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Found 17 results

  1. Okay, let’s get this started! First off, a note that’s a citywide opening ceremony seems all but confirmed: Paris 2024 to reveal city-centre Opening Ceremony locations by "end of the year"
  2. Today we had the draw for the two tournaments happening in Paris, direct from the Paris 2024 headquarters. Note for the boys; AFC teams (asia) will come from the U-23 Asian Cup in Qatar, it starts mid April. Top 3 qualify directly, fourth will play a Intercontinental Play-off against an African team, Guinea. I'm unsure if they will pull an ranking thing to rank the 3 Asian teams to assign the teams as AFC 1,2 or 3 or if it will be according to tournament placings in Qatar. Now, Note for the girls; CAF (Africa) uses a knockout cup system to determine their Women's Olympic Qualifers. We are into the last stage, so who each of the CAF numbers are is known. CAF 1 is the winner of the tie between Nigeria and South Africa, and CAF 2 is the winner between Zambia and Morroco. My country girls are going to a wild ride in this group, oh my god... At least they qualified though. (Looking at you u-23 boys!) I wished for some geopolitical bangers in the men's draw, just to add an extra spice, but alas! Well, if Iran places forth and beats Gambia, just maybe... Seriously however, we can only guess the actual strength of each group until we get Asia sorted out. Each group has a literal continent-sized hole, one who cannot be filled so we can make a prediction until the other tournament even starts. The women's however? Totally the opposite. Group A has a big spice factor, in particular in the race for second or third. (renember that their tournament does have the two best thirds qualifying to the quarter finals.) France will get a home boost to first, but Canada and Colombia will make a war for that second place. Group B, B of death: USA, Australia and Germany in the same place, what could go wrong! And with one of Zambia or Morroco to join them, this shall be very interesting. Group C, group of revenge. Spain will have a chance to avenge their 4-0 defeat to Japan in the World Cup that they won in the end, in the first matchday to boot. Nigeria or South Africa will join Brasil on their first match as well; the overall picture in this group is similar to group A, but with a caveat: there will be 3 contenders for that second slot instead of 2...assuming Spain doesn't lose to the Nadeshiko again. Might be a very volatile group.
  3. We got today, along with the ignition of the olympic torch (the flame itself is from the day before because it was cloudy today in Greece), the draw for Handball! Look at the fun stuff right here, i think handball especialists can infer better on the relative strenghts of every group but i as a layman can feel that those must be tight. Denmark, Norway, Hungary and France with Egypt and Argentina at the same group for the boys. My Brasil girls will face off Spain, Netherlands, Hungary, France and (in a nice lusophone touch) Angola. France choose their groups in each tournament, by the way, so any shortcomings will absolutely be their fault. Gotta love the Olympic 6-team group formats, isnt it?
  4. Still very early, but the planning has started. First team announcement has been made: Cycling great Anna Meares to lead Australian Olympic team at Paris 2024 Games Two-time gold medallist Anna Meares will return to the Olympic arena after being appointed Australia's chef de mission for the 2024 Games in Paris.
  5. This is a bit belated, but it seems the issues regarding the Teahupo’o venue and the judging tower have been resolved. The answer - a smaller aluminium tower. Revised Teahupo’o Olympic Judging Tower Backed by French Polynesian President Just on four months to go, though. They beter get cracking on building that thing!
  6. I think it’s clear this is a pretty divisive topic among GamesBidders. It seems you either love the idea or hate it. But which side has the edge? It’s not going to change the ceremony, it’s going ahead on the Seine bar events we don’t want to even think about. But if you had your druthers, and could have influenced M. Estanguet seven years ago, what would you have told him to do? Pour moi, I’ve never made any bones about the fact I love the idea. Really looking forward to see it. For one, it might even mean I actually watch the Parade of Athletes, rather than use it to shower, go out and shop or get breakfast, and still get back in time to see Zambia and Zimbabwe march in.
  7. This is probably going to be one of the most debated issues over the next year leading to Paris 2024, so worthwhile starting its own thread. Hidalgo’s now come out against any Russian presence at Paris. She acknowledges it’s ultimately the IOC’s decision, but makes her preference clear: No Russian team at 2024 Olympic Games while Ukraine invasion continues, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo says
  8. Do you think the IOC should choose both Los Angeles and Paris to host the 2024 and 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games when it convenes in September 2017? (Note: This question is not asking which city in which year, only what you think about both years being awarded at the September 2017 session)
  9. Which City do you support to win the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games Bid when the IOC votes in September 2017? Why did you make that choice? Note: This poll has been restarted since the withdrawal of Budapest, please re-vote if you voted previously.
