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  1. The 10th FIFA Women's World Cup in 2027 doesn't have a host just yet. Bidding process timeline could start very soon. Right now we have one joint bid have already confirmed and that is: Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. Six counties have expressed interests of hosting the 2027 FIFA Women's World Cup are: Chile and the joint bid of the Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. I expect Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands to co-host since they have a strong joint bid for the next edition after Australia and New Zealand in 2023. Who do you think will co-host the FIFA Women's World Cup 2027? We'll find out in the coming months. https://royal-belgian-football-association.prezly.com/neighbouring-football-nations-join-their-efforts-for-2027-womens-world-cup-bid https://www.dfb.de/frauen-nationalmannschaft/news-detail/3-nationen-ein-ziel-deutschland-bewirbt-sich-fuer-wm-2027-220698/ https://www.knvb.nl/nieuws/themas/fifa-uefa/61887/belgiƫ-duitsland-en-nederland-slaan-handen-ineen-voor-wk-2027
  2. It's not gonna be easy for the national teams to travel on the way to Qatar as we have 13 nations have already qualified to the FIFA World Cup are: Qatar (Host) Germany Denmark Brazil France Belgium Croatia Spain Serbia England Switzerland Netherlands and Argentina. January next month will see more teams to qualify for the 2022 FIFA World Cup before the 2026 edition in Canada, Mexico and USA.
  3. Yeah i agree, i've never been to the other continents, the only country i went outside of my country (United States) which is Mexico in Ensenada three times. Casablanca (Morocco) seems to be the perfect pick for the 2040 Olympics.
  4. That seems possible as like a post COVID-19 pandemic era for the 2032 Olympics.
  5. I think Casablanca is my prediction for the 2040 Olympics, since Morocco had success in the 2019 African Games in Rabat. I think that would awesome to see Casablanca host the 2040 Olympics as not only the first ever Olympic and Paralympic Games to be held in Africa but also the first time the Olympic and Paralympic Games in the Arab World.
  6. This is nuts on this venue to be dismantled after the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar next year.
  7. I think the 2026 Commonwealth Games should head to Perth, same way for the 2027 Special Olympics World Games could also be held in Perth, Australia.
  8. The 2023 African Games will take place in Accra, Ghana. The dates have not been unveiled just yet, but i found some information with the logo, mascot and slogan: "Experience The African Dream". These are not official yet, but will made official on December 14th. I also found the website you can see in the link below. http://beta.accra2023ag.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/ag2023-logo.png http://beta.accra2023ag.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/mascot.png Here it is: http://beta.accra2023ag.com/
  9. The Qatar 2022 venues already done, we could see the mascot sometime in early 2022.
  10. Good news they are not going to lose their participation as host.
  11. The mascot could likely be unveiled with one year to the start of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.
  12. With the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games ended, i await the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games mascots.
  13. But instead they used the AU and NZ Initials, AU meaning Australia and NZ meaning New Zealand just like in the bid the same thing along with the colors in the boxes that were also used in their successful bid. Maybe 2027 could be possible with a good design, which i think Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. A lot of social media users somehow liked the 2023 logo.
  14. The official anthem of the FIFA Women's World Cup Australia/New Zealand 2023: "Unity" by British musician and producer Kelly Lee Owens is inspired by the same values that the slogan was born out of. i've been listening to that music today it was a good anthem to the FIFA Women's World Cup, it's nothing compared to the Vangelis' "Anthem" from the 2002 FIFA World Cup (Men's FIFA World Cup) in South Korea and Japan almost 20 years ago.
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