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  1. Over two years later, I have something perhaps controversial to confess... I loved all four ceremonies. I loved the music* and I miss the snowflakes song. The cauldron grew on me a lot by the time the Olympic closing ceremony came. I can't comment much on the sports side since it's been over two years, but for the ceremonies which I've admittedly rewatched a few times in the time since, I'm giving the four of them a combined score of 8.5/10*. *points deducted for the olympic parade of nations' weirdly european music theme. they should have used the same music that was used for the paralympic parade of nations smh
  2. as an angeleno... you do not want to have the olympic torch relay on hollywood blvd... ----- those are really nice pictures of the torch relay. i love the shop on a bike, it's so cute!
  3. Sports Pictograms, entitled Breakthrough: Look of the Games, entitled A Timely Snow:
  4. here's the olympic closing ceremony with better audio than the youtube version: https://olympics.com/en/video/closing-ceremony-london-2012-replays unfortunately i do not have the olympic opening, so if anyone else has this feel free to respond
  5. aaand that submitted without the video, here it is:
  6. Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Winter Games Opening Ceremony (with audio this time!)
  7. Checked the CGF website, there hasn't even been a new article or entry since 19 April. Very concerning...
  8. LA32/84/28's expo park snubbed 😿 (to be fair it's only held like 2 venues max each time... not exactly a fully fledged olympic park like the others)
  9. considering the current circumstances, this is entirely understandable. hoping for the best for the people in NC.
  10. my anger was greatly exaggerated 🙂i would love one of those cardboard beds though, they seem pretty convenient tbh
  11. for all the news media covering the games: the cardboard beds are NOT TO PREVENT SEX, they are just there for sustainability practices!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😠😠😠
  12. for my 1,000th post i have a very important announcement: they're selling phyrge hats on the online store now https://shop.olympics.com/en/paris-2024/paris-2024-olympics-mascot-phrygian-hat-adult/t-9000115363+p-8033113788360+z-8-3226500412
  13. LA28 is also not on this list, even though they too have a custom-made font... 😔 (not that I would have voted for it anyways, the font designed for the candidature phase was superior)
  14. okay this might be weird, but is it just me or does anyone else like to put a ceremony in the background while they're doing work or studying or something? I've been working on this ~15 page final exam for the past few hours and had the PyeongChang 2018 and Athens 2004 ceremonies playing in the background to help me focus. something about music created or adapted for an olympic ceremony makes it hit just right for focusing, i dont know.
  15. yep, you can see the two fonts I included here: then there's the emblem font as well. honestly I'm surprised the website for Olympic designs hasn't been linked yet in any of these polls (from what i've seen): https://www.theolympicdesign.com/ lots of cool stuff there, got a whole category on typefaces as well: https://www.theolympicdesign.com/olympic-games/typefaces/
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