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  1. While I agree with the initial premise here, the other, & probably bigger issue at hand though, is whether or not Spain can do both. And with it's current economic difficulties ATM, they have to pick one or the other, but not both. At least not back-to-back anyway. Many like to blame Brazil's economic woes on it's 2016 Olympics. But many here seem to forget that they also hosted the 2014 World Cup just two years prior. I think the two combined so close together was their problem, rather than just the 2016 Olympics themselves. Only very few countries can pull off back-to-back mega events like that in the best of times, let alone not in the most ideal conditions. Yeah, it's precisely why we wound up with L.A. 2028 TBW. Pretty much by default. The Boston 2024 bid was a total trainwreck. I think Texas would probably be one of the very few other areas in the U.S. that wouldn't be so NOlympic. But to that end, the only option there would be Dallas. That would be Texas' best foot forward. And even then, it'd be an iffy contest in the international arena. Unless of course, their sole competitors are "tier 3" despots. IDK - as good as London 2012 was, it should really be tried with another place in the U.K. Maybe Manchester, Birmingham or even Glasgow should be the next attempt.
  2. Not anymore unlikely than Toronto. Especially when you said that Toronto has "wised up" on wanting the Olympics & told the IOC a big "FU". That's what basically held back another Chicago attempt. The people there hardly wanted the first 2016 bid ITFP.
  3. The IOC really shouldn't do a lot of things, though. But unfortunately, that is their MO a lot of the time.
  4. Of that list, though. You can probably forget about Chicago, Boston & Rome, all very NOlympic-centric TBW. Madrid would be iffy if Barcelona is really serious about their Winter Olympic bid instead. And the same can be said about Toronto depending on what happens with another Vancouver winter bid. The Summer Olympics of the 21st Century seem like an overreach for Copenhagen. And Houston is so hot & humid in the summer. Plus, can we really see another U.S. Summer Games so soon after L.A. 2028, & particularly with a Texan city? That seems iffy, too. Even against an Istanbul, Budapest or St. Petersburg.
  5. Yeah, really. Since 1996, when Russia was competing solely as Russia, the Russians have won between 56-68 medals overall at every Summer Olympics (with the exception of Sydney 2000 & Athens 2004, where they had more than that). The "ROC" right now has 18 overall medals at these Olympics, tied with host country Japan. So I don't get these so-called sanctions, either. If all the IOC has to choose from next time is a bid from St. Petersburg, & from Indonesia, India, Qatar or Baku, they're gonna go with Putinville. Plain & simple. The 'not going to Russia at all costs' only makes sense if solid options from Western locations come forth. But most of us here know, that is much easier said than done, where the IOC & hosting the Olympic Games are being looked at as a toxic brand these days in democratic locales.
  6. The real thing, though, is that the IOC needs to worry about finding a 2030 host first, before they can even begin worrying about 2034. They don't have the luxury anymore of saying "well, L.A. is hosting 2028, so SLC 2030 will be too soon after that". Let's also remember how close SLC came to getting the 1998 Winter Games, despite Atlanta already slated for 1996. They lost to Nagano by a mere four votes. And that was at a time when the IOC actually had many choice to choose from. Not so much today, & that's particularly true for the Winter Games.
  7. Maybe they should just reuse Tokyo 2020ne's. That would be part of being environmentally friendly. lol
  8. Wait a minute, I wouldn't be so quick to declare such a thing just yet! What does our forum "double-fetish expert" have to say about that first.
  9. Wow, so changing it cost even more money. I remember bits & pieces about that, but never really paid too much attention to it at that time. It's things like that where budgets start to get overblown. Makes you ponder how much of that goes on then, especially with the smaller things, but it all adds up in the end.
  10. They're only a thing cause Jacques Rogge (previous IOC president) wanted to leave behind something for his so-called legacy. But what they really are, is just a waste of resources.
  11. Lmfao I think that Baron is right afterall.
  12. OMFG - I've said this here in the past before, but I would've f'n paid to see such a match-up on these boards! It would've made any previous Olympic bid race on these threads PALE in comparison, to say the least! I can just envision the forums here on that very topic now, & the participators, in a 'parallel universe'!!
  13. Oh really? That's interesting then. I thought I had read in the past it was due to cost-cutting because the Tokyo 2020 Olympic budget was beginning to get out of hand. I didn't mind the original design either. Looked very nice in the renders.
  14. Lmao I believe it's called sarcasm. And you missed it.
  15. Wait, what. In what alternate reality was this? Since the IOC automatically awarded Los Angeles the 2028 Olympics in a double-allocation back in 2017.
  16. Only Tokyo Could Pull off These Games? Not Everyone Agrees https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.usnews.com/news/sports/articles/2021-07-25/only-tokyo-could-pull-off-these-games-not-everyone-agrees%3fcontext=amp The first link didn’t work.
  17. You’re posting about the Future Host Commission for the Games of the Olympiad like you always do when someone mentions Brisbane & it’s bid circumstances. You even started out by saying Brisbane, so thank you very much. I knew the moment when someone else mentioned that Brisbane was given the Games ‘underneath the table’ that you’d be coming around spouting otherwise, ‘buddy’.
  18. Only Tokyo Could Pull off These Games? Not Everyone Agrees https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.usnews.com/news/sports/articles/2021-07-25/only-tokyo-could-pull-off-these-games-not-everyone-agrees%3fcontext=amp
  19. Can you please stop spamming these threads with all of your confirmation bias BS whenever someone says anything about the real circumstances surrounding the Brisbane 2032 coronation, geez (this is the Tokyo 2020 news thread). Even Annastasia P. knows exactly how it all went down.
  20. This makes much more sense if it were for a Winter Olympic bid, not a summer one (since Kazan is still only half the size of even Brisbane). And even then, the Ural mountains are quite far away from Kazan. So yeah, St. Peterburg is a no-brainer instead.
  21. Osaka seems like the next obvious choice really. Being it's Japan's second largest city, & they also made an attempt at the 2008 Olympics, which ultimately went to Beijing. But something tell me if Japan really wants to bid again, particularly if it's mainly about the "what could've been", then Tokyo again is the only answer to that.
  22. It's just absolutely amazing, but I guess it's just par for the course when it comes to the Olympics, that when there's such negative lead-up prior to opening, come Games time though, those negatives seem to go by the wayside & people then just want to be part of the action. And if there's a definite mega, negative lead up to a Games, then these are it. I really hope that the Organizers at least somewhat lax the restrictions for the closing. Perhaps 25% is too optimistic, but maybe 20%, 15% or even 10%, something. But please let these Games end with some kind of semblance of what an Olympic Games should be.
  23. Looks like the "cancel 2020 & give Tokyo 2032 instead" (had Japan even wanted that ITFP), maybe had some kind of merit. But then again, Tokyo 2020ne needed to happen anyway, to even been able to gauge that TBW.
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