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  1. Enjoy your stay, try all local food you can and have lots of fun with Brazilians You'll love it!
  2. Unfortunately we won't change their minds... I was following a couple of travellers doing videos in Brazil and got really upset some negative people made their minds Rio is dangerous. It ruined their experience in the city and ruined my experience watching them... They simply decided to enjoy the city without camera stuff and they said they had the time of their lives, but we will never see it because some morons convinced them the second most photographed city in the world is not safe for... Cameras... I'm tired of it I learned to just leave people miss opportunities because of morons. I can't change the world.
  3. Glad to hear from you @Citius Altius Fortius I'm now living in Santos and our home is still open for you and your significant other at any time you come to Brazil again. Thank you for everything Martin!
  4. Thank you guys for the kind answers. Who knows in the future I'll be back in a better mood for discussions and without Rio Olympics in the spotlight. You guys have a great day
  5. Hello friends of GamesBids. It has been 5 years since I last posted here and at that time much of my life was in a mess: wife had cancer, problems at my job that caused me deep depression, among others. At that time I realized that if I stayed here reading the forums it would ruin the joy of receiving the Olympic Games in my beloved hometown of Rio. So I decided to simply avoid GamesBids Forums. I decided to face the lots of problems of my life and also enjoy my dream. I don't regret. Fortunately, my wife's cancer was cured in 2017 and I'm still treating my depression (it got much worse in mid-2017 and every day has been a battle since then). About the Olympics? I think you guys agree with me: It's the best event in the planet and Rio 2016 was perfect. For me it was. Rio and Brazil had, have and will have problems (just like all countries, some more, other less). But as I pointed above, we must face problems and enjoy life when possible. Rio did it. I did it. And unfortunately I couldn't did it here with some many "POVs" ruining my experience. During the years at the Forums I made a very special friend, Martin from Germany. He came to Rio 2016, we went to Maracanãzinho together watch female volleyball, he stayed few days at my home and it was one of the best days of my life. Martin is truly a gentleman and a special human being. He told me some members of the forums were in Rio. I wish I could have met all of them to have fun and show a little bit of the city. I was not invited to the rendervouz and that's really okay. Somehow this was/is a club of friends and I was never part of the club... "Danny is too sensitive to critics". You are right. Maybe I was to certain extent. But anyway it doesn't matter anymore. For those who came to Rio 2016, I truly hope you enjoyed at least one second of your stay. If you smiled once in Rio I'm happy. Smiles are more special than I thought before depression and smiles are the most pure expression of our souls. During the last 5 years I missed all the logo competitions, all the inappropriate bid contests, some jokes, some good talk, but I never missed some bad times we had here. Thankfully now it's past and no hard feelings. :) I waited 5 years to write this post. I waited the end of Tokyo Games so now Rio is past, Tokyo is past too. Right time to say something without Rio games in the mirror. I want to thank you for a great opportunity on understanding different cultures, to understand different backgrounds, to learn much of the English skills I have today (still not fluent). You guys helped me a lot with English! You guys also helped me a lot in the other fandom I'm part now. The "international mindset" that I learned here was a keypoint in my 5-year role as a chairman of an international event held annually in Brazil and respected abroad. Thank you! It was also a great opportunity to prove myself that we must focus in good things of life. It's way better than spend time trying to show other people with pre-existing judgements that things can be a little bit different. To show that maybe I was right to be happy about something we share the passion - Olympic Games. But Olympic Games in a different place, a place I love. To all those who read this letter, my respect and best wishes of good luck. To those few ready to write harsh words in the comments, my respect and best wishes of good luck too. To GBMod, thank you for everything in the past and I hope IOC bring back the bid process. It was much better. Greetings from Brazil (and Brazil continues a very amazing and beautiful place as always), Danny PS: Rio 2016 Opening Ceremony still the best after 5 years. Change my mind - lol
  6. Thank you for years of Olympic discussions, for the good or evil. See you guys soon!

    1. Rob2012


      Saw your post in the other thread. Hope you come back for the Games, but if not, hope everything works out for you as best it can.

    2. Sir Rols

      Sir Rols

      I'll second Rob on that and also add I hope the Rio games brings you, and other "old-timers" back to the GBids fold this August.

    3. Olympic Fan Darcy

      Olympic Fan Darcy

      Sad to see you go, hope your wife is doing better. Hope to see you back during Rio. The forums just aren't the same anymore.

  7. My two cents: Sick of both sides... Disappointed with endemic corruption of all parties, all sides... Really tired of arguments to show "I'm right" for nothing... That's probably my last post in the forums (been away for 5 months already due skin cancer of my wife and somehow all internet argumentative fights became so stupid and useless). Anyway. It was a pleasure! Hope you guys enjoy the games in Rio! Aquele abraço.
  8. Not huge fan of tennis, but it seems the space is similar to big arenas around the planet...
  9. Already pointed before in this same thread that Meirelles and Waddington commited mistake (or decided to appear as concerned citizens in the middle of a economic downturn) by saying the values and the ceremonies will cost 10% less than London's ceremonies 4 years ago. The former "João Havelange" and now Nilton Santos Stadium or simply Engenhão as it is known in Rio could not use the roof for the structure as much as Maracanã - This is the biggest problem about the ceremonies in the "outdated" stadium...
  10. I just said generalisms are dumb. Don't put all the middle class in the same box. About ideologies and protests, yes, President Dilma will be booed in the Opening Ceremony, and thankfully, people are free to boo their politicians if they want...
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