  10. So it comes down to a final round. In the previous round of bidding, LA and Rome supporters proved resilient, and prevented yet again Paris winning this thing. We ended up with LA of 38.76 per cent, Paris on 47.83 per cent and Rome on 17.39 per cent. So it's Arrivederci Roma (sorry Tony). And, as per IOC protocols, a final attempt to sort this out once and for all. I'll declare the winner next week.
  11. And so we have an all-time winner! It'll be no surprise to anyone who's been following the results of the poll, but I'll have to hand the mike to Thomas Bach whose been keen to make the results announcement. I'll tell you we had 20 votes - the best show-up in all the rounds of the Cup, but Thomas can explain the breakdown. Thomas Bach: Willkommen meine Damen und Herren. It ist viss great pleasure zat I komm to you today to crown der all-time vinner off der GamesBids logo competitions. I sank you, all der voters, fur giving your consideration to all our entrants, who represented der best off der best off der logos zat vere submitted to der logo komps over der past 10 years. Congratulations to all der entrants - you vere all vinners to even make it zu der final. But der kann only be der one vinner to rule over zem all, und zat vinner ist... Paul, mit Buenos Aires 2028! Sir Rols; Thank you Herr Bach. Yes, back to me, it's easier than typing as the Bachmeister with the spellcheck on. What can I say? Thanks to everyone who voted. I hope it was a good Xmas time diversion for the board. Thanks to @TeamBlakeUSA for helping to promote the poll - keep up the good work for the coming original logo comps. The voting was decisive (though thanks for not forcing me to make a final choice). A total of 20 votes, all valid, with a final tally of 13 to Paul and 7 to Davey. I'm always sad when I've got to declare a loser in a vote, and as I said at the start of voting, Davey's paris would have certainly made a worthy overall winner. Real sincere commiserations Davey. That said, it certainly WAS fitting for Paul to come out on top. He's the legend of the comps, he's always a fan favourite and BA was nothing if not a fan favourite. Congratulations Paul! That was deserved, well-earned, a fair result and totally, totally fitting. You are the official King of the Logo Comps in its first decade. Who else could have deserved that title. I'll hand over to Madge to celebrate! So that brings us to the end of this little diversion on the road to this year's original logo comp. I hereby call on all the members of GamesBids to assemble in something over four days time in the city of Kathmandu, Nepal, to celebrate the Logo Comp of the 10th GamesBidiad. There's still time to get some late logos in. C'mon guys, get your pencils, payments, crayons and Photoshops out and give it a go! Kathmandu, Havana and Hamburg are waiting.
  12. And so it comes down to two... Welcome to the Final of the GamesBids Olympic Logo Winners' Cup! And we couldn't have two more worthy logos or members to fight it out for the prize. But first, results. Both semi finals garnered 18 votes. I am discounting the4 votes of the new member dnm, who I mentioned at the end of the quarter finals and who didn't meet the voting criteria. Happily, his votes in each didn't change the results. So, with 17 valid votes cast in each, both semi finals ended with the exact same result (which augurs well, or ominously, for the Final. In Semi Final 1 Paul's Buenos Aires achieved an 11-6 victory over aismanggo's Toronto. That leaves Paul the final man standing in his three match-ups with the Malaysian twin. Commiserations to aismanggo, I'm glad he made it to the semis, but I also think it was fitting that Paul make it through to the final. It would have been stung if he didn't. My only surprise is that it wasn't with his Tokyo or NYC logos. But my record of predicting the winners isn't great. In Semi Final 2, Davey's Paris scored an 11-6 victory over Woohooitsme83's Oslo. Again, commiserations to Woohoo - you didi so well to make it to the semis. Again, however, I think it was fitting for Davey to make it through to that group. Which leaves us with another of the great Logo Comp rivalries to finally settle. Paul versus Davey. Buenos Aires versus Paris. Tantalising! Mouth-watering! Deserved! The Battle of the Giants! What more superlatives can I give. This is one for the ages and one i have absolutely no inkling which way it will go. I wouldn't be surprised at a VERY close result. I just hope I don't have to be the penalty taker at the end. Please don't force that on to me. Anyway, to the rules: It's one vote per person. Voting is open to all members of GamesBids as of November 30 2016. You have around a week to vote - voting in this stage I think will be open until Wednesday December 28. That will give us a tense battle to watch over Christmas, and a few days to recover from it before we launch into this year's original logo comp in the New Year. If there is a tie between the two finalists, I will take the casting vote/penalty kick. I will not vote in the regular voting time. I don't wish for this to happen - I tell you now, I'll be bloody torn and I don't know which way I would go at this stage. I'll rule on any disputed voters. I'll rule on any disputes. You can vote for yourself if you want to. Who's gonna win and be the designer of the One Logo to Rule Them All? We'll know next week. I'd say "May the Best Designer and Logo Win", but honestly, both are deserving. And one last thing - if you're looking at these and inspired - please get out your graphics packages and make sure you're in this year's comp. We're after more Kathmandu, Hamburg and Havana designs to decide this year's winner. We're just over a week away from the end of the submission stage and we've already got some great ones there. Let's get some more. Go to this thread to enter!
