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  1. BUt you can buy a "Navigo Easy" in mosy of the metro stations vending machine (and you can chose to upload a Games Pass for various number of days).
  2. I fully agree that the torch is much nicer in real life than in photo.
  3. Of course feeding is planned. Despite what some haters here believe (or pretend to believe) the whole thing has been planned throroughly by profesionnal people, presented and validated by P24 and IOC athletes commissions.
  4. Salt Lake Response to the Future Host Questionnaire (I.e. the bid book) has been published: SLC UT 2034
  5. The warm up pool will most likely, just like at Paris La Defense Arena, go behind the temporary stands that we can see on one side of the pool.
  6. Future Host Commission Report has been published : Salt Lake - Utah 2034
  7. Future Host Commission Report has been published : French Alps 2030
  8. The tent structure is a "canope" and yes it is a requirement for basketball 3x3 (Filed of Play will also be used for Breaking). The stands will be slightly reconfigured for the Opening Ceremony of the Paralympic Games (and the canope will be removed).
  9. WIth a new governement in place less than two weeks prior to opening, I don't think it will change a thing: it would be judged irresponsible to change anything major with less than two weeks to go (and if, god forbid, something was to go wrong, the new government will blame the previous one).
  10. Correction. IOC doesn't allow for it anymore.
  11. Merci. Very interesting article. Anyone who has seen a production of Thomas Jolly or knwos Thierry Reboul shouldn't worry a 1998 remake....
  12. You are absolutely right. I stand corrected, the increase is only 13.4%. I just think that talking about "rough order of magnitude" when we are talking hundred of millions of Euros is a bad habit as it makes one lose perspective about the very significant amount of money and that you could have made the same point (i.e. putting into perspective Paris 2024 and SOLIDEO 's respective budget) with more accurate figure. But if you considere that splitting hair it's your call. And yes, Paris 2024 model is nothing new: Sydney 2000, Torino 2006, London 2012, Sochi 2014 had similar models (i.e. an OCOG and an Olympic Delivery Agency for the infrastructure).
  13. No need to be defensive. Merely pointing out that rounding up by 600 million is not unsignificant (you actually inflated the budget by 36%)... So yes, currently (and you are right we won't know the figure until Q1 or Q2 2025), the budget is significantly smaller than 5 billion.
  14. Paris 2024 OCOG budget is currently established at 4.38 billion euros, significantly smaller than 5 billions.
  15. No what he said is that for the ceremony, when you will have more than a hundred boats over 6km, no one will be able to swim… which is common sense.
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