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  1. The Australian broadcaster Channel 7 has uploaded the full Opening Ceremony on their on-demand streaming service 7Plus. You will need an account to watch, you may need a VPN for Australia and if you do access the video, skip to the 30-minute mark as the first 30 minutes of the video include reporters talking. Here is the link: https://7plus.com.au/tokyo-2020-opening-ceremony?episode-id=OGT121-002
  2. If Japan wants to bid for the Olympic Games again, they could try Nagoya. Nagoya made a bid for the 1988 Olympics but lost to Seoul so why not give Nagoya a second attempt.
  3. I agree with you there. I guess the OC was fitting with the times. You could say that the ceremony itself took a minimalist approach given the Japanese 'less is more' design aesthetic. Let's hope they do something what you said for the Closing Ceremony.
  4. That was a terrific Opening Ceremony!!! I loved how the producers made up for lost time and delivered a great show! I loved how it combined Japanese traditional elements with contemporary art. For me, it started empty and solemn but built up to an intimate and packed stage. It was sad that there was no audience that would've made it complete. I think the storyline was very relevant not only of the time but also of the Olympics in general. My favourites would have to be the pictograms, kabuki, parade of atheletes and the drones.
  5. You do realise the title of this live chat is mispelt. Toyko is Tokyo lol
  6. That's excellent, coming from a graphic designer's point of view.
  7. Sneak Peek of Props from the Tokyo 2020 Youtube Channel
  8. https://www.news.com.au/sport/olympics/mystery-surrounds-performers-for-tokyo-olympic-games-opening-ceremony/news-story/5f7d3def1e55e6fb6d11f66c1c72786e "There will be no screaming fans in the stands at Tokyo’s Olympic Stadium, except for a few VIPs and dignitaries, and a large portion of the event is set to be pre-recorded." I wonder what the pre-recorded portions include? The drones? The broadcast tower lighting up?
  9. 7 News also reported about the Opening Ceremony too in its 6pm bulletin. They posted a tweet with more sneak peek footage here:
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