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  1. Hi all, The Olympic World Library has been updated and now includes digital copy of all (it seems) candidature files. For example here is Toronto 1996 Candidature File. You can you the search function to explore the library. Happy reading.
  2. https://www.milanocortina2026.coni.it/en/ It comes with the bid book.
  3. cfm Jeremie

    LA 2028 sponsorships

    According to media, Paris 2024 is targetting figures of EUR 100 millions + for its tier 1 partners. I have no doubt that LA, given the size and strength of the US market and the fact that the LA 28 partners will be able to activate over a longer period than usual, can achieve its funding goals.
  4. cfm Jeremie

    Paris 2024

    Actually Paris Arena 2 has not been scraped: it has been moved to Porte de la Chapelle and will host Badminton. The Olympic Aquatics centre was originally to be a 15,000 seater reduced to 5,000 post-Games (hosting Diving, Swimming as well as Artistic Swimming and Water Polo Finals) with Water Polo Preliminaries to be hosted in a renvated Aquatics Centre in Marville. In the updated plan, the Olympic Aqiatics Centre will have on permanent pool of 5,000 (2,500) post Games hosting preliminary waterpolo, diving and artistic swimming and a temporary 15,000 pool for Swimming and Water Polo finals. The renovated facility in Marville will be used for training.
  5. cfm Jeremie

    Paris 2024

    Calgary did keep the same emblem. Albertville was very slightly re-designed (the final emblem is more stylish than the bid one - flame part slightly redesigned).
  6. cfm Jeremie

    Official Bid videos

    Well here are a couple of videos from Munich 2018: And one from PyeongChang:
  7. cfm Jeremie

    Does The Yog 'lessen' The Olympics?

    Things do not change here.... The budget for organising the YOG will be the responsibility of the YOGOC and the local, regional and national public authorities. The IOC will fund the travel and accommodation arrangements of IOC representatives, NOC athletes and team officials at the village and IF international technical officials. The IOC will fund the production of daily TV highlights produced by Olympic Broadcast Services (OBS). Source: YOG 2016 document
  8. cfm Jeremie

    Celebrate Humanity 2010?

    The IOC did not do Celebrate Humanity for Beijing. They have changed their campaign. In Beijing, it was The Best of Us campaign.
  9. cfm Jeremie

    Delhi 2010

    The point being? Your previous post claimed that "Africans generally consider the olympics and the Commonwealths a White persons set of sports festivals", to which I pointed out that Africa only came up with one credible bid. As usual your post does not address the issue. Plus comparing WC and Olympic Games is dubious: they are absolutely not on the same scale in terms of the pressure they put on a city infrastructure.
  10. cfm Jeremie

    Delhi 2010

    Again, how many decent credible bids from Africa for the Olympics? One (Cape Town 2004).
  11. cfm Jeremie

    Toronto 2015

    Why are you whining like Toronto has already lost? Toronto definitely has a very strong bid and is in good position for winning the 2015 Pan Am. But, like in any race, it's not over until it's over. And you have to realise that: - the best technical bid does not always win - winning a bid involves a combination of several factors (technical, geopolitical, economical...) - "It's our turn" has never been a winning approach Website is not very important for bidding city (especially in Pan Am Games). There is no such requirement as releasing a venue plan before the bid book.
  12. cfm Jeremie

    Toronto 2015

    And JJ has brilliantly demonstrated how well connected he is during the race for the 2014 CWG. He is the mastermind behind the plan than delivered Abuja a brilliant victory! LOL...
  13. cfm Jeremie

    Ceremonies On Youtube

    The only thing you are missing on TV is the "feel": the drums during Athens Opening opening sequence were just incredibly powerful inside the stadium!
  14. cfm Jeremie

    Olympic & Sports Museum

    And here is Barcelona Olympic and Sport Museum: Barcelona Sports & Olympic Museum
  15. cfm Jeremie

    Olympic & Sports Museum

    You have the German Sports and Olympics Museum, located in Kohln (Cologne). Here is the address: German Sports and Olympic Musuem