sexy world leaders haha #politicalcrush
  6. I got the map from planetmonecraft.com The music is called 'Nature' from the Sydney 2000 Opening Ceremony.
  7. Done already at Atlanta 1996 closing ceremony. At least they are not calling for people trash ala Manchester welcome lol
  8. I think you take the term regime differently from me. To me it means current government or ruling party - nothing to do with dictatorships or oppressing countries. You have taken my comment completely out of context and turned it right around to mean something completely different. i was only stating why it is not plausible for New Zealand to make a bid for the Commonwealth Games in 8 years time, given how things currently are in the country. Yes most countries are facing the same issues, but to the outside world they see and hear of New Zealand being a country that during COVID times is very successful in most things. But that is far from true.
  9. I am just speaking the truth: currently in New Zealand we have: 1. housing crisis with houses selling 5 times there value 2. A healthcare system on the brink of collapse with striking doctors, nurses, allied health 3. Cost of living crisis with food at astronomical prices 4. business closing and empty shops everywhere 5. More and more protests 6. massive rise in crime including shootings 7. Record number of road deaths 8. record numbers of drownings 9 mental health crisis with one of the highest suicide rates in the OECD 10. Archaic immigration policy I am in no way comparing to russia/ukraine. Ask many people in New Zealand they will agree with me that Jacinda and her Labour government are destroying the country (not in a literal way) Only a fool would compare my thoughts on the current state of New Zealand with what is happening in Ukraine, unless of course they know more about living currently in NZ than i do.
  10. So after my first little ceremony project, filled with famous scenes of past OC, I decided to do another. See if you can spot the prev oc references. And here is my first attempt just if anyone wants to see it again.
  11. Not going to happen under the current regime... Jacinda and co are too busy destroying the country to even think about bidding for a games 8 years away. Maybe when National win the next election and Jacinda in exiled
  12. The Russians are now threatening to use nuclear weapons in the Baltic if Finland and Sweden join NATO. Both nations will be deciding on their membership application within months.
  13. My concept idea for a cauldron inside SoFi (i know they are using the coliseum) just a thought.
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