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  1. Has anyone seen the lit olympic Cauldron on the Tokyo waterfront???
  2. Have been watching some swimming and there is a bit of a crowd which is cool
  3. Thank you for this review..... you nailed it perfectly I have the same feelings about the ceremony
  4. What i liked about the ceremony: 1. The opening video 2. The drones 3. The parade of athletes music 4. The cauldron design 5. The pictograms - the concept and first few What i disliked about the ceremony 1. The first artistic segment: it was way too sad and boring even for a covid type piece 2. Imagine, i like the song in general but it was long and random 3. The pictograms - after the first few it was long and boring 4. The speech by Thomas Bach 5. The torch relay in the stadium, too long and slow In general i knew things would not be the same as before but this surprised me with how messy and puzzling it all was. the production was very low, even taking into account the covid. I was expecting something more visually simple yet stunning, making the most of Japanese culture and technology but it was just not executed well.
  5. Really awesome cauldron….. the best thing about this morning.
  6. Surely that cone will get used. Be stupid if it all ends and at has just sat there for nothing lol
  7. everyrhing seems so disjointed and very badly executed. There is next to no flow. It is a really messy and horrible produced production.
  8. If this is it, the paralympic opening will be even worse if it can get worse
  9. A very big disappointment unfortunately. The most boring and uninspiring ceremony i have watched and i have watched all going back to 1980 on youtube
  10. COVID can not be blamed for this mess. this is just bad production and Directing.
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