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  1. lol. a bit up themselves. Will they have an opening ceremony or something? HAHAHA
  2. Loved the clock effect and the music very climatic. And the flame is out!!! What a fitting way to end Beijing 2022 with that lovely Snowflake song which I will miss and fireworks. Overall, very simple ceremony that lasted minutes short of an hour but cleverly planned out in terms of staging, projections and artistic segments. This brings an end to Beijing 2022 and the three consecutive Olympics and Paralympics in Asia. Xie Xie Zhongguo (China). Xie Xie Beijing! Let's journey along the Silk Road now to Europe for Paris 2024 and Milano Cortina 2026!!!
  3. What a nice film! Great video direction! And out of all the renditions of the Italian National Anthems, that was one of the best, imo
  4. That was a lovely segment! Love the AR/VR on the side of the disc and that superb rendition of You raise me up!
  5. yeah lol except for the television viewers and the audience who were facing the stadium from the camera views.
  6. Especially loved the pictograms coming to life and how the projections made them stand on the vinyl disc.
  7. Hi guys. That was a great Paralympics. Let's end Beijing 2022 as a whole with tonight's closing ceremony.
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