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  1. The music for the Beijing 2022 Olympic OC - (there may be traces of audience in the background ) https://soundcloud.com/s-imb-a/sets/one-world-one-family-oc The music for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic OC (previously posted but just in case there's new interest) - https://soundcloud.com/s-imb-a/sets/united-by-emotion
  2. Well, here they are, the Olympic ceremony media guides: https://library.olympics.com/doc/SYRACUSE/2287572 (Opening Ceremony) https://library.olympics.com/doc/SYRACUSE/2287569 (Closing Ceremony, also contains the handover guide by Milano Cortina 2026)
  3. Something neon green and black, if we are to go with the main colors used in their social media headers and the website background maybe something along the lines of this notebook cover design:
  4. Should Imran Khan still be on this list? I thought he was replaced a few weeks ago
  5. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/whats-on/whats-on-news/bmx-mountain-bike-riders-needed-23532275 looks like there will be BMX and mountain bike stunts at the opening ceremony
  6. This is pretty cool :0 Few questions: Where did you get the SoFi map? What's the song used in the scroll segment (around 2:15)?
  7. that should be Birmingham, Alabama I think the Olympic Channel covered part of the 2017 edition, so they might cover 2022 internationally In the US, it's CBS who has broadcasting rights, although they are only covering highlights every day...
  8. https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1121814/los-angeles-2028-annual-report-olympics
  9. https://la28.org/en/newsroom/LA28-Introduces-Youth-Council.html Really cool initiative by LA28
  10. It's not complete, but it's still something:
  11. Short documentary type video on the Olympic Anthem choir (which I understand was widely disliked in these forums, but still):
  12. This is awesome either way --- Does anyone happen to have the full (or at least mostly complete) videos for the Atlanta Paralympic OC or the Torino Paralympic OC?
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