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  1. what a cynical, half-baked hot take. "no one really cares" is a) not really true and b) horrible for the olympic movement in general. you can't pay most cities to bid these days. is that really going to change when it becomes obvious everything is fixed and nobody even cares enough to condemn it. quaker is right. this should be dealt with regardless. i can't believe anyone could argue otherwise but, i mean, of course i can believe it.
  2. jake is insidious like that. he just works his way into our lives so that when i see a jake movie on kanopy* i'm like, sure why not, jake's cool. at worst you know he'll be jake gyllenhaal and at best he'll be jake gylenhall. now maggie otoh. don't know much about her. she was in the dark knight, donnie darko, great new wonderful playing herself or some nonsense and the kindergarten teacher. she was out of her mind. i was yelling. maggie, STOP. kidnapping is fine but why would you teach kindergarten?? it's a thankless job with low pay!! *u have no idea what kanopy is do you? crazy.
  3. also u have seen too much jake to ask whether he is still a thing. um obviously bc you've seen all his films.
  4. um i do not see "good girl" anywhere on that list and that confuses me....
  5. ok so i guess we have to talk about this now because i am not about to think up amusing things to say about winches, other than it rhymes with binch and that is my favorite word of all time. where to begin. his IMDB is black because of this spiderman movie and it's making it hard for me to read. apparently, JG is still a thing. but hasn't he always been? krow investigates. CITY SLICKERS (1991) - i legit did not know he was in this ?? was there a kid in it or something? it's been decades since i've seen it. maybe i should watch it again (i'm not going to watch it again).
  6. this presupposes that some of the voters in question were not planning on voting for rio and took the bribe anyway because lol wouldn't you.
  7. i'm canceling this thread. it's canceled.
  8. well. it was nice having GB back for a day.
  9. did you see it live? idk anything about yr life these days.
  10. but the vocals were really bad at eurovision though. that's a spectacle in the spectacularly bad sense.
  11. i wouldn't go THAT far, but it's time for her to be more...strategic about what she does in the future. britney did lip synching at her vegas residency and still made bank so.
  12. i'm going to have to disagree with you there. elizabeth is the only classy spelling of the name -- regal. elisabeth is a trashy, soft-spined alternative. can anyone english weigh in? does anyone english read these forums anymore? @arwebb? also @stryker who the hell are you and where do you live?
  13. i feel like that's a good way to spend 8 hours in a windowless room being interviewed by the NSA about global terrorism. quora says that the market for fake passports is declining because of biometrics, which really sucks, although i suppose you could just get new eyes implanted like tom cruise did in minority report. i know he's a crazy cult leader but i really like his movies like when he gets long hair and starts yelling at people in born on the 4th of july.
  14. @yoshi ugh even you're invited. @Tony E Loves Architecture COME ON DOWN YOU'RE THE NEXT CONTESTANT ON THE PRICE. IS. RIGHT.
  15. you mean candy shop? groan. rebel heart was not awful. MDNA had that song with MIA and nicki minaj right? that was sad. fun super bowl though.
  16. counterpoint: madonna has been boring for most of the last decade.
  17. sometimes they use tax revenue to pay for municipal services and social betterment programs, like poverty assistance and public education. i think we can all agree this country needs some social betterment. sometimes it's a stadium tax; sometimes i don't know what it is but i pay it anyway because i have no choice and what would i be without my phone? happy? well-adjusted? well, forget that.
  18. i don't get the madame x stuff either. and what's with the hair? i mean, come on, madonna. it's, no. i can't understand anything billie eillish sings. and i agree about bringing back avril. i like my popstars twice divorced alcoholics at 35. and you just came out in the most faster way possible so congratulations, although i'd like to think he'd have gotten it in time for pride.
  19. i didn't even know what a winch was until i googled it (like a giant spool of yarn but for cables and jeeps towing things.) i feel like if i had one, i would offer it for sale on a shady internet site and advertise it on gamesbids.com/forums. i also have questions about fake passports and how they make sure they scan correctly at the little kiosks at the airport. i would love a fake passport though from australia just to give me an excuse to practice the accent to fool customs. and also so i could live in australia and escape this endless dystopian hellscape living nightmare of a ne
  20. omg you guys off topic is back @thatsnotmypuppy @Sir Rols @JMarkSnow2012 idk who else to tag @GBModerator maybe @FYI ? do you even care, FYI? @Quaker2001 can you come here and fight with FYI? off topic is back. maybe we could talk about brexit? @Rob. what's going on in new zealand? @Alexjc ok this is getting desperate @Faster ok, now it's desperate.
  21. you know in college i saw a documentary that said it could be as many as 300 million depending on how you count.
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