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  1. The Best World Cup ever....... THANK YOU RUSSIA It came home!!!!!
  2. Its coming home, its coming home its coming, footballs coming home, its coming home, its coming home its coming, footballs coming home, its coming home, its coming home, its coming
  3. The best World Cup ever......THANK YOU RUSSIA!!!!!
  4. I guess i cant go on about having a comp and not enter so here goes....my entries: Paris 2024 - 'Because we're worth it' Ezurum 2026 - 'Continents United' LA 2028 - 'Welcome to the World'
  5. Well we had the perfect song in 2007 - Cyndi (My Heart is Yours) but it was rejected for Sccoch flying the flag for you A powerful ballad went on to win that year....
  6. But the UK were offered a chance to sing again to keep it on a level foot and potentially increase their chances of more votes, but they declined. the person running on stage was disappointing but if they are quick enough it can happen at any event. My main concern was how the hell did he manage to get a backpack into the arena, surely they should have been banned for general safety, checked or not...
  7. Wales will take part in this years Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Hopefully this will set the precedent for separate entries within the main contest.
  8. I guess it all depends on venues. Not sure what both cities have currently. In 1999 they used the same venue that hosted the 1979 contest in Jerusalem and that was way to small in 1999 so wouldn't really do it next year. The norm seems to be a 12000+ arena. Would love to see Dana International feature somehow in the contest. Perhaps as host The UK deserved its third from last place... not even any points from Ireland or Australia
  9. ISRAEL have won the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. After 20 years the contest goes back to Jerusalem...
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