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  1. The Boston bid just needs to be clear in its arguments where the whole state stands to benefit, it's not just about where they put the competitions. Massachusetts is a small size state, it's not like you're trying to convince California to fund Los Angeles, the effects from Boston would seem to easily reach even into neighboring states. It's counterproductive to spread out venues to win local support when that spread out concept is likely to become a liability in the quest to ultimately win them. Agenda 2020 or not, you're not the only bidder.
  2. ^ Great! Thanks for the translation.
  3. If I'm not mistaken, Mandarin is the government standard, and Beijing 2008 did have their bid books in Chinese as well as in English and French. You can try sticking the page through Google Translate....?
  4. Almaty is up on their home page. http://almaty-2022.org
  5. BOSTON! Follow US Olympic TeamVerified account‏@USOlympic BREAKING: The USOC selects #Boston2024 as U.S. bid to host the 2024 Olympic & Paralympic Games http://bit.ly/Boston2024 Boston 2024 Reply Retweet Favorite More RETWEETS352 FAVORITES85 3:29 PM - 8 Jan 2015
  6. Pack for Boston, LA, SF and DC. Yeah, I'd definitely have to check a bag. And, it would be really funny if they actually did print it on a giant boarding pass. It would look like Publisher's Clearing House with the giant check.
  7. Academic writing also means respecting the context and knowing your audience. Including all of the above, and probably below, I would ask that you respect the context of Olympic bids by assuming that we all know in which country a bidding city is located, and to know your audience of fellow forum members who (mostly) like to have discussions that remain fairly concrete and evidence based - much like academic writing in general. I do sincerely hope that you can improve, because as I read these forums, your ideas and your manner of treating people leave much to be desired. That being said, you aren't the only one, so it will take some fortitude on your part not to get sucked into arguments with those other members and stoop to that level again.
  8. Well that's disappointing; I was having so much fun watching GCL and Tony argue. Wait, let me pull out the finger quotes: "argue".
  9. Is there some way that your articles could stop referring to "Oslo Norway" "Almaty Kazakhstan" and "Beijing China"? We all know where they are.... well maybe except for one.
  10. Her voice, it's like buttah.... melting really fast in desert heat....
  11. Well, at least it looks like they may have the referendum before the German city is chosen, instead of having the chosen city drop out because of a failed vote.
  12. Does Bach realize or even care that it's not the "OCOG budget" that is the object of criticism? This isn't even the right direction for thought, much less for action. Someone whack him over the head (repeatedly) with the German/Austrian/Swiss/Swedish report, please! Maybe some of the ideas will make it in.
  13. Great stuff. Just wonderful. Bach et. al. would be stupid not to consider this advice and take up the offer of further discussion.
  14. And true to Dallas, her boobs and her blonde would be fake.
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