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  1. That sure was a nice read, so thank you for the heads-up, @BTHarner! I will provide the direct link to the article for all fellow members who don't use (or like to use) Facebook: https://japantoday.com/category/features/lifestyle/The-voice-of-the-Olympics-and-Paralympics-heard-around-the-world I think it is always wonderful to get such behind-the-scenes impressions - and it is a nice touch that they used all the announcers (bar the French one for the Paralympic ceremonies, of course) for all four ceremonies and thus created a more familiar feeling. I believe many other Olympic and Paralympic hosts switched announcers between the different ceremonies. Furthermore, the announcers were quite pleasing to listen to, something one can't say about all the announcers in Olympic history (thinking about the shrieking English announcer in at the Torino 2006 "A-LYMPIC" Games ). What would be really great would be to see a documentary about the turmoil surrounding the Tokyo 2020 Olympic opening ceremony. But that is probably a unrealistic wish, since that wouldn't put the organisers in a flattering spotlight. In any case, I still miss my daily shot of Tokyo 2020, even one month after the Paralympics ended and even despite the difficulties those Games had to face. I am still doubtful whether I will be able to enjoy Beijing 2022 just as much.
  2. And so it ends. Eight years of preparation, with a particularly difficult last year-and-a-half. Tokyo and Japan took a monumental task, I think they can keep their head held high and pat themselves on their backs. Although one should not forget the (understandable) opposition against the Games in the Japanese general public and the regrettable fact that they were largely not able to witness the Games that they were paying for in person. So I look back on the Paralympics with the same mixed emotions that I felt after the Olympic Games. Nonetheless, I feel relieved that Tokyo proved to the world that even during a pandemic with increasing infections, it is possible to have a bit of normalcy and still stage a huge sports event like this one. I think that their feat is historic in that regard. And for that, I say: Arigato Tokyo, arigato Nippon!
  3. My God, the volunteers even had to disinfect the guardrails. A sobering reminder what task Tokyo and Japan had to fulfill in order to stage Olympic and Paralympic Games during a pandemic. I guess one cannot thank them enough for that.
  4. Still, it's beautifully staged. But probably it would have a more proper place at Los Angeles 2028. Regardless, I hope, too, that it won't become the new "Imagine". One shouldn't overstrain it.
  5. "What A Wonderful World" - has that ever been used at an Olympic or Paralympic ceremony before? I guess it was about time.
  6. Yes, the flame looks really purple now. I'm curious whether future Olympic/Paralympic hosts will follow Tokyo's concept of having a hydrogen flame. It allows to colour the flame in different colours. Hopefully no host will ever get the idea of colouring the flame in its national colours.
  7. I'm not sure whether that is a good idea. For the two handover segments, the street segments were the least convincing parts for me. It looked like a community event, but not like an Olympic ceremony.
  8. Nice touch, the Eiffel Tower with a prosthetic blade. But I'm asking myself whether Paris 2024will include such street action segments into their ceremonies.
  9. And there you go, another Eiffel Tower segment. People are not even wearing facemasks anymore. Not very nice towards the organisers in Tokyo, if you ask me.
  10. Paris sure goes new ways in staging the Marseillaise. I'm looking forward to that approach at their ceremonies in 2024! And now they revive the music from the video that led up to the Eiffel Tower segment at the Olympic closing ceremony. Good to see a more classical handover segment now, with a dance performance! It looks nice!
  11. And that was the final Olympic/Paralympic appearance of Tokyo's governor Yuriko Koike. I read somewhere that she could become Japan's Prime Minister in the future. That would be an interesting choice in traditionally male-dominated politics in Japan.
  12. Bach's "Wachet auf, rufet die Stimme" playing for the Paralympic flag handover. Odd choice, but still a beautiful piece of music.
  13. Agreed, also the closing ceremony seems to follow a more consistent storyline. But I view it positively, this gave the Paralympics an even bigger opportunity to shine and it showed that even in the "big, shiny world of the Olympic Games" not everything works and is top-notch.
  14. Maybe you should learn to accept different opinions, I did not state my opinion as a fact so I don't get the fuss you are creating right now. But out of respect towards the other users, this is the last thing I have to say about this senseless line of discussion.
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