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  1. Legacy is its own separate thing, but just off of design alone, I think the Paris 2024 is one of the most well designed and beautiful out there. On par with Vancouver 2010 in my opinion.
  2. Based on the renderings, it looks like the multiple emblems concept will be implemented by having multiple screens display the different logos next to each other throughout the venues, with some logos taking precedence over the others to be displayed on the surfaces of sports venues (take the basketball rendering for example and the roof of the new diving venue). more comments to come…don’t know how I feel about all this
  3. Really hope this comes to fruition!
  4. Can this change post election to include Gabba rebuild as athletics venue? I really don’t think so.
  5. Maybe the song “Heavy, California” by Jungle will be used. I could see it as a closing ceremony party vibe type song. Speaks a lot about californias cultural power and beauty.
  6. When do we think the 2030 Summer YOGs will be announced?
  7. Be prepared for a lifeless games.
  8. Do we think a decision to move athletics to the Gabba again or a new stadium other than QSAC will be made post election?
  9. What are some of the best technical bids? What are some of the best overall bids? Is there much discrepancy between the two? What factors, other than technical factors, can raise the profile of the overall bid and cause this discrepancy? I’ve been busy with work/family stuff for the past couple of weeks and have not been able to be as active as I hoped.
  10. sorry @FYI, here it is. Not necessarily notified, but a general consensus of 2036 being promised elsewhere. It does seem a bit early for that, but who knows these days… Yes! This makes Delhi/Mumbai much more realistic. But the sports in those cities really have to be limited to shooting, equestrian, Modern Pent, yachting and sailing, surfing, football. The core sports should stay in the main Ahmedabad zone. Otherwise we’ll be seeing a national type venue plan, which in my opinion is not the point of the Olympics at all (Switzerland 2038 works well though bc of its small size)
  11. I'm thinking 2030s to address developments around the New Norm.
  12. Is anyone else a fan of the actual park Beijing connected to their Olympic Green? Also, anyone notice how at Sydney and Athens, most venues were made out of exposed metal roofs and walls, had those exposed railings. In Beijing and London, we see hero architecture that does not have those venues made out metal and exposed in that way (don’t think I’m explaining this correctly but see the images below). In Rio, we see a return to Sydney and Athens at least inside the venues (some Rio facades were made really well). In beautiful Tokyo (my fav games had it not been for the pandemic), we see hero architecture once more. The pictures are all from venues specifically built for the games. Quite the evolution. Sydney for you...notice how industrial the finishes appear. No hero architecture. Athens...notice how the structures are mainly made out those industrial-like metal supports and roofs. Also barely any hero architecture. It's Beijing's now. The finishes are much less industrial. Definitely a lot more hero architecture. No more exposed metal to be seen. Finishes have been upgraded. London...same story as Beijing. In Rio, the facades of the Carioca Arenas are definitely less industrial than the facades of Sydney and Athens. But once inside, you see the same story of exposed structures, metal roofs to be seen, industrial beams out of nowhere. Oh Sweet, Beautiful, Glorious Tokyo. What a great games you would have been. Amazing city, amazing venue design, amazing atmosphere. You should have your time to shine once more. After Rio 2016, the Olympics would have definitely been "back" with an amazing games in Tokyo. The images speak to themselves. Premium finishes, no exposed structures and metal roofs. Tokyo, you amaze me every time I think about the games that should have been!
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