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  1. USA also made it to the knockout stage eliminating Iran.
  2. Senegal made it to the knockout stage for the first time since 2002.
  3. Belgium still has one more match which is against Croatia.
  4. With Asuncion, Paraguay announced as host city, it's time to get started for the next edition after Asuncion (Paraguay) beat out Santa Marta (Colombia).
  5. Yep, i was right. Asuncion, Paraguay will host the 2025 Junior Pan American Games. So we'll see you in Asuncion for the 2nd Junior Pan American Games in 2025.
  6. Morocco won over Belgium in Group F earlier which was one of the most shocking matches in FIFA World Cup history. Morocco is doing a lot better than the last edition in Russia 2018.
  7. I hope hackers don't ruin the games of Brisbane 2032.
  8. That seems like an opportunity for them to catch up and could finally be awarded these games.
  9. We are nine months away for the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 in Philippines, Japan and Indonesia. It will be played in Manila (Philippines), Okinawa (Japan) and Jakarta (Indonesia). 17 countries have qualified for the FIBA Basketball World Cup, Indonesia the other co-host failed to qualify after being beaten at the FIBA Asia Cup 2022 Knockout Stage to China. It will be played between August 25th and September 10th. https://www.fiba.basketball/basketballworldcup/2023/ Qualified Teams: Philippines (Co-Host) Japan (Co-Host) Finland Côte d'Ivoire New Zealand Lebanon Canada Australia Germany Latvia* Italy Spain China Slovenia Lithuania France Greece *National making tournament debut We await in nine months at the FIBA Basketball World Cup.
  10. Now we have just got started. Ecuador won the opening match over host Qatar.
  11. USA will now target the 2027 Rugby World Cup in Australia. First time since 1995 in South Africa, USA have missed out on the Rugby World Cup.
  12. Actually Portugal had made one appearance back in 2007. So that means it will be the 2nd time Portugal has qualified in the Rugby World Cup.
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