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  1. Or the Brisbane fetish, Almaty fetish, L.A. fetish, or whatever else tickles your Olympic fancy fetish. It’s not even worth the bother with BFB (boycott fetish boy). I’ve mainly commented when articles of Republican hypocrite politicians have come into play. Cause yeah, trying to have any sort of discourse with BFB is really a moot point with the boycott blinders they have on.
  2. Or the “double fetish” that some have as well!
  3. Yeah, Vancouver is the ‘Almaty’ (Salt Lake) of Canada! What more could you ask for!
  4. Brisbane, Bach & Dr. Coates would not like that line-up, either!
  5. I’d forgotten all about Euro 2020.
  6. Yeah, Dr. Coates can definitely be on spin overdrive then.
  7. Yeah, sure. Another nice in theory, but wouldn’t work in practice if no large (viable) cities are on the table for any given Games. Cuz apparently, that’s why the 2032 Games, which appear to be handed-over on a silver platter very soon, to a (smaller) city that would require quite a deal of investment in infrastructure in order so they can host.
  8. MEANWHILE: https://www.salon.com/2021/02/27/republicans-roll-out-tidal-wave-of-voter-suppression-253-restrictive-bills-in-43-states/
  9. Well, at least in mostly Democratic countries, the Olympics were starting to lose their appeal even before Corona. Mainly countries with “something to prove”, like Qatar, India & Indonesia, seem to be the only ones that wanna bother right now. That’s probably why the IOC (well, mainly Coates & Bach, that is) has jumped on Brisbane so far in advance as they did. Whether or not that’s still the right move, remains to be seen, considering how much work Brisbane will still need to do, even if the plan calls for very spread-out venues. The Olympics are very expensive to pull-off no matter w
  10. ^^Do you want this thread to literally go bezerk or something. Cause them can be fightin’ words around here!
  11. I agree with wanting Tokyo to have the full experience. I remember in July 2019 looking so forward to Tokyo 2020. Remembering the closing ceremony in Rio 2016 & how awesome the Tokyo 2020 presentation was. But I also agree that having Tokyo 2020ne versus having no Olympics at all, is better than nothing. So many other things are also starting to come back to normal, not only in the sports world. But into filming shows/movies, having studio audiences back (still with masks though) & theme parks opening back up, etc. So why can’t the Olympics still go on in that capacity as well. I
  12. Did someone mention Ba-Kukoo!
  13. “Give Tokyo the 2032 Olympics instead”?! That would surely send the Brisbane crew into a conniption fit!
  14. NO, the Winter Olympics will not “collapse” if none of those places hosts it. That’s just being hyperbolic now. It would, however, make it for another controversial Games, which is the last thing the IOC needs right now. Erzurum (& most likely Tbilisi, too) in particular, need A LOT of infrastructure to pull it off (much like Barcelona would need to do, which you discounted in another thread precisely for that same reason). It’s what got the IOC into trouble with Sochi to begin with. I’m sure that’s not a look that the IOC wants; another overblown-budget Winter Olympics in a less-than demo
  15. What Quaker said: And I’d further add, tell “give the Winter Olympics to any despot available for the sake of survival” to all the politicians & athletes from all over, who have publicly come out against Beijing 2022 & that “the IOC must move the 2022 Olympics to a location that ‘respects’ freedom & human rights”. And that “the IOC must really think twice before awarding Games to authoritarian regimes so that the athletes themselves can focus on their training & competitions, & not about worrying about boycotts, or whether or not they’ll make their own determination
  16. If SLC was to host 2030, it would be for more concerning matters (i.e. no other *credible* bid is on the table for that year), rather than about some anniversary that’s not even theirs to begin with. Even L.A. 2028 isn’t going to be hosting their 100th anniversary in 2032. The IOC doesn’t generally award Olympics on anniversaries anyway. Just ask Athens’ 1996 bid team that. The only exception lately is Paris 2024. But that had much more to do with other important matters than their centennial anniversary of their last Games.
  17. Haven’t we been telling you that all along.
  18. Couldn’t they have done something with the Duomo cathedral, or the Dolomites or what have you? Just using a number seems so generic.
  19. The IOC loves autocracies when they’re China & Russia, economic powerhouses with a lot of geopolitical influence. Not so much backwater despots like Azerbaijan, Qatar & Kazakhstan. I also think the last thing the IOC needs (or even wants) right now is another “authoritarian government who would love the pomp of it all”. That’s what’s getting them into trouble right now with Beijing 2022. There have been some athletes already that have publicly come out to say that the IOC should consider much more seriously the human rights record of candidate nations before awarding the Olympic G
  20. It’s just the number ‘26’. Could they have not been more original.
  21. There have been some around here saying that the IOC is going all out “safe” these days in picking their hosts; ie. Japan, France, Italy, USA, Australia, & yes, even China is on that list as well that they gave. But nowhere would I describe Kazakhstan as such, & like Quaker mentioned, nor “perfect” either. Hindsight is always 20/20 & it’s very easy to say now that Almaty would’ve been a “better pick” than Beijing for 2022. Sure, Almaty had a more compact & better plan (on paper anyway) than Beijing did. But let’s not kid ourselves for one moment that Kazakhstan doesn’t hav
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