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  1. Bach's speech was short. The concept of extinguishing the flame was fun with the snowflakes. They should've ended with another performance or a medley of songs from one prominent artist. Very short but fun ceremony. A happy ending to 14 days of great competition. Korea knows how to put on a show! I hope to see Korea host another Olympic edition again Thank you Gangwon! Thank you, Korea! See you in 2028!
  2. snowing in the concert area! Thomas Bach is welcomed and is standing with the athletes, particularly from Ukraine. A cute countdown with Moongcho, the mascot starts. South Korean anthem is played and sung by children's choir with piano. Going through the flags quickly coming from the stage downstairs with the athletes
  3. I don't know if this is correct but I checked the wikipedia article of the 2028 WYOG and it says: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2028_Winter_Youth_Olympics
  4. Also, Australian viewers will be delighted to know that they have more than one option for watching the Closing Ceremony. 1. You can watch the closing ceremony on 9Gem (Channel 92) with coverage staring at 9:55pm AEDT 2. Watch the Youtube live stream
  5. To make up for the unknown 2028 WYOG hosts. I have a few guesses as to how they will stage it: 1. A look into the next Winter Olympic event - a Milano Cortina 2026 video? 2. A look into the next Youth Olympic event - Dakar 2026 Summer Youth Games 3. They might surprise us and announce the hosts at the closing ceremony tonight. (possibly Lombardi-Trentino 2028)
  6. Also here is an interesting read: https://www.news.com.au/breaking-news/tears-and-fears-for-the-man-planning-paris-olympics-show/news-story/5a255de7585a9abc58afcb885e9c0efc
  7. Great continuation of the programme. loved that dream factory segment. Kpop was astounding!!! cauldron was a bit unexpected but simple and convenient
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