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  1. Thank you for years of Olympic discussions, for the good or evil. See you guys soon!

    1. Rob.


      Saw your post in the other thread. Hope you come back for the Games, but if not, hope everything works out for you as best it can.

    2. Sir Rols

      Sir Rols

      I'll second Rob on that and also add I hope the Rio games brings you, and other "old-timers" back to the GBids fold this August.

    3. Olympic Fan Darcy

      Olympic Fan Darcy

      Sad to see you go, hope your wife is doing better. Hope to see you back during Rio. The forums just aren't the same anymore.

  2. DannyelBrazil

    Rio-2016 News

    My two cents: Sick of both sides... Disappointed with endemic corruption of all parties, all sides... Really tired of arguments to show "I'm right" for nothing... That's probably my last post in the forums (been away for 5 months already due skin cancer of my wife and somehow all internet argumentative fights became so stupid and useless). Anyway. It was a pleasure! Hope you guys enjoy the games in Rio! Aquele abraço.
  3. DannyelBrazil

    Rio de Janeiro: Security for 2016

    Sorry for the late reply. Deodoro is a lower middle class area of Rio, nothing to do around the cluster, it's a residential area. It's not a risky area, but also not somewhere to visit if you have nothing to do there. Yes, there were/are some drug-related crimes in the area, since it's far from wealthy neighbourhood and drug lords can use far away zones as hidden spots, but, during the games, there will be tens of thousands of police and military in Rio, so nothing to care about during the games time.
  4. DannyelBrazil

    Rio 2016 Olympic Park

    Not huge fan of tennis, but it seems the space is similar to big arenas around the planet...
  5. DannyelBrazil

    Rio 2016: Transport and Mobility

    LRT arrives to Praça Mauá for exhibition
  6. DannyelBrazil

    Rio 2016 Olympic Park

    Tennis Stadium
  7. Tennis Stadium got colors in the floor
  8. DannyelBrazil

    Rio 2016 Olympic Park

    Everything in the final works! Great!!!
  9. DannyelBrazil

    Rio de Janeiro 2016 Ceremonies.

    Already pointed before in this same thread that Meirelles and Waddington commited mistake (or decided to appear as concerned citizens in the middle of a economic downturn) by saying the values and the ceremonies will cost 10% less than London's ceremonies 4 years ago. The former "João Havelange" and now Nilton Santos Stadium or simply Engenhão as it is known in Rio could not use the roof for the structure as much as Maracanã - This is the biggest problem about the ceremonies in the "outdated" stadium...
  10. DannyelBrazil

    Going to Rio?

    Not in cities, but in the countryside, yes, dozens of spiders, not sure which ones were poisonous or not... lol I'm not a huge fan too. I spent my carnaval holiday in a state park this year and I saw tons of insects and weird animals... Gosh, it was terrible.
  11. DannyelBrazil

    Rio de Janeiro 2016 Ceremonies.

    I just said generalisms are dumb. Don't put all the middle class in the same box. About ideologies and protests, yes, President Dilma will be booed in the Opening Ceremony, and thankfully, people are free to boo their politicians if they want...
  12. DannyelBrazil

    Rio 2016: Transport and Mobility

    Yes, just leave in General Osório station at General Osorio Square and walk some block until your place. Enjoy your stay in Rio! Looking at Skyscrapercity, the works are at full steam. LRT is fine, will be ready easily. The subway line makes me affraid. The deadline is so tight.
  13. DannyelBrazil

    Rio de Janeiro 2016 Ceremonies.

    Cauê, generalisms are dumb, you know that.
  14. DannyelBrazil

    Rio 2016: Transport and Mobility

    Without traffic about 1 hour/1 1/2 hour... With traffic, the sky is the limit. But things will change during the Olympics, since you will have the option to leave the airport, take the LRT to Subway's Cinelândia station and from there, take the subway to Barra/Jardim Oceânico station and then BRT to Alvorada Terminal and another BRT to Olympic Park. I think you will spend about 1 1/2 hour to get there. Not sure yet, because part of the subway, part of BRT and the LRT are under construction yet. Public transportation will be the best bet during the games.