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  1. Well, if things go wrong again (and that is quite likely), Sion and Stockholm will have to withdraw from the race anyway because of a lack of public and/or political support. And then Calgary might be the only viable candidate. Because Sapporo won't get the Games, so soon after Tokyo and the three Asian Olympics in a row.
  2. For @SkiFreak and everybody else who is interested: Here are the official guides of Torino 2006 (for its Olympic opening ceremony only) and of London 2012 (for its Olympic and Paralympic opening and closing ceremonies). There are three Torino files, though: One with the opening ceremony guide, one with additional information about the opening ceremony performers (I believe that was for all the segments that they wanted to keep secret until the ceremony) and one with the marching order and all flagbearers in the parade of nations. Those files have German names, but you'll figure out quickl
  3. I would support that, especially the Winter Paralympics still feel a lot like an afterthought while the Summer Paralympics have evolved a bit to Games "in their own right" since London 2012.
  4. The German presenter mentions that the ceremony was scheduled to conclude at 10:03 pm local time - and it concluded at exactly 10:03 pm. That shows once again that Koreans are very good organisers.
  5. Aaaaahhh, Soohorang dancing with the athletes. How cute! I will miss that little chap. And this concludes the closing ceremony. It was a nice one, but nothing special - which is typical for Olympic closing ceremonies. ;-)
  6. And finally some atmosphere in the stadium - the athletes and even the children from the opening ceremony dancing away.
  7. That was a pretty nice extinguishing segment. I think it's always important to make it emotional. This was the case this time, although it sometimes bordered kitsch.
  8. True. Only Torino and London did that so far, and it's particularly helpful in lesser known host countries which have lots of complicated names or stories that you don't know yet. It helps to re-read that after the ceremony.
  9. I don't think it's very helpful to keep the athletes seated if you want to create the party atmosphere that is usually part of a closing ceremony. And from that audience, you can't expect any kind of party atmosphere. I thought that Exo is very popular in Korea? I couldn't verify that with the (non-)reaction of the audience.
  10. I beg to differ, I think that the Olympic anthem is a very beautiful, timeless and majestic piece. And I don't recognise any national anthem in it.
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