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  1. If you can´t show yourself off, whats the point of even bidding? (That aside, let´s talk about the bid first in this thread and then when we actually have a host we start to obsess over the ceremonies here before that other poster comes here even more annoying thai i´m probably sounding at the moment?)
  2. Welp. I would say that the circumstances still allow it to go through easier, but it seems LA28 is the only reason we have a semblance of a race then. Still, even with rubber-stamping, which should be out of the picture with Barcelona out (Saramarch could have intervened then), I don't think they can't elevate more than one bid to target dialogue even with the new less-tansparecy format; it's just a question of making the executive board like you more than anything else and it seems Vancouver, Sapporo and Salt Lake tick the boxes there. The matter here is if these cities have something that can derail their bids. For me, Vancouver is less bad in this regard with just weak support (did the Canadian Olympic committee officialized the bid already?); Sapporo against themselves have dubious support and a very recent Olympic east Asian tour, which included two winter games; Salt Lake have only the biggest roadblock of all to face, potential LA28 fatigue, else they could be a lock already. If someone make the right calls at the right time...
  3. Vancouver, Vancouver... Good news, you are actually near the gold in this race after Barcelona´s withdrawal! Why? Sapporo support seems a bit unrealible on the moment, in particular after Tokyo 2020 happened one year later than planned, and Salt Lake has a giant LA28 problem they would have to overcome to host in the now - 2030 instead of 2034 in this case. If Sapporo becomes a non-starter, you will almost in the win. If they´re in, you are going to the vote, but considering there was recently two winter olympics in east asia... Yeah, you only need to wait USOPC make up their minds and choose to wait rather then go at it. If they do want now, the LA28 situation might be a bigger trump card in your favor in order to lure the voters. You may be the hidden favorite and might not know it...
  4. Goodbye Barcelona 2030, finally. I hope they get on their senses and try summer 2036 next.
  5. AND IT´S FINALLY DONE. Goodbye, disjointed spanish bid, you lasted far longer than you should had. NOW GO FOR A SUMMER GAMES ALREADY!
  6. If i could guess, maybe a mix of it being the olympics after all added with a global pandemic?
  7. https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1124488/pyrenees-barcelona-2030-brink-collapse It´s over now.
  8. And let´s not act like FIFA even care about the percieved morality of their hosts, they literally let a World Cup happen, the SECOND ONE EVER to add, in fascist Italy, who got handed the title in questionable circunstances even if they didnt needed any of that, as their next win in 1938 showed. Another "fun" example: Argentina 78, renember that? You know, the one hosted under the goverment of a bloody military junta? This one the IOC should take some notes actually, since they got adwarded well ahead of time before American Anti-communism tatics happened, but i feel Colombia 1986 might be a better sample. But hey! It could be worse. Russia could have invaded Ukraine in 2018...or the Saudi be our hosts now, even if they actually love football a lot. Despite how inhuman the working conditions are in Qatar, at least they aren´t waging a war alongside that.
  9. Can we just ignore the Referendum Denialist and just let him yell at clouds as he worships the Olympic Savior, the glorious New Norm? If no one wants the Olympics, it´s fine - The world, and sport, has survived around 1700 years without it before it was ressurected. And if we have to choose one place to hold the games forever, hey! I know a place at the Peloponnese who would enjoy it, maybe? IF THEY WANT IT, OF COURSE. There is things more important than sport and the needs and wants of the people is one of them as much as we love the games. If you need a little more info on that, just look around where you live. Would they want a Olympic Games forced onto them? Would you want it?
  10. Well, if you need to ignore the wants of the people to have the Olympics, maybe we shouldnt have Olympics at all as much i love them. It´s their games. Should be their call whenever they want it or not.
  11. How exactly does not wanting to build new venues to avoid white elephants correlate with more places being able to host the olympics? If anything, this should reduce the available pool of candidates, right?
  12. Honestly, it´s not like they will not make resharsals and the like before anthing happens. This can be pulled off, BA 2018 is a proof-of-concept here; the big issue is actually security but not the reasons you would think. Given how well french guards handled the recent Champions League final, we can say the security forces have to do a rewiew of their methods unless Estanguet hires private goons, which could be actually better to handle people with fake tickets as it seems.
  13. This bid is gonna crash and burn by itself before a referendun even has a shot in doing so. That´s News for the Olympic world this times at least.
  14. My, oh my... Just go for Summer 2036 already, Barcelona. Even with Madrid on the way, is 100% better odds than this winter bid. What a disjointed mess that even the referendum can´t kill because it´s too busy killing itself!
  15. AustralianFan, your dedication, pehaps devotion, to the new norm may be commendable, but you can for the LOVE OF GOD, stop spamming your points every time someone mildly disagree with it? Just a single, simple response would be fine. It´s really annoying when you enter defense mode and start spamming. AND YES, it´s too early to a bid race for 2036 and to have a crowded field for it. Winter 2030 and 2034, besides talks with the IPC to renewal of their agreements, are in order first. And i would be careful on choosing a bid for 2036, given of what happened 100 years before.
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