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  1. i have to say, invalidating and dismissing two people's mental health struggles while arguing that mental heath is dismissed by society in general is a bold strategy.
  2. i am curious as to baron's feelings on the muslim ban tho
  3. that's right protests due to the boycott keeping fans from buying tickets.
  4. good for him he deserved it. it's kind of nice to see him live up to the potential people always swore he had. he's not half sexy when he dives that well.
  5. i noticed the weight wasn't included there, bae...
  6. some want you to believe it's "illegal" to buy a ticket to a tokyo event others know better. you think this whole stadium is empty because it's "illegal"? if you can't break laws, why are there jails? (or as mister said, if governments don't do exactly what you want as soon as it pops in your head, why are there governments?) wake up sheeple.
  7. the japanese don't want the olympics i just saw beach volleyball and there wasn't a single person in the stands they couldn't sell even 1 ticket. how embarrassing. maybe a mass boycott. even athens sold 1 ticket.
  8. dude you have to assign countries, just assign @Fastera country, south koera is going against the netherlands in archery and i don't know who to go for. PS nobody is in the stands. serious Q, do jet and lily allen still get paid for the use of their songs during breaks?
  9. oh what the hell, why not. i think you have to cut the US to make it fair. remember the time i gave everyone a team to root against? that was a really good idea in theory.
  10. i've never been so depressed following an opening ceremony.
  11. i bet the ioc would give them the winter games if they asked. they can't give those away.
  12. i'm not going to re-litigate this for days but i feel it's answering an irresponsible decision (to host the games at all) with a responsible decision (to vaccinate everyone). not sure you can find a more high priority group than these thousands of people who will be gathering together no matter what. sometimes priority decisions must be made not based on the age or health of the person but the best way to reduce community spread.
  13. high up, i should think. think of it this way: should the games be canceled? probably, yes. will they be? probably not. so with that in mind, the best course of action would be to vaccinate everyone involved. the worst case scenario is that the games go on as planned but nobody is vaccinated. that could be very bad but is entirely preventable.
  14. hey, this may be canada's once in a generation chance to vaccinate its athletes and actually win a summer gold medal or two. maybe they can give that poor trampoline girl a rest for once.
  15. if the IOC is really going to insist on holding the games come hell or high water, as these news stories suggest, then it is the responsibility of NOCs to vaccinate their athletes and send them, given every precaution is taken. i think spectators are a non-starter -- thank heavens the US isn't hosting. journalists and volunteers should also be vaccinated. if NOCs or martyr athletes decline vaccinations, the games will still go ahead, just with a big asterisk a la 1984 so i don't see the point of holding back. honestly, the world could use the distraction and with 3+ vaccines available i don't really get the drama.
  16. what a cynical, half-baked hot take. "no one really cares" is a) not really true and b) horrible for the olympic movement in general. you can't pay most cities to bid these days. is that really going to change when it becomes obvious everything is fixed and nobody even cares enough to condemn it. quaker is right. this should be dealt with regardless. i can't believe anyone could argue otherwise but, i mean, of course i can believe it.
  17. jake is insidious like that. he just works his way into our lives so that when i see a jake movie on kanopy* i'm like, sure why not, jake's cool. at worst you know he'll be jake gyllenhaal and at best he'll be jake gylenhall. now maggie otoh. don't know much about her. she was in the dark knight, donnie darko, great new wonderful playing herself or some nonsense and the kindergarten teacher. she was out of her mind. i was yelling. maggie, STOP. kidnapping is fine but why would you teach kindergarten?? it's a thankless job with low pay!! *u have no idea what kanopy is do you? crazy. it's like we're not even speaking the same language. you're all "i'm going to hungry jack's" and i'm all "it's burger king, your name is stupid."
  18. also u have seen too much jake to ask whether he is still a thing. um obviously bc you've seen all his films.
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