  13. Welcome back everyone. Now it's time for the Semi Finals of the GamesBids Olympic Logo Winners' Cup! It's getting tense - four logos left standing, and four designers still alive in the race for the big prize. Thanks for everyone that voted. We had 18 votes in each of the Quarter Finals, and each quarter final produced a clear result - thankfully i didn't have to take any penalty kicks this time around. I had my doubts about one voter - dnm - a new member who joined up last Friday and hasn't posted anything else but voted in all four QFs. His votes did not change the outcome in any of the matches, however. For the time being I won't make any ruling on him, but I'll wait and see what transpires in the Semis. For the Quarter Finals the results were: QF1: Toronto with 10 votes to Tokyo's 8. Two very strong entrants, and I was surprised to see Tokyo bow out - IMO one of the strongest logos ever submitted to these comps and personally one I find better than the real life Tokyo 2020 logo. But then again, Toronto's was strong too. At this stage, it's a pity when any of them go. QF2: Paris with 10 votes wins over Prague with 8. The battle of Britain was decided in favour of Davey. Sorry to see Prague go - it was the original and inaugural Logo comp winner and it was great to see it featuring so strongly still all this way down the track. Sorry and thanks Rob. Again, though, Paris is a strong logo - it still shows up in Google searches on Olympic and Paris logos. No surprise it's still contending. QF3: Buenos Aires 11 votes over Melbourne with 7. The second Paul versus aismanggo match-up ends with Paul's Buenos Aires taking the prize. That makes each of them one apiece from the QFs. It also means that while our oldest logo winner was eliminated, our most recent winner is still alive. Well done paul - to tell the truth, it would not have been fitting if you didn't make it through to the semis. Indeed, I'm surprised just the one of your got through. While I'm delighted we have four different competitors filling the four semi final spots, it also would have been fair if you accounted for all. But that's the fun of the knock-out format - you get some interesting and unexpected results. QF4: Oslo's 12 votes shuts out Dubai's 6. Woohooitsme83 wins his battle with Barrack. The good thing about this is that means all four semi finalists are still active members of the board (I haven't seen Barrack for ages, tried to contact him, not even sure if he's aware of this comp). Which sets us up with: Semi Final 1: The winner of QF1 (Toronto) takes on the winner of QF3 (Buenos Aires). Which gives us the third and final of the great Paul versus aismanggo rival matches. They've had so many battles over the years, fitting they also come up against each other again here. Who'll win? We'll see. Good luck to both! Semi Final 2: The winner of QF2 takes on the Winner of QF4. Davey's Paris versus Woohooitsme83's Oslo. Two strong logos. Again, each member having got through with their only win from the past comps. Good luck guys! Whatever the results of either match, we'll have a multiple winner versus a one-off winner in the final. Okay, rules: It's one vote per person, per Semi Final. You can vote in a both matches, or only one, as you wish. Voting is open to all members of gamesBids as of November 30 2016. You have a week to vote - voting in this stage is open until Wednesday December 21. The winning logo in each Semi at the close will progress to the Grand Final, which will be voted on over Christmas Week. If there is a tie between any 2 logos in any match, I reserve a casting vote/penalty kick. I will not vote in the regular voting time, & if I do need to use a casting vote, I will base it first on my own subjective opinion. I'll rule on any disputed voters. I'll rule on any dispute. You can vote for yourself if you want to. Who's gonna win out to battle for which is the One Logo to Rule Them All? We'll know not week. And one last thing - if you're looking at these and inspired - please get out your graphics packages and make sure you're in this year's comp. We're after more Kathmandu, Hamburg and Havana designs to decide this year's winner. We're less than half way through the submission stage and we'v already got some great ones there. Let's get some more. Go to this thread to enter!
