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  1. ^^I thought the report said the Maracanazinho didn't need any renovations or upgrades?
  2. Stop. The Maracana Stadium was built in 1950. What if I made the statement "I don't like you" because you harassed me? And I have put users on the ignore list because the harassment wouldn't stop? And during the reconstruction of Hotel Gloria, there's concrete being ripped apart, and rebar flying everywhere.
  3. Baron, I thought I said "Stop with the YouTube videos", that's part of the harassment, which is all over with. Now let's please talk about something else and get back on topic, like: the Improvement of the train station above the Maracana Stadium. and How the Maracanazinho arena doesn't need any major improvement before the 2016 Olympics?
  4. Hate to double-post, but Danny, I will ask you to please not post that song, because I don't want to see it.
  5. ^^Mo/Rafa, stop telling people to "go away" for no reason.
  6. Danny, I'm sorry, I just want you to stop the "seem"-related harassment also before I go crazy. Can't you write a song about a different subject NOT containing the words that so offends me? If you can't, then don't write any songs at all. You done forgot who we all are: Olympic fans. I just wanted to visit Rio for the 2016 Games, not be driven to some sad fate several years before it. Danny, when you drive folks to harassment, you drive them towards some sad fate, and I don't want to say it, you're gonna end up getting punished for the harassment. So a note to you two: From now on, please, a thousand times please, don't write me any songs, don't show me any YouTube videos, don't even harass me with that word. Even if you stopped the harassment, I will keep what you call "campaigning" to a minimum. Face it, No person ever wants to be harassed in their lifetimes. Not even you, not even myself.
  7. No, that opinion is a fact. I have an "obsession" with nothing. "Obsession" is a somewhat strong term.
  8. For the last time, the idea of holding Olympic ceremonies outside the Olympic Stadium is silly, but a petition to put the ceremonies out of Maracana and into the Joao Havelange is not. Even if I stopped the campaigns and petitions, you're still going to harass me. I know it. The definition of harassment is: "Harassment covers a wide range of offensive behaviour. It is commonly understood as behaviour intended to disturb or upset, and it is characteristically repetitive." hate to get off-topic, but Why is it that some word I don't like, you got to repeatedly sat it and force me to act and be (mostly be) angry? This forum doesn't have a strict set of rules and regulations, especially those against harassment and bullying. There is actually a story where a teenage girl was being bullied and harassed drove her to suicide, and you don't want to drive me to such a fate, especially after repeated un-ignorable harassment and bullying, do you, sir?
  9. ^^Well, I don't like it anymore. "Appears" sounds like a better term "mmmmm" anyway. You're doing it solely to harass me. Admit it.
  10. You're right. Only several celebrities who are diehard Olympic fans can afford 500+ room headquarters hotels for themselves to stay at during the Olympics. I may not be a celebrity, but several years ago, I joined this forum because I was an Olympic fan. And the Rio Olympic project updates don't really accelerate until after the London Games have been held. How is a city like Rio going to prepare itself for the Olympics in four years, much less seven? Only two years have passed, and Rio's entering its third year of preparation.
  11. ^^I mean it, please stop with the "seems" fixation, before you get yourselves in trouble. Don't even show me any youtube videos, nothing. I don't want this damnable harassment anymore!
  12. ^^For the last time, Stop saying "seems", Danny, please! We're not going back to this. Seriously. The words is making the experience unbearable for me.
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