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  1. Imagine if they had an actual policy re: Russia that wasn't merely their silly neutral athletes and flag ban stuff reheated. Then they would be putting more pressure on Russia than they are on Germany, rather than the other way around as is currently the case. Imagine!
  2. On InsideTheGames... https://www.the-inquisitor-magazine.com/the-case-of-insidethegames-beware-of-russian-propaganda/
  3. Missed this one because I was watching the latest match of our unbeaten league season
  4. Surprisingly good showing, albeit with an entirely predictable ending. Well played England, and congrats South Africa on another final.
  5. SoFI shouldn't have bid if it couldn't accommodate the right sized pitch. The new stadium in Las Vegas looks more accommodating for soccer, but they didn't seem interested in hosting.
  6. I'll take England getting further than France and Ireland as small consolation for 2015. It's not like this is the first world cup it's been pointed out that doing the draw three years in advance is stupid.
  7. Why are they bothering? Steer well clear of this rigged process.
  8. It'll be at the Bernabau I would think. Can't see Spain wanting to put the final in Barcelona ahead of Madrid.
  9. Lol, as if there weren't already enough red flags for Australia after yesterday's announcement. Steer. Well. Clear.
  10. Are they cooking up a weird melange of a World Cup for 2030 to clear the path the Saudi cash?
  11. "All 5 host nations will go through qualifying with two 'safety net' spots held back for those that fail to get there (the best 2 if 3 fail to qualify)"
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