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  1. I also like but I know many people who does not like it. I took this picture at the top of Olympia Tower For some reasson I cant see some of the pics tha i posted
  2. The most beautiful olympic park in my opinion is in the city of Munich. And the stadium's archtecture seems so actual that is hard to believe that its almost 50 years old!
  3. Garmisch-Partekirchen is a small but a beautiful city. Everything is well organized and I am happy to see that the venues are still well conservated and being used. And the olympics there was in 1936, a long time ago. The main stadium is near the Partnachklamm, one of the most amazing places I visited in my life. I think that the first time that a cauldron was lit was in Germany but I could not find any cauldron. Maybe they did not know how symbolic this could became after the years.
  4. I found this ceremony boring at some times. Everey ceremony was unique and you can't please everyone so it's ok. I think we did a good job. Well done Brazil! Well done Rio!
  5. I was against the idea to have an exclusive ceremony for the paralympics. I don't understand why the paralympic athletes don't feel represented by the olympic flame. Why they need another flame? But that ceremony was a nice way to celebrate our independence day. I had enjoyed a lot.
  6. Lol this was a very small summary but a big reply. Anyway, we feel like brothers. They are free to enter here and even have some common rights like we brazilians. I believe I can have the same treatment in Portugal but I'm not interested to go there. I have other places in Europe where I want to visit first.
  7. To tell the truth I feel that the language they speak in Portugal is very different from what we speak here. We don't have a hate relationship because the history of our independence. Not many bloody conflicts was necessary. In 1808 the king of Portugal had to flee to Brazil because the invasion of the troops of Napoleão Bonaparte to Portugal. So the city of Rio has became the capital of the kingdom of Portugal AND Brazil. It's funny because is the only example in the history that the colony became more important than the country in Europe. Eventualy the british army managed to defeat the
  8. The police was there to defend public property and not Temer or Dilma. Destroy a police car is a huge stupidity. I have no mercy these people with bloody nose. About the few people in the streets celebrating, you don't need to compare. We don't forget the milloions in Brasilia and other capitals before the world cup when the movement started. The justice was made. No need to go to streets anymore. The brazilians are happy. The people that are celebrating are wearing YELLOW and GREEN, the color that represent us, NOT RED!
  9. Want to be depressive again? Whatch the video "The Fairytale of Rio" in this link https://www.olympicchannel.com/en/
  10. So the sports introduction was fake? Again people had to look at the screens to try to understand what is happening, like the Santos Dumont flight. Ok, the ceremonies were made for TV but they can't forget that they sold thousands of ridiculous expensive tickets. I'm glad I saved the money and watched at home.
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