  14. And welcome back everyone for the Quarter Finals of the GamesBids Olympic Logo Winners' Cup! And we've sure got some mouthwatering quarter finals lined up! Thanks for everyone that voted - and sorry if I've had to spam to get people involved - just as I've mentioned elsewhere, without status updates, it's hard to promote these comps now. And it's about time Blake contributed something useful to the board. Anyway, in the pool round we had a mix of clear results and a few draws, where I've (and I must say, it's for the first time ever in these comps) had to cast the deciding votes/take the penalty kicks. My decisions were based on a number of factors - my pure aesthetic preferences, evening out some of the finalists who got through and an eye to what sort of match-ups they would produce in these quarter final rounds. For these Quarter Finals - from Groups A and C. The results were: Group A: Tokyo - clear winner with 7 votes. Prague, runner up with 6 votes (including one from me). Aomori (3) and Sochi (1) were eliminated. Group C: Paris - winner on 7 votes (including one from me). Toronto - runner up with 6 votes. Christchurch (5) and Rio (0) were eliminated. Danny's Rio logo was the only one not to get any votes in the pool stages. Which sets us up with two intriguing Quarter Finals. QF1 matches up (in the first of two such match-ups in the QF round) the two heavyweights - Paul and aismanggo. Paul's Tokyo takes on aismanggo's Toronto in a tough round yo see who will get through. Good luck to both! QF2 is the Battle of Britain. Davey versus Rob. I'm sorta sorry to bring these two up against each other, and, yes, I could have avoided it by my penalty kick. But this is how it was shaping up yesterday and I sorta got to like the Brit battle aspect of it. So its Davey's Paris versus Rob's Prague. Good luck guys! Okay, rules: 1) It's one vote per person, per Quarter Final. You can vote in a both matches, or only one, as you wish. 2) You have a week to vote - voting in this stage is open until Wednesday December 14. 3) The winning logo in each quarter final at the close will progress to the next round - the Semi-Finals. 4) If there is a tie between any 2 logos in any match, I reserve a casting vote/penalty kick. I will not vote in the regular voting time, & if I do need to use a casting vote, I will base it first on my own subjective opinion. At the end of this Quarter Final round, the Semi-Finals will be arranged according to the draw diagram from which the two surviving finalists will be chosen for the Grand Final which should culminate on December 31, just before submissions close in our regular logo comp (Kathmandu 2030 and Hamburg 2032/Havana 2032). You can vote for yourself if you want to. They're all great logos battling it out now - may the best of them now reign over the rest. Good luck to all! And one last thing - if you're looking at these and inspired - please get out your graphics packages and make sure you're in this year's comp. Go to this thread to enter!
  15. Okay, I guess I started it, so I'll have to see this through. In the initial poll, it was posited that we act like the IOC acts, and see how our intentions might reflect the IOC voting for the 2024 next year. Paris made a strong start, and looked for a long while like winning in one round. But, with a few late day votes to its competitors, it saw its share of the votes slip after the week from an over 50 per cent share to a close, but no cigar, 48.57 per cent share. Budapest, on the other hand, garnered a single vote, and as per IOC procedures, would be eliminated in a proper bid city vote. We'll proceed then as if this has happened. We now have three bidders left to compete for the hosting honours: LA (40 per cent in round one), Paris (48.57 per cent, as mentioned) and Rome (8.57 per cent in round one). We'll give this about another week to see who votes. Let's see where our collective desires would lead us!
  16. Okay, as suggested by alphamale86, let's see how our expectations and opinions stand for the 2024 bidding cities. And, maybe (again as he suggested), we might over the next month replicate the IOC voting procedures and see who we come up with, So, say, in a week's time we might see how the results stand and if no city gets a simple majority for question 1, we will eliminate the lowest scorer and try a second round vote. And so on, until we get a 50 per cent plus majority for a single city. Easy, and entirely non-scientific, but we all like a poll. So which is your pick to win? And who in your heart do you want to win?
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