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  1. the name is Moongcho and its an anthropomorphic snowball built like soohorang
  2. Loving the Icelandic Eurovision references. As a fellow Eurofan, I'm proud.
  3. & finally... presenting my design for REYKJAVIK 2034 The logo design for Reykjavik 2034, styled as RKV 34, was inspired by Iceland's nickname; "The land of fire and ice", traditional Icelandic staves, a snowflake, and themes of minimalism within Nordic design. The minimalist design comprises of Reykjavik as RKV, a traditional stave known as 'Ægishjálmur' coloured in light blue and gold to represent fire and ice (one could also interpret it as the Olympic Flame in a field of ice). The stave has been styled to look like a snowflake that forms the number 34; a nod to 2034; the year of the Reykjavik Winter Games. Finally, the Olympic and Paralympic emblems have been incorporated into the circular form of the logo through negative space.
  4. Presenting my design for NAIROBI 2036 Nairobi 2036, branded as "Nairobi '36", are the first Summer Olympics and Paralympics to take place in Africa. Nairobi is the beating heart of Kenya and of the 2036 Summer Games. The design of the logo is inspired by symmetrical and geometric patterns found in Kenya and features a mashup of three symbols; a flag, a gold medal, and an athlete. The flag- inspired by Kenyan patterns and colours from world flags, not just Kenya - represents a flag of a nation that an athlete competes under amidst a Kenyan setting. The athlete - inspired by geometric Kenyan patterns - waves its arms in the air to fly the flag or wave to the audience as it strives for excellence. The yellow head and black arms denote the diverse harmony of athletes from all over the world. The gold medal - juxtaposed within the flag - is awarded to athletes who become the champions of the Games. The blue ribbon is given an African style through the use of white geometric triangle patterns that contrast the gold medal and the green, black, and red that are used when celebrating Kenya and Pan-Africanism.
  5. Hello. In terms of my logo submissions, i'll have both summer and winter ones finished within the next 2 days. Can't wait to submit them both.
  6. I think it was ok. You can tell billions was spent on that ceremony alone
  7. I like the idea behind the mascots in the sense that they are showing french culture and history. I got the same feeling that I did with London 2012 when they mascots were released. I was confused but I laughed. The Phrygges look like something out of a Pixar film like Finding Nemo. I like how it's different from the usual animal/creature choice. They could have given the mascot designs some distinction by colouring them in Red and Blue, for example, which obviously alludes to the colours of the French flag. Imagine if the Paris 2024 merchandising team thought it would be fun to make the phrygges wearable like the inspiration behind the mascots. Although an avant-garde choice, well done Paris 2024.
  8. very controversial world cup! 2010 and 2014 were my favourites
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