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  1. My top 3 (in no particular order): Athens, Beijing and Rio.
  2. I wouldn’t go as far as talking about corruption as I am not convinced there was any bribery. However, the fact that John Coates was more or less at the same time the architect of the new bidding process (New Norm! New Norm! New Nooooorm) and very involved in Brisbane landing 2032 does raise question about check and balance. What’s certain however is that with the new process, being well connected to the EB is even more important than in the past.
  3. Let’s face it, if adding cricket to the LA programme means that India Right Holder is willing to pay 10 times what they are paying for Paris (from 20 millions to 200 millions) as has been reported in some media, the only thing that Casey must be discussing at the moment is « how much do I get ?» (which is a fare question).
  4. I hope a whole artistic segment will be dedicated to the New Norm and John Coates.
  5. This is further proof of New Norm being a resounding success! New norm! New norm! New noooooorm!
  6. And what does this have to do with Coe or LOCOG for that matter?
  7. With LVMH as a partner, it is taken care off.
  8. Surfing, Skateboarding and Sports Climbing have already been confirmed in the initial 28 sports list. Since the initial list does not include boxing, weigthlifting nor modern pentathlon and given that I wouldn't be surprised if at leat two of those sports make it into the programme, I don't think LA 28 would add more than 3 sports maximum (there is no actual limit on the number of sports but on the athletes quota that must remain at 10,500 so you cannot increase that much the number of sports).
  9. And to be fair Swiss Olympic itself mentions they are targeting either 2030, 2034 or 2038 (hence "Switzerland 203X"). At this stage, if the proper public and political backing was in place, I would say Sweden 2030 is more likely but it seems very difficult to evaluate the support or lack of for the project.
  10. My understanding is that it is a 100% political decision to keep both regions happy (also even if Rhone-Alpe-Auvergne Region is on board, it does not mean that indiviudal cities are interested - for examples both Grenoble and Lyon's mayors have sent very mixed signals at best about hosting large events).
  11. I would be very surprised of the decision was to be delayed until 2025: it would leave until 4.5 years to the Games, which is really, really short even if all venues are existing. If France does end up in the targeted dialogue phase, I can see several options: Extraordinary session that could be organised in Gangwon during the winter youth olympic Games in early 2024 (though it may be too early) or on line (just like was done last June to address IBA exclusion) Move the session of July 2024 from Paris to Lausanne (it is just under 4 hours to go by train from Paris to Lausanne) Organise another session in 2024.
  12. I believe the World Master Games are more or less that.
  13. There is no point in engaging with GB’s very own Tucker Carlson…
  14. Honestly, in this situation no comment is probably the best thing.
  15. So basically your initial numbers were wrong. (BTW, I have provided my sources, Host City Contract available on Olympics.com)
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