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  1. The emblem was unveiled last week. The host cities will be: Tashkent, Andijan and Bukhara. And here are the groups. Afghanistan, France, New Zealand and Tajikistan will all make their FIFA Futsal World Cup debut.
  2. If it's not announced this month and then no news. Then the 2026 edition would be cancelled and push to 2030.
  3. They haven't finalized it yet. But. It's most likely to be selected in 2026 after the Milano Cortina 2026 Winter Games.
  4. Brazil for the 2027 edition is a low risk candidate. When the host is announced i will start a new topic about this FIFA Women's World Cup and add the host name to it.
  5. Here is the evaluation report with 10 days left to find out who will host, Brazil is the favorite to host with the technical score of 4.0. While Belgium-Germany-Netherlands has a technical score of 3.7 as with a high risk from contractual framework. https://digitalhub.fifa.com/m/23756d029e53561b/original/FIFA-Women-s-World-Cup-2027-bid-evaluation-report.pdf It's a close technical score.
  6. Mexico and USA have withdrawn their joint bid with three weeks left before decision to award the 10th edition and will not co-host 2027, both of them will focus on bid to co-host 2031 edition. https://www.espn.com/soccer/story/_/id/40051720/usa-mexico-withdraw-2027-womens-world-cup-bid
  7. Sofia (Bulgaria) are pushing their bid forward. They are hoping to finally win the bid on their fourth attempt. https://www.novinite.com/articles/225763/President+Leads+Push+for+Bulgaria's+Bid+to+Host+2028+Winter+Youth+Olympic+Games
  8. Yep, it's happening. Santiago, Chile will host the 2027 Special Olympics World Summer Games. https://www.specialolympics.org/about/press-releases/santiago-chile-will-host-the-2027-special-olympics-world-games
  9. Spain's chances of hosting the final for the event in Madrid is facing scrutiny over recent troubles from their former president of their football federation, means Morocco could host the final in Casablanca.
  10. The venue plans will expect no additional construction for this one.
  11. The 2027 European Games will be held in Istanbul, Turkey. I heard it recently that it will happen there. It will be a build up for the UEFA Euro 2032 which Turkey will co-host alongside Italy and possibly the 2036 Olympics and Paralympics. https://www.eurolympic.org/eoc-executive-committee-awards-2027-european-games-to-istanbul/ A Western European country will have to wait for a chance to host it in 2031.
  12. They can't at this point, Italy is focusing right now on 2026 in Milan and Cprtina d'Ampezzo